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                                                                 The Young and the Mate-less

                                                 Written by the somewhat infamous Goku's Daughter

                                                        ('·.¸('·.¸Chapter Twelve: The End¸.·'´)¸.·'´)

            Krillin put down his drink slowly. His eyes shined with wisdom while his lips curled up into a small smile. "You're finally ready to go?"

            Gohan stood before Krillin with an impassive look on his face. It betrayed no emotions except for loneliness and longing. He wore formal, black pants, the same ones that his ex-girlfriend was fond of. His shirt was ordinary, button up and white. He looked like a hero from a romance novel with a solid build, great height and a handsome face. It may be seldom, but handsome nonetheless.

            The Saiyan nodded slowly, not surprised by Krillin's speculation. Warily, he watched Krillin rise to his feet, heading toward the limo-copter.

            "It took you a while," Krillin commented, breaking the silence.

            Gohan entered the backseat of the mobile-vehicle. A smile was cracked on his face, while he responded reluctantly. "Well, at least I came to my senses. That's all that matters."

            Krillin smiled broadly, halting to tease and taunt Gohan, which was a nice change. He started the ignition, hearing the car roar for a bit before letting up into the air. It was time to get Videl back.


            Hercule wiped a salty tear from his face with a soft Kleenex. Frowning, he looked around the empty room before him. The human slowly shook his head, muttering, "The time was about to come soon enough."

            Then the doorbell rang.

            Reluctantly, unhurriedly, Mr. Satan moved out of the vacant, soft lilac room, and proceeded to the door. He dropped the tissue on the ground during his short journey, and before he opened the door, he composed himself. He made his posture to be more assertive and waited for his eyes to get dry. When he opened the door, he was not expecting to find a man at the door. Not at all.

            Though he was a Saiyan, by the brown, furry tail wrapped around his waist, he was a handsome man, Hercule admitted. The Saiyan wore a white shirt with black pants, and the serious look on his face suggested that he was here for important business. Still, Hercule narrowed his eyes in speculation.

            "Hello, sir. Is Videl here?" the man asked rather politely.

            "No," Hercule answered, his frown becoming sharper. "How else may I help you?"

            The Saiyan's eyes never strayed from Hercule. "I need to know where she is. Please. You're her father right? Can you help me find here?"

            Hercule crossed his arms over his chest. "Who wants to know?"

            "Gohan Son."

            There was a pause. Hercule's eyes flinched after flashing with anger.

            "You're the punk who drove her away!" Mr. Satan yelled, having a great urge to grab Gohan's collar to throttle him senseless.

            Gohan's eyebrows rose upwards with sorrow. "I didn't… I…" He paused, waiting for Hercule to calm down. "Where did she go? I promise I'll bring her back." This time Hercule caught a glimpse of the desperation slightly shining in Gohan's eyes.

            Hercule took a deep breath in. "You're too late. She left the planet. She's going to Planet Vegeta."

            Gohan's eyes widened and widened, feeling the whole world going against him…again. "I'm too late?" he whispered dejectedly.

            Hercule shook his head slowly. "That's if her spaceship left already." He paused and looked down at his watch. It was only eight in the morning. "You have an hour."

            Slowly, Gohan smiled and said thanks. "Don't worry I'll bring her back."


            Krillin sat in front of the steering wheel, looking through a magazine casually. In every ten to fifteen seconds, he would look up at Gohan, waiting for Videl to emerge from the house. After a while, he saw none of it and decided to come out and question Gohan. The next thing he knew, Gohan had transformed into Super Saiyan and headed off into the blue sky.


            Videl looked into the bathroom mirror, closely examining herself. Her lips were stroked with a pale pink lip-gloss. Her cheeks were lightly touched by peach blush. Her eyes were outlined in black. Sapphire-blue earrings dangled loosely from her petite ears. Her dark hair was tied up in a lazy bun.

            The half-Saiyan wore a stylish black summer-like dress. It was thin, frilly, and definitely feminine. It was v-necked, thick strapped and went down to an inch above her knees. It fitted pretty tightly around her upper chest to thighs. That gave her a professional look.

            Videl gazed at her fair neck, treating her necklace softly as if it was glass. It matched with her sapphire-blue earrings, and were shaped and patterned into beautiful triangles and diamonds. It was her mother's jewellery set that she left for her before her mother returned to Planet Vegeta. Her mother told her that Hercule presented her with it on their ten year anniversary. It was beautiful, Videl acknowledged, and she knew that she would cherish and protect it as long as she lived.

            Biting on her lower lip, Videl decided to exit the bathroom. Her flight would take off in thirty minutes. The female grabbed her black purse joining the line-up by the check in station.

            As she stood there with a distant look on her face, she began to remember the past events of her life that mainly consisted of him… Gohan.

            "I have to forget about him," Videl told herself, walking forward for one alien had made it through. Now, she was the third person to the front.


            Videl tilted her head to the side, swearing that she heard someone call her name. The female looked around, but she found no one familiar. Soon, she was the second person.


            It was a bit louder this time, but it was not strong enough. Again she looked casually, not thoroughly. When she found no one, she turned ahead and handed the pretty lady her passport and her purse.


            Videl retrieved her purse and passport from the lady. She began walking to the gate with grace and confidence, but when she heard someone call her name louder, she turned at the waiting area.


            It was Gohan.

            Gohan ran to her, looking rather exhausted. It showed on his face terribly. He wasn't sure what to do, or what to say. Red, velvet dividers separated the two lovers.

            "Videl…" Gohan softly whispered.

            Videl eyes were slowly filming with salty tears. They would not leak, not from sorrow or pain. She couldn't believe that he came here. Unbelieving this, she shook her head, becoming more and more determined. "Good-bye Gohan," Videl spoke softly, walking to the gate.

            Gohan followed her from the other side with the same pace. "Videl, wait." He was closely watching her face. She looked composed, collected and calm, but inside she wasn't. Why did this have to be so hard?

            Videl bit down on her tongue and ignored Gohan.

            "Videl, I said wait. I'm sorry," urged the Saiyan, still following Videl. To the observant soon-to-be-passengers, Gohan looked like a lovesick fool, while Videl was the cold-hearted bitch.

            The female glanced at Gohan, keeping a straight face. "I don't care what you have to say. I'm leaving this life behind. I'm going to Planet Vegeta." She continued walking.

            It was a long walk to the gate and they still had a long way to go. They were half way there, and now glass separated them.

            Gohan started to yell. "Listen to me! I said I'm sorry!"

            Videl shook her head, looking in front. She did not dare to steal a glance at her ex-boyfriend for it would only encourage him.

            "It was wrong of me to… to… leave you. It was my fault." Now that they passed the glass area, Gohan refrained from yelling, and Videl was still ignoring him and help break down her defences.

            "Don't go, Videl," he pleaded, and this time when Videl disregarded Gohan, acting as if he never existed before, Gohan leaned over and grabbed her wrist to stop. She continued to walk as far as she could, and when he would not release, she turned back at him. He could see how red her eyes were, but that didn't pressure him to let go.

            "Let me go," Videl demanded in a low tone. She sounded hurt and wounded, and especially betrayed with the attire that she was wearing.

            Gohan saw the discontentment in her blue eyes but he couldn't let go. He told her why. "Not until you hear me out."

            Videl did nothing but try to remove her wrist from his grasp. There was no such luck.

            "I'm really sorry," he repeated again.

            "I heard that part," Videl countered.

            "It was wrong of me to do that. I was a jerk. I… I miss you. I miss you a lot." Gohan kept his dark, passionate eyes on her, trying to weaken her by them. "I… I need you. Badly. Please, come home with me."

            Videl's facial features did not soften. "If… if you're done then release me. Please." Her tone was so cold and uninviting. "I have a spaceship to catch."

            The Saiyan wanted to hold her and show her how much she meant to him.         "I love you, Videl. I love you so much," he said just above a whisper. This time there was a change of emotions on her face. He could spot it as much as Videl tried to hide it. "I want you back…"

            Videl frowned, helplessly unable to stop her tears from gathering in her eyes. It… it hurt. It hurt so much. Hurt so much that it became difficult to breathe. "You hurt me Gohan."

            "I'm sorry."

            "You hurt me a lot. Do you actually expect me to go back with you just because you make up this crap about needing me? Wanting me? Loving me?" Her voice grew harsher and ascended to a higher pitched voice. She was becoming angry as her heartbreak was bleeding again.

            "Who said I was making this up?" Gohan asked her roughly. "I wasn't Videl. Everything I said was the truth!"

            "Oh, and it'd take a liar to know one, right Gohan?" she asked him; a question that wasn't meant to be answered. "That's what you know me for after all!"

            "Where are you getting all this from?"

            Videl glared at him, jerking her wrist suddenly out of his grasp. She rubbed it gently, looking at her red skin, and then at him. "You… you hurt me, Gohan." Without another word, Videl ran the gate. It was only five steps away, and Gohan couldn't stop her.

            He couldn't…

            He couldn't bring her back.

            Defeated, Gohan breathed out heavily, putting his face into his hands before plopping down on the floor.

            She was gone.

            Videl was gone…

            Even with everything he said, it wasn't good enough for her, was it? Was she that hurt?

            Gohan was never a real, true fighter. Even when he wanted something, there was a limit where he would go. By Videl's coldness, it discouraged him greatly from going after her further. After all, life was against him… right?


            After a long, disappointing day, Gohan retreated to his home in the apartment building. He looked gloom, depressed, and very angry with himself. He was filled with so many emotions that he forgot about Krillin. In a happy disposition, Gohan would have gone out and look for the abandoned Krillin and apologize to him like there was no tomorrow. But unfortunately, he wasn't. Gohan was too…unhappy to talk to anybody.

            His upper buttons of his shirt were undone. His cuffs were also unbuttoned and rolled up. His dark, spiky hair was on the lifeless, limper side. The tiny lines on his face deepened in sorrow. His ebony-black eyes looked dull and insipid. Silently, Gohan slipped into his apartment, breathing heavily at random moments. When he reached for the lights, he heard a voice.

            "It's about time that you got home."

            Gohan blinked, recognizing that distinct tone. He switched on the lights and saw her sit on a couch only a few metres away. She wasn't smiling or frowning, but had draped her arm casually on the top of the couch. Her legs were also crossed. Around the female were various luggage and suitcases that he never seen with her before, but he was sure it belonged to her. He assumed it was from a capsule, and if she brought all of this stuff back, then that would mean…

            She was back! Videl was back for sure! Gohan felt to smile, but he wasn't sure if it showed on his face for unbelief itself sort of numbed him. Immediately, he began walking to her in a rush. He was sure of that.

            She stood up slowly, gracefully meeting Gohan halfway with the same speed. Within arms length, Videl looked at Gohan's face carefully, reaching up to it to pull him closer to her. She could feel his reluctance yet his longing and pining for her the whole time. Then, softly, she initiated a kiss. He, obviously, kissed back with equal hunger and passion. It was one of those kisses that that lingered in their breaths when they would finally let go.

            Gohan stared at her, slightly confused. Videl looked at him warily once again, trying to look for something on his face. "Videl?" he whispered.

            Her blue eyes locked onto his gaze, and he saw how red they were. She had been crying! Gohan was going to interrogate on her tears, but she spoke first.       "Why do you need me?"

            This time he knew he was smiling. "Because I love you."

            Videl couldn't smile though. "Why do you love me?" Her fingers had strayed to his arms, gently puling and squeezing into his shirt.

            He never hesitated to answer. "Because I need you."

            "Were you lying?" she asked, sounding much like a child.

            "No. Everything I said was the truth. I'm really sor—"

            Immediately, the half Saiyan put a finger to Gohan's lips. "Shhh," she whispered. "I'm sorry," Videl apologized in an equally soft voice. Then, she did the unexpected. She hugged him tightly. "I love you, Gohan."

            Gohan's smile broadened, his eyes shining with happiness. Inside his head, he made all sorts of promises to Videl, ones that meant for him to stick by her side forever. He hugged her back, gently squeezing and reassuring her that he would always be here for her, and love her. "I love you too, Videl."

            When she pulled away, she smiled happily at him, and kissed him again… and again… and again... Clearly, it would not be the last…

            Now, finally everything was all right. No secrets. No lies. No pressuring threats. No cynical attitudes. No grumpy Bardock. No bored Goten. No unhappy Chichi. No away-from-home Goku. No service-abused Krillin. No evil Raditz. No live-in-Uncle's-house Rita and Zargo. No under-appreciated-and-unloved Videl. And no more of that pessimistic Gohan either.

            Everyone was truly happy now. Bardock had legs that worked. Goten had a father to play with at home. Chichi got her husband back. Goku was home to enjoy his mate's cooking. Krillin was treated with more respect. Raditz was now kinder. Rita and Zargo moved out. Videl and Gohan got together in the end.

Now what's the moral of this deranged, crazy story?

No matter how disorderly and insane life is, there will always be one thing to keep you moving, living and motivated. To some it may tangible things, such as money, fame, sovereignty, but when it comes down to it, love and being loved will always be first.

Love has no boundaries. Love comes in different forms. Love is a gift. Love can also be a curse. Love has so many meanings, that it be rather difficult to explain it all…

Now Gohan, our beloved Saiyan... Even in the diverse society he lived in, he was able to find love and to be loved. Though there were many obstacles and challenges in his way, he still got the one thing that he needed to achieve such happiness and torment (it's an added package of being in love), Videl. AND he lived up to Chichi's threat. Being young and fertile, Gohan was able to find the ideal mate, and thus he, along with Videl, were no longer mate-less, ever again.

And that's all that you need to know.

The End.


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