Dealing With The Enemy

Chapter One – Secret Crushes

By Crow Skywalker


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Author's Notes – This idea came to me one night. Don't know if it's been done before, but hey…it's different ;) Going to be short, and hopefully I'll get around to finishing it. I have a lot of HP slash/femmeslash fics I want to write. Anyway, R&R and tell me what you think! :P

November 18th, 2004 – Slight changes made to this chapter. Spelling and grammar fixed.

Pairings/Warnings – Pansy/Harry friendship, Harry/Draco and Pansy/Hermione pairings. Rated PG-13, contains slash and femmeslash. You've been warned.

Summary – Pansy and Harry strike a deal to get what they want.


The day had started out like any other day at Hogwarts, School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. The students had gotten up early and had washed and dressed, hurrying down to breakfast before school started. Lunch had come at the same time it always had, and two hours of class followed after that. It just so happened that on this Friday, right before the long awaited weekend, was double Potions with Gryffindor and Slytherin.

Pansy Parkinson sighed, taking her normal seat beside Draco, who was currently snickering to himself at a prank that he had pulled on a first year Hufflepuff earlier that day. Pansy frowned slightly, smacking him in the arm when he ignored her presence.

"You know Draco, it wasn't that funny," She told him as he turned his icy gray eyes towards her. Behind her Crabbe and Goyle were still laughing as well, and she shot them a look. They immediately became quiet, or at least tried to, covering their mouths as they snickered quietly.

"But did you see the girl's face when she ate those Swollen Tootsies and her feet started blowing up like those silly things Muggles call balloons?" He asked, an amused smirk on his face as his laughter died down, "It was priceless! And to think, those candies were a Weasley creation!" At that he looked across the classroom at Ron, who shot him a dirty look. "At least we know who got the brains in that family," He said with another smirk, "The Weasel twins!"

Crabbe and Goyle broke out in laughter again, and even Pansy allowed a small smile. However the laughter did not continue for much longer because as Professor Snape walked into the room, his robes bellowing behind him dramatically, everyone became silent.

"Now class," He went on to say more, but Pansy soon tuned him out. Looking quite bored with a pencil in her mouth, Pansy scanned the room for something more interesting. As much as she loved Snape, she had to admit that his lectures were quite boring, especially when you didn't like Potions at all. She soon caught sight of brown bushy hair across the room, and she sighed, leaning her head in the palm of her hand.

Hermione Granger sat next to her best friends Ron Weasley and Harry Potter, listening to Snape as if her life depended on his words. Pansy's eyes moved from her long flowing hair down to her face and on to her delicate hands, which were furiously scribbling down notes.

She's beautiful, Pansy thought as she watched her. The attraction had started at the beginning of the year, and had seemed to come out of nowhere. Pansy had recently turned sixteen, and had known for a while she wasn't really interested in the opposite sex. She had proven that theory when she had dated Draco the year before. Of course she liked him – but only as a friend. There just wasn't any real feelings towards him other than friendship.

Hermione, however, had caught her eye. The other girl was developing quite nicely, and had grown a lot since last year. She had been pretty before, but it had now matured. She really was beautiful, and a lot of guys had noticed also.

Pansy's eyes narrowed at that thought as she looked at both Ron and Harry, who seemed to be in a daze as well. She knew Ron had a crush on the girl, she could tell by the look in his eyes when he spoke to her. She didn't know if Hermione returned those feelings, however, and that was the problem.

She turned her attention to Harry at that point, and was surprised to find him staring back at her, a strange expression on his face. Caught off guard, she sat back in her chair, turning her attention to the front in hopes she hadn't been caught ogling Hermione. A few minutes later she looked across the room from the corner of her eye and found Potter still looking in her direction.

What's he staring at? She panicked, Oh Merlin…he knows…he's going to tell her…I'll never be able to live this down! Draco will probably make fun of me forever for liking another girl…and not only that, but Granger! He hates her! She closed her eyes, letting her head sink to the desk. This is it…my life is over…

Minutes passed, and as nothing happened, Pansy turned her head slightly to look over at the Boy Who Lived. He was still staring in her direction, but he was looking over her head…

She sat up, eyes wide as realization set in. He's not staring at me! He's staring at Draco!

She looked at Draco, who seemed to be too interested in what Snape was saying for him to notice anything.

But why would Potter be staring at Draco like that? She wondered, staring at the blonde boy. He's got the same look Weasley gets when he looks at…Oh. My. God. Her eyes flashed back to Potter, who suddenly realized he was caught and looked away, a faint redness on his cheeks. Is he…is he blushing

Pansy blinked, unsure of what to make of all this. This can't be…Potter… the great Harry Potter…likes Draco? But they're enemies…when did all this come about?

She caught Harry looking up again, and he quickly glanced away.

The great Harry Potter, she thought again, a smirk working its way upon her face as she realized the great blackmail material she had just come across, Is in love with Draco Malfoy. I wonder if I should tell Draco… She looked up front to where Snape was pacing, and then decided against it. I have a better plan. This could work to my advantage…and perhaps I can help Potter out too in the process.

That thought in mind, and a smirk on her face, she sat back in her chair and tried to listen to what Snape was saying, patiently waiting for class to end.

To Be Continued…