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AnnaYoh poem made by me. Slightly OOC, heck almost OOC in every bit, so sue me. I don't get that much surge of inspiration once in a week, like a power surge.

Why? By: Dark Hooded Eriol the Magician

Why do I love you? Why do I want to feel? Why di I want to be with you? And then dream that it is real?

Why do I hide my feelings? Pretend that I don't care? Keep myself from laughing? And then say the words I don't dare?

Why do I stay loyal to you? And not to others better off? Why do I insist to do? Just to hear you name I pretend to frown and scoff?

I ask again. why? Why do I love you? Words and explanations, I don't care how! Just tell me why I feel weak when its you?!

Why? Why do I trust? Why do I even bother to love? Does this mean I may never know until my bones rust? The answers from above to the word called love?

Why you? Why do I even love you? Why so many questions for things I shouldn't know? Heck, why am I asking you, Asakura Yoh!!!