Chapter Thirteen

= = = = =

Josh and I were both curious as to this 'bite' that Tanya spoke up, although we didn't want to ask her with everyone else around... and then there was the little fact of just meeting her.

Orion signalled for us to leave, but Tanya interrupted him, and took us all off guard by saying that I was the main reason for their arrival!

I was floored! Ever since my arrival in Silmaria, things kept happening to me that constantly caught me off guard.

"Why the surprised look, Erik?" Tanya looked at me. "You of all people should know the Prophecy!" Her eyes bored into mine, as if she was searching my thoughts. My vision blurred and I was flooded with images of Erica, Amanda, Josh, Draco... Orion and Elsa... all my friends I had made since I arrived...

"Tanya came back into focus, and a warming smile came over her face... Then I remembered something... no!... How could I remember it?... it was the voice of Erasmus... "Look after the Prince for me..." I couldn't have remembered it... it never happened to me...

My thoughts returned to reality, only for me to realize that Tanya was standing closer to me than before – MUCH closer! I felt as if the desert sun was glaring on my cheeks once more as I blushed. I looked around nervously; Josh had his hand ready to unsheathe his sword, Orion was looking at us with a curious and half-panicked expression, yet the other two Riders were stoic in expression... It was only then that I noticed that Tanya and I were the only two moving...

Her voice echoed as she spoke, giving her girlish voice a majestic tone. "The ArchMage Erasmus has sent us here to aide you."

A slight gasp escaped my lips. I blinked as it was amplified greatly from its echo. "Erasmus! I haven't been to visit him at all!"

She chuckled in response. "Don't worry, M'lord. The ArchMage understands. He just requests that you and the other," she waved her and towards Josh and paused... I had the feeling she was studying him... she interrupted herself as she continued. "He requests that the two of you, along with me and Meena visit him in the morning."

"Meena?" I knew she meant one of the two other Riders, but I wasn't sure which.

"Meena is my sister," she gave a motion to the girl who seemed to have a sudden fondness for me. I must've given some kind of confused expression, because she continued, "The other with us is Katyana. She is the Boyar's daughter... and is here by request of her father." With that, she took a step back and smiled again.

= = = = =

It happened so fast – A glint of metal and my hand quickly withdrew DragonFury, and a loud clash of swords echoed as Josh's sword collided with mine. He had intended to stop her approach towards me. Orion jumped over the banister and landed, already in stride while running at us. I don't know what shocked everyone the most – that I'd oppose Josh in such a way, or that I'd defend this person I'd just met.

A shiver passed through my neck – a feeling I had become familiar with. Somewhat of a sixth sense for Wizards and Magic folk, it's the feeling one gets when there's a disturbance in Mana nearby. I noticed a swirl of colour by the thrones, and all of us were looking. Two beings – an elderly man and an oversized rat – materialised.

"Ah, my King!" Erasmus bowed, "I see my associate has arrived!"

"What in the name of Suleiman's going on?" Everyone's attention was now back on me.

"Exactly what I'd like to know!" Orion's voice was firm as he turned back to Erasmus.

"Calm down, Onion-Boy!" Fenrus grinned. "This is all for the benefit of Silmaria!"

"Yes... Well put, Fenrus! I figured that Prince Erik could use some help, so I contacted an old friend of yours." Erasmus paused as all eyes went to Tanya. "You should know of the powers she possesses." I felt a bit left out of what was going on, and I'm pretty sure Josh was too.

"I remember an innocent little girl I had rescued from Katrina..." Orion's voice was concrete, awaiting an answer.

"If you remember correctly, Orion... I didn't necessarily need "to be" 'rescued' from 'Trina." Tanya's eyes were tearing up. "And don't get me started on Toby! Yes, I may have missed my parents! I may have been dead, but I was STILL happy!"

The room was silent. It was Orion who broke the silence... "Tanya... I lost Katrina too..." Tanya just stood there... Then I realized something. I remember hearing about Orion saving a child from the eternal living death of the vampire... Tanya must have been that girl! But that was nineteen years ago, and she didn't look a day over eighteen.