Dudley sat down on his over-bed and began to reflect over the things that had happened in his life. Lately he had been doing this every night.

Harry had gotten some kind of letter and went away to some magical school, leaving him with his parents and a pig's tail. Dudley was forced to continue life at Privet Lane as he always had, that is with the exception of Harry being gone. Sure he gave Harry a lot of gruff and he picked on him constantly, but truth is, he admired Harry. Harry was a lot skinnier and though he got nothing from the Dursley's other than being yelled at, he was very content. Now, Harry was free, on his own, doing whatever he liked. No one to boss him around or constantly remind him of how pathetic he was. Not to mention his cool new powers. It was the third year that Harry had been gone to Hogwart's and he would once again be returning to the endless grief thrown upon him by Uncle Vernon and Aunt Petunia. Well, Dudley thought, I will try to be a lot nicer to Harry this year, that's for sure. Maybe Harry would even show him some cool magic.

Dudley went to sleep dreaming of the relationship that could develop between Harry and himself this summer. When he awoke it was extremely late and Harry had already arrived. Dudley came downstairs still half asleep and sat down at the table. Harry was giving him an ice-cold stare. "Hmmm… wonder what he's upset about," thought Dudley. Well, I'm going to work on my new mission starting today. He noticed that he had an exceptionally large portion of eggs while Harry had very little. In an effort to be nice to Harry, Dudley attempted to shuffle some of his eggs onto Harry's plate, but his massive hands more of flung them and they landed right on Mr. Dursley's brand new suit.

"Great!!! Just Great!!" Vernon yelled, "Look at what you've done Harry!!"

"Me!?! It was that great lug of a son you have," Harry retorted.

"Watch your mouth boy or you'll be back in the closet!!!" Vernon hollered.

"Wait Dad, it's not Harry's fault, it's mine. It was an accident. I'm sorry," Dudley sputtered.

"Ohh, Duddykins, you really don't have to cover for Harry's blunders. It's awfully sweet of you though honey. We'll have to buy you another extra special present," Petunia said as she and Vernon left the room to search for something he could wear to work.

" Thanks a lot Dudley." Harry said crossly

"Wait, what are you talking about?" Dudley asked.

"Oh, don't play stupid. You're back to your old tricks again. But remember I've got my wand upstairs and I got Hagrid to teach me that little pig-tail spell!" Harry said as he marched up the stairs, leaving Dudley thinking that this mission of his would be a lot harder than he thought.