I just wanted to say a few things before you guys start on my story, and I find I like to use a preface instead of tacking it on to the first chapter; it's kinda messy, and besides, this way I can delude myself into thinking I'm a real writer. Feel free to skip right to chapter one if I bore you.

As I mentioned before, the idea behind this story came while I was writing the cabin chapters of BBL, and I've had a non-stop influx of ideas since then. Basically, I'm using the same characters from my BB stories--that is, they are the exact same people they were in those fics, except that here I've extrapolated their personalities into who I think they would be if there were never any Ducks. In my opinion, not many of these changes (none that I can think of off-hand) are for the better, and in the case of Fulton especially, things are pretty messed up. As a result, this story will likely be far darker than my previous ventures, at least in the beginning. It will feature some hard drug usage, as well as other stuff, so you are forewarned. Things will lighten up a bit as my Bashies get acquainted, but I hope to keep a bit of an edge.

I want to make sure that this fic distinguishes itself from my BB stories, and so I am also going to be experimenting a bit with different stylistic elements. It would be a hell of a lot of work to try it all out beforehand, so I ask you to bear with me if the style is in a state of flux for awhile.

Now, I don't know anything about Minnesota, except that it's situated under Ontario, and that its residents appreciate hockey almost as much as my fellow countrymen. I don't know how big it is, nor its crime statistics or anything. The Duck's neighbourhood has been heavily inspired by Vancouver's downtown eastside. It's Canada's poorest postal code, and though Vancouver is a relatively small city, it ranks up there pretty high (top ten, somewhere) for the continent, though the murder rates are nowhere near those of the States, for obvious reasons. I walk there pretty often at night, and well... I could ramble on forever about how sick it is to erect high-end shops and yuppie condo complexes half a block from where hundreds of people walk around in bare feet cause they sold their shoes for a rock, but I won't. I'll just try and let it come through in my story.

A few notes before we begin:

Cake-Eater: Happy graduation, you little Duckie girl! Johnny will be playing a largish role in this story... I hope that pleases you. *I ate ZigZag for lunch. Mmmm...*

Kelly: I forgot to ask you: Did you catch Emilio Estevez at Game six of the finals? If not, let me know; there are some things he said that I have to share with you!

RockandRoll: Yes indeed, I REALLY like the whole Fulton/Portman thing, they do it for me in every way imaginable, and many unimaginable ones, as well. But I am also a big fan of you, so don't drag out the sabbatical for too long, okay?

No bottles: Thanks for the beta and reviews, you guys rock! MORE CHADAM, unless you want me to make good on the threats I have made to each of you. Pizza for Melissa, bomb threat set-up for Kylie!

Schizzie: My very first collaborator: I don't know how it compares to what you've got up your sleeve, but I hope you like!

Star: I don't really have anything particular to say to you, but you rock, so I felt I should include you for that fact alone. Look for a little "ego- erotica" in chapter two.

Spaz-chick99: Hey, great idea about a Charlie POV. No promises, but I'll stick it in the idea mill and see if anything comes out.

Grasshopper: I'm glad you like my fics, and I too, have never been one for the C/A, but that one just caught me by surprise. Sequel pending? Still undecided.

Selena: Hey, did you see that we're award buddies! Yay, us!

And a kind thank you to all my reviewers, as well as all those who voted for my stories. It was cool to know that Johnny has some fans, I thought it was only Quimby.

Okay, now that that's off my chest, without further ado, I give you A World Without Ducks. Enjoy!