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Athena's punishment.

Athena was fuming.

"Great" She muttered "Wonderful. You just had to rush in without thinking." she told herself, as she walked towards the gate of Olympus.

Under normal circumstances, she would be clothed in an ancient Greek gown that went down to her knees, and a Golden Helmet. Now she wore a Chiton and a dull bronze helmet, As well as a sword and Scabbard on her waist and a spear and her Aegis on her back.

You see, she had just tried to overthrow her father Zeus along with the other Gods. She hadn't wanted to do it. Not at first, anyway. Hera... she had reminded her of her poor mother Metis's fate. Zeus had absorbed her soul to provide him with wisdom. This fired her blood and made her think rashly. Their ultimate downfall, considering how a lot of the other gods arguing with each other would need a clear head to solve the problem. unfortunately, she tried to argue her way to power herself. Thetis, a nymph everyone liked with a clever head, forsaw a civil war, and freed Zeus. Athena held no grudges against her, but unfortunately she had to contend with Zeus's wrath. He said she was to be banished her for a year and turned her Mortal, giving her one day to prepare to leave. That was yesterday. She was, however, allowed to pick a city-state and inform it's Ruler of her imminent arrival. She had Chosen Athens, where Theseus resided. He may have been a son of Poseidon, but he was intelligent at the very least.

As she arrived at the gates, Hephaestus came to meet her. "Sorry sis, no chariot ride."

"And how am i going to get there?" Sighed Athena, knowing the answer.


An hour later, Athena began the long trek south to Athens.

She groaned. This was going to be the longest walk of her immortality.

As she passed green and yellow fields and a few forests, she got angrier and angrier.

Not angry at Zeus. Not at the other goods. At the situation she was in, and herself of course. It was all her fault. She had agreed to overthrow her father. And now she was facing the consequences.

Her dark hair that was in a bun got sticky and loose in the hot sun. "Stupid Helios." She muttered, not bothering to retie it. She was too annoyed at everything.

Eventually, she came across a river. As she drank from it, an arrow thudded into the ground next to her.


She blinked at it in surprise, and then turned to see a group of men running towards her, weapons drawn.

She sighed, drawing her shield and sword. Clearly they wanted blood. they would get it all right.

As one man swung his club, Athena sidestepped and decapitated him. The man's head landed in the river, and was quickly swept away.

The others -three in total- then charged.

Athena raised her hand. She would soon deal with these-

Oh, right. No goddess powers.

Before she could think of a new strategy, she felt a hard object slam into the top of her head, and then everything went black.


Well, things could be going better.

Currently, she was on a pirate ship with a bunch of other mortals who were taken as slaves, and now she had to contend with staying in a cage, dressed in rags. Wonderful.

She glanced to her cellmates. They were all children, the oldest being Eleven. Her heart ached for them. She had to think of a way to get them all out.

Suddenly, she heard the captain calling the entire crew on to the floor they were on, as he made a speech on the stairs to the top deck.

She peered through the bars of her wooden cage. A guard stood nearby, the keys hanging from his belt.

She grinned. She had a plan.

She called the guard over. He glowered at her.

"Hey, you might wanna let go of me now." She grinned.

"Or what?" Mocked the guard.

"I'm a priestess of Zeus."

The guard paled. of all the gods to make an enemy of, Zeus was probably the worst. "You are?"

"Indeed. Release me or i shall pray to him, and bring about his wrath!"

The guard hurried off, and came back with the captain, who looked equally terrified.

"I want you to release me, as well as everyone else on board.' She explained.

"Y-yes, your holiness." Bowed the Captain, unlocking the cages. this took a while.

Everyone began cheering Athena. She didn't feel quite so miserable any more.

"What is your wish, priestess?" asked the captain. The last thing he wanted was to be electrified.

"Take this ship to Athens, return our possessions, give up your life of piracy, and..." A nasty thought flickered through her mind "Wait on me and these slaves hand and foot."

"Yes, your holiness." mumbled the captain.

Athena smirked.


About an hour later, Athena was barking orders while laying on a hammock on the deck.

"Chop, chop, Captain!" She ordered, as the Captain brought her wine.

All around the ship, crewmen that could be spared were bringing the former slaves who weren't sleeping whatever they wanted.

And they were enjoying it immensely, being refugees or poor people. Some of them were even exiles.

Athena smiled. Maybe this wasn't going to be so bad after all.

The Captain approached. "Priestess, we are approaching Athens!"


As the ship approached, Athena stood on the prow so that she could be seen.

As the royal procession arrived to greet her, Athena smiled. She was gonna be liked here.

As the ship docked and the gangplank was lowered, Athena walked down it. Slowly and dramatically.

As she stepped onto the dock, the crowd cheered so loudly Athena winced.

Theseus came up. he was a tall man in his late twenties with long hair and blue eyes.

He bowed "Lady Athena, welcome to Athens."

Athena smiled. "Let's have dinner, shall we?"


And have dinner they did! It was a grand feast! Worthy of a goddess. Well, Athena secretly thought that it was more worthy of a nymph at the best, but she appreciated it all the same.

As she chewed on a chicken leg, She spotted a young boy outside, about eight years old. He was practising with a bow and arrow outside.

Theseus sighed. "My son, Hippolytus. Apologies, My Lady, I did tell him to stay at the feast."

Athena stood up "May I talk to him?"

"Are you angry?" Theseus sounded worried.

"No, merely curious."

As she walked outside, she noticed Hippolytus was hitting every piece of pottery he had placed on the walls and trees.

As he hit the final piece, Athena spoke "Nice shot."

Hippolytus turned, and gulped. "S-sorry, my lady! I just-

"No need. Self-defence is essential. though I suggest you stay when other goddesses are feasting." She gave a sly smile.

Hippolytus nodded and bowed.

"My Lady, can I ask a question?"

"Very well."

"Can boys swear oaths of virginity?"

Athena looked surprised "I think so. Not too fond of the idea of marriage?"

"No." Said the boy, making a disgusted face.

"Hm. Ares once tried to get me married off to an Egyptian god, but Zeus shot him down."

"Wait, Egyptian god!?" Gasped Hippolytus.

Storms clouds gathered. There was a rumble of thunder.


The clouds disappeared.

Athena looked embarrassed. "I'm not supposed to tell mortals about gods from other pantheons. Please keep quiet.

Hippolytus nodded.


Athena stayed at the palace for two years. She got to know Theseus and his son quite well and enjoyed her stay quite a bit. After several adventures, Zeus came to her in a dream and told her she was to be granted godhood again. Before she left for Olympus she said goodbye to everyone.

"It has been an honour and a privilege to serve you." Smiled Theseus.

"What he said!" Grinned Hippolytus. Everyone laughed.

When Athena returned to Olympus, she was met with a great celebration. Parties and hugs. It was wonderful.

After it was all over, Athena approached Artemis.

"How are you, sister?" She asked.

"Happy you're back." Smiled Artemis.

"Hey, listen, there's a boy in Athens who might be of interest to you." Said Athena.

"That's a first." remarked Artemis, and the two goddesses laughed.

"Seriously, look into it." Said Athena, walking away.


Zeus was right behind Athena.

"i have a gift." He took out a pearl, and crushed it.

Athena blinked. "What was that supposed to do?"

"Look in your room and find out." Smiled Zeus.

"Tell me first." Athena demanded, crossing her arms stubbornly.

Zeus sighed "I separated your mother."

Athena's blood froze. "What?"

"I freed the part of Metis's soul that was your mother, and kept the part that is your friend and adviser."

Athena bolted to her room. Anyone who got in her way was trampled or shoved aside. She was a one-goddess stampede.

She stopped at her bedroom door frame, and saw a spirit inside.

Part of the spirit of someone she hadn't seen since near the dawn of time.

Metis, her mother.

Metis spread her arms out "go ahead, dear. i'm quite tangible.

Athena said no words. She simply ran and threw herself into her mother's arms.


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