Buffy staggered through her front door, collapsing just inside. The carpet was soon soaked with blood from her various injuries. Buffy lay on her back trying to catch her breath. Man she hated this job she thought bitterly looking at herself. She was covered in her own blood and more dirt than she could have thought possible. Her new jeans were ruined. She heard someone come up behind her and heard the soft cry. "Buffy!" Willow came rushing over to her best friend no longer mad that she was late for their sleep over. 'Buffy what happened? Can you hear me?" "Rough slayage night!" Buffy croaked jokily trying to smile but only managing a pained expression. "Help me up would ya?" Willow gently pulled Buffy to her feet and helped her go up stairs into the bathroom to shower. "Buff I'll get the first aid kit. Do you want me to phone Giles?" Buffy shook her head thinking that she had everyone here that she really needed. She showered quickly and changed into her night clothes. She limped back to her room where Wills was waiting a worried expression on her face. Just the sight of her made Buffy smile. This is the way things should always be Buffy thought, as Will bandaged her bone deep cut on her arm, just the two of us together. At that moment nothing mattered to Buffy except having her Wills close, where even the slayer could feel safe.