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The sweet smell of the sea was refreshing to say the least. Blue as the sky, the water moved on to the beach with refreshing waves and retreated backwards. Like a game of thieves and police.

She watched as children build sand castles only for seawater come in like a bully to break it down to the ground. Some of them cried as their fruits of labor were washed away with the tides, but fathers and mothers and siblings comforted the crying little ones with distractions; throwing them up in the air, a little treat of a snack the love, ice-cream under the sun, taking them into the water to play. The sight of the couples probably soothed her eyes the most. How lovingly two people in harmony would be roaming around in the water, lying cuddled up on the beach or just…happy to be with each other.

How she wished she could've said the same with regards to the marriage she had. Wearing a large oversized red t-shirt, Sakura sat beside her husband who was lying down on a beach mat. The handsome man's eyes were closed as his only arm rested against the back of his head. This was supposed to be a vacation. They were supposed to enjoy themselves. What the hell was he doing by…brooding on a sunny beach?

"Sasuke-kun," she started, poking the Uchiha's arm. "Let's go for a swim."

"I didn't bring any swimwear," was his dejected reply. Sasuke Uchiha's answer and his tone was aloof as ever. "I don't want to soak these clothes."

"You can just use your chakra to dry them up." Sakura, last name officially Uchiha, reminded her husband of his mastery over fire.

"I don't feel like it." Again, she was surprised she expected a different answer.

"We're on a vacation. Come on. Let's go enjoy a little." She tried to force his hand. He rose, locks of hair blocking out his famed Rinnegan, and for a moment she grew excited before he pointed towards two people with his only hand. "They're having fun. Enjoy it with them. I'm not good…with these."

Sakura sighed as she looked at the couple he was referring to.

Dressed in a rather body fitting two-piece purple bikini, every inch of Hinata's curves was laid out before the world, her large cake of an ass was also a sight she knew made many heads turn today and not to mention her breasts, a set of perky twins that matched Tsunade's. Somehow her Master was no longer the only one in that league.

Every straight, red-blooded male more than once leered at the Hyuga with lust in their eyes and a throbbing in their pants, but none dared to approach her. How could they when they saw the man constantly keeping his arm around her, possessively showing off to the world whom she was with. Dressed in a pair of orange shorts that went down nearly to this knees, Naruto Uzumaki looked like a chiseled statue of peak male perfection come to life. Water glistened their perfect bodies, but whereas Hinata's gave off the radiance of a woman who resembled the symbol of fertility, Naruto looked like he was God disguised in human flesh and she found it hard to not look at her former teammate differently.

Over the years all of them had matured. Sasuke had grown more handsome with each passing year. Ino had become a truly beauty worthy of making men break off their marriages for her. Even she, the once nearly flat-chested pinkette had blossomed into a woman of noticeable curves, a plump ass that jiggled with every step and breasts that grew larger after giving birth to her daughter. Apparently, the secret jutsu that her master passed off to her had an effect on her body: the effect being it made her look like she was a bimbo. Sakura had at first found this to be a wonderful blessing.

Her husband was…difficult. She understood his pain. All of it. Horrible, unspeakable and irrecoverable pain that had maimed his social skills since he was a child. The Uchiha from a very young age treated things with a few set of manners: apathy, ignorance, pride, envy or hate. The last one was something that resulted in him losing an arm and never vowing to get a replacement as a form of atonement, a small offering for all the wrongs he had committed in his life. He had honor, and he honored his extinct clan by having a family. Sarada was his legacy. Sakura was his wife, the mother of Sarada and apparently, to him, she felt like she was nothing more than that.

All those years of affection. All those years of vocally telling him how she loved him moved him not the slightest. Sasuke Uchiha was beyond damaged, emotionally. Physically, the mad was devoid of desires after how the world, the village, and he himself had betrayed him. When she got married, she thought everything would go how she thought it would.

But no.

Her husband felt a burden on his shoulders, stemming from the years of guilt of abandoning the home he was born in and took long-term missions, solo. Leaving her without a husband and leaving Sarada to grow up without a father. His visits were few and often, so when the newest Hokage finally had some time off, he ordered Sasuke to come back home and gave him an S-Rank mission: escort and protect the Hokage during their vacation. This was an excuse by her friend to make him spend more time with his wife and daughter. Three days back in the village, Sasuke Uchiha was not equipped for fatherhood and was awkward to say the least.

She thanked God when Tsunade volunteered to look after the kids as the adults took time off. Naruto left an overpowered clone back home, assisted by Shikamaru, to run things while he, his wife, Sasuke and Sakura would go with them to this rather exotic location. Peace over the years brought its own set of perks, and fame. It was why Sasuke placed a genjutsu over all their faces so that people don't flock to Naruto or him with no sense of invading personal space. Not that anyone would dare to invade his privacy anyway.

"Fine." Sakura stood up, defeated, but still tried her last shot as she decided to slowly take off the oversized shirt as her own curves were put on display. The shirt stuck around her hips before she pulled it tighter, letting her ass jiggle freely inside the red bikini bottom, her fair midriff shone in the sun and her breasts plopped out, perkily defying gravity as she stretched her back.

She blushed a bit, noticing the men, women and teenage boys staring at her with befuddlement and wonder in their eyes. She looked back to her target and sighed. He wasn't even looking at her. Eyes shut, staring off into the darkness inside him. Still, she asked, starved for something from him. "You sure, Sasuke-kun?"


She didn't hesitate any longer as she walked past scores of people whose visions she glued to her body and made her towards the couple from the Leaf. On the way, however, something interesting happened.


"Look at that ass."

"Holy fuck, she's hot."

"What the hell are you staring at, asshole!?"

The last one made her chuckle while the rest made her cheeks resemble her hair color. Soon enough she found the couple, waving to them. "Naruto. Hinata."

"Hey, Sakura." Sakura. Just Sakura. Always Sakura. Never 'Sakura-chan' as he used to call her. He hadn't called her by that name since all the way back in the day. Before the Five Kage Summit, when she tried to steer him away from trying to save Sasuke when he was labeled as a criminal. That snowy day had made his usually warm blue eyes look at her with a more frozen stare. He cared for her, he did. A lot. Even now. Many a times he'd thrown himself in the line of fire to save her even after that. After all the times she hit him, rejected him and flat out told him there wasn't a chance. Maybe it was the culmination of that and her lie which made him not call her by that term of endearment anymore. She only had herself to blame.

"Come on over." Hinata Uzumaki beckoned her to come and soon enough, she'd found herself distracted from the thoughts of her distant husband as Naruto decided to splash her and Hinata with a wave of water as he kicked it up with sheer strength. Like she mentioned before, puberty had been kind to all those in her generation. Hinata looked like a bombshell, but Naruto..God, she never imagined the day she would say Naruto was hot. His hair was wild and unkempt as ever, longer than ever, his height made him now the tallest of her generation and his muscles…his muscles were packed to perfection. After the war he was a hot commodity, so when he finally started dating Hinata and soon became the first of their batch to get married, so many tears by countless women were shed.

As she had fun in the sand, she watched how eyes that once revered her only focused on Hinata with singular attention. Once the dense idiot learned of the Hyuga's affections, he'd gone beyond earth and heaven to make up for all his missed moments. It was so cheesy, but romantic at the same time, that it made her angry. Jealous. Wistful about what could've been, not to mention, one of the side effects of the jutsu involved her feeling very aroused. Something she quelled with her fingers and a large dildo to keep her sated so as to not break her marriage vows. She was no adulterous woman, nor did she have those intentions, but when she saw Naruto in particular, especially when he'd come in for a monthly physical, she hoped one day he'd just use power as Hokage, blackmail her and tell her to serve her Hokage.

That would never happen of course. This was Naruto. He would never do that, not to her, not to Sasuke and especially not to his wife. Still, the heart wanted it what it could not have and what could've been. Every time she realized she was staring a bit too hard at him, she would come up with distractions. Getting hot around him was not an uncommon occurrence and seeing him like this, made her hotter. After a lengthy session of beach-ball as the former idiot of Team Seven decided to play, Sakura and Hinata were lying on a large beach blanket as Naruto went to get smoothies for them.

"I'm glad we took this vacation." Hinata said with the most satisfying of voices. The Hyuga had grown even more beautiful over the years, her growing longer than ever, yet it did nothing to hide her massive, creamy ass which every passerby was giving an appreciative look. Sakura was not spared either despite putting on her shirt again.

"Yeah." Sakura wasn't entirely lying. She was enjoying her time here. Away from the same bustling life of Konoha, this was refreshing. Though she wished her husband would get in the mood. "I'm glad too."

"Hello, ladies." Some boys, yes boys, were around them. Around four of them. Young, fit and tanned, they looked at them with lustful leers. "Our friends were going to have a game of beach-ball and we're two short. We were hoping you two would join in."

"No, thanks." Sakura tried to be respectful.

"Oh come on." That one guy wasn't. He even sat down beside her trying to give her a look, wiggling his eyebrows, she was sure he thought was attractive. "We're just going to have a little fun. That's all. I'm sure you'd like it."

"I'm afraid I'll have to ask you all to leave us now." Hinata stood, still in her tight purple bikini as her assets jiggled with life and their eyes were glued to her. "So please, kindly, go away." Sakura saw how one of the men on Hinata's side was reaching for her. A hand going in the direction of her rump, but before she could stop it, a tanned hand had already grasped the would-be groper's hand.

"Get lost." She'd never heard Naruto Uzumaki's voice sound that deep, cold, enraged. Within a second, he backhanded them all in one row as they fell clutching their faces, jaws, broken teeth while his hand with its iron grip shattered the arm of the man who dared to touch his wife. "Consider this a warning. Next time you come near my wife or any of us…I'll kill you."

Sakura shivered at the tone, her toes curled at his territorial possessiveness over Hinata. After the bumbling bunch of bickering baboons went away, running with their tails between their legs, Naruto went away for a while, returning with the smoothies and Sasuke, dragging him against his will as they sat and enjoyed their drinks. Sakura couldn't help but feel jealous of Hinata. The meek shy girl had seen the heart of gold before any of them did, and she looked at Sasuke who was just…drinking so carelessly as Naruto placed Hinata against his shoulder, his face mushing against hers as they shared one large banana smoothie.

"AAAAH! Oh! Yes! Oohhhh! Naruto-kun!" Hinata hollered out, her chest heaved and descended constantly as she began panting in hard breaths. Naruto's member filled out her insides completely touching up every erogenous zone of pleasure possible and causing Hinata to suddenly cum once she felt the head push into her very cervix.

He knew exactly how his wife loved it. Shuddering violently, the woman he loved let out a shrill shriek of ecstasy before squeezing her wet muscles all over his length in orgasm.

"You're so fucking hot, Hinata-chan!" Naruto praised her as he saw the beautiful writhing form of Hinata shudder sporadically all over his length. He winced as he felt her vaginal walls squeeze and gush all over his member, she came hard and it took a fair amount of endurance for him not to cum as well. Ever since losing his virginity to her, in one of their dates, he'd grown hungry. Suddenly, Jiraiya being a proud pervert made sense to him and every day after that he'd look for an excuse to bang his girlfriend, who became his wife later on. As she should be. Ever since becoming Hokage, however, he had to come home late, but never did he miss out on a night of passion. Though he couldn't go beyond one round as he'd need to rest up and head for the office very early on.

His vacation let him cut loose. All that libido that he stored up, all that pent up stamina turning into frustration turned into thrusts and grunts and all of it would go to his lovely wife.

"Naruto-kun! You….I …GOD!" Hinata couldn't finish her thought once Naruto started rowing his hips powerfully into her body. Her Byakugan eyes intensified, watched him with awe as his massive member plunged in and out of her cunt smoothly with moist rowing strokes. Hinata's pussy squelched and clenched his member tightly as her hands held onto his forearms letting him take her entirely.

"So fucking good. I missed fucking you like this so much!" His wife was a screamer, a loud one at that, and despite the silencing seals in their room, he didn't want to traumatize his kids. Here it was different even if seals were up. Let the world hear how he made love to his wife. Soft smacks of his hips resounded from his groin hitting her waist, her toes curled up noticeably as his large balls slapped against her buttocks. Hinata's body began rocking back and forth smoothly along the bed's surface getting slowly fucked and feeling her mind turn into mush because of it. She appreciated his softer touches too; it was so cute of her.

In and out Naruto's massive prick plunged right into her folds stretching her out as she fit him and him alone, Hinata was moaning softly within her throat as he started slow then picked up the pace and began pounding himself harder into her body.

"I love you! I love you so much, Naruto-kun! Don't fucking stop!" She wailed out tossing her head back, he could feel her body was on the throes of pure ecstasy. Naruto said nothing and instead smiled confidently as he rowed and pushed his hips into her body, feeling her vaginal muscles squeeze and tug on his member greedily. He watched her, getting hypnotized at her beauty in this primal state of rutting and relished how her insides stirred with heightened arousal as his pumped back and forth with hammering thrusts. His body moved in harmony with hers as both legs were held up over his shoulders while he bucked and fucked his thick member into her sopping tight pussy gingerly.

"OH GOD! I'm cumming again!" Hinata howled feeling her face scrunch up in pure bliss with eyes closed and chest sticking out enticing him to latch his hungry lips onto her tits. Seeing them jiggle and sway back and forth constantly made him yearn to feed off them like he did with her almost every night.

Feeling his end building up, Naruto reached down and scooped his hands underneath Hinata's creamy pearshaped buttocks grabbing her hips and lifting her up off the bed. Her legs immediately wrapped around his waist until she felt his forearms push them back spreading them wide and high into the air. Hinata was still laid against the sheeted mattress as Naruto descended upon her with the entire weight of his built-like-brick body pinning her down further exciting her.

Her arms came up around his neck next keeping her securely sheathed on him, Naruto held his hands tightly around her waist squeezing her skin tenderly in his fingers as he frenziedly pounded himself onto her body.

Naruto's member started hammering deeper into her body driving into her very womb itself and driving Hinata crazy with carnal delight, her lavender eyes rolled up into their sockets as a delirious smile formed on her face. She started bouncing herself against Naruto's body squishing her tits into his pecs while humping her hips frantically on his throbbing dick.

Hinata let out another shrill moan again, twitching into another impulse of sensitive arousal as Naruto's cock throbbed inside of her cunt. She was close and her walls were greedily sucking on his shaft, egging him for release as she clung onto him. Her face rested within the crook of his neck as her hips now ground hard into his waist clenching her pelvic muscles. Naruto groaned and leaned his head back feeling his hips reflexively buck into her cunt in rapid-fire pace ready to blow his load.

Her body craved his seed and wanted to breed her again, he yearned to make her a mother again and the thoughts of impregnating his wife a third time spurned him further.

"OH FUCK!" Hinata hollered out and tossed her head back moaning loudly as she succumbed to her orgasm right there in front of all the schoolgirls. She had pulled herself up higher letting her breasts smother his neck as she clung desperately onto his body with her cunt quaking with climax. Her walls pulled and sucked greedily on his sensitive throbbing length as she bounced her hips back and forth on him in an orgasmic rush. For Naruto this was it, the feeling in his balls intensified and he and grunted through clenched teeth before pushing himself all the way inside of Hinata's body feeling his member prod fully into her fertile unprotected womb.

Tossing his head back and groaning Naruto felt his balls flex and bloat before his throbbing shaft pumped steadily into his beautiful and loving wife's pussy. The feeling was amazing to him as rope after rope of thick heavily potent seed erupted out from the tip of his member and poured into Hinata's womb drowning any and all eggs in his cum. With utter enthusiasm he pumped into her constantly, while sperm began seeping out of Hinata's heavily stuffed cunt.

Once Hinata stopped shaking and quivering on his frame she finished riding out her climax and slumped with a delirious wide smile on her face feeling absolute satisfaction, one he kissed first on her cheeks, then her nose, her forehead, her chin and claiming those lovely lips he couldn't go a day without kissing. It was a while before they got up and went to shower, where his member told him, 'Do it again!' So he did. Hinata didn't mind either and it was near dusk when his wife said something that shocked him.

"I'm a terrible wife, aren't I?"

"WHAT?!" Naruto yelled very similarly and loudly like his genin self would. Did he fuck his wife into brain damage? "Why would you say something like that? You're the bestest wife in history. Okay, maybe Mom is on par with you given how much she told me she loved Dad, but why would you say that?"

"I'm not what I used to be." Hinata said with a rather downed look.

"That's not true! You're sexier than you ever were, Hinata-chan." He said it and watched her blush cutely. God, she was so cute. The statement also annoyed him for the truth it held. "I swear to God, if one more guy tries to flirt with you, I will rip his dick and shove it so far up his ass, that he'll-!"

"I didn't mean that, Naruto-kun." Hinata put a hand over her husband's mouth. He kissed it. "I meant just these few days, I realized how out of shape I am in terms of keeping up with you. I'd gotten used to the one round sessions we did each night, anything more becomes a bit taxing."

"Meh, meh," he cheered her up despite calling the hourly long quickies they had each night a 'session'. "It's not a problem, Hinata-chan. Besides, I still have you every day and every night."

"You're so cheesy, Naruto-kun," She hid her head in his bare chest as he wrapped his arms around her. "Sakura was staring at you again today."

He sighed deeply. This was something he did not want to speak about. He'd spoken with Baa-chan about Sakura's…development over the years, earning a bonk on his head, but she explained it was part of the Creation Rebirth's effect as Tsunade did not know that going through pregnancy would cause her protégé's body to mature in such a luscious way. He'd seen the looks from his former teammate, the wife of his best friend, the mother of his niece in all but blood. And the looks she gave was something he once wanted, but it was too little, too late and quite frankly, sometimes it annoyed him. Had that day not happened where she lied to him, falsely stating that she loved him, he would've called her Sakura-chan as he used to.

And during his physicals, he noted all the signs, and ignored them. He was not going to cheat on Hinata. If he could get through two pregnancies when his libido was far more atrocious, this was nothing. Settling for hourly long quickies each night with his loving wife was something of a gift for him, specially to someone who grew up without a family. He would not fuck that up under any circumstance.

"Yeah, I noticed. I'll talk to Sasuke again." It was useless. His best friend, soul brother as he liked to call him as that annoyed the Uchiha a lot, was not like him. His emotions were restrained. Subdued. Afraid to come out almost. The trauma he suffered from as a boy still haunted the man he became and he wished, he wished he could do something about it. There were times he wished Itachi's crow, the one with Shisui's eye, was still with him. He'd command his friend to be normal. Who was he kidding? He wouldn't. He couldn't do that to his friends.

"He's not going to do anything. If he did, he would've done so by now." Hinata said as she put on a pair of panties, bending over as he got a full view of his wife's doughy ass cheeks and her pussy that was calling him out to have a snack. She put on a pair of jeans that accentuated her thick thighs and mighty buttocks, tightly wrapping around her waist as she put on a purple tank top that made her breasts look like they were about to burst out as her midriff was still exposed.

Naruto was so glad they were away from Konoha, this let his usually uptight appearing wife dress more liberally.

"What the hell can we do?" Naruto said, not really coming up with a solution. "That guy, I can't even force him to do something I know he won't."

"He's her husband too. Not just the Uchiha patriarch." His wife spoke, almost angrily. "He doesn't have to be the best husband in the world, but he can sure as hell try."

Naruto didn't want to talk too much about it as he put on a dark blood orange shirt, some beige pants and shoes as he headed out with his wife. They had dinner plans with Sasuke and Sakura, and he did not want to keep them waiting. Sasuke was dressed in a black shirts and black slacks, a black cloak focused on the side where he didn't have an arm. His friend was stubborn on not getting one. Sakura was dressed in a red t-shirt and brown pants, though he could see her belly button and the fabrics strained against the assets she'd blossomed over the years.

Once at the restaurant, getting a table of four, Naruto sat comfortably snuggled against Hinata with his left hand around her exposed waist as he kept her close while she ate and fed him. Naruto chewed happily, enjoying his down time. He missed Boruto and Himawari a lot, like A LOT, but he needed a little me-time too, with his wife.

This would keep him recharged for months.

During dinner, he started all the banter making the kunoichi laugh at his silly small-talks, annoying Sasuke who sarcastically came back with quick quips, but Naruto eventually evened it out. In between all of it, he noted how Sakura's eyes would darken while looking at him, glossing over to Hinata, to his hand resting around her, and then to him, looking away when he caught her.

What he did not expect was suddenly coming face-to face with the Eternal Mangekyō Sharingan as Naruto realized all around him was a white, endless void.

"Bastard, what the hell was that for?"

The time has come, Naruto! Kurama suddenly came out of nowhere with a loud declaration in his mind. The Uchiha wants to betray us. Destroy everything you hold dear! Kill him! Bathe in his blood!

Calm the fuck down, Kurama. I'm sure he has an explanation. Soon enough Sasuke Uchiha stood in front of him, doing his best Itachi Uchiha impression. "So, you mind explaining why you did this?"

"I needed to talk to you privately."

"Oi, oi," Naruto put his arm around his best friend's shoulder as they walked off into the never-ending void. "What could be so important that you needed to drag me in here?" And from that point, Naruto Uzumaki's head hurt. First out of disbelief, then he thought it was a prank, comedic outrage followed, before finally he kept slamming his head into the ground of the endless white around them. It didn't even hurt. He couldn't even get another word in as he left the genjutsu palace the genius of an Uchiha set up. Two seconds. That's all the time had passed as Sasuke resumed eating his dinner with one hand

"Naruto-kun," Hinata looked at him with doe-y eyes and Naruto could still feel Sakura's lingering gaze returning to him every now and then. "What's wrong?"

He sighed. He needed to come up with an excuse fast. Too many thoughts rumbled in his head. Building up and threatening to blow. "Gas."

"Pathetic." He hated Sasuke so much. Hated him for hiding something like that. Hated him for suddenly dropping something like this on him.

Sakura Uchiha was so annoyed. Annoyed at herself for having such distasteful thoughts during the dinner when Naruto was clinging to his wife like glue imagining what she would look like in a similar manner. With Sasuke of course. She needed to replace that image of Sasuke of course. Though it didn't mesh well.

For one, Sasuke's build consisted of more lean muscles, powerful and potent, and cut to perfection, but Naruto's was more…domineering if she was to be honest. The best way to describe it would be if the traditional Raikage wasn't overly reliant on their lightning jutsu and mixed the right amount of natural speed with muscles. Less muscle mass, but virtually fat free and still packing enough power to smash a mountain in half. Not to mention, Naruto still had his chakra, of which there was a planet's worth in him. She tried to stave those thoughts away, but the night was much hotter than she thought and Sasuke resigned to taking some alone time by himself.

When confronting him with the why of it all, he replied the full moon reminded him of the night his clan was put to the sword. The Uchiha did not mince his words, and it was true. Full moon nights were difficult for Sasuke. She wished she could take away his pain; she tried it once, hugging him from behind when one of these nights passed, he didn't shove her away, but he didn't welcome her either.

Sweating slightly as the heat rose, Sakura decided to get a drink for herself and found herself in front of a vending machine. Getting some nice iced tea for herself, the Uchiha matriarch passed by the room Naruto and Hinata were in, looking forward to get a shower and do something to kill the time. She would've done that. That was her intent. Pure and untainted. Had the door not been open, had the sound of moans and grunts not sneaked out, Sakura would've walked straight past it.

But she didn't.

With all the training in the world, Sakura silently opened the door more and went in. There was a giant wardrobe blocking the view of the door, as it was in her and Sasuke's room, and keeping the noise in mind, she closed the door in sync with how those…lustful noises came. Taking a peep from the side, her green eye widened as she watched a shirtless Naruto vigorously fingering Hinata who was still in the clothes she wore at dinner. In the ladies' room she asked Hinata what made her dress so boldly for a change, and she replied she loved showing off for her husband. This was why.

Her breasts were already struggling to get out of the tank-top that barely contained them, and Naruto like a wild fucking animal possessed was groping his wife with one hand and the other fondling with her womanhood under the jeans.

"Oh, Naruto-kun~" Hinata moaned and said his name like it was honey to her ears. She was in a dreamlike state. Frenzied with passion. "You're so insatiable. We did it right before we went to have dinner."

"I know," he said with a cheeky grin, but his tone was far more feral, reminding her of the voice she heard at the beach. A voice of absolute command and control. "Can you blame me though, I could barely keep my hands off of you at dinner. I tried to slip in from behind, but you didn't let me. It was kind of disappointing, y'kno-" He was silenced by Hinata's lips crashing against his own, hesitating for just a moment before leaning forward and slowly starting to dominate the kiss.

After that moment, the man pushed the dark blue haired woman onto the floor and didn't hesitate to rip the tank-top off her body, exposing her bountiful chest, groping them, squeezing them before starting to take his own off, once more showing off the muscles he developed over the years.

Relishing in the gasp of excitement that left the once meek Hyuga, a smile crept to his lips. "Why don't you give me a good blowjob, Hinata-chan? I think I want to feel those soft lips of yours around my cock. "

Sakura's green eyes widened in surprise as she saw her former teammate's cock spring from his discarded pants; by no means was her husband small, but it was very clear that Naruto was both thicker and longer than him.

Her husband wasn't incapable either, but beyond the time they made little Sarada, rarely did he ever get intimate or horny for that matter.

Immediately, something in the back of her mind wanted to be in Hinata's place and Sasuke taking Naruto's, a desire of wanting to be forced into this but the image of a cock like that and Sasuke didn't mesh. It wasn't his style.

Catching her lower lip between her teeth, the pinkette continued to watch as Hinata got onto her knees and looked at her direction. The wife of Sasuke Uchiha quickly hid the best she could from sight, not wanting to be caught in her accidental voyeurism and silently held her breath.

However, there was nothing she could do about the arousal that started dripping between her thighs at the sight of her friend wrapping her lips around the Hokage's cock.

She could tell that Hinata was having the time of her life as she started bobbing her head along her husband's exceptionally large shaft, even using her giant mammaries to cushion it from both side and it made something inside of her far more jealous than she possibly thought she could be.

Never had she seen Naruto be a little rough with Hinata before, so it surprised her to her core when Naruto stood to his feet and grabbed either side of Hinata's head, immediately starting to slowly thrust all of his length into her mouth.

A soft and pleasured groan left his lips as she could tell he was feeling the woman's tongue starting to work his shaft the deeper he pushed into her, holding tighter to the sides of her head as the pillowy breasts went to work.

"Fuck. I can never get tired of you, Hinata." Looking down into her deep lavender eyes, the Hokage smirked and watched her intently as his thrusts became faster. "Hinata Uzumaki, you're the best kind of wife anyone can ask for." An excited chuckle echoed through the room as he yanked the busty woman to the base of his shaft, keeping her down and making her gag on his length. "To think I ignored you for so many years. I'll make up for it every night. Believe it."

Sakura gasped quietly as she watched the blond slap his wife, before she offered her other cheek and he repeated his action. Biting harder onto her lips, she started to question why she was continuing to watch what was happening.

It was such a strange thing, being turned on by seeing Naruto being so…rough and use someone like Hinata who was a few steps away from being an angel, willingly take such abuse with romantic intent.

It sent her mind wandering about just how much she had been missing out on in her life ever since she had first developed her crush on Sasuke, causing her heart to sink into her stomach from the missed opportunities. All those times Naruto asked her out. All those times she flat out rejected him for someone who, ultimately burdened by his blood, sought revenge over the one who vanquished his clan.

Something in the back of her mind wanted her to get up and rush into the room, joining the other woman, but her loyalty to her sleeping husband kept her in place. She loved Sasuke Uchiha with all heart.

Sakura kept repeating that mantra to her, as despite her heart being in the right place, her mind was telling her something else. A voice she'd long suppressed, coming back with a vengeance as her eyes burned the memory into her brain. Something she could've had, but never would and all due to the choices she made.

All she needed was an extra push to dive into the would-be depravity of taking a step forward, committing the greatest sin a partner in matrimony could do.

Would she do it? Would she just step into the room and forget everything the ring on her finger represented?

No, she didn't want to think such thoughts. She needed to leave.

The sound of love ensnared her again.

Hinata had her hands on her man's thighs and started moving her head in the same rhythm of his thrusts, groaning and moaning quietly from the feeling of his shaft plunging down her throat.

The bluenette must've loved just how perfectly her throat was molding to the shape of her husband's member, closing her eyes and letting him take advantage of her all the while a deep sense of lust and envy kept rising inside Sakura.

Each passing moment of passion was getting better than the last as she saw Hinata suddenly get yanked down to the base of his shaft, and Sakura could tell by how his balls visibly pulsed, a thick and gooey strand of cum was coating the back of her throat making sure her airflow get cut off for a moment.

The happily married Hyuga swallowed down cum that hit the back of her throat, letting out a muffled and happy scream as Sakura saw Naruto's shaft keep pumping and pulsing, unleashing what she assumed was a near torrent flooding her mouth and coating her tongue. Though, the Hyuga did not shy away to catch her breath, as she eagerly swallowed down as much as she could, pouting quietly as some managed to trail out of the corners of her lips and down her chin, and on to her breasts.

Even from the corner, Sakura could tell his spunk was just…different. Look at that subtle off-white coloring. The tasteful thickness of it. Oh my God, it even has a strong smell.

The man known as Naruto Uzumaki smirked and retreated from the Hyuga's mouth, grabbing the base of his cock and plopping it onto Hinata's face with a cocky laugh as he watched her blessed eyes gravitate to the member that sat on her face.

"Did you like your little treat, Hinata? Do you want me to make you pregnant again? Boruto could always use a younger sibling." Naruto asked his wife teasingly as he swung his hips perfectly to slap the bluenette's cheek with his member hard enough to leave a mark that quickly faded, keeping his smile and looking at her with his deep blue eyes. "Well, I might as well, I always did want to have a big family."

Without saying another word, the powerfully built man pushed the lavender-eyed woman onto the bed, she arched her back and he straddled her lap, placing his cock between her huge breasts and immediately starting to roll his hips. "But, I think I want to make a bit of a mess first."

Sakura let out a quiet, almost inaudible gasp as she felt her hand make its way between her thighs, her middle finger already starting to tease her wet folds as she watched the sight continue to unfold in front of her. Her heart raced inside of her chest as she brought her free hand to her now well-developed chest, kneading the soft mound as she started to pleasure herself, imagining herself in Hinata's position. Imagining all those same words being said to her.

She tried her best to imagine the solemn Uchiha saying such things, but again it was only Naruto who fit that role more.

The thought of taking a cock that big and thick between her breasts was something she had always dreamed of doing (as did every other straight woman), but was never able to with Sasuke's size and his all but asexual behavior. "Oh, fuck…"

Immediately, silence followed and for a moment Sakura thought the cat was out of the bag. A smile plastered Hinata's face as she looked up at the man she'd loved since her younger days and squeezed her massive breasts around his cock.

"You love my tits, don't you, Naruto-kun? How soft and warm they feel wrapped around your big… thick… perfect cock? You're so insatiable at times. I don't know if I can keep up with you all time." The seductive and adoring tone in her voice easily winning over a soft groan from the Hokage, doing her best to lick and kiss the tip of his cock every time it was close enough for her lips to reach.

Oh Sakura could almost taste it.

"Of course I do! I love everything about you. And I really don't get as much time with you as I like, stupid paperwork and all that. Those quickies are fun, but its been such a long time since I've had the chance to just cut loose with you like this, and I can't wait to paint your insides all white. Hehe." Even in his dirty talk, even when he was a monster when his most primal instincts took over, Naruto was still the same person she knew. Bubbly, warm…loving.

Hinata paused her little teasing kiss sessions with the cock nestling and bursting through the valley of her tits and said something. Words that Sakura could not believe with her ears.

"I know, Naruto-kun and I love you. But sometimes, you become too much to handle even for me."

"It's not my fault. It's the only way I know how to relax nowadays."

"What if we..." Hinata slowly moved away, "brought someone else to handle you?"

"Eh?" Naruto's reaction was the same as Sakura's, only vocal. "But I love you."

"I know, but I never said I would make you stop doing what you do with me. After all, you're mine." The way Hinata said that…really fucking hurt. Her hand was on his chest, her eyes staring into his.

"…I guess, but I'm not letting you off the hook."

"I can never get enough of you." And with that they kissed and Sakura by now was on the verge of tearing up.

To have a relationship that open..and that strong. No wonder he loved his wife so much, no wonder he always hyped her up, no wonder she understood Ino's complains of his clone popping up every day to buy flowers for his wife made her bothersome.

"I love you too, Hinata-chan. More than anyone else." A tear finally leaked out when she heard him say those words with such utter devotion. No matter what girl they brought in, his heart was set on Hinata and nothing would change that. She had to leave. Sakura couldn't take more of this. "Who did you have in mind though? Since you brought it up."

"Oh. I was thinking of Sakura." And she stopped.

"Sakura, huh?" Not Sakura-chan as he used to call her. Something he stopped saying ever since she lied to him about liking him, to stop him from going after her husband who achieved the status of an S-rank criminal. He still cared for her, but she missed that nickname he had for her. Now more than ever. His tone was cautious too. "She's married. To the person she's always loved no less. Why would I go ruining a marriage like that?"

"Why not?" Hinata asked a question Sakura dared not to think. "Is she not attractive? She's filled out her chest and all her curves over the years? Or are you afraid you'll stir up old feelings again?"

"Never." The way he did not even hesitate to shoot that possibility down made Sakura's head hurt, her chest even more. "I thought I loved her, but that changed when she lied to me. When Sasuke was incriminated. It was the most humiliating moment of my life. To have all the trust you built up with someone being taken advantage of and then it being thrown in your face."

Sakura could never look him in the eyes again. If that was how he felt, why did he still care for her? Still go out of his way to save her by the skin of her teeth so many times? Because he's Naruto, she answered her own question.

"You didn't answer my other question, honey. Don't you find her attractive?"

"Of course I do." Sakura felt her cheeks flare. "I always found her cute since she was young. Then the old hag told me, Sakura was developing a massive rack as a side effect of her jutsu, but her ass is probably her better feature."

Sakura droned out the rest of what he was saying and closed her eyes. At least I know he thinks I'm good enough to look at. God, what am I thinking? Just go back to your room. This isn't your life. As she opened her eyes, she found herself staring into lavender ones as the female Hyuga stood eye-to-eye with her, though the pinkette was slightly taller. Her finger slowly reached for the residue of Naruto's seed on her breast and Hinata rubbed it against her lips.

"Hinata!" Almost right away, Sakura realized she was not standing in the hiding shelter of the door, but in front of Naruto. A naked Naruto whose thing was ramrod straight, hard and oozing precum. Hinata's equally enticing and naked body pressed up against him, his hand snaking around her hip possessively.

"No… I shouldn't be doing this… What are you two doing to me…" Something inside of her told her to turn around and run as quickly as she could to her husband's side. She had the strength and skill to do it, but as she felt Hinata's hand on the back of her head, that thought was wiped from her mind as their lips locked in a heated and passionate kiss.

Their tongues changed fluids in a heated manner and Sakura realized she was tasting his cum, Naruto's cum, on Hinata's lips. After a moment of feeling the other woman's hands slowly exploring her body as everything spun around from the kiss, the married woman felt her clothes slip off her body and fall to the floor around her, leaving her in her underwear, exposed to the couple before her.

"It's okay, Sakura. We know you haven't exactly been…happy with your marriage."

"That's not true!" Sakura lied as she covered her sizable chest and her panties soaked in shame. And lust. Naruto's blue eyes usually filled with warmth and empathy turned hard. Hard as his big, throbbing cock.

"You shouldn't lie, Sakura." He told her. No, he commanded her. "You were never good at that."

"How…how do you even know?" She asked as Hinata hugged her from behind. Despite her growth, the Hyuga's breasts were still bigger than hers, and she felt them push against her back like two soft pillows as the woman's hand cupped her own breasts, rubbing them and intimately fondling them over her black bra.

"Ino told me." That bitch. She couldn't keep her mouth shut. "She told me how unhappy you are, not just physically. I've told Naruto-kun about it too, and he told me it's not your fault Sasuke isn't like that."

"I…" She tried to form a sentence, but only moaned as the busty woman's hand slipped into the inside of her panties, rubbing against her moist, eager slit. "It's…wrong…"

"What Sasuke is doing to you is wrong, Sakura." It was Naruto who spoke. His hand ripped off the bra and panties as she felt butterflies fluttering up a storm inside her gut. "Besides, if that bastard just…it doesn't matter. We're doing this to help you."

"I shouldn't…" Sakura thought back to the day she got married. The day her wish came true. What followed was reality as she realized the marriage she envisioned with the Uchiha was far more grander in her mind. She was still the same girl who pined for the teen Uchiha, not the man he grew up to be or the woman she blossomed into.

"You shouldn't," Naruto placed a hand on her shoulder. Big, burly, strong. He didn't even have to force her. She was on her knees, facing the one-eyed monster staring at her right in the face.

"Naruto-kun might be a bit too much for you to handle at first," the man's wife said. She could say that again. Hinata smiled, licking her lips and very gently guided Sakura to the stranger's cock, stopping when she was only inches away from the cock that still stood tall and hard. "Let me help you start. It's pretty obvious you want it since you were masturbating the entire time you watched us."

The Hyuga's hand still on the back of her head, the bluenette leaned her ever so closer to the cock that was standing hard right in front of them. "Just give it a kiss and a good lick, Sakura. I can promise you this. All that frustration you have will be quelled." The lavender-eyed woman was convincing her so easily, smiling and moving her hand back slowly from the medic's head as she gave her friend's cock a loving kiss and lick.

Sakura's green eyes went wide from the taste of the cock against her tongue. She liked it. She didn't want to think straight. She just didn't want to. And she let go.

The pink haired woman wrapped her lips around the head of his cock and pushed herself forward down his length. She was admittedly surprised as Hinata joined her and wrapped her lips around her husband's still full and heavy balls, gasping quietly as she felt Naruto's hands on the side of her head.

It was gentler than she thought, his touch, the cheating woman knew that she should be hating herself for what was happening right now, that she should not be getting excited and turned on by the feeling of someone's cock in her mouth that wasn't Sasuke's.

However, it quickly didn't matter to her as she was yanked down the Hokage's cock with enough force to almost knock the air out of her lungs, her throat and neck forming a clear bulge from his massive member sitting as deep inside of her as it could.

"Can't say you were wrong in your choice, Hinata-chan. Sakura's throat is tight as hell." Never in her wildest thoughts did she imagine the blond would compliment her that way. What was slow at first started to be manic soon enough as he started roughly fucking Sakura's throat without any regard for her own well being, all the while he was patting his wife's head who was giving his waiting sack some of her oral love.

Sakura, rather quickly, was growing to like the feeling of the massive cock around her lips, in her mouth and in her throat. Then he spoke, fucking her throat harder. "You know, I used to imagine what you'd look like if this ever happened. Can't say I'm disappointed. You're not as good as Hinata-chan though."

The words hurt her, angered her, made her envious and sad at the same time. She was once the apple of his eyes, now she was just an afterthought. Strangely motivated, she sucked harder. Trying to match his pace; her teammate was known for his ungodly bouts of stamina, but she was not slouch either.

In her excitement, she pushed Hinata away and Naruto pulled her face all the way against his crotch, almost slamming his pelvis into her nose and holding her there. She coughed, choked, gagged before slapping his legs, wanting for air. He relented and then slapped her cheek hard enough to leave a mark just like he had done to Hinata.

"Don't push her out of the way." It was terrifying the way he said it. She grew afraid, and more aroused.

"I'm sorry." She received another slap. This one stung harder. "I'm sorry, Naruto!"

"The fuck is your problem? She's the one who convinced me to get you some. And you push her out of the way?"

"Calm down, Naruto-kun" It was amazing how quickly her words had an effect. "Sakura was just excited. Weren't you, Sakura?"

"Yes. I'm sorry, Hinata." The Hyuga waved off her action. She looked back at Naruto whose glare had softened, but she liked it when he looked down on her.

"Open your mouth." She did as she was told and obediently resumed her pace. Hinata leaned behind her, bringing her hand down in between her legs and teasing her clit, making her fill the room with her moans.

Sakura shivered from the touch; she was mainly focused on once again pleasing the cock that was lodged in her throat and making sure to not be parted from it again, but Hinata's ministrations were giving her that extra push she didn't know she needed to get into the groove of things and have the best night of her life. Without saying a word to either of the other two in the room, Hinata struck her quivering pussy several more times as the pinkette felt an unearthly surge of pleasure.

Her entire frame shook. A thousand nerves were set on fire as she saw white, slumping over on Naruto's cock as it reached the back of her throat and she convulsed. His strong hand gripped her silken cherry locks, holding her in place.

The whole world disappeared. The only thing she knew was immeasurable levels of pleasure as the thick cock podding her lower lips, something that could fuck her and tear her apart until she couldn't even walk anymore, was still fucking her throat like there was no tomorrow. Her mind was swimming in possibilities of lost bliss until she felt fingers wrap around her well endowed breasts. This time the jolts of pleasure erupted from there as her nipples stiffened beyond belief and once more everything faded away and turning into a mushy sense of pleasure that dulled every other sensation she had.

Closing her eyes tightly, a loud gasp left her lips as her breasts were played with, the feeling of bliss cycling through her only getting better. She remembered falling, gasping for breath. In a puddle of her own making.

Slipping, falling in her failure to get up as Hinata pulled her up on the bed and her legs spreading apart. Something long, thick, massive and warm rested over her belly. It was his cock. Naruto's cock and she watched everything happen slowly.

How he placed himself a bit back, lining up his member against her ultra sensitive quim. She came shamelessly at just him prodding her entrance and then in one fall sweep, she felt his cock push into her and bottom out in one quick thrust, spreading her inner walls and pressing against her cervix without giving her time to adjust to it.

Her mind was so focused on the pleasure that coursed through her with the Hyuga's help that for a moment, she forgot who she was. She wasn't the wife of the Uchiha scion at the moment. No, she was Sakura Haruno again. The kunoichi from Team 7 and the sheer pleasure she got from one go, the girth inside her made her feel like a virgin again.

"You know, Hinata," Naruto said, quickly slapping Sakura's massive mounds, bringing out another painfully pleasant gasp from her, something he seemed to relish in and savor as he stayed still inside of her tight cunt that only seemed to spasm around his shaft like she needed this more than anything in the world.

"She did push you away. It's only fair she makes up for it. Sit on her face." Almost instantly, Hinata Hyuga's sex was hovering over her face, and she did as her husband told her to: placing her plump rear end directly onto the pinkette's face, her back door hovering just above her mouth from her position.

He slowly started pulling out of the married woman's cunt, leaving only the tip of his cock inside of her before thrusting back in and stuffing her full once again, her tongue lolled out, furiously licking Hinata's pussy.

"Fucking hell… She's more tight than I thought. I think she might be tight as you mmmmpmh." She couldn't see properly due to the woman's thick thighs, but the sounds of kissing were familiar and she could just imagine Hinata's arms wrapping around his neck, pulling him into a passionate kiss, their tongues dancing together as Sakura only laid and took the fucking she was being given. This was their gift to her.

She would waste not.

Hinata's weight was damn near suffocating her, but she couldn't stop. No. She would be slapped again. He'd take his cock away from her again. She couldn't let that happen. So she did the only thing she could: eat Hinata Hyuga's pussy and endure.

There was no doubt Naruto was dominating the kiss and pressing down on her, his wife must've been loving the feeling of his tongue in her mouth. It was pretty obvious to her that he was doing this to make sure that Sakura never forgot her place tonight, which was clearly beneath him as he continued to affectionately kiss his wife, and roughly fuck Sakura, not even bothering to ask her if she was okay with how she was being almost choked.

Though, she didn't mind that he thought that way. It was only fair. She was depraved for love. She'd settled for lust. Lust for the man who would still protect her from whatever would threaten her, and better yet, fuck her brains out as he was doing so excellently well now.

She didn't forget Hinata either. It was because of her she got this. Shifting a bit, her tongue started to tease her asshole, her soft hands getting a firm hold on Naruto's wife's ass. "I think Sakura is finally ready." She heard her speak against the man's lips as their kisses still lingered. It stopped Sakura's back was arching from the pleasure that seemed to spike in her. "I want you to fuck her properly, Naruto-kun. She's one of your oldest friends and I'm sure she regrets about that lie she told you all those years ago."

Sakura at this point was once more lost in a world of her own as the thrusts picked up even faster and the pink haired married woman was blabbering nonsense, shaking and crying and shrieking and screaming in pleasure as each thrust hit harder than the last. Each time his member hit a spot that made her grow hotter.

She felt as if she was going to explode, but she wouldn't dare stop letting this magnificent cock fuck her senseless. The thought of being fucked this hard every day after this filled her mind, and she wanted more and more as time went on, having already wanted to be filled with his seed the moment she was penetrated.

Wrapping her arms around Hinata's thighs, Sakura shoved forward and forced her tongue into the married woman's right rear end, as far as she could manage to go deep inside her puckered hole. It felt incredible having the cock pump in and out of her over and over, far faster than Sasuke had ever been during the time they were trying to conceive Sarada.

"N-Naruto!" The word was muffled against the bluenette's ass, but it was heard loud and clear by everyone in the room.

"I hear you. Get ready…Sakura-chan" It was just one extra word. Just one word, but she felt whole again. The Seventh Hokage moved his hands to Sakura's hips and started thrusting faster and harder than before, unbelievably so. Every inch of his throbbing thick cock plunged into her thunderous thrusts. It didn't take long before she came once more. Hinata's fully primed butt was almost making a dent on her face muffling her incessant loud moaning as Naruto came, filling the pink haired woman with thick and almost scalding hot ropes of gooey cum, packing her womb to the brim as Hinata clamped her thighs around her head.

Sakura's legs instinctively wrapped around his torso, pulling him as close as she could, as some of his cum started to spill from her hole due to being overfilled, loving the feeling of his cum simply draining out of her as the Hyuga finally got off of her face. "Fuck. She's still trying to squeeze me out."

"Of course she is. She's been starved for so long." Hinata couldn't help but chuckle, before lying over Sakura, and leaned down just enough to capture her lips in a loving and gentle kiss. "How do you feel, Sakura?"

"It…it was… Oh God!" It was all Sakura managed to get out before she felt another wrack of pleasure coursing through her as the mere act of him just pulling out of her made her come again.

"You did good, Sakura." Hinata told her as she moaned and the pinkette managed to lift her head to see what happened. Naruto was hard again, and already balls deep in his wife. Hinata on her knees leaned back and Sakura watched with a daze as his shaft so comfortably settled into the snatch of his wife. Hinata turned her head and Naruto captured her lips in a heated kiss.

As if he'd been away from her for years, his hands greedily groped her breasts before a hand settled on her belly.

"I wasn't kidding about making you pregnant tonight, Hinata-chan." How Sakura wished she could be the recipient of those words, but she knew it wouldn't happen. That was not her place, nor her claim to make.

"Sakura," Hinata told her in between moans, 'oooh's and 'aaah's. "Make sure to clean yourself up and perform a morning jutsu."

"…Okay." Sakura agreed and stopped. "Can I watch?"

"Sure." It was Naruto who answered and gave her a thumbs up. "But you can't stay here for the night Sasuke is still in your room. Or did you forget?"

"No." She lied. "Of course I know. I'll just…tell him we were sitting out at the beach."

"Uh-huh. Naruto said before flipping his wife over, spreading her legs and pushing them all the way back to her head, he settled on top of her, shoving all of cock into her in an almost primitive and savage way. "Make sure you don't get pregnant, otherwise…well, we'll have to look for someone else to join us. Right, Hinata-chan?"


"She's a little dazed, but she's got the right spirit." Naruto commented before Sakura watched them rut. Like two pieces completing each other and after an hour or two, she finally returned to her room in her clothes sans underwear and found Sasuke in the balcony of their hotel room. She expected him to say something. Anything. An accusation. A suspicion.


Just like usual. Heading off into the shower, Sakura cleaned herself and performed the jutsu Tsunade had revolutionized for kunoichi far and wide. Coming back into the cold bed, Sakura tried to sleep, but it took quite a while for her to not think about Naruto and Hinata.

More specifically Naruto's cock.

Sasuke would be going away again on his long-term missions again after a few days no doubt.

And for the first time, she was glad. She would have something to look forward to other than raising her darling daughter.

I am God's lonely man. He couldn't remember the exact name of the book, but he'd read it as a child and the line stuck with him. He was God's lonely man. The character in the book. It was literally him. Alone. Misunderstood. Broken. Most of all, incompatible. Was he strange because he liked the silence? Was he wrong in wanting something that gave him comfort?

He wasn't a monster who didn't understand. Far from it, Sasuke Uchiha knew more than anyone else just how far his flaws ran deep. Even today, after all these years, all those images still haunted him. Itachi's Tsukuyomi had left him with a nightmare he could never break out of it. It wasn't reality, but it was his reality. One that made him who he was. One that made him care for people, but in a more detached manner.

Sakura Haruno. The girl who had crushed on him since their wee days. In the end he'd chosen to marry her out of three reasons: he owed her a debt for leaving her unconscious the day he left the village, he could trust her more than any other woman in his life, and thirdly, she was strong and worthy enough to carry a child of the bloodline he came from. When Sarada was born…he was happy.

Honestly, he was.

He would protect that little girl with every bit of life left in him, making sure that she would never go through what he did. He'd kept his word, the things he said the day he met Kakashi Hatake about restoring the Uchiha clan. He'd done his duty. Avenged his clan, or so he used to think, and made sure his clan would not be forgotten. That girl was meant for great things. He could tell. The Uchiha would protect her mother too. She was his friend after all. Team Seven was his family. Something he almost parasitically latched on to with a deep sense of desire to protect, even if he didn't voice it as much.

That was part of what made his relationship with Sakura…rocky. He'd never seen her that way. He couldn't. Even after he returned. Team Seven was the closest thing to family apart from Sarada, and he viewed Sakura in a manner similar to that. She could never become an object of desire for him. What he desired, he could not have. Their bones were dust beneath the earth and probably trees. Had he gotten the Rinnegan years earlier, he would've been a different person. He would've brought back his mother and father from the dead, make them help him through his pain. No one else could. Not even Naruto.

He didn't have much time left anyway.

And his Heian marriage of a relationship with Sakura did more harm than good. The only reason he ever laid with her was because he needed to ensure the survival of the Uchiha clan should something happen to him. He had faith in Naruto to look after them in the fallout of his death; if that idiot could survive his onslaught, he could get through anything. He couldn't divorce the woman either. Sarada was much too young and needed a mother figure in her life, one strong, but more compassionate than him.

The fear of the Uchiha's curse of hatred still lingering beneath the skin worried him. If his daughter grew up not feeling particularly attached to him, it would make things easier should he suddenly die. After all, nothing stung more than the bloody tears of an Uchiha.

Above all, he wanted to make sure he didn't pass off what ruined him to anyone else.

"You should've told me earlier." Sasuke was wrung out of his thoughts by the sound of Naruto's voice who stood with him as their wives were getting cotton candy from the fair event going on. "You stupid bastard. Even after all these years, you still won't fucking listen."

"If you think I didn't try then you're a bigger dumbass than I thought." Sasuke responded as he usually did.

"After everything we went through," Naruto's voice was a bit shaky, filled with rage and denial. "After all that…you just had to do make me do this."

"She can't know." Sasuke reminded his friend of the promise he made him in the genjutsu. "If I didn't trust you, I would've never asked you to do such a thing. Look after them."

"We're going to Baa-chan when we get home." Naruto was still adamant. His usually firm blue eyes were more rigid, more determined than ever. He smiled a bit at his loyalty. "We're going to find a cure."

Sasuke Uchiha let the silence speak for him. The blond clown understood him more than anyone else. If nothing, Sasuke could be glad for one thing: he still had a brother left. One who would look after his daughter, his wife as per the legal documents and, if God willed, would try to save him too. Chances of that were slim to none. It was why he'd been paying Orochimaru more visits and he made the former Sannin take a vow of secrecy on his health as well. He leaned back and breathed calmly.

Like his brother before him, Sasuke Uchiha would do his duty to the Leaf with the last full measure of devotion within him. That is what, in his mind, meant to be Hokage.

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