An alternate ending: Star Wars The Mandalorian, Season 2 Chapter 16

by Gun Roswell

The Mandalorian, a proud warrior and former bounty hunter, Din Djarin, remained standing with tear soaked eyes as if pinned to the very spot he was occupying, unable to move a single muscle. He could only watch helplessly as Luke Skywalker, the Jedi he had sought for so hard and for so long to train this, Child of wonder he had hunted down and then rescued again, was now carrying the one he called his son, Grogu, away from the bridge and away from his very life. Din had been to hell and back to get his adoptive son back only to loose him once again. As he stood there, watching the one person he cared for more than life itself, at this very moment slowly but surely walking away from him.

And then, a split second decision was made in his mind. It was as clear as day now, like an epiphany of sorts and then without any kind of hesitation, he finally spoke the words he had held back. Because he had been only concerned what was best for Grogu, not himself. No, the Child came first like it always had before and now too. This was the way after all. But today, that too would change.

"Please," The voice was coarse and low as Din had tried to push back the tears threatening to fall more freely now without much success, "wait!" The ending of the plead sounded a little louder.

Luke hearing the words and as if knowing the meaning of them, stopped in his tracks and then slowly turned towards the Mandalorian still standing in his place. If he was surprised of this sudden break in the silent and sad moment and that the would be father had one more request before allowing the two of them to leave, then there was no trace or even one single hint of it shown on his face. But Grogu looked back at his father, wide eyed, ears up and listening in to anything and everything with so much expectance on his face. A soft garbled sound in form a question leaving his tiny mouth only as he glared at Din.

Din looked back at the one he had grown so fond of over the, well guess it really had been a mission at that or then it had been so much more he had ever imagined or expected. Knowing that Grogu was the one he had envisioned to be with and raise him as his own and to travel the galaxy with after having been reunited. Even if his task to bring him to a Jedi had pointed to another direction both their lives would take. Still, the conflict of it all had always been there, deep within. After all, he had already done so much, changed so much of himself for this, little one, the Child, his son, Grogu. And no matter of the creed he had sworn into, no matter of the others around him and the ever on going causes, this time, he would make the right choice both for himself and for his son.

As if gaining a new sense of self Din regained his stance, seemingly taller, prouder even he then said out loud the simple truth which wasn't a request or was it a question either, rather a solemn statement of the fact.

"Wherever he goes, I go."

The look on Lukes' face gave nothing away as per usual. It was almost as if he had expected the Mandalorian himself to step in and wanting to be part of his sons life no matter where it led him or them. Grogu, realising the implication of what Din had just said, made his face turn into a smile followed by adoring babbling sounds coming out of this mouth reminiscent of a giggle. Din was smiling too as his face was still void of the ever present Mandalorian helmet and in that one moment the whole world changed for both father and son.

Din grabbed the Darksaber from the console desk he had left it on, forgotten for a moment in the fuss after he had had more important things to do. Such as taking care of Grogu, protecting him from any kind of harm. Picking it up, he took one glance at the larger than life weapon and without a second thought, he walked the few steps to Bo-Katan who still stood in her place, clearly stunned of what had just expired like the rest of the team appeared to be.

Offering the Darksaber to her Din simply stated to the shocked leader. "Here, take it, it is yours. I don't want it nor do I care for it or any of what it entails." He was still holding the weapon on the palm of his hand as Bo-Katan made no effort to take it from him.

Trying again to better explain his decision to the stubborn woman who did not budge, Din simply added. "The only thing that matters from now on end to me, is my son." Din then shoved the Darksaber into Bo-Katans' hand and without any further comments on the matter or any other matter, he turned and started walking away, from this new team and all those people he had gotten to know and who had helped him to reunite with his son.

Din quickly, almost hurriedly, took the last few steps to where Luke and Grogu were still waiting for him to finish what he needed to do. As he reached them Din took Grogu away from Luke, into his own arms, holding Grogu so the two of them were face to face, father and son, reunited, a bonding moment for the two of them once again. And this time, Din would not let anything or anyone tear them apart ever again.

Luke Skywalker and R2D2 followed by Grogu and Din, made their way out from the bridge and into the elevator as the rest of the team looked on in silence none of them questioning the decision made. And as the doors were slowly closing, so too was this chapter of their lives coming to an end. But, with a new and exiting, albeit unknown future awaiting for the father and son duo. Whatever would be thrown their way, it was something which they would be facing, together.

To be continued in the Mandalorian, Jedi Academy