Author's Note: Okay.. Here we go.. Another failed attempt at a romance fic.. NO! MUST THINK POSITIVE! Umm, anyway.. Now that I've gotten that out of the way, I'd like to thank Shiro Amayagi for giving me some ideas and commenting on my work so far. As with most of my fics, my ideas are usually impulsive and I'll write about anything but I'm trying my best to make this good.


------------------------ Waterfall By Western Dragon ------------------------

The battlefield was a scorched wasteland. The once beautiful architecture of the Mars Aerie was now a twisted heap of stone, blood and flame. In the center of the playing field laid eight bodies and a butchered dragon with two bloody stumps protruding from its neck. As if by some miraculous occurrence, one of the warriors stood on one knee and clutched the hilt of his blade.

"Isaac.. Can you stand?" A brown-haired man asked his companion, twitching as he tried a futile attempt at standing.

"Just barely, Felix" The blonde replied.

"Heal yourself!" Felix pleaded.

A grimace overtook the blonde, "No Psynergy.."

"Then what do you plan to.." Before Felix could finish his query, Isaac's blade began to burn a fiery red. It dawned on Felix too late as he called to his childhood friend, "Isaac! You don't have enough strength for that!!"

Isaac only smiled, knowing the consequences, "Megiddo!!"

A blazing ball of fire shot from the heavens and engulfed the dragon in a maelstrom of explosions, ripping its hide to chunks and sending its final head plummeting to the ground. A young girl with sea green hair opened her eyes just in time to witness the spectacular explosion and Isaac collapsing before her eyes.

"Isaac!" The girl pried herself from her position and hobbled over as fast as she could to the side of the fallen swordsman, "Isaac! Isaac!!"

The girl tried with all her might to muster a curative spell but she found herself tapped of any magical energy. Frantically, she tried a more medical approach but none of the air she could breathe into the boy seemed to do any good. The others had already gotten up and started to concern over other issues save for the girl's red-headed brute companion and her fellow healer and local Lemurian but her sniffles and tears drowned out all of this as she buried her head in Isaac's chest.


Author's Note: No! Burn him!! He killed Isaac!!! It's short!!!! Burn him more!!!!! But don't worry! The next chapter is twice as long and it isn't even done yet!