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Prologue: Need to Kill

You have heard of them before.

Numerous rumours of those who work under the cover of darkness to bring forth more black sins; illegal drugs, illegal weapons, illegal 'slave' auctions: those who commit wrongs against the other naïve members of society.

Of these deeds you may see little, and you may see much. Who is to say what is real in the newspapers and what is not? Believe what you will, but they continue to dirty the already jaded world with filth and blood.

Yet, for every one of these criminals who exist, others who use the cover of darkness to bring a stop to these wrongs live.

They are the ones who hide in the shadows, like watchful predators, keeping an eye on the Underworld and their doings; they are the ones who bring the beasts to justice; the ones who are dead to the world, but hunt those who dare lift their hands to hurt innocents. In silence they lie, until the time comes to deliver the filth to their rightful ends.

They are the people who keep us safe everyday when the law cannot protect us from those who seek to harm for their own pleasure. They are the ones who have suffered more than any of us could bear; they are the ones who shed their own tears, sweat and blood, for nothing more than our sake so that a better tomorrow can exist, so that we will be safe from the horrors of the cruel world's reality.

But their work continues to be unseen; we go on as we always have, taking our lives, safety, happiness for granted while these things go on right under our feet; we thank them not for what they have done for us, what they have done for society. Still, they continue to walk among us, unhindered, never bothered by the fact that they carry out a thankless job that brings them more suffering and pain than can be imagined. They create masks to hide behind, scintillating walls of ice and fire to shroud around their guilt and sorrow; just as human as you or I, but performing tasks fit to be asked of the gods, or more specifically, what Shinigami are said to perform.

This story is but one tale that exists among many.

This story revolves around a group of our modern-day pseudo-Shinigami.

A tapestry that is woven around love, guilt, passion, sorrow and angst.

A tale about people who are brought together by one, sole common need.

The Need to Kill.

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