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The Centre
By: 24

The Centre was where my life work was at until he ran away. I started working here with my twin brother Jacob because I thought that I could do some good work. I had watched Jarod grow up from a scared four years old boy when I met him to a kind and gentle man. He cares for so many people even if he was kept in isolation. There are so many discoveries out in the world for him. Through the years that we've been chasing him we had found some of what those discoveries are. He is like a little kid out in the world for the first time. Granted he is a genius, but he was never allowed to be a child inside the Centre and never allowed to have things like ice cream and pez. He is now finding his inner child.

I know that I've hurt him in the past when I threw his Father's day card away right in front of him, little did he know I kept it. Yes, I do think of him as a son more so than Nicolas, only because I've watched him grow up. I remember when he called me and asked if I ever thought about being his father and what I told him hurt him. He almost said you were like a father to me when we found out that he was pretending to be a junkie. I could sense his pain when I talked to him on the phone after I knocked him out to save Nicolas. I know it hurt him when I did this. He told me that maybe it knocked some sense into him. I could also hear the pain in his voice when he said you love him. I would love to say that I love him as a son, but I never could. I know that he thinks of me as a father the only father that he's ever known.

I don't know what happened on the Island because neither Miss Parker nor Jarod had told me anything. I do know that Mr. Raines is in charge of the Centre and they still want Jarod back. I was surprised that there were more pretenders in the Centre. I thought that Kyle was the only other pretender besides Jarod. The only reason why they weren't chasing Eddie was because he's a sub par pretender and not as brilliant as Jarod. The only thing that Miss Parker would tell me about the Island is that they had found some scrolls, which they never got to read. Was it because of the scrolls that they want Jarod back so much? I guess we will never know.

I watch one of the DSA's that Jarod hasn't taken. Miss Parker and Broots barge in telling me that they found Jarod. I don't think that we will ever catch Jarod. The only time he was recaptured was when Miss Parker was shot. I shut off the DSA and walk out with Miss Parker and Broots to see if we can catch Jarod.

The End