It was a normal day by all accounts. But today may have been one of the worst days to the young boy who coincidentally was normal in the worst way possible

That's right 4 year old Izuku Midoriya sat on tha car seat with his normally bright, curious smile, replaced with stunned face.

The face of someone who hasn't yet comprehended what he had heard.

Completely oblivious to the distress of his mother who seemed to be between, making sure her son was ok and attempting to contact her husband while silently panicking.

After what seemed to be hours he picked up. He greeted her with such a cheerful yet exasperated tone. Inko nearly cried just because of the tone. She loved this man with all her heart, he was one of the only things in her life that made sense! She loved Izuku and she knew her husband had high hopes for him. Hisashi wouldn't be happy if Izuku didn't fulfill his dreams.

She whispered into the phone that she had bad news about the quirk exam. Hisashi's voice seemed to change to a more passive aggressive tone.

"What do you mean bad news?" Hisashi's scowl was almost able to be heard through the phone.

Inko attempted to root her feet into the ground for support. She nearly nearly started crying "he.. doesn't have..h-he.. the d-doctor said...h-he.." she barely got that out before she started crying. Her still shocked son in the back seat unaware of her sadness.

"He doesn't have what?" Hisashi said his voice devoid of any empathy regarding comfort.

"He doesn't have a quirk!!" She finally yelled out effectively waking her son up from whatever trance he was in.

Just as she said that she pulled up to their home.

Hisashi then asked coldly if Izuku was in the car with her. Once she replied that he was in fact in the car He told her they would 'talk about it later' while she 'got herself together'


The video started to play

All Might is the best hero and he has the best quirk.

The video played again

The doctor was probably wrong because He needed to be like Kacchan they had to be hero's together. Like they promised.

The video played again

Him and Kacchan would always be best friends and they would be the hero's too... right?

The video played again

Nothing different is happening in the video, Nothing new is happening, Nothing is going to change.. right?

The video played again

Nothing is going to change

The video played again

Nothing is going to change...right?


She peeked her head in to see her son still watching a video of all might. Hisashi had called her and told her something about a business trip. she hoped with all her heart that he didn't mean it as cold as he said it and prayed that her gut wasn't right on the true motives of that trip.

He sat with his green curly hair barely visible from behind.

"Honey, how are you?" Inko said trying hard not to let her son know how panicked she was

After a few seconds of silent he turned the chair around displaying is sadden state. His normally excited aura had been replaced with one of despair. His eyes were flushed and his eyes desperately looked at her. He had a smile on his face threatening to fall at anytime while tears and snot dropped down his face.

He said shaking as he pointed to the monitor behind him "mom.. can I be a hero too?"

Inko could contain herself at the sight of her son and a part of her knew her husband wouldn't be coming back.

"I'm so sorry Izuku!" She basically yelled as she quickly embraced her crying son in her arms.

She almost wished she could never let go this was the last good thing in her life. She didn't want to believe that her husband would leave just based off Izuku's quirk. But that didn't matter all that did matter was this one moment, this one pitiful moment they were sharing together.

Nothing is going to change.