The rest of the trip seemed to fly by, the group had done numerous different things but nothing was planned ahead. This was something that would usually really bother Rory and yet she loved it. It was nice to just go with the flow for a change, it seemed to be something that she was doing a lot more just lately. She didn't know why she was so organised and anal at times, the only thing she could think of was because her mom was always all over the place Rory went to the extreme for order, something she could control but it felt nice to be free. She wasn't going to suddenly drop her pro con lists mind but for a holiday it was nice to get a total break even from her own brain. She laid her head on Logan's shoulder and kept her eyes closed, she wasn't sleeping and she knew Logan wouldn't think she was. She was just relaxing. Not even reading! Her mind kept drifting to the previous night.

Finn had been asking about stars hallow and she had been telling him little pieces of information that he just ate up. When she had mentioned the dance marathon they had every year she knew his brain was working overtime just by the look in his eyes. Later that night the full group had once again gone out hitting the clubs when Finn suddenly announced that he wanted to make the dance marathon a thing here and now. The club was quite busy but suddenly the DJ had stopped the dance music and some country songs began playing. Steph soon had Rory on the dance floor and next thing she knew there were people everywhere swinging about. Finn being Finn made his way to the front and began dancing in what Rory could only imagine was a type of line dancing. It was so strange, like in the movies you suddenly see all these people picking up the steps and all dancing, it was something she had often scoffed at stating that people couldn't all follow in step so quickly, how did they know the moves and would people just randomly join in but all her arguments went out the window when most of the LDB joined in and many random people from the club. It was something you would have had to have seen to believe but was one of the best nights of her life. Finn really was the life and sole of the party.

With a consented sigh she snuggled further into her boyfriend and this time sleep took her quite quickly, her feet still hurt from dancing in heels and for some reason Logan's strong arm around her waist, the small kisses he laid on the top of her head and his smell relaxed her. In lots of ways it was like he kept the nightmares away, the persistent dream she had been having for years making her often not want to sleep. He may think he's the lucky one but Rory knew otherwise. He saved her in a way she didn't even knew she needed saving.

Logan felt the moment Rory finally drifted off she sleep, it was something she seemed to find quite easy and in all honesty he himself was finding sleep a hell of a lot easier these days. He knew it was having Rory with him. There was no other explanation, a part of him dreaded going back to Yale, he had enjoyed having Rory with him at all times. Near him, within touching distance, it sounded possessive and maybe he was, this was his first girlfriend after all! He really had nothing to compare it too but he wanted it like this forever. He knew they couldn't live in each pockets obviously, but it was like she was a light in the dark, she gave him a perspective, a reason to act in a certain way. He had often read a romance story much as he hated to admit but it always seemed so unreal. He had never seen it growing up, he never wanted it for himself because he believed that it simply didn't exist but with Rory he wanted the happily ever after. He wanted her to carry his children and get a dog. Damn it he wanted that white picket fence instead of the iron bars he grew up with.

He pulled Rory into his lap and smiled when she snuggled in closer, who knew this is what snuggling felt like, a part of him was glad he hadn't done it with any other girl, it seemed so intimate and yet with Rory his walls came crashing down a long time ago. With that thought he rested his own eyes and was soon woken by Stephanie when she indicated they were getting ready to land. He gently roused Rory and tucked her back into her own seat and belted her in. They would soon be back into reality and with that came expectations. He dreaded his family getting wind of him having a girlfriend but knew news would travel fast. This was a massive step for him and Colin. He would take it as it came but knew one thing for sure, he would protect Rory with everything he had. She was HIS girl, his ace and he had no intentions of letting anyone get in the way of that.

Stephanie got back to her dorm and slumped on the bed, she rubbed her head. She was tired. The trip had been amazing but also a rollercoaster of emotions. If someone would have told her a week ago she would be officially Colin's girlfriend she would have laughed them into next year and yet now that is what she was. It was something she had been wanting for such a long time it was hard to accept that it had really happened and things seemed to be going well but she knew now they were back at Yale this would be the couples true test. For Rory and Logan as well. The 3 boys were highly sort after by a large proportion of the Yale female community and let's face it most of the girls in society that didn't even attend college. She trusted Colin, it never crossed her mind for a minute he would cheat, she knew him better than that and the same went for Logan, but people talk. Girls were awful at times. There was a reason after all that she didn't have any true female friends. Of course she had girls she hung around with but she didn't trust them! The girls of the LDB were different but even then they wasn't close and yet she had only known Rory a few months and the pair shared secrets that each swore would forever remain buried. It was nice to have someone else in the same boat as herself. Between her and Rory they could take on the world if they had too! They just needed to stick together and hope the fall out wasn't as bad as she was currently imagining. With that parting thought she let out a long sigh and decided sleep was what she needed, reality could wait till morning.

The first week back at Yale had been eventful to say the least! Rory got straight back into academic mode which meant less time for her and Logan but the time they did spend together seemed to constantly get interrupted. The pair hadn't had any more 'intimate' moments and now she was currently getting ready to meet the elder Huntzburger's. She sighed as she readjusted her dress for what must have been the 20th time so far. Word had spread quickly through the elite that the once eligible bachelor was now taken, off the market so speak. That amused Rory to no end! She had even had a fellow yalie tell her she had skipped the line! Steph had told her about tales of this so called line to get to Logan but she merely laughed it off, seemed that had actually been true.

Her grandmothers had both also been on the phone to ask Rory what the situation was. Emily had been over the moon but she couldn't say the same for Francine. Apparently it was widely known that she had a particular hatred for Logan's mother, the Hayden's just like the Gilmores were old money, true blue bloods so to speak but Shira came from nothing and acted as if she was something she very clearly wasn't. Francine had warned Rory to be prepared for what was coming her way, everything was about status and money to the Huntzburger's and with Rory only ever using her mother's name people were under the assumption her father was the help. That made Rory laugh but Francine was dead serious, Rory may never have been a person to name drop but her grandmother had told her in no uncertain terms that if things begin to go south to mention that fact she was also a Hayden, the sole heir of two of the wealthiest family's in society, she had more money to her name than Logan and deserved respect. Rory had assured her that it would hopefully not come to that but if it did she would handle it. Speaking of money was something she wasn't comfortable with, to her it didn't matter how many millions you had but clearly to it others it did. She didn't want to be liked for her society status, she wanted to be liked for who she is.

Her and her paternal grandmother were not close by anyone's standard but before Straub had passed away she had been too see the pair at the request of the judge himself. She went in open minded and came out feeling confused. It seemed realising that you was dying had caused somewhat of an epiphany for Straub, he had apologised and explained how he was so embarrassed about the situation when she was born that it had made him see things unclearly. He showed her a box the pair had kept over the years with pictures of her that her dad had given them and he explained how he wanted to make things right, not because he was dying but because he was wrong, Francine had told her how unlike her husband this was but Rory also had an feeling that he didn't want his wife to be left alone once he was gone. Rory didn't hold a grudge and spent some free time with them in secret. It seems that keeping secrets was something that came naturally to her, after tonight she would need another conversation with her mother. A knock sounded at the door indicating it was time to go, with one last glance in the mirror she grabbed her bag and headed for the door.

The ride over to Logan's parents was slightly tense, Logan was not looking forwards to having a family meal with his girlfriend present, he had explained to Rory what they were like and just hoped the fact Honor and Josh were there announcing their engagement it would keep the heat off the couple. Rory took in the view as they pulled up, the mansion they lived in was huge! Just like her Hayden grandparents, the Gilmore's had a mansion she could easily get lost in but they wasn't much for showing their wealth, Emily had told her from a young age if you had to tell people how much money you had with materialistic things then it showed your true class as a person. With one last deep breathe she waited for Logan to open her door and headed towards the house, chin up and society smile firmly in place.

It was tense. Too tense, it only got worse as they sat at the dining table ready for the staff to serve dinner. Mitchum was held up at work but Elias looked like he was ready to blow. When he began speaking about unsuitable people marrying into the family Honor had soon jumped in but it became clear it was Logan that the comment was directed at. She felt him stiffen beside her and placed a hand on his thigh, she may be quiet and not like confrontation but she had no intention of sitting there quiet. When his mother returned from smoking in the hall again and began speaking about how Rory wanted to work and it having nothing to do with her mother Logan looked redder than she had ever seen him! She squeezed his thigh one more time before she decided it was time she spoke up and put this conversation to bed and get out of there. She gave Logan a look that said do not speak and he gave her a slight head nod, she knew this would be killing him but she needed to be the one to speak now. Put the conversation for bed once and for all!

Instead of getting on the defensive like most people would she started to laugh. Everyone looked at her like she was crazy which only made the situation more funny. Elias raised an eyebrow at her whilst at the other end of the table Shira was clearly seething! She cleared her throat and began too speak, initially directing the conversion at Logan.

"Don't worry mac if they want you to consider other more suitable females that want to live off you then that's fine. I don't need to live off you and I really thought society was changing especially with my own grandmother working"

Shira scoffed at the other end of the table, a sinister grin taking over her face, Logan looked confused and slightly devastated but she gave him a small smile of reassurance before the snide comments of his mother rang through her ears.

"I hardly call sorting your husbands social calendar and organising parties with the d a r working"

Rory rolled her eyes, she knew why her grandmother hated her now!

"I'm not talking about grandma Gilmore I'm talking about my paternal grandmother, Francine Hayden"

Silence, everyone was looking at her slack jawed even Logan. She could see see ready ready jump to her defence but she really didn't need or want him to. It was about time people started to realise she wasn't a meek mouse. She could easily handle herself. She knew no one knew she was a Hayden, she was now the one scoffing. How pathetic was it that people would react to a name. She pushed out of her chair and held out her hand to Logan. She had had enough.

"You ready to leave, I've lost my appetite"

Logan quickly took her hand but not before leaving a few parting words for his mother and grandfather.

"we are done"

With that the pair headed towards the front door and she could already hear Shira talking most probably pushing out of her chair as the swiftly headed to the door. With that another obstacle got in the pairs way. Mitchum. What impeccable timing Logan thought. Him and his dad passed a few words between themselves before he pulled Rory closer, moulding her to his side and heading back towards the car. He was so ashamed. He feared this could happen but honestly didn't expect that. The car was silent as they drove back towards Yale until he finally broke it.

"Look ace, I don't even know what to say! I'm so ashamed of them, I would have never taken you in there if I had known for one second that would happen, but I'm not them, please don't let them ruin this ace, you know i would have spoken up! I took you squeezing my thigh as a don't speak logan sort of thing which now I'm thinking I should have stood up anyway and told them all where to go! Talk to me ace, please"

He could bear the raw emotion in his own voice, he had waited for Rory for so long, fate had finally been on his side and he had his ace, he couldn't loose her. He wouldn't! Not for them or anyone else. When Rory asked him to pull over he did, bracing himself. He would fight for them no matter what.

"Logan look at me"

He turned and faced his ace and her eyes were soft, a soft smile on her face and her hand on his thigh

" I knew to expect this, my grandmother Francine had already told me what to expect, I know your not them, I know Honor's not them. I don't care what they think, no doubt now they know I'm a Hayden it will be a different story but maybe not. I learned a long time ago not to let things go that mean something, you mean something mac. Your stuck with me now like it or not, and me squeezing your leg, that was me telling you I had it, I know you want to protect me, I know if I hadn't spoken up you would have but I needed to step it, it was my mom they talking about and me, but I know no matter what Logan you would have had my back. I trust you"

He could see the sincerity in her eyes, it made his heart beat quicker and also made him very aware of her hand on his thigh. Before he even thought about it he undid her seatbelt and pulled her into his lap. He kissed her like his life depended on it and she returned it. Eventually the pair pulled apart, breathing heavy and he rested his forehead on hers. This hadn't phased her, it hadn't phased him. Here and now it was just him and Rory. It was perfect. His phone ringing broke the moment and Rory slid off his lap and back into her own seat, upon seeing the caller id he immediately sent it to voicemail. He didn't want to deal with any of them.

He started the car again and headed back to Yale, the pair were going to go back to his room, order take out and watch a film and if he was lucky Rory would spend the night. The rest of the drive home was normal. Rory had explained to him about being a Hayden and everything else along the way, he understood why she didn't shout it from the roof tops and respected her for it, he himself had used his name to get what he wanted on more than a few occasions. When the pair finally pulled back up at Yale and headed to his room the quiet romantic night Logan had hoped for was shattered.

The gang was all there waiting for them with alcohol and multiple bags of food anticipating things wouldn't go well. He was happy they came to show their support and it wasn't until the early hours the group all crashed in the living room having drank too much, eaten too much and definitely talked too much about what had transpired. Logan kissed Rory's head and pulled her closer to him, he couldn't wait to go skiing in a few weeks time! And he hoped if the pair were lucky they would finally get some more alone time.