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What Lies Beneath

Prologue: Dangerous Eavesdropping

"David! David, where are you?" Michiru Kaioh called out, entering the apartment of her boyfriend, the American business man David Westwood. "I'm here, honey!" his deep, melodic voice came as soon as he had heard her, out of his working room. Michiru smiled and entered it, finding her lover sitting at the huge desk in front of his computer. "Hey Sugarbear." The aqua haired woman spoke, walking over to her boyfriend and gently kissing him. "Hey darling. How was your day?" David replied, looking at his girlfriend smiling while he closed some of the windows on the computer screen. "Pretty exhausting." Michiru replied, letting out a sigh while she sat down on her lover's lap, who put both arms around her. "Aww, my poor darling." David purred, making the aqua haired woman smile while she put her arms around his neck and ran one hand through his short, blonde hair. "Yes…poor me." Michiru agreed before they kissed again. Then, the aqua haired girls eyes fell on the computer clock, and she jumped up. "Oh my, I'm meeting Kitomi in the Café in twenty minutes!" the aqua haired girl cried out, causing her boyfriend to chuckle. "I suggest you hurry then, Darling." He suggested. Michiru nodded, already halfway out the door. "See you later, Sugarbear!" she called out to her boyfriend, not knowing that it would take almost one month until she should see him again.

Michiru was just about to enter the Café where she wanted to meet Kitomi when she realized that her friend probably would be late again and decided that she would get a newspaper first. The aqua haired woman walked down the street, looking for a Kiosk, when she heard the name of her boyfriend being spoken in one of the countless side alleys of the main street. "…if you ask me, Westwood should be next! The boss knows shit about all of this!" "Don't talk that way about our boss!" Two male voices arguing while Michiru stopped where she was, around the corner where she couldn't be seen, listening in. "You know as well as I and the boss do that David Westwood isn't reachable for us. He's the leader, for Heaven's Sake!" the deeper voice now added, earning a snort from the other one. "And I tell you, we should forget about the job we have now and kill Westwood!" Michiru let out a gasp at the last sentence, taking one step back – and suddenly, there was a loud, clattering sound. In horror, Michiru realized that she had ran into a garbage can, but before she had time to wonder if the two men had heard her, they already came storming out of the sideway. Both of them were wearing black suits, with white shirts underneath and matching black ties; a long scar ran down the face of the taller one, while his smaller partner had no special characteristics. "You!" the scarred guy now called out, while Michiru turned around and started to run. "Stop!" She could hear the thundering footsteps of the two guys behind her while she ran, hoping that she would be able to get rid of them before she ran out of breath. Then, the huge Tokyo Mall appeared in a distance, and the aqua haired girl let out a relieved sigh. The mall surely would be full of people, allowing her to hide from the two men who still where running after her. Michiru increased her speed and literally burst into the mall, almost running down a young woman in the process. "Sorry!" the aqua haired girl called out  before running on, vanishing in the masses of people that moved through the mall.

"Damn! We lost her!" the scarred guy yelled, slamming his fist against the wall in anger. "Calm down, Heihachi." His partner replied, running one hand through his short-cut, black hair. "We'll call the boss now, she will know what to do." Heihachi nodded and gave his cell phone to the other man. "You call, Saeko, I'm too angry to talk to her calmly." Saeko nodded, accepted the phone and quickly dialed. After two rings, the call was answered. "What is it, Heihachi?" a deep, husky voice spoke, sounding slightly impatient. "It's Saeko, Boss. We have a problem." Saeko replied, already mentally preparing for the outburst that had to follow on his explanation. Instead, the person on the other line calmly replied: "Get back to the HQ. I'll try to find out who she is in the meantime, there can't be much people with aqua hair around." "Okay, Boss." Saeko spoke, relief filling his heart, before he ended the call and gave the cell phone back to his partner. "She wants us to get back into the HQ. Let's get moving." He ordered. Heihachi nodded, and the two men left the mall.