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2020:CE New world: North east of nearest landmass

When one looks at the sea from above they would see an endless expanse of crystalized beauty, using the sun's power to make itself a true jewel to anyone who can achieve the desired height.

For two of the Republic's F-18A Super Hornets this was easily achieved as they fly about 25 meters above the sea level at cruising speed to the southwest, their objective? Recon, as whilst the landscape was similar the Federal Republic of Aurora knew they weren't in kinesis anymore.

As apart of the Navy's VFA-23nd squadron Second lieutenants Tom Santa and Obo Hibiki considered this to be a change of pace for once, even if they aren't in their own world anymore.

"..but hey at least we aren't alone in that aspect, right Toma-san?" Obo said as he flew alongside Tom's Hornet on the right side with a five meter gap between them. They were currently having a conversation about them being in another world along with their entire country.

Turing to his right and trusting his plane's instruments to fly for the moment Tom replied "When you say it like that sure our homeland is here but what about those Soldiers who still haven't returned from COG territory?"

Obo hadn't thought about that, six weeks ago the Coalition of Ordered Governments or COG had surrendered to the Republic, during that time the Federal High Command was busy working both on organising an occupation force to secure the conquered territories and bringing home the soldiers who had been fighting for seven years at home and on another continent.

As far as anyone was aware those soldiers had yet to return home from that continent.

The two pilots conversation was interrupted as their RADAR picked up something that was airborne, at first they both thought it might be a fellow pilot trying to find a bingo field to land but there was one very big problem.

"It's far too slow even for a Helicopter" Tom thought and not three seconds after that thought did he and Obo pass by..

"Was that a dragon!?" Obo shouted into the comms as he and Tom were already speeding away from it.

Tom who was also taken aback by the sudden appearance of a fantasy creature could only look ahead and say "We better trace where it came from incase it becomes problem in the future."

"Roger that Echo lead." Obo replied as they both continued.

After about two minutes of flying on towards the southwest the two Hornet pilots could make out land on the horizon which was longer due to this new world being much larger then their own homeworld.

As they were coming closer Obo notices something.

"Hey lead is it just me or is a city coming into view?"

"Yeah I see it two and I'm starting to think that dragon wasn't some wild beast." Tom replied taking a look at his RADR again seeing more contacts, judging by their speed they probably also dragons or at least creatures with a similar speed.

Obo agreed also seeing the contacts on his RADAR as they form a line at roughly the same altitude as them.


No sooner had they finished getting in formation did the mouths of all the dragons started to glow.

Both Obo and Tom didn't wait to find out what would happen next as they both raise their altitudes to about two hundred meters passing by the dragon line, as they did so they narrowly avoided a combined fireball blast.

"I do NOT want to find out what would happened if they hit me" Obo thought as he and his wingman began to cycle the large city.

The city itself was roughly of medieval make with little signs of modern technology present, it was a port obviously though it was big for a medieval port. One of the more noticeable things about this city however was that its inhabitants are elves, dwarves and other demi-humans.

"Echo lead to AWACs Sunbeam come in." Tom called out their Air Warring And Control craft, hoping that their comms still worked despite the shift in planet mass.

"This is Sunbeam go ahead Echo." A woman's voice replied over the comms.

"We've found what appears to be break, a medieval city with fantasy elements over." Tom said in the most simplest way possible given the circumstances.

Silence ringed over the comms with the addition of the static that comes with such devices, and besides its not like Tom could believe what he was seeing himself.

Yet his eyes aren't deceiving him because if they were he wouldn't be flying.

"Echo RTB to the Validation break high command is being informed and will issue new orders further down the line over." Sunbeam said again and Tom could almost hear unease in her voice.

Turning his hornet around along with Odo's back to the northeast Tom replied "Affirmative Sunbeam RTBing."

With that the two fighter jets sped off away from the port city leaving a very confused populace behind.

Upon the battlements of Maihark Knight Captain Ine watched as the two Iron dragons flew away, an action which confused her. Why else would two as of yet unheard of Dragons come to a densely populated city if not to attack? Were they lost? Were they just scouts?

So many questions plagued the Captain so much that she failed to notice one of her subordinates come up to her asking for orders.


Removing herself from her inner thoughts Ine said "Send word to the capital 'two Unknown flying dragons or objects sighted over Maihark, unable to attack but none have attack and have retreated northeast' also I want a head count of everyone in the city, just in case somehow those things did attack."

It was an odd order at the end but still the knight nodded and ran for the Mana com post leaving Ine back to her thoughts.

New world: Auroran Mainland: Classified location: Two Days later.

Within the confines of the room sat the many governmental heads of the Auroran Republic. From the supreme commander and minister of defence to the president of the Federal Auroran Republic, Archer Wayble.

Sitting at the head of the long table with various representatives on either side Archer took note of a few key individuals.

The first was his chief science minister and head of the development council which is a way for private research companies to share knowledge to an extent under government oversight.

His name is Hexen bellward and he was recently in charge of a group set to find out why've they lost contact with their satellite network, that job expanded not a day later as reports flooded in and now after a full week? Archer and the rest of his cabinet are about to find out what his team has discovered.

The second key individual that caught Archer's attention was Supreme commander John.D busher, a capable officer from the ranks of the Federal army, busher is described as a calm but thoughtful commander who not only doesn't let his emotions get the better of him but he is willing to listen to those around him.

The final individual that caught Archer's notice is Director Alexander of the Office of Strategic intelligence or OSI, normally the man himself wouldn't bother coming to a meeting like this but considering the...unique circumstances that have come to light recently it seems Director Alex did not want to miss this.

The rest of those present were not such importance to mention due to the fact that Archer see these people enough times to consider their appearance granted.

Standing from his seat to get everyone's attention Archer began the meeting.

"First off I'd like think all of you for coming, especially those who don't have the time to attend these kinds of meetings." As those who weren't normally in these meetings nodded their heads in thanks Archer got down to business.

"Now then on to the matter at hand, Chief science minister Bellward? You have the floor."

Standing from his seat Hexen cleared his throat before saying "Firstly as many of you have observed in the past week the stars have suddenly changed their pattens and we lost contact with our satellite network in orbit. After a failed attempt at launching a repair mission and discussing other facts with OSI and other agencies, we have concluded with great reluctance that our country has somehow crossed to another world."


Which was expected given the sheer lunacy of it but so was the stars suddenly changing and losing a satellite network overnight.

Many within the Federal Republic of Aurora were already speculating about being transferred to another world but this would be the government's official conclusion.

The supreme commander was the first to break the silence by saying "What of our forces sent overseas?"

Director Alexander was the one to answer " We've been monitoring the direction towards Europa and we have yet to Identify any Federal armed service personnel, instead we've found a landmass that does not match that of Europa's adding evidence to the Chief's report."

The Science Chief's face then turned grim "Given that the landmass itself has been transported and that some of that mass was sitting among the ring of fire its likely that our own world is..."

Silence rained once again as the members of the government realised what this meant.

"How bad?" Archer said his voice all of a sudden heavy.

Looking at his note pad Chief Bellward said "Around 60% of our forces were overseas by the time of our transference."

Looks of shock could be seen on many of the faces present.

Shaking his head Archer said "Alright...alright! First things first! Supreme commander? Can our loses be recovered at present or should we be forced on other matters first?"

Looking at his president Busher replied "If we were to begin recuperating our strength now no doubt that we'll face problems, especially since our military has taken priority during the last few decades."

"However we wouldn't have to focus on rebuilding our military, instead whilst our economy recovers we should reform our military to better suit the new numbers and make maximum use of them."

"A sound plan" Archer thought.

Looking around Archer asked "Are we in agreement? Or does someone have a better idea?"

No objections

Nodding Archer then said "Very well then, Supreme Commander? you have the go ahead."

With that out of the way, the minister of economics spoke next "On to a more pressing matter, since about 40% of our food comes from outside our continent we are looking at impending food shortages in many cities. Even with the synthetic food plant underway in the capital it would only be able to cover 10% of our food shortage."

The minister of Diplomatic affairs then spoke " I think we may have found a salutation."

"Explain" Archer asked.

Taking to the stage the Minister continued " During a patrol flight two days ago our pilots found evidence of a country on the nearby landmass, with help from the navy we've sent an ambassador over to help establish diplomatic ties."

"How can we be sure that this new nation can provide what we need?" said a minister

Turning his head to said minister, the Minister of Diplomatic affairs said" We only need to keep the food crisis from getting out of hand before we could build more synthetic food plants, and if this nation can help with that then what do we have to lose?"

President Archer thought about this plan and whilst he had his doubts he did see more potential then risk in this case so he said "Keep us apprise of any developments Mr Thorns"

With that another development in a long list of situations was taken care of.

Meanwhile:Rodenius Continent:Qua-Toyne Principality:Qua-Toyne.

Within the QTP's capital of the same name, a meeting was taking place in a lush garden inside the principal palace.

The meeting area was within a circle of six columns on a small raised platform, surrounding this area was a lush garden of trees, bushes and other fauna that made it seem like the meeting took place in the deep forest rather then within a stone building.

If she had the chance, Sovereign Queen Gulnelee El'vera would have loved to spend the mid-day with her daughter Kerani. Sadly duty must come before beauty and as such both royals of the Principality were attending a meeting held by the Prime minister Kanata.

The reason being that two days ago two iron dragons (As far as anyone could tell) were spotted near the port of Maihark and despite the 6th dragon knight squadron sorting along with the entire dragon rider corps they couldn't even hit them much less scratch them. This meant that whatever breed of dragon they were fast and strong, which was something that the QTP government did not need.

"-and we have instructed the navy to sail to the northeast to find where they have gone and report back." The prime minister concluded, as he stands in the middle of the meeting area facing his monarch.

Noticing the concerned looks of the rest of her cabinet El'vera ask "Do we know anything about these creatures or their allegiance?"

Shaking his head Kanata said " I'm afraid not your majesty, due to the distance the creatures were at no one could get a solid look at them."

Then the minister of finances spoke up "My lady parden my rude interruption but I have a theory."

Looking to her left past Kerani towards the minister Gulnelee said "Go on"

With that the minister took a deep breath before explaining "What's to say these are beasts? could they be perhaps machines? it would explain their surprising speed and hight gain."

"Impossible!" Shouted the Minister of defence.

"Even the great superpowers of the first and second civilisations Mu and the Holy Milishial Empire could not be able to make machines of that speed and magnitude! It must have been a living creature!" The Defence Minister explained.

Standing from his seat and facing the DM, the minister of finance asked "If that is so then why did they not flap their wings? Or have not been mentioned by any merchant or traveler?"

Before anything more could be said a door on the edge of the garden swung open revealing a tired messenger as he rushed into the meeting.

"M-Message from the fleet! My lords!" He said clearly out of breath.

Before anyone could comment he began reading "Message reads! 'Have encountered a small patrol of seven ships of immense size and construction, after confirming the presence of Sailors initiated dialogue. The knowledge so far is that the ships belong to a "Federal Republic of Aurora" and they claim ownership of the object we were sent to investigate, they first want to apologise for any violation and second to open diplomatic dialogue as soon as possible.' That is all."


Not only did the fleet encounter people from what appears to be a new nation but those same people seem to be responsible for the recent upheaval.

Whilst the rest of her cabinet were coming to terms with this information Gulnelee said "Please reply that they are to escort the ships to Maihark so that proper negotiations should begin, once that is done they are to return to their previous posts understand?"

With renowned breath the messenger says "Yes your maj-"

"NOW WAIT A MOMENT YOUR MAJESTY!" Shouted the Minister of Defence again.

Standing up and taking to the center of the meeting he says "Why are we even bothering to negotiate? The fleet went in search of the 'CREATURE' to the northeast! No land has ever been recorded that far aside from the dreaded-"

"Enough" Said the Sovereign Queen in a voice that does not permit arguments.

"No matter who they are or where they are from they offer the open hand of kindness unlike the Louria Kingdom who time and again has shown that they do not care for those who are not of human blood." She further said.

The cabinet was silent after that, it was well known that the Kingdom of Louria is quite hostile to the QTP and her ally the Quila Kingdom due to the simple fact that both nations don't have humans but instead Elves and Beast-people. Whilst Louria has as of yet not declared war many in both Qua-Toyne and Quila believe that it is only a matter of time, whilst both nations have a sort of military Quila's relies on its Mountain Beast corps for defence whilst Qua-Toyne due to its low population has only a army of 50,000 which includes its reserves.

Although this "Federal Republic of Aurora" may far the Queen hopes that having another ally will in some way help their current predicament.

And so with that in mind the Qua-Toyne Navy was informed of their new orders and prepared to escort the FRA fleet to Maihark.

Qua-Toyne Navy Flagship "Pillar of Grace": Northeast of Maihark

Admiral Quell of the Qua-Toyne Navy watched in astonishment as the Large steel ships sailed through the waters, though he wondered if "Sailing" was the right term as there appeared to be no sails or masts upon them.

One ship in particular was flat up a certain hight with only a small tower which he assumed was for Archers but he couldn't be sure. Upon the flattened deck of said ship was more of the strange Objects that appeared over Maihark, many were the same winged object but the Admiral notice some other objects as well the propose of which alludes him as with the rest of the strange ship.

The ship in question was the largest of the seven steel ships they have encountered which measures about 340 meters. Nine times larger then their ships which were just 40 meters in length, the rest of the fleet wasn't as large as their flagship but all of them still dwarfed his fleet of 80 vessels by a very significant margin.

Tearing his gaze away from the Steel behemoths Quell turned his attention to inspect his crew, they had recently called out to the sailors of the "Federal Navy" ships and they agreed to send over their ambassador for transport to Maihark as a sign of good will. As such he had to make sure they were presentable, sails raised, uniforms polished and decks cleaned.

"Admiral!" Called out the captain of the "Pillar of Grace".

Moving over to the captain's side Quell asks "What is it Captain Mall?"

Pointing out to sea towards the large flattop the Captain said "I believe our guest is arriving shortly."

Skimming across the water with ease unheard of Quell could see a small boat approaching.

Putting two and two together he turned to the rest of the crew and yell "HOP TO IT LADS THE AMBASSADOR IS APPROACHING!"

Meanwhile on the approaching boat which was actually a zodiac the FRA Ambassador for the Qua-Toyne principality named Marcus Steveal was observing the QTP fleet as they approached, being a former navy officer before he went into the diplomatic life Marcus couldn't help but comment "Rude as it might seem I would never the less would have preferred if we'd went on our own ships."

A Navy sailor who was driving the zodiac said "Why's that sir?"

One of the Ambassador's two bodyguards answered for him "Because our ships are more faster then these ships."

The driver then asks "So why are we going on theirs?"

Turing to the driver whilst he steers the Zodiac to beside the flagship Steveal said "Mostly so that we don't cause any trouble with the appearance of our completely unknown vessels to them, plus it would make them more at ease if they control the pace of these negotiations."

Turning away from his driver Steveal notice a sailor who judging by his appearance and posture is the ship's captain or even the admiral of the whole fleet. Holding out his hand the sailor said "Ambassador I presume?" to Steveal's surprise he spoke in Southern. (Which is basically Japanese whilst Northern is English)

Clearing his throat whilst climbing aboard Steveal said "Ah yes Marcus Steveal, at your service. Shall we get underway?"

Raising his eyebrow only for a moment Quell nevertheless nodded and turned to his men who began to ready the ship for sailing, soon the QTP navy was underway back to its home in Maihark

Maihark: Two days later

The fleet arrived early in the morning which gave the guards of the port time to escort the FRA retinue to the governmental palace, there negotiations begun.

First was introductions, both personally and what nation they represent with the foreign minister of the QTP going first then Steveal. As the talks progressed into midday the Foreign minister took note of how Steveal was acting, to which he explained that back in his own world many nations were in a alliance against the Federal Republic and recently had a war with them, which meant they haven't conducted diplomacy in a while.

By the time the day was coming to a close both parties had agreed on several policies going forward.

1st) Was that the Qua-Toyne principality would provide the FRA with the food it requires as well as help with modifying the Republic's economy to better trade with other nations going forward.

2nd) The Federal Republic of Aurora would aid in any defensive action taken by the QTP in the event that the kingdom of Louria declares war on both the QTP and the Quila Kingdom, due to the obvious fact that if the QTP falls the Republic would inevitably enter a food crisis.

3rd) Finally the QTP would send a diplomatic mission to the Republic mainland to help finalise both the food transport and the defence treaty as well to see just what kind of nation the Republic is.

All in all things went well for Steveal and his efforts to open diplomatic relations.

Yet with every good news

There is always so bad news waiting just around the corner.

February 5th 1639 Central Calender: Jin-Hark: Royal Palace

Within the capital of the largest country on the Rodenius Continent, in a steam bath, sat a tall and muscular man about forty or so years old. The man's name is Hark Louria the 34th, king of the Louria Kingdom and soon to be master of Rodenius.

For now though he was enjoying his rest in the bath despite his face saying otherwise when one of his advisors came in.

"Your Majesty, General Patagene reports that preparations are nearing completion. We just need to wait for the Wyverns that the Empire promised to arrive and then it'll only be the matter of mustering and organising the men from the various Nobles." Said the Advisor.

Turning to him Hark asks his advisor "How long?"

"The war can begin on the 12th month your majesty, the 9th if all goes well." The advisor replied bowing his head as he spoke.

Turning back to the far side of the bath King Louria simply said "Leave me".

With that the Advisor makes his way out, only until he heard the door close did the king allow himself to smile a devilish grin.

"So close, I'm just months away from starting my Kingdom's journey to becoming a superpower. It may have taken years of political manoeuvring, years of blackmailing and backstabing, months of accepting humiliating deals with that 3rd rate "Superpower", and years of daydreaming. But now! in just a few months I! Hark Louria the XXXIV will have an entire CONTINENT under my rule, though having said that I know from experience that one does not change overnight. Unifying Rodenius will be only one step BUT one must always take pride with such a step is achived." The King thought to himself.

Leaning into the bath and closing his eyes, King Hark said to himself in a small voice "So everything is as it should be."

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