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The Young and the Mate-less

Another 'intricate' story by the somewhat infamous Goku's Daughter

(.Who 'borrowed' the plot from a movie called "Hollywood Bollywood". Explanation at the end)

('·.¸('·.¸ Prologue: An Alternate Universe¸.·'´)¸.·'´)

            The Earth. Round. Circular. Huge compared to some-yet so tiny and insignificant to others. Earth. It contains needed oxygen in the atmosphere for man, and suitable places for any creature to live in, having the desirable resources and elements needed. Sounds simple? It is. However this Earth is unique.

            Many creatures-such as frogs to dinosaurs (like Icarus)-exists on Earth. Though the planet is approximately seventy percent covered by water, there is enough fertile land for the creatures to live on. Heed when creatures are mentioned-humans are also included. But what isn't?

            There are no mutants dwelling or in existence on planet Earth. Sorry to those who are X-men fans. You, the readers, will not read of Cyclops fighting Wolverine for the irresistible Jean Grey. Nor do mutant 'freaks'-freaks that have altered DNA due to radioactive chemicals--reside on Planet Earth. Again, sorry to those who are fans of Spiderman. You will not read of a hero slipping into a suit to save the helpless with the help of his web slinging action.

            What you, dear readers, will read of is about a different Earth. There are humans in presence of some lands, yet there is more than that. Humans aren't the only one with the intellectual minds (or have the intelligence greater than any beast). They also are not the only ones capable causing great problems in our world such as breaking peace or causing environmental destruction. Humans aren't the only ones fighting chronic and deadly diseases (such as SARS) either. Like mentioned before, this Earth is unique. Maybe the word diverse is in call.

So what exactly is this author dragging on? What is the difference between our Earth and the Earth you will soon read of in this fiction?


Aliens dwell and live on this planet. And this time, it isn't just Goku. or Piccolo. Imagine that your neighbour has a tail... and the man across the street from you has a green yet smooth complexion. It's that different.

           Would you believe someone if they said, "One man can make all the difference". One did. His name is Bardock. A man who twisted fate. A man who ran away.

           Now don't get me wrong, Bardock is a proud Saiyan. He is not a coward. He was just bloodthirsty for victory and triumph; even if it meant retreating.

           It was on that faithful day when Freiza threatened to destroy Planet Vegeta, Bardock knew that he couldn't do it. His body wasn't cooperating and that made everything else more difficult. So there wasn't much else that Bardock could do to make a difference... yet. Then the idea of going to Earth crossed his mind. There were two advantages: one, he could easily recover and get stronger to finally destroy Freiza; and two, Bardock could raise his son. The son that he knew would become strong. Perhaps the gift of seeing the future helped Bardock make his rational and difficult decision of going to Earth to find his son.

           And it was an altered fate that changed the course of events. Planet Vegeta was spared because Freiza had a bigger ego when it came to his strength (which is possible). Sparing a planet full of warriors gave them a chance to breach out to other planets-mainly Earth-following Bardock's action.

            So there was our fearless Saiyan on the foreign Planet Earth, reunited with his son Kakarott after five years. He tried to raise him the best of his ability, trying to make him the greatest warrior of all time. And he did. But somehow, spending so much time on Earth, these stupid dirty human rubbed off on him, and especially on Kakarott. Consequently Kakarott, also known as Goku, was more of a jovial man than what Bardock expected. And at those times when Bardock saw his son become soft in front of the humans Bardock's thoughts trailed onto his home planet, Vegeta. Those would also be the time when he would regret coming to Earth in the first place. He missed the company of other Saiyans at times. He missed being around other warriors. Here, it was quite difficult to find a good sparring partner. Though later on as the years passed by Bardock saw more and more Saiyans migrating to Earth. Yet it wasn't just Saiyans either. There were others ranging from green men with antennas to pink blobs. Surprisingly some chose to live in peace. The others were forced to. It was part of the contract.

            Concerning the Saiyans, Kami, the guardian of Earth, was the only one who knew what was happening on Planet Vegeta. Vegeta, the Prince of all Saiyans, lived up to his title despite Freiza's possessiveness. He wanted his people to be safe and away from Freiza. It was his duty after all.

            The young Prince had no choice but to send his people to Earth. Slowly but surely, they had to migrate there because it was the only planet that could provide for their needs. Kami diligently pondered on this and allowed the Saiyans to migrate and flourish on the precious planet, but only on one stipulation. There could be no fighting and war. Humans and Saiyans had to learn how to live in peace. If the Saiyans couldn't handle that, then they would be forced to leave their new home. Prince Vegeta had no choice but to agree. It was for the safety of his people. That was their contract. However, what would Kami get in return? An alliance.

             Now what exactly was this threat-or disaster-plaguing Planet Vegeta? Freiza was slowly killing all resources and the life of the Planet itself. This resulted in a horrid, unpleasant death of all life forms and creatures residing on the red, once beautiful planet. Prince Vegeta couldn't do anything to stop this unless Freiza was killed. And that happened fifteen years later.

            Just as Bardock saw before, his son triumphed, defeating Freiza on Planet Namek by successfully transforming to a Super Saiyan. Bardock was exceedingly proud even though he personally wanted to destroy Freiza for killing his crew. Now, after many years of Freiza's death, those despiteful emotions that Bardock contained had withered slowly in time. Yet they weren't forgotten.

Now Bardock was feeling a different type of pain. It was the pain of loss.

           He floated in air as he closely viewed his son saying goodbye to his family. Bardock couldn't help feeling the way he did because this was his son, err... make that sons, including Radditz (who had no choice but to become an ally of his brother). Together they stood as soldiers representing Planet Vegeta, who where commanded to go on a long mission in the universe. Obviously for the King of Saiyans, who still resided on Planet Vegeta (for the sake to rebuild his land), they were assigned to build allies on planets, whether if they were neighbouring or not. Oh how Kami knew how much Bardock wanted to go but something was holding him back. He literally couldn't because he was paralyzed from the waist down. He was almost useless. The scarred faced man cursed Kami for punishing him. Just because he almost caused a war between the humans and Saiyans Kami had to punish him by making his legs paralyzed, or now partially paralyzed. As you can guess the paralysis was not permanent as in years it will eventually rid away from his body. Ooh, Bardock could only hope, though his face said otherwise. Presently in his eyes there was water... tears... threatening to unleash in front of his family.

             The eleven-year-old son stood behind his father with a huge frown on his face. "Father?" he asked quickly, trying not to disturb his father in any way. Lightening and rain made it hard to see, but he knew the tall, brave man before him was indeed his father.

            Suddenly his father turned back at his son with a sad, concerned face. A single tear rolled down his cheek as he crouched down to his son's level. "Gohan," he started in a low whisper.

          "Father, when will you be back?" Gohan asked in a small voice as his eyes relentlessly looked at his father's dark eyes, wanting an answer.

           The thunder roared, creating a silent atmosphere between the two males. Goku rested a hand on his son's shoulder and tried to smile. "I don't know if I'll be back soon, or if I'll ever return with or without your Uncle Radditz."

          This time the lightning flashed as Gohan reached for a hug. A singly tear rolled down his youthful cheek as his soaked body hung tightly in his father's embrace. Though it was frowned upon to display soft emotion, Gohan said something that made Goku feel even more depressed about leaving. "I love you father."      

      Goku cracked a smile and nodded, "I know. I do too."

         A minute passed and for a Saiyan it was long enough to show so much weak emotion. Unwillingly Goku released from his son and stood up straight, looking down at Gohan as the water still poured heavily. It splashed on his face, making the day more of a drag. "Gohan, my only son, I'm so proud of you." Of course he was. Gohan was able to transform to a Super Saiyan! That gave them more honour and pride. Swallowing hard, Goku continued, "Take care of your mother for me. Take care of your cousin (Radditz's daughter) and most importantly take care of your grandfather." With a small smile he paused momentarily. "Make your mother happy for me. Continue to make me proud Gohan, my only son." As his earnest voice was not able to be perceived anymore another lightening flashed blindingly once again. Then Gohan opened his eyes and his father he was gone.

          Gohan couldn't breathe as he stumbled backwards, then down into his mother's arms. She was crying loudly. His cousin tried to be strong, but she couldn't help it. She was also crying now. Even his grandfather seemed emotionally affected. Gohan's tail slowly coiled around his waist as he held his impregnated mother and younger cousin, rocking them back and forth. Silently he gazed at Bardock, trying to catch his eyes. Gohan found no comfort for Bardock didn't have them opened. Maybe doing that helped Gohan's grandfather deal and cope with this loss. Disappointed, Gohan looked down at his mother, then cousin, realizing that there was a great responsibility hanging on his shoulders. Mentally, he vowed to keep his mother proud and most importantly Gohan should always please and continue to make his father proud.

          That sounded simple... but it isn't. What else needs mentioning is how else the Earth is unique. Since it is more diverse, there will be inevitably more society clashes. Humans have to tolerate and live with Saiyans and vice versa. Around the time when Goku was leaving Earth only a quarter of the population on Earth were Saiyans. Now imagine many years later that the Saiyan population grew and they still had still had minimal yet critical problems with humans (and perhaps other races). Living up to that vow might be more difficult than what Gohan initially thought. Especially when that time comes... when he would fall in love ...


¸¸.·´¨`¤ GD's end of the chapter remarks ¤´¨`·.¸

       Now how should I begin this very important note regarding this story? Well for one, I should have the decency to mention what else is different on Earth. For one, Chichi is a Saiyan. That way it'll be easier for me. and less complicated for you. There is also no Cell (or androids) because if Gero ever made an appearance I'm sure one of the Saiyans on the planet would have no sympathy for that bastard and kill him to HFIL (that is before he had chance to make robotic humans).

Now what's my excuse for taking the "Hollywood Bollywood" movie storyline? A) There's a really good moral to it concerning races and cultures that I'm sure everyone can learn of, concerning if I can pull this story off; B) It's fun to put DBZ characters in the plotline any Hindi movies, considering they are melodramatic; and C) I need another story to do in order to prepare myself for my other greater story I'm working on in the summer. I won't go into detail how this story aids me. You don't need to tell me that I'm a complicated girl! Oh yeah, read the next line, it's very important!

**If you saw the movie (Hollywood Bollywood), then I suggest you shouldn't read. I have a feeling I'm going to spoil it.**

What else? If you weren't paying attention, this is an A/U. It explains why Chichi is a Saiyan and why Saiyans live on Earth. This type of story is.how do I say it. more "modern" and "mature" than others. That means it's not a highschool fic either. Kami, I hate most (almost all) of them. In this story, Gohan will face a problem, which is similar of what happens between races all around the world. I'm just making the races more extreme for this story. for. err-you'll just have to wait and see!!

Okay, that's it. I hope I made things a bit clearer. Any constructive comments or praises (if you're nice) are all appreciated.


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