Renesmee pov

I was outside my mom and dad's room. At this moment I am glad my mom is always shielding me. She started shielding me all the time when I turned ten so that I could have my privacy. My mom was hunting right now with my aunt Alice. So I was going to do the hardest thing I would ever do. I was going to come out to my dad. I know that my dad would love me no matter what. He was the first person I was coming out to. I knocked on the door. "Come in, I was wondering when you were going to knock," my dad said. I laughed and opened the door."Hey daddy," I said. "What did you do? Dad said. "Why do you think I did something? '' I said. "Because you haven't called me daddy since you were six," Dad said. He patented the bed signaling that I should come sit down. "Dad I have something to tell you but I don't want you to be mad at me and think differently about me," I said. He pulled me into a hug and kissed my head. "I love you no matter what" dad said. "Dad I'm a lesbian," I said. " Honey I already knew that," dad said. How did he know he can't read my mind? "How do you know you can't read my mind?" I said. "Nessie I'm your dad I don't need to read your mind to know that '' he said. I started crying happy tears that he was so accepting. "One more thing you're the first person I have told so please don't tell anyone," I said. "Of course not," dad agreed. "I'm home," said my mom. "We in the room honey" dad called to her. She was in her in a second. She kissed me on the head. "Have you been crying? '' Mom asked me. " Yeah but it was because dad was making me laugh so hard," I said. "Ok honey," she said, kissing my head. I think she knew I was lying but she didn't push. My mom has always been good at waiting for me to be ready to talk. "Well I'm going to go play piano, '' I said. "Okay love you," said mom. I hugged her. Then I hugged my dad and showed him my thoughts. I love you so much dad thank you for loving me unconditionally and I'm going to tell mom tomorrow. he mouthed I love you. I headed out of the room and ran downstairs to the piano. We are back to living with the rest of the Cullens so nobody gets suspicious. My family is starting school again after tomorrow. This was my first time going to school since I don't age so fast anymore. My parents agreed that it was time for me to go to school. not that I needed it. I was really smart, probably smarter than all the teachers combined. I know that sounds conceited but it is true. I started playing the piano. I look about sixteen and I won't age anymore. I would be playing as a fifteen-year-old. So I will be a freshman. My parents and aunt Alice will be sophomores. Rose, Jasper, and Emmett will be juniors. I couldn't wait to start school and make friends. Mom and dad also said I could join some clubs but no sports teams till they were sure I had full control of my strength and speed. My uncle Emmetts is jealous of me being half-human because I can learn to control my strength so much that I can play sports. they are bad things to being half human half-vampire. One of them is I get a period and cramps. Another is that I don't truly fit in with the vampire or the humans since I am both.