And so let it be said, that a time shall come when a new hope is born and a legend rises. When the storms herald his birth and the dragon weeps by his side. When blood is shared and the wheel pauses at his silence. When the lands will moan in anguish and the people cry out in joy.

Of gold and gray, of new and old, of lost and forgotten, of remembered and unknown. An age a world away, an age to come.

O Light of the Heavens, Light of the World, let the immortal king rise.

(From The Immortal Prophecy.

Author Unkown, The 4th Age)

Sereta Javin, proud Andoran and mother of three, wept at her eldest daughter's bedside.

The pale moon shown through the window providing slight illumination to the darkroom. Candles that had been lit only a moment earlier sat close to the windows and atop the bedside table.

The room was clean, not a cobweb or bit of dirt in sight. On another night, one might have appreciated the cleanliness and beauty of the moonlight… but not on this night.

"Please light, don't take her from me," Sereta whispered as she gripped her daughter's pale and gaunt hand in her own. "Oh, light please."

She raised her head and looked at her daughter. Lysa lay still and quiet, her face gaunt and pale, lacking colour of any sort. Her breath came shallow wheezes accompanied by the occasional cough.

Only a week ago that face had been healthy and fair, the face of a healthy young woman just into her adulthood. The illness, whatever it was, had struck hard and suddenly. The fever had come first, then the constant chills. She'd called for, Josie, the village wise woman immediately, pleading for her help, but after a day of medicines, herbs, and different brews, Josie had been unable to do anything to help her daughter.

Now, she was left with only her prays.

What was worse, was that her husband, light protect him, would not hear of this until his return. If he ever returned. He had marched to war against the Aiel, alongside his brothers and uncles. She'd tried to talk him out of it, but he had not listened, not after he'd heard that his father had been killed by them.

"Oh light, please cure her, I beg you don't take her."

She waited but nothing happened, not that she had truly expected something to happen, but she'd held a little hope, that perhaps, her prays would be answered.

She opened her mouth to plead once more but froze when Lysa shot up from the bed, her back as straight as a board and her eyes wide open.

She reached a shaky hand out just as her daughter opened her mouth and spoke.

"He is born, oh light he is born. The sunlight, so golden and bright shines upon him as the storms herald his birth! The dragon weeps by his side, and lands cry! Oh, light, his silence is louder than any shout or wail! His eyes deeper than any pit or sea! Time pauses and the wheel weaves a thread like no other! He is born, the immortal king is born!"

She let out a gasp and dropped back to the bed.

Sereta stared in shock as color returned to her daughter's face and her breaths became softer, clearer.

Joy and relief blossomed within her, even as fear of what had been said lurked near the back of her mind

Later, she told herself, Later.

With that, she ran off to call Josie. Her daughter would survive. Light, her daughter would survive.

Welcome, everyone. I just wanna let you guys know a couple of things before you continue.

First off, this fanfiction is mostly just something I'm doing for fun and to practice my writing skills and style.

Second, It's an OC insert into the wheel of time but don't expect the MC to know anything about the books. Just imagine that on the earth he comes from there are no wheel of time books.

Third, the story isn't going to be perfect. The mc is most likely gonna end up quite powerful, but don't misunderstand, he isn't going to start off that way, definitely not. He will earn and work hard for his power, and it will be a slow progression. I plan on finishing this fanfic, no matter how long it takes me.

Fourth, I'm going to stay true to the characters that Robert Jordan created and give it my best shot at making them feel like themselves. Although I might change a bit of lore or add some lore because there is a lot of stuff we just don't know and was left unexplored due to Robert Jordan's unfortunate passing.

Finally, If you have criticism then I will gladly take it, but please do not leave needless hate comments or criticism that just don't make sense or are your personal opinions masked as criticism. I would love to know what you enjoy and what you think could be done better but keep it chill.

With that said, thanks for reading through this boring-ass section and I hope you enjoy.