Chapter One

Most children from Ages five- to about eight-teen spend most of their days in this hallow building called school. You have your Geeky Kids, and then you have your Popular Jock and Cheerleader kids. Then you have your Punk and Goth kids. And of course, the 'follows', the 'shadows', the 'mini me's', and The Lonely Average students just trying to make a difference in the world; Along with the rest of Degrassi Community School Population.

It was the first day of school. Students would be forced by the law and by their parents to go to school everyday for the next nine months or so, whether you liked it or not.

Paige Michalchuck walked her way up the great stairs of Degrassi, slowly has she looked for her best friend, Hazel Aden. Paige hasn't seen Hazel the last week of summer since Paige was sent to outer Toronto for a meeting, for abuse in general. There, she met her peers, male and female, that had been abused physically and mentally or had been sexually abused. Paige had befriended many other teenagers that whole week.

"Paige!" A familiar voice yelled happily behind Paige. Paige turned around on the top step and realized the voice belonged to Hazel. Hazel walked over to Paige with a huge smile. Paige returned a grin of her own.

"Hey Haze! What you been up too?" Paige asked, letting her blue Hollywood sunglasses drop on her nose.

"Nothing much! Paige how was the meeting?" Hazel asked, concerned as always about her best friend. The meeting was Hazel's idea.

"It was great, I guess." Paige admitted flatly with a sigh. "I did meet a lot of great people. I kind of felt weird around them too." Paige looked down to the ground.

Hazel put her arm around her friend as they walked through the corridor of Degrassi. "Why?" Hazel asked confused. Hazel had the feeling that Paige might come back as a whole different person. But technically, one whole meeting could change a person. Even though the rape did.

"I felt weird around them because they had it worse then I did." Paige explained, with a sigh. Looking toward her friend in the eyes then continued on. "Some were raped, till there bodies ached with bruises and cuts. Some were raped by just walking down the street. I saw some there who was or is pregnant. Some there were sexually abused by their mothers and fathers, and a few were molested by their next door neighbors, while I'm there, because I was raped by a man I knew and I lead on." Paige sobbed a little.

Hazel shook her head in disbelief. "Paige, just because they supposedly "had it worse then you" doesn't mean that you shouldn't have been there. Paige, what Dean did was wrong, you didn't do anything wrong." Hazel explained once more, Paige understood, nodded. Then they returned to last years homeroom.

There in Mr. Simpson's homeroom, Mr. Simpson handed out locker locks. Took attendance and told each student where their new homerooms are, and in that class they'll get tenth grade schedules.

Later that day during Lunch, Ashley walked over to Paige's table with her lunch tray in hand. There she saw that Paige and Hazel were sitting alone. Ashley was surprised; Paige was always sitting with crowds of people.

"Hey, Paige." Ashley said with a smile.

Usually, Paige would shoo Ashley to go away, but Paige didn't have the heart to do that anymore. After all, Ashley did a lot for Paige when she didn't even ask for it.

Paige smiled. "Hey Ash. Where's Ellie?"

Ashley replied. "Ellie's still in the lunch line," Ashley looked toward the lunch line, and signaled her head instead of pointing.

Paige nodded. "Well, would you guys like to sit with us? I'm sure Hazel wouldn't mind. Right, Haze?" Paige offered, then asking for Hazel's approval. Hazel nodded, with a smile.

Ashley nodded, "We would like that."

After a few minutes, of Ashley glancing over toward Paige, she was happy that Paige, in a way lost her stuck-up attitude, and let her talk to Paige without being snapped at. But Ashley looked past their new differences, and thought that maybe she can be what she wants to be, and still have her new and her old friends back.

Ellie then walked over from getting her lunch, with a puzzled look her face. Paige flashed a smiley, as if offering to sit down. Ellie forced a weak smile, since she was so confused. She flatly said, "Hi..." as she glanced toward Ashley.

Ashley smiled. "Elle, do you mind if we sit with Paige and Hazel today?" Ashley asked, clearly hoping for a yes.

Ellie nodded, biting her lip. "Sure, why not?" She sat down. Praying that Paige doesn't shoot a comment about her clothing, or her lifestyle in general as she usually would, or that this "Let's have lunch thing" wasn't some prank for a devilish laugh.

For the next second, the girls ate in an awkward silence. Hazel then broke it; "Hey did you guys see the new ninth grader this morning?"

Everyone nodded no, Hazel then went on. "I saw him walking into M.I. after homeroom. Never thought a Grade nine could look so hot!" Hazel exclaimed with a giggle. Everyone giggled with her, Even Ellie. "Ohmigod! There he is!" Hazel laughed, and looked toward a boy walking into the cafe.

Paige chuckled. "Wow, he's actually kind of hot." Paige stated "actually" as if she thought Hazel was lying before.

The boy walked over to the girl's table. His short red spiky hair tipped with blonde highlights, made him look like a god. Paige stood in awe, from knowing J.T. she thought all grade nine were short-- what a lie! This kid was like a tree compared to little J.T.!

Paige panicked, as the anonymous god was almost to their table, and would be gone in a second. Paige put her arm on the table against the back of her purse and pushed it off the table and onto the floor. She let out a flirtatious, " bad." and fluttered her eyelashes.

The grade niner picked it up for her. And put it back onto the table for her, with a wink. He knew the purse flying off the table was an act of flirting.

"Thanks." Paige whispered, licking her top lip. The boy smirked. "Anytime." And walked away.

The girls began to laugh, "You should have asked for his name!" Ashley mentioned.

Paige popped a piece of gum in her mouth. She pointed toward Ashley, "You know- you're totally right!" Paige smirked, and got up from her chair. And walked over to the boy sitting in a table two tables away from hers. At the other end of that table was Emma and Manny.

"Hey," Paige said, slowly motioning over to the top of the table and then sitting half way on the surface. "I didn't get your name." She blew a bubble and let it pop. He smirked.

"Chris Sharpe." He replied to Paige's question. "And you are?"

Paige offered her hand. "Paige Michalchuck." Chris shook her hand. Paige then blanked out.


"I just wanted to stay hi. Paige Michalchuck."

"Let me guess. Cheerleader?"

"Head cheerleader. But we call it 'Spirit Squad'."

"Hey Spirit, I'm Dean."


Paige then came back to reality by the snap of the fingers. Paige's cheeks went pink, as Chris set there looking into her eyes. She heard Manny and Emma laughing, she heard everyone laughing at her, when really it was just her mind playing tricks on her. She turned around, and stormed out of the cafe, as fast as she could.


The whole Chris Sharpe thing was just to make the story make some sense. Chris Sharpe isn't exactly a "Mary-sue" either. From reading a post at the in one of the clubs, Exec Producer states, "Daniel Morrison joins the cast as Chris Sharpe, a new Grade 9 student and budding hip hop DJ" I was inspired and I added him into this story to give it more sponk or something. And I depicted my own version of Mr. Chris Sharpe in my own way, since I don't know what he looks like and my own way to fit him into the show. LOL of course. Anyway, chapter two soon!