Title:Thoughts & Cigarettes

Author:Sami or Zgirl714

Summary: Jeramie thinks about his friends, Rindy, and high school. Notes:This is a fanfiction for the Christopher Pike book Last Act

Disclaimer:I don't own the characters but Christopher Pike does. I'm not making money for this in anyway.

"All the world's a stage, and all the men and women merely players. They have their exits and their entrances; And one man in his time plays many parts" William Shakespeare, As You Like It (Act II, Scene VII).

Jeramie was sitting on the porch of his house. Whipping out a cheap green lighter. He lit a cigarette and inhaled deeply. Shoving his lighter back into his pocket, he began to think. He never used to smoke but after high school ended, things changed. He stopped having an audience. Having an audience makes you act and with almost all of Careville as the audience, it's not a performance you can just let die. Jeramie is an actor and the high school was his stage. Now that the world wasn't a stage everyone could care less about his antics when others were doing things more outrageous. Exhaling he thought of his beautiful Rindy, Dead Rindy, Bloody Rindy, Haunting Rindy, they were all his. Happy girlfriend Rindy, now she was Clyde's and will always be Clyde's. He liked Clyde; you couldn't dislike Clyde. He should be a politician and probably will be. He could tell America that he was going to jack taxes up more than 50% percent and we would all still be smiling and saying, 'what a guy' and 'we're with you all the way.' He was that damn likeable. You couldn't picture him doing anything bad and it made him impossible to hate. Trust me I've tried; even though he had the one thing in the world I wanted I still couldn't hate him. Inhale; thinking about Clyde makes me jittery. Melanie, great actress and smart chick. Figured me out, about the mirror and the tapes. She's not with Marc any more, which makes Marc an idiot. He fell for some waitress from Lubbock,Texas in Alaska, Don't ask me how that all came about. Melanie's fine, that girl can bounce back from anything and now stars in a one of them cult TV shows, the ones that don't make much money but the stars are guaranteed convention gigs for the rest of there life. Susan, my best friend and if she wasn't my friend the chick I would hate most. She's still in jail and Melanie oddly enough visits her. I just write her naughty letters and accuse her of having bitches in the big house. She writes back that, 'I'm a big flaming homosexual and that I'm with every guy in my theatre troop.' I miss her, Exhale. Jeramie sat up and brushed the dust off his butt and then walked inside. P