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Naruto yawned. He was bored of picking up stupid flowers from this stupid place. Everyone had split into teams and he was supposed to be on a super S rank mission, not getting flowers. Who knows how that octopus sage he was supposed to meet was acting.

"Stop being lazy, Naruto," he looked to see Ino giving him the stink eye. He blew a raspberry at her. Exasperated, she sighed. "Why are you always like this?"

"Like what?"

"A child."

"Hey!" He felt personally offended by that.

"It's true," Ino pointed out. "You're the guy that beat Pain. A guy who wiped out a village, but you act like a 12-year old."

"Eh, shut up," Naruto retorted. "You're just jealous."

"A bit, yeah," Ino admitted. "But still among the two of us, I'm mature. I'm the real adult here."

"You act just as childish as me. I can be mature too, and I'm an adult." Naruto said looking at her sitting on the grassy surface. The wind was nice today. Smelled nice too.

"Oh please," Ino said, "the most adult thing you've ever done is create that jutsu when you were going through puberty."

"That was an experiment damn it!" Naruto defended himself. It was true too. His female form, Naruko, was the reason he could buy an awful lot of stuff at discounted prices from lecherous shopkeepers.

"Experiment, huh" Ino smiled slyly. "You sure it wasn't for 'research' like your master used to put it?"

"Hey, he was a pervert, but he got a lot of ladies. Just not in Konoha. And he taught me a lot of things." He nodded his head to pay respect to the Toad Sage. The man had taught him a lot. Both as a shinobi and as a man.

"Oh, I bet he taught you a lot, didn't he?" Naruto didn't know why, but Ino's face looked…really pretty at that moment.

"Well, uh, yeah." Naruto said, crossing his arms. "I did write the last book."

"Wait," now Ino seemed shocked. "You wrote the last one?"

"Yup. Well, half of it at least."

"So that means," all of a sudden Ino leaned down and got close to his face. Blue eyes met turquoise. "You're a naughty boy, aren't you?"

Naruto, a few years ago, would've blushed up a storm. Jiraiya taught him better, made him see the way and got him some…experience. He was a war veteran of the Great Sex Wars. This was nothing, but damn it did he feel horny right now.

"Maybe," he said looking at Ino, whose smile looked inviting. "What are you going to do about it?"

"Oh, nothing," she took his hand and placed it on her exposed hip. By God, it was smooth. She then very lightly licked his lip before getting back up. She walked away, swaying her hips.

"That was rude, you know," Naruto squinted at her. A bit blue-balled. "I'll get payback for this."

"Well, if you can," Ino said with a wink, "I'll make it worth the while."

Thankfully there was a town on this island. Both the Super Secret S Rank Group and the Flower Group found rooms in one hotel. Naruto got his own room and while having dinner downstairs, everything was normal. Ino had sat beside him, and discreetly, accidentally, many a time placed her hand on his legs. Squeezing it and hovering over his crotch, even touching it a few times. They were playing cat and mouse and Naruto really just wanted to take her to his room and make her regret it.

Now in the lobby, dressed in a t-shirt and shorts, he was walking around to get some juice from downstairs. After doing that he got back up and felt that someone was in his room.

Opening the door, he found none other than Ino wearing a sleeveless shirt and short, shorts. Oh she looked delectable.

"Oops, wrong room."

"Sure," Naruto said as he watched Ino stretch out a bit in front of him. She didn't have the largest breasts, but her figure was full and thick in the right places. Especially that ass. "Stretching out for a run? Here?"

"That's right. Try to keep up." she said and suddenly pushed Naruto. The orange knucklehead was not one to back down, tried to catch her. The girl was nimble as a cat and Naruto for now played along as Ino jumped and ran from his clutches, from the bed to the floor to the ceiling.

It wasn't long until Naruto wrapped his arms around Ino. Her curvy body pressed against his. Naruto tried to resist the temptation to run his hands down to her round, perfectly symmetrical ass. He caught himself lagging behind just to watch it when she was evading him.

"Looks like I got you, Ino."

Ino shuddered and tried to play it cool even though Naruto had her in close. Naruto backed her up against the wall. She had no desire to fight this.

"Well, you've got me, or do you?" Ino asked.

Ino leaned in closer to Naruto to kiss him. Naruto returned the kiss without any protests. The two of them engaged in a heavy make-out session. A few moments later, Naruto pulled away, to see his arms and legs were hooked against a wall with kunai and wiring. Ino stepped back from him with a smile.

"Like I said, it really is a matter of perspective who has who."

Naruto's eyebrow twitched. "You do realize I can get out of this any time?"

"Maybe," Ino said in a sweet voice. "But, we both know you want to see how this plays out." Ino started to rub Naruto's crotch through his pants. He groaned and also grew when her soft fingers rubbed against his bulging pants. Ino's fingers rubbed against Naruto and smiled when she kept rubbing him, teasing him.

"That looks pretty tight," Ino said. "I think your little Kyūbi might go berserk in there. It's going to be pretty messy if it does."

Naruto convinced himself he would let Ino have her fun for now. Besides, he was enjoying the little show she put on.

Ino grabbed the hem of Naruto's bottoms and slid them down to his ankles. His throbbing cock pushed out. Ino smiled and gripped him before stroking him. Rubbing her thumb against the head, she wondered why Sakura never gave him a chance. He wasn't bad to look at and was packing a hell of a monster in his pants. The blonde had a mischievous smile on her face when rubbing on Naruto's cock, feeling it stretch in her hands. The blood rose to him and made him really hard. Ino stepped towards him and mounted him before grinding up against him.

The young man could feel Ino's warm thighs rubbing against him. Why did he never try going after her before this? He tried to regain control. All he wanted to do was take her and make sure she felt every inch of him inside of her. Ino turned around and grinded her ass against Naruto. She knew full well how many men looked at her ass, and couldn't wait to have Naruto get thrilled with her.

"I bet you'd like this, wouldn't you?" Ino asked as cupped her cheeks. Turning around, she placed a finger on her lips, licking them. "Or maybe, you want a bit of this first."

Ino dropped down to one knee and engulfed Naruto's cock inside her mouth. She looked up with a naughty expression in her eyes and sucked on him hard. One of Naruto's hands burst free and grabbed the back of Ino's hair to guide his cock inside of her wet, moist mouth. Ino engulfed Naruto's throbbing prick inside of her mouth and suckled him hard.

Ino increased the suction on his cock. Her hands rubbed against his thighs and fondled his balls. Her mouth wrapped tightly around Naruto's massive tool and she sucked him hard. She wanted more of this.

"Keep sucking," Naruto said. Naruto worked himself into her mouth, gently rocking down in her throat. His balls came very close to wanting the release this. He held the back of Ino's head and started to pump his way further into her throat.

Ino continued to suck him harder and faster. She wanted this even more and took all of it in, gagging and gasping for breath on his cock. The warm fluids would soon burst out and flood the back of her throat. Naruto's balls released and sent their juices into her. He grunted and kept firing away inside Ino. Ino slowly started to retract, cock still in mouth as she felt him give her a mouthful. She loved the taste of it. Greedily, she swallowed it all and pulled herself up as Naruto freed himself. He shoved her against the wall, and pulled her top off. Her round breasts came freely.

So perky, and so squeezable, and Naruto had to squeeze it. He stuck Ino's nipple in between two fingers and pulled her nipple, twisting it harder. He pushed those fingers against Ino, making her nipple grow harder. Naruto's free cock slapped Ino's bare stomach. The cool flesh of her belly ground against Naruto's cock and made her heat up. He wanted to be inside her in the worst way possible, but knew he just had to hold himself back. Good things came to those who wait.

"I need you inside me, now."

Naruto pulled Ino's shorts down. Her round ass bounced out. Naruto turned Ino around and placed her hands against the wall and spread her legs. This juicy, perfect ass was out in the open and Naruto grabbed all two handfuls of it, delightfully squeezing away. Ino's moaning showed him how much she enjoyed Naruto playing with her ass.

"You've been a very bad girl, Ino."

"Oh, and what do you do to bad girls, Mr. Uzumaki?" Ino asked saucily.

Naruto smiled and slapped her ass. He didn't know how long it would take before he would lose it and slip inside her. His throbbing cock brushed against Ino's molten hot slit in addition to running a finger up and down her ass. One finger rubbed against her and the other hand slapped her. Ino thought she would lose it if Naruto didn't make his move. Fortunately, she didn't have to wait too long to find out. Naruto gripped onto her tightly by the hips and pushed his throbbing cock against her entrance.

The scream coming from her encouraged Naruto to just bury himself further with a few more thrusts. Ino encouraged him to bury inside her. His throbbing balls slapped against her wet cunt. Ino closed her eyes. Naruto's sticky fingers ran down her front and gripped her nipples. He showed how much they could pleasure her. Ino experienced the lovely feeling of a hard throbbing cock being pushed between her thighs, exploring a little place inside her. Every time Naruto slammed into her, she tingled with pleasure as drool fell down her lips. Naruto ran his fingers back and cupped her breasts, squeezing them.

"More, faster, more, more," Ino begged him.

Naruto wasn't going to hold back, not even for a second. He kept rocking inside her. "Do, I need to gag your mouth shut so that the others don't hear you scream?"

Ino bit down on her lip trying to hold back her inhibitions for a moment. Naruto's roaming hands cupped her flesh and kept working into her. She hit a peak and fell down to Earth every time Naruto buried his length inside her. Those balls nailed Ino hard.

Every time Naruto entered his fellow blonde in heat, he could feel something about to burst. Hands greedily gripped Ino when he brought her up against the wall. Ino spread herself wide for him, wanting more of Naruto inside her. The climax came and hit Ino very hard. Her wet walls clenched Naruto when he held on for a deep thrust. The thrusts got deeper and her pleasure accelerated. Naruto's hands rubbed down her body and caused the right pleasure points to be hit.

"Naruto, right there," Ino moaned.

Naruto smiled and leaned in to catch Ino's sensitive spot. He worked her into a fever. Her tight body wrapped around Naruto and brought him beyond the edge.

"We're getting close, almost there, are you ready?"

Ino answered with a shaky nod and gasped moan. She was beyond ready to receive Naruto's throbbing cum inside her. Her body sized up around him. The tingling showed her Naruto was close and she already had been launched beyond.

She milked Naruto dry when he shoved himself into her. Naruto's balls slapped against her and started to shoot his load inside her. Ino worked back and forth down on him, making sure all of his cum spilled into her insides. Naruto shuddered in response. Her warm, wet, pussy was incredible. He continued to keep those hands firmly locked on Ino and just kept filling her up.

For Ino it was amazing, Naruto was cumming so much.

Seconds later, Naruto pulled out of Ino as semen plopped out of her slit and the vestiges were slowly working out of Naruto's cock. She pulled herself off of the wall, and bit down on her lip. Ino reached down to catch a strand of cum on her mouth from his appendage. She slowly slipped a finger between her lips to taste the combined juices. The sultry look on her face made Naruto smile. Ino grabbed Naruto's stiff cock and slowly backed off towards. Naruto was surprised when she laid down on the bed spread her legs, giving him a clear view of the pussy he had filled, oozing with his seed.

Clearly, she wanted more

"Come on, don't you want more?"

To be honest, Naruto did think about it, although he wondered if there was going to be a risk considering how loud Ino could get. Regardless, he positioned himself. Ino pulled him into a heated kiss as she wrapped her legs around his body. Naruto rubbed his cock against her slit, now sticky and warm with his fluids. Slowly, he entered her, his meaty rod was swallowed by her inners as he buried himself inside her. She closed her eyes and the two of the them met together, going back and forth. Naruto held onto Ino and pulled her closer into him.

"Hit me, right there," Ino begged him.

Naruto felt the warmth wrap around him and he suckled on Ino's breasts. It mane Ino let out a pleasurable shriek as he bit her nipple. Ino closed her eyes. Her juices dripped down Naruto's tool when the penetration grew even deeper. Thrusting back and forth against each other, knowing that they might get caught made this encounter even more heated. Speaking of heating up, Ino's dripping hot pussy grabbed Naruto's hard rod and pushed it further inside her as she felt another orgasm coming soon.

"Yes, this is so good, more, deeper, harder, please!" Ino begged Naruto.

Naruto held Ino in tight to him and pushed his hard rod inside her more roughly now. Her wet center drew him in, sucking his hard cock inside of her. The two squeezed against each other, their lips entangled with each other. Naruto didn't know what was more insane, the fact he and Ino had hooked up or the fact that someone could've walked in at any moment.

He pushed deeper inside Ino, spreading out her warm thighs. Their hips began to crash against each other as the thrusts sped up. Naruto groaned when feeling the vigorous squeeze of Ino's pussy.

"You're so insatiable, you know that."

"Yep, but that's why you like it."

Ino squeezed him hard with her hips and rocked back against the bed. So many times, Ino came, and she couldn't get enough. She needed more, wanted more, and would get more. Naruto filled and expanded her so many times it was like a drug. He was her drug, and Ino was thinking of getting a fix regularly. Naruto could feel a jolt inside for a second and almost had his heart jump. He gripped Ino as hard as possible to hold onto them. He had unknowingly entered Sage Mode and was feeling the raw passion inside Ino.

This abundance of nature resonating only increased Ino's desires as her nails gripped into his skin

"Keep going! Don't stop!"

Ino leaned towards him and bit down on Naruto's ear lobe, giving it a playful lick. Her hands ran down his muscular back and she encouraged him to bury himself inside her permanently. Naruto thought Ino would be the death of him. What a death it would be though, he thought. Her tight wet walls closed around Naruto and engulfed him. Her hot, wet cunt squeezed him with multiple thrusts working her into submission.

"Yeah, right there, please!" Ino begged him. "My pussy loves you….it loves you so bad." The words made him fuck her with even more motivation. His balls slapped against Ino and he pulled out of her. He did it a couple more times before slowing down at least for a moment.

Ino could feel her lust burning for him, the need to be filled with Naruto. He kept on going, keep on scratching those itches. And he continued to fulfill her burning lust. Naruto could feel himself reaching the edge. And he knew Ino could feel him. Her inner walls contracted around him, threatening to trap his dick inside her forever.

He pushed deeper inside Ino with a few long thrusts. Her hands gripped his hair as her eyes started to roll up. It would be going out with a bang, but she would like to keep Naruto around for various reasons. The force of Naruto's orgasm came full force and splattered inside of Ino. Ino worked her hips up and down of Naruto's tool to milk his orgasm all the way until completion.

Oh God, Ino was moaning loudly in the roam not forming coherent words as she felt herself being filled up. She was scared that she might even become pregnant after this.

Naruto closed his eyes and the tight constriction of her inner thigh muscles milking Naruto down to the very last drop made him feel so good. Their shared orgasm latest a long time and they wished it could last longer when holding each other through shared release. The two of them rested for a minute.

"That was amazing," Ino said after a few minutes. She grabbed his face. "Why the fuck didn't you say you were this good before?"

"Well," he scratched his cheek a bit. "To be fair, you never showed any interest."

"…Okay, yeah." Ino looked away, blushing a bit now. Stupid Naruto making sense. She looked at him again. "But now I guess things will be different."

"Different how?" Naruto asked and he saw Ino, naked in all her glory, get on top of him. She had a smirk on her face.

"You, Naruto Uzumaki, are going to fuck me on a regular basis now."

"Wait," Naruto got up, meeting her face to face, "like a boyfriend?"

Ino looked at him. She sighed and thought clearly to herself. "Yes."

"You sure?"

"Yes," Ino was sure. She wanted to see how this would go through. There was nothing wrong with trying. "Now," she gripped her fingers around his cock. "Are you ready for round three?"

"Yes, ma'am!" Naruto pushed her down on the bed and started it all over again.

"Honestly, those two." Sakura said with a twitching eyebrow. She knew full well what was going on behind the closed doors and felt a bit jealous. One because they were probably having amazing sex. Two, Naruto was having sex with Ino. The boy who used to crush on her badly was having sex with her greatest rival. The world was cruel.

"Calm down, ugly," Sai, ever the blunt tool, "I am happy to see that dickless is not dickless after all."

"Aren't you pissed he's with Ino?" Sakura asked, hoping to get some sympathy.

"Why would I be?" Sai shrugged. "I'm not with Yamanaka and she's made no more attempts to show she's interested in me."

"I hate you, Sai," Sakura walked away, hoping to get some sleep. If those damn blondes would just calm down a bit!

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