Dealing With The Enemy

Chapter Six – Harry And Pansy?

By Crow Skywalker


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Author's Notes – Heheheh…been a while, huh? ^^; Sorry about that. Hopefully this chapter will make up for the months this fic has been on hold? ^^; Hehe…its really quite a humorous chapter if you ask me XD But anyway…until next time! R&R, and enjoy playful!Pansy and confusedandembarassedbeyondbelief!Harry :)

Pairings/Warnings – Pansy/Harry friendship, Harry/Draco and Pansy/Hermione pairings. Rated PG-13, contains slash and femmeslash. You've been warned.

Summary – Pansy and Harry strike a deal to get what they want.


"Harry, are you awake yet?"

Harry groaned, pulling the covers over his head. He was still tired from being up so late, and Ron's loud voice wasn't helping the headache that was coming on.

"We have to go down and get breakfast!" Ron was now poking at him, "Hurry, get up!"

Harry sighed, groggily reaching out to get his glasses, only to find they weren't there.

"Wow, you must have been really tired," Ron observed, "Didn't even bother to change into your pajamas or take off your glasses!" He then grinned, elbowing Harry, "So who's the lucky girl?"

Harry frowned at his friend sleepily, remembering the past day's events. You wouldn't believe me if I told you, he sighed inwardly as he sat up in bed, taking off his glasses to rub his tired eyes. "No one."

Ron elbowed him in the side, "Come on! I'm your best friend! No need for secrets!" He grinned.

"Oh really?" Harry raised a brow, placing his glasses back on his face and giving his friend a look. "Then how come you didn't tell me about you and 'Mione yesterday?"

Ron sat back, blushing furiously. "How'd you know about that?"

Harry grinned. "Lets just say two little birdies told me."

"Yeah well," Ron watched as Harry stood up with a yawn and stretched, "It was nothing anyway."

"Oh?" Harry immediately became interested, remembering his conversation with Pansy the night before. He had to find out if Ron and Hermione were serious or not. If they weren't, everything would go fine..but if they were…Harry winced. He'd have to try to break them up.

"It was just a spur of the moment kind of thing." Ron continued to blush, "I was helping her get a book from a shelf that she couldn't reach…and we just happened to be a little too close.."

"And your lips just happened to land on hers?"

"Well..yes..I mean…no!" Ron stammered quite uncomfortably.

"I see."

"But enough about that!" Ron tried to change the subject, "Lets go to breakfast!"

Harry grinned, secretively happy that Ron and Hermione weren't quite an item yet. Perhaps with a little persuasion, he could get things to turn his way. "What's the rush?" He asked, "It's Saturday morning!"

Ron pointed to a clock nearby, and Harry gazed at it with wide eyes.

"You slept in. If we don't get there in five minutes, then we won't be getting breakfast at all!" Ron told him.

Gazing down at his wrinkled cloak, Harry winced. He probably could have used a shower, but with breakfast almost over…it would have to wait. Not bothering to brush his hair – because no matter what he did with it, it never helped – he followed after Ron as the red head exited the room.


The Great Hall was pretty much empty, everyone already done eating by now and returned to their respective dormitories. However there were still a few slow eaters left behind, and Harry could tell that he wasn't the only one who had slept in that morning.

Sitting down at the Gryffindor's table, Harry immediately reached for the food that was piled up in the middle. Now that he could see and smell the food, he felt his stomach twisting in hunger. Beside him, he could see Ron doing the same.

"Up late today Harry?" Dean asked, watching the two eat like they hadn't eaten in weeks.

Harry nodded, reaching for his pumpkin juice.

"And if I hadn't have woken him up, he'd still be off in dream land." Ron said between mouthfuls.

"Oh." Dean smiled at Harry, "Late night, huh?"

Ron laughed. "Off snogging girls, he was!"

Harry almost choked eating his toast, but didn't bother to say anything. If Ron thought he was off with girls, so be it. He wasn't about to let him know the truth.

"Speaking of girls," Dean frowned, making an odd face, "You wouldn't believe who came over earlier looking for you."

Harry raised his eyes to the other boy, looking confused. "Who?"

"Pansy Parkinson."

This time Harry did choke, and he grabbed his juice to wash it down. Beside him Ron was giving him a weird look, and both boys were staring at him expectantly.

Finally able to breathe again, he lay his empty glass back down on the table. "What?"

"Why would Parkinson be looking for you?" Ron asked, his food suddenly forgotten.

"Was that who you were out with last night?" Dean grinned wickedly.

Harry opened his mouth to lie, but Ron's outburst interrupted anything he was about to say.

"Harry please tell me you weren't out snogging Pansy Parkinson last night!"

"Err.." Harry stared at his friend. "No, I wasn't."

"He was, he was!" Dean crowed loudly.

Suddenly feeling as if he was being watched, Harry looked around the Great Hall to see everyone staring at their table in bewilderment. He immediately turned his attention back to the now laughing boy, his eyes narrowing as he hissed quietly, "Dean! Shut up! Everyone's watching!"

"They're listening too." Ron pointed out.

"Yeah," Dean stopped his laughing to grin, "By the end of the day everyone will know about you and Pansy being together."

"I'm not with Pansy!" Harry insisted, but he knew it was no use. Everyone had heard, and there was no doubt there would be rumors flying around school despite him insisting it wasn't true.

"What about me?" Came a feminine voice, and at once the laughter coming from Dean stopped. All three boys looked up to see Pansy Parkinson staring down at them coldly, her arms crossed in front of her.

"Hey, speak of the devil!" Dean grinned suddenly, "So tell us Pansy – what was it like to snog the Boy Who Lived? Was he a good kisser?"

Pansy did nothing but raise an eyebrow, glancing from Harry to Dean before a smirk made its way across her face. Turning her attention fully to the snickering boy, she stated calmly, "To tell you the truth, Thomas…Harry's a great kisser." She watched as his grin faded, "You wouldn't believe what he can do with that tongue!"

Harry blushed furiously as his friends stared at him, and he glared at Pansy in response. "You're not helping!" He hissed angrily at her, getting up from his seat with such force that it toppled backwards. "Now, what did you want?"

Her hands now clasped behind her back, Pansy tried to look as innocent as she possibly could. "To talk to you, of course."

"Well talk."

Pansy's gave flickered to the two boys who were now staring at her and Harry with wide eyes. "Privately."

Harry roughly grabbed her by the sleeve of her cloak and started to drag her away. "Come on then!" He was embarrassed as much as it was! He didn't want her around any longer than she had to be! And boy, was he going to give her a piece of his mind when they were alone together!

Pansy let herself be dragged away, turning her head to wave goodbye and wink at the boys they were leaving at the table.

"I…Harry…Pansy….what just happened?" Ron managed to stammer, staring after his best friend.

Dean shrugged, turning his attention back to the red head. He grinned widely, "I dunno, but I have to tell Seamus!"

He got up from the table, leaving a confused Ron behind.

What the hell was going on?

To Be Continued…