Hello everyone. I have been a bit absent lately due to really big changes in my life. But I haven't given up. I am still writing when I can and I have abandoned anything. This story isn't going to be long but honestly, I have read so many Lila Exposed, Salt and Comeuppance stories, I just had to give it a go. I would just like to say that this is my take on what it would be like. There is an OC in this. There has to be cause everyone in the class is just so dull and oblivious. I was called a bad writer in a review recently. It was a review that offered criticisms which is nice as it helps me improve but not to be a point when it being rude to people who just want to have fun and write. Cannot stress this enough. It is FANFICTION. It is where fans write for fun. Now without further ado, I present 'Be Creative' with some cupcakes! :)

It was another dreary day for Marinette. Heck even the weather seemed to match her dull mood as rain slammed against her windows. She pulled her blanket over her head as she felt Tikki poke her in the head.

"Come on Marinette you'll be late for school!" Tikki said brightly.

"I don't want to go," Marinette mumbled.

Tikki sighed sadly. Marinette had gradually turned from a cheery and happy girl to a sad and depressed one. All of her class had practically turned their backs on her thanks to Lila, who had made good on her promise. Lies after lies had poured out of her mouth like sewage. Nevertheless, that class had lapped up the sewage as if they were craving it. Honestly, the brain capacity of that class was…well to a better word, ridiculous! Promising to set up an interview with Steven Spielberg? Giving art to a world-famous manga artist? Saving Jagged Stone's cat? Marinette had even worked with Jagged on his album and glasses, yet they neglect to remember that? Or the fact that he had a giant freaking crocodile?!

Marinette had actually been getting more requests from Jagged. She had been over-joyed to tell this to Alya but that girl….that blogger had the audacity to claim that she was lying! Oh no but the cherry on top was that she said it wasn't right for her to lie in order to gain attention. Oh Tikki wished she had Plagg's ability at the point in time but enough about that. Marinette had decided not to share anything about her life anymore after that. Even keeping the fact hidden that Clara Nightingale and various other high-profile people had been requesting commissions. Her parents discovered this and had started helping her with fees, labour costs, taxes and putting it into aa savings account which she could use for the future. Social media had begun raising questions about this aspiring new designer so Marinette had asked Jagged and Clara to say that MDC was the designer. MDC, which was a pretty obvious name choice if you knew Marinette, was now on every company's eyes. Heck even Gabriel and Audrey had been looking to speak with MDC. But Marinette was far too nervous, not to mention her mental state was on a downward spiral.

Of course, Lila had to claim that she knew MDC and was dating him. To make matters worse, she had come up to Marinette and offered to set up and interview if she apologised. Lila did this deliberately in front of the class so when Marinette refused, this only made the class dislike her even more as they still thought it was jealousy. It was amazed she hadn't been akumatised yet. She continued on with her commissions either way despite Lila hogging the credit.

"Fine I might as well see how the day goes today," Marinette sighed as she got up and started to gather her things. Tikki nibbled on a cookie as she thought about ways to help her wielder. Kagami and Luka were nice, and they never seemed to call her names and things. But maybe they didn't know what was going on. Maybe Marinette could start hanging out with them.

"I wonder…" Tikki mused.

"Ready Tikki?" Marinette asked tiredly.

"Yep!" Tikki said as she flew into the purse.

Marinette headed down the stairs and greeted her parents with a half-hearted smile. Tom and Sabine didn't know what was going on; no fault of their own of course as Marinette had kept quiet. She quickly grabbed an apple and headed out the door, with her parents wishing her to have a good day. So unlikely, Marinette thought.

Marinette held up her umbrella as she walked through the rain. She looked at the handle and sighed. Her thoughts flashed to Adrien. She had thought she had him on her side but as events went on, she was started to feel as if he was deliberately feeding her to the dogs. When her sketchbook was ruined, or her bag was broken, or when she fell down the stairs, he had said Lila wasn't doing it on purpose. She nearly broke her leg and it wasn't on purpose?! She had always seen him as this perfect guy. Now as time went out she saw more faults with him.

"Well…" she said as her eyes fell upon the gates of Collège Françoise Dupont. "Time for another day. I wonder what lies there will be today."

She walked through the hallways, feeling eyes on her but no one seemed to comment. She had a feeling that other classes didn't believe the lies either. Maybe they were just tuning her out or something. She didn't blame them of course as they had nothing to do with her suffering. She came face to face with her class door and inhaled deeply. Well, at least Chloe was away for two weeks. That was one less thing to worry about.

"Morning," Marinette said cheerfully as she walked through the door. No one met her greeting. Typical. Not even Adrien. That stung.

"Sorry, we don't greet bullies," Alya said with a frown. Lila sat smugly at her side but Marinette didn't bat an eye lid. Comments like that at this point were like water off a duck's back. She felt Tikki twitch slightly at the comment though.

"Yeah dudette, harassing Lila after school is not cool," Nino said along with class murmuring.

"What did I do this time?" she asked with a sigh.

"I-I tried t-to help you with MDC and y-you hit me," Lila whimpered, holding her stomach slightly and shed crocodile tears. Alya put a comforting arm around her as Marinette didn't bat an eyelid and walked past to her seat the back. Glares followed her at the lack of an apology. There was no need for one. After all, Marinette couldn't be babysitting Manon and beating up Lila at the same time right? Boom. Logic right there.

Adrien watched her go and smiled slightly. Good, she wasn't doing anything to hurt or out Lila. Less akumas to worry about! Plagg peaked out slightly and he frowned at Adrien's behaviour. Well, lack of behaviour. He had actually met with Tikki a few times at night about all of this. He was incredibly upset with how she was being treated and did his best to sway Adrien to do the right thing but annoyingly, he thought he was already doing the right thing. Marinette being the Guardian and having all this on top was not good. He was seriously considering…no not yet. It hadn't come to that.

"Morning students!" Miss Busiter said as she clapped her hands to get everyone's attention.

"Morning!" the class repeated back.

"Now before we begin, I have an announcement. We have a new student transferring into our class today! She's come from Bordeux Le Collège." That caused a stir.

"Wow that's an elite school," Adrien commented as he folded his arms.

"I'll say. You have to be majorly talented to get in there," Max said in envy.

"Cue Lila," Marinette mumbled as she counted down with her fingers. Sure enough…

"I was offered a place there, but it wasn't for me," Lila said with a fake sigh.

"That's amazing Lila, you're so talented!" Rosé said in awed as Marinette rolled her eyes. Oh, please Lila had as much getting in there as much as Marinette would be in baking a bad pastry. Okay that sounded narcissistic, but she was the daughter of bakers. It makes sense! Well not as much since Lila said she got sick from eating at the bakery. Marinette nearly clocked her for that.

"Everyone, I would like you to meet Miss Morgana Rio!" Miss Bustier said as she gestured to the door an in walked a student. Marinette actually had to blink twice.

Morgana was…unique to say the least. She had two high Harley Quinn ponytails with a patterned headband wrapped in her black curled hair. She had quite pale skin which made the black rimmed glasses on her face stand out more. Well it was either that or her emerald green eyes. She had on a bright pink shirt with some sort of text pieces with a black leather jacket that also seemed to have pictures and patterns weaved on the back. She had on pale purple jeans with rips on the knees and two glittery boots; one grey and one blue.

"Wow," Nino blurted, earning a shove from Alya as everyone regained their ability to speak.

"Is there anything you'd like to say about yourself?" Miss Bustier asked. Morgana turned to the front of the class, placed her hands on her hips and smiled.

"I'm Morgana, nice to meet you, I don't want no drama, I am just here to learn and have a good time with friends," she said cheerfully. Marinette could practically feel the positivity come off her in waves and she was at the back of the room!

"No drama? Then steer clear of Marinette," Alya said quietly, but loud enough for people to snicker. Marinette gripped her pen but then inhaled deeply to calm herself.

"Now Alya, Marinette may have been acting out lately, but she knows how to set an example," Miss Bustier said.

Man, her teaching had gone down the toilet, Marinette thought. In a sense she was like Adrien times ten. Always trying to keep the peace and naïve to bullies who actually hurt their victims and ends up not only letting them free of punishment but actually blaming the victims!

"Can she sit near us Miss Bustier? I'd love to get to know our new classmate," Lila said sweetly and Marinette almost gagged at the honey dripping from her lips. Morgana, who had remained oddly quiet from the mini ordeal simply smiled back, just as sweetly.

"That is awfully nice of you, but I am a little shy. Would it be okay if I sat at the back for a while by myself? I promise to move next to someone when I get used to this new place," Morgana said in a sort of small but kind voice. Lila seemed to bite her tongue at this.

"Of course," she said.

"That is very nice of you Lila. Okay Morgana, there is a space at the back across from Marinette. Everyone else, open the books on your desks and we can begin!" Miss Bustier said as she went behind her desk and picked up her own book. The turning of pages echoed as the lesson began.

"Sorry Marinette but do you have a spare notepad I can use for the lesson? I can pull out my pages and give it back to you at the end," Morgana asked shyly. Marinette simply smiled and passed her a spare pad as her attention then turned to the front of the class.

Marinette partially zoned out for most of the lesson. Due to the harassment and decline of teaching in this particular class, she had been taking online courses at home for the subject. She had taken the notes and essays she had done to Ms Mendeliev, who was one of the more competent teachers in the school, and she had marked and put them into her record, so she was more than caught up and qualified in the subject.

The sound of the bell rung out, snapping her out of her thoughts. Most of the class had cleared out quite quickly, as had Morgana but she had left her notepad back on her desk. Marinette sighed as she collected her belongings and stuffed them in her bag and fastened it shut (a new feature as hers kept getting broken into). She then went to pick up the pad and as she picked it up, her thumb slipped under the cover of the pad. Marinette blinked as she saw a squiggle of pen on the paper.

"She must've forgotten a note," Marinette said as she flipped open the pad. Her eyes widened as she saw what was written on the paper.

I don't like liars either.

Mmmm interesting. Morgana is a brand new OC for me. So I hope you all liked it and I hope I got the characters close to what they would actually say. Review and criticisms are appreciated but not rudeness please. Have a nice day and cupcakes to you all!

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