Chapter 15: Everything I Need

Finally, after almost thirty minutes of crying, Michiru had calmed down enough again to let go of Haruka. Slowly, she sat back, wiping her eyes and sniffling, until Haruka wordlessly handed her a handkerchief. "Thanks." The aqua haired girl softly spoke before she blew her nose. While she did so, Haruka took of her jacket and handed it to her. "Here, put this on…I don't want the security man to drool upon you while I get you something to dress." Thankfully, Michiru did as she had been told, the jacket long enough to cover up her body  down to her upper thighs. Haruka stood up and quickly left the room, returning only a few minutes later with an armful of new clothes. When she entered the room, Michiru laid on the ground unconscious, fainted from the shock.

"She just passed out. Nothing to worry about." Tetsuya calmed the nervous Haruka down as soon as she came walking out of the blondes room, where Michiru had been taken for treatment. "She'll probably be back to consciousness within the next hour…if not, call for me again." The blonde Yakuza boss nodded, giving her doctor a thankful look. Tetsuya smiled back at her before she explained that she still had work to do in the medical ward and left, while Haruka slowly entered the room. She looked down at the lifeless form of Michiru for a few moments, then sighed, sat down in her favourite chair and started reading the newspaper.

Michiru awoke half an hour later, groaning before she opened her eyes. "You awake?" Harukas voice suddenly came, startling her to no end. The aqua haired girl gasped and sat up in the bed she laid in, her head starting to spin at the fast movement. Haruka realized that she would fall back any second and moved with surprising speed, catching her before she fell and maybe hit her head on the headboard or something. "Gotcha." The blonde spoke, a slight smirk on her face, while Michiru stared up at her with wide eyes. "…thanks." She finally softly spoke, at the same time not wanting to get out of Harukas embrace. Despite what she wanted, she started to make efforts to get out Harukas hold, when suddenly, without any warning, Haruka bent down to her and captured her lips in a soft kiss. The aqua haired girls eyes widened until they nearly were twice as big than usual, but when she realized what was happening here, she quickly closed them and responded to the kiss, her heart performing an excited leap while she did so. The kiss ended much slower than it had begun; after quite a while of enjoying, Haruka slowly pulled back, looking at the aqua haired girl with an emotion that could be fear in her eyes. When Michiru didn't say anything, the blonde looked away and softly spoke: "I'm sorry." That awoke the aqua haired girl from the trance-like status she had been in, and she quickly replied: "No, no need to be…it's alright." Haruka let out a heavy sigh. "No, it's not. I shouldn't have…I'm sorry." Before Michiru had a chance to assure Haruka that it was okay, the blonde suddenly jumped up and hurried out of the room, slamming the door close behind her.

Haruka leaned against the wall, breathing heavily. Her heart was racing in her chest, and her mind was a whirl of different thoughts and emotions. To her own surprise, Haruka realized that she hadn't felt like this anymore ever since… "Ever since Shinri died." The blonde spoke to herself, staring at her feet. All the years after her girlfriends dead, Haruka never had allowed herself to fall for someone again, and now she literally crashed into love, head over heels. And the one she loved was the girlfriend of her greatest enemy. Letting out a sigh, Haruka finally made her decision. Trying all or nothing, she opened the door to her room and walked back in, where Michiru sat waiting.

The aqua haired girl jumped up at the entrance of Haruka, looking at her with relief in her eyes. "Thank God you came back." She softly spoke, then suddenly closed the distance between her and Haruka with two big steps. Before the blonde knew what was happening, Michiru had pulled her down to her, sealing her lips with a passionate kiss. Harukas heart sang with joy in her chest when the kiss deepened and Michiru pulled her closer to her. Finally, after what seemed like eternity, the two of them parted again, both of them a little out of breath. "Tell me what you want." Haruka whispered into Michirus ear. "You." The aqua haired girl breathed, her eyes never leaving Harukas as she spoke. "You're everything I need…" With that, the two women sank into another passionate kiss, David, Heihachi and all the other Yakuza stuff completely blown out of their minds.