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Adrian wandered from place to place, store to store, deep in the heart of Gotham. She remembered so long ago that it was much nicer, even with the Joker, Penguin, Two-face and the others. But now, there were more enemies, with better weapons, and as such, Batman had to have better weapons, and he must be smarter than before. Speaking of, a police car raced by her side, and she held her black cloak closer around her, even as the hood fell down. Looking up she caught the new and improved Batmobile zoom above her head, and she smiled. It was also very long ago that she stole a kiss from the infamous Batman, catching him by surprise and leaving with a satisfied cat smile.

Cat smile, her mind repeated. It was so funny, now that she thought about it. She remembered following after Catwoman a few times, hoping to talk with her and find out just how she became such a cool villain. Sighing, Adrian flipped the hood back up, hiding her white hair and spooky green eyes.

Cats have nine lives, or so they say, she thought, continuing her trek. Next to her, inside a building, raised voices argued over how to raise a child and what to do with diapers and so on. So many parts of this town were going to Hell, and Batman was already chasing the big, bad villains that challenged his power. Nine lives aren't a good thing, she reminded herself. Unless you know exactly what to do with them. She smiled.

It was a quote she took directly from Catwoman, after having caught her. She taught her a lot, mostly soundless moving and the agility a cat has. But that's all Catwoman was. A domesticated cat. Adrian, however, was something completely different.

But she couldn't dwell on these things. She had to plan out her entire life all over again, and that began with high school. After all, she had the body of a teenager, or would again, in just another year. And then she could live her life exactly the way she wanted from the very beginning, becoming a person who would help the people who needed it here, in these run-down places where criminal activity ruled all. Soon, very soon, she would be better than Catwoman, or Batman, or even Superman.

It was futile to wish to be everywhere at once, but she could try, and she could be here for a very long time. After all, cats had nine lives, so the more the cats you have, the more the eternities you have. And she had a lot of cats. On one point, this is exactly what she wanted. To be just like a cat. On another, this is nothing like what she wanted. What was that thing Spiderman said to her a long time ago, when she managed to steal a kiss from him as well? With great power comes great responsibility.

In that case, she wished she never had the great power.