Chapter 6:

Adrian blinked and couldn't help but stare at Max, who was standing slightly tilted, arms crossed, across from Adrian. At length she said, "I can't believe you figured it out so fast."

"Were you expecting to never hear a word about it?" Max returned, smiling.

Adrian shook her head and stood up. "Not really. But still, so fast. . ."

"I know. But Adrian. . ." Max moved to sit down. "As long as we're sharing, I have secrets too."

"Like what?" Adrian asked, going over to the kitchen and getting two glasses of water.

"You like helping Batman, don't you?" Max asked as Adrian returned the glasses and handed one to Max.

"Yeah, I do." Adrian sat down beside Max and stared off at the wall. "I can tell he's different from the one who lived and fought fifty years ago. . . but I what I don't know, is whether or not that Batman is still alive."

"And what would you do if you knew?"

Adrian looked over at Max and sighed. "I need some detective work."

Max leaned back a little and took a drink, then set the glass aside. "Why do you need detective work?"

"You don't know yet?" At Max's inquisitive look, Adrian looked down at her feet. "I know some people are heroes because they choose to be, and go beyond their limits. I know some are aliens. I know some have been changed for various reasons, and some were just born better."

". . . And?" Max prodded.

"I was a test subject." Having said it for the first time to another living being, Adrian sat up straight and went on. "I was one of the first people to be spliced. It had the strangest effect on me than any of the others, because at first, no changes happened at all. So they kept adding doses of various kinds of cats, getting more dramatic as they went along, and lastly picking an albino tiger, because of its rareness.

"And then later that night, all the DNA mixed, but refused to mix with my own blood. Now I have two kinds of blood in me, but the cats' is so much less, that it can't come fully out but for a few hours a night. Whether I want it to or not, it always comes out. . . And it's given me longer life. . . as well as. . ."

"What?" Max asked when Adrian stopped. "What is it?" She reached over and put her hand on Adrian's shoulder.

Adrian shook her head. "I died just a few months ago. And when I died, my entire body changed. . . and made me seventeen again. Seventeen, like I was when the splicing began. I can't change anything anymore, not my appearance, not my blood, not my future or past. . ."

Max could clearly hear at this point, the tears in Adrian's voice. "Why do you need detective work, though?" she asked, softly.

Adrian looked up at her, and while the tears were shining in her eyes, she refused to allow any to fall. She said, "I need to hunt down every man and woman who took part in that experiment, for two reasons. First, I need to kill the scientists behind it. And second, I need to kill the other monsters."

Max stared for a long moment before saying, "You mean, the people who were changed, like you? Even if they can help, too?"

"They can't help," Adrian said immediately. "Before I escaped, I checked computers. I'm the only subject to change this way, and the only one who can stay fully conscious. The rest are all in dreams, controlled by the ones who changed them."

Max looked away. "I think it's time to call Bruce."

At that, Adrian blinked. "Bruce?"

"Yes," Max said, standing up. "If you plead your case, he might try to help you out."

"Why?" Adrian asked, standing as well and facing Max.

"Because, Terry works for him. Friends pull strings, you know."

Adrian reached out with her inhuman speed and grabbed Max by the arms. "You can't tell anybody else," she growled out. "I can't be cured; not yet. I have things to do!"

Max stared at Adrian. "Fine. But call me when you finally decide you need more help than you're allowing yourself." She wrenched her arms out of Adrian's grip and crossed the room to the front door. Just before shutting it behind her, she added, "Oh yeah, and I know Batman. The new one and the old one."

Adrian's head snapped up and she watched the door close behind Max.

"The new one and the old one."

-- Later --

"Come on, Dana," Terry said, opening the front door to Wayne Manor.

Dana smiled. "I don't know you bothered bringing me all the way over here," she said as she entered. "Are you sure this is okay, Terry?"

"Of course it is," he whispered, his mouth near her ear. He shut the door and took her hand, leading her through the house to his destination.

"Right here," he said, finally stopping in a room with a big grandfather clock, a few sofas and a table, with bookshelves along the walls.

Dana paused to look around, then looked over at Terry. "What's the big deal about this room?"

"It's where we're meeting," an old voice said, as Bruce entered the room, leaning heavily on his cane.

Dana stuttered for a second before managing a polite greeting. Terry just smiled at her, then lifted a hand in hello at Bruce.

Instead of moving to sit down, Bruce went straight for the clock. Dana stared in confusion, then glanced up at Terry, who smiled back at her and gestured Bruce and the clock again.

And then Bruce pulled something that Dana couldn't see, and the clock moved aside. While that was surprising, she still didn't see what the big deal was about. Movable clock, huge mansion, secret passageways. Why was it of any importance at all?

Then Bruce entered the passageway and Terry pushed Dana to follow, saying, "This is what I wanted to show you, in here."

Dana looked at him oddly but shrugged it off and followed Bruce, Terry trailing behind her. A dog barked at the end of the stairs, and with every step she descended, she saw a little bit more of a shocking sight. It was a huge cave with various items placed everywhere. . . a huge computer. . . glass cases with. . .

". . .Batman's suits. . ." she managed, looking at them almost blankly. "That's. . . this is. . ." She looked over her shoulder at Terry once they reached the bottom.

Terry was patting the dog, and looked up at her after a moment. "This is Ace," he introduced.

Dana looked down at the dog. "O-oh. . ." She pet Ace a few times. "But, Terry. . ."

Terry pointed at the computer across the room, and Dana looked that way as Bruce sat in the chair. "Where do you think," Terry began, "Batman got all his gadgets and suits?"

She looked back at Terry. "Money. . . but. . ."

"And who in this town has enough money to fund all this?"

She turned and stared straight at Bruce. "Bruce Wayne. . . Wait, are you telling me. . ?"

"Bruce was the first Batman," Terry explained simply. "And I'm the new one."

Dana felt dizzy all at once and turned on her heel, both awed and angered by this new fact. So he was Batman, her Terry, doing the world a favor with nothing to ask in return, constantly risking his very life and shrugging it off afterwards, hiding his identity for the sake of everyone he knew and loved.

And she said, "So this is why you missed all those dates."

Terry grinned at her and scratched the back of his head. "Yeah, and I've been wanting to tell you for a long time now."

"Why now, though?" she asked, a little dumbfounded.

"You gave me something great," he said softly, pulling her to him. "I wanted to return the favor. Now you know everything about me."

All of a sudden she really, really wanted to kiss him. She stood on her toes and he leaned down to her in return, but their lips had barely touched when a beeping began at the computer. Though Dana didn't care a lick about it, it seemed to jog a nerve in Terry, because he snapped up his head.

"What is it?" he asked, with a tone to his voice Dana had never heard before.

"Looks like a few dozen Jokers broke into a prison," Bruce was saying, "and are releasing all the prisoners."

Terry looked frustrated and smiled regretfully at Dana. "I have to go to work now," he said simply and kissed her again. "No worries, though; I'll come back."

With that Dana found herself standing alone at the bottom of the stairs with a dog at her thigh, as Terry ran off to change and Bruce kept an eye on the break in-break out.

As Terry returned wearing the suit sans mask, he looked over the available scenes and was about halfway turned away when Bruce said, "And it looks like Felina was following them."

Terry looked up again. "Heh, good. Maybe now I can get a chance to talk to her without her running off."

"Hurry up; I'm putting the coordinates in the jet."

Terry nodded towards Bruce and headed for the jet, putting his mask on. As Dana watched, she couldn't tell if the slight tilt of Terry's head was him glancing at her, or making the mask fit right. With nothing else to do, she mindlessly walked over beside Bruce and looked at the computer screen, once the jet was out of sight.

There was only one she camera she didn't understand, and she pointed at it. "What's that one?"

"That one," Bruce explained, "is the camera in Terry's mask."

She stared. "That's what he's seeing?"

"Yes," Terry's voice said, clearly.

She barely stopped her scream, covering her mouth. "What. . ?"

"Transmitters," Bruce said. "I can hear what he says, and vice versa. I'm monitoring him at all times. You need to relax, Dana."

She sighed. "But. . . I mean. . ."

"Don't think I've never trained him," Bruce said sharply. "I wouldn't send a young man out to die."

"Are you kidding?" Terry snapped. "You nearly killed me by training me!"

Bruce chuckled. "And yet you're alive because of it."

Dana could hardly believe what she was hearing. "Do the two of you always argue like this?" she asked neither one.

"All the time," Terry answered. The view on the computer screen of his sight changed as he glanced around.

"What is it?" Bruce asked, suddenly nothing but business.

"I'm not picking up any sound, but I should be hearing all kinds of battle going on."

Dana's insides froze and she found herself shaking, and clumsily sat down on the floor and stared at the screen, silent.

"Do you see anything yet?" Bruce asked gruffly.

"Hold on," Terry's voice replied, and the view changed again as he looked around once more. The jet appeared to stop and he got out through the top. A strange sound reached Dana's ears from the speakers, but she couldn't find her voice enough to ask about it.

Bruce glanced over at her before returning his focus to the screen. "That was Terry activating his stealth. He'll be invisible for a while." He pushed a button on the computer and a whirr reached Dana's ears.

She looked behind her and noticed that a chair was wheeling her way. She stood up as it reached her and sat down gratefully. "Thanks," she managed quietly.

Bruce nodded but otherwise didn't acknowledge her. She watched Terry's screen as it zipped around, flying around while invisible, looking at everything as he did so. As he reached the prison, bodies were seen everywhere, both of prisoners and guards, with graffiti littering the walls.

The floor almost disappeared as Terry rose up, and attached himself to the ceiling as he looked around. Dana found herself holding her breath as she watched.

Then a very audible strangled yell was heard, and Terry went straight for it. He went through a huge gaping hole in a wall, to find Felina mostly tied up with a crowd of a good hundred prisoners and Jokers having fun slapping her around. From the looks of things, she got free more than once and caused a dent in their numbers each time, but this time they seem to have caught her.

Terry didn't waste a second in flying directly above her, visible now, and throwing a batarang to cut through the ropes binding her. She got up and swung mercilessly at the crowd, felling more than one person with each movement, as Terry through more batarangs and other items to capture and knock out as many as he could.

Felina jumped a good twenty feet above the crowd, more than a little bruised with open cuts sporadically littered over her body, and reached up. Terry took her hand and swung her towards the hole he flew through, then threw a few smoke bombs before following her.

Her running on all fours was keeping up with him no problem, and she leapt out a high window after clawing up the wall, which Terry shattered for her.

Bruce sat back and entwined his fingers together, watching as Terry and Felina got away from the horde. He said, "Don't bring her back here. Treat her wounds as best you can where you are."

"Oh, that'll be a piece of cake," Terry replied sarcastically.

Felina turned in his view with a raised eyebrow. "What?"

"Just thinking about the second run," Terry lied swiftly.

"He keeps you a secret even as Batman?" Dana asked.

"Of course," Bruce said, as Terry's screen showed him sitting down and telling Felina to sit as well. "If people knew that he speaks to me, they would find a way to trace it back here."

"Ohh," was all she could say. She couldn't help feeling more than a little jealous anger as she watched Terry dab at Felina's cuts and then put bandages on them. Meanwhile, Terry and Felina were making small talk, which didn't help Dana's anger at all.

"I thought you couldn't get caught," he stated.

"Yeah, and?" Felina returned hotly. He dabbed a cut a little too hard, half on purpose, and Felina's tail swelled up.

He noticed it and did a double-take. "Did your tail just. . ?"

"Yes," she hissed.

"I didn't even notice you had a tail," he went on and put a bandage on her leg.

"Good to know there's one man who doesn't stare at my backside," she returned harshly.

He looked sideways at her. "What is with you all of a sudden? I don't remember you being this mean before."

"Times change; just leave it at frustration," she said, turning her head away.

He dropped her leg and stood up. "Fine, you can take care of yourself then."

She stood up and walked away from him. Terry watched her go for about ten seconds before Bruce said, "Bring her back here. I want to talk to her."

"Are you kidding?" Terry hissed quietly. "She'd claw me to bits!"

"Reason with her," Bruce prodded.

Terry groaned. "Fine, fine. But if I come back with claw marks. . . you're getting it."

A few minutes and arguing later, and Felina was crammed into the bat jet along with Terry, though she fit magnificently better than Max had fit before. The feline agility had to help with that. And when they made it back and got out, Dana practically jumped into Terry's arms.

And Felina stared straight at them. She said, "I knew you smelled familiar!"

All three looked at her, but Terry didn't take off his mask. Right as Felina opened her mouth to say something else, Ace growled at her and then started barking. Felina hissed in return and darted around the room, Ace chasing after her as Bruce tried to get Ace to heel the entire time. Finally Bruce hit a button on the computer and a mechanical arm snaked out from the floor, grabbed Felina, and held her high above them.

She hissed again, crossed her arms, and pouted.

"Now," Bruce said, sitting down as Ace returned to his side, "Who and what are you?"

She rolled her eyes. "Like you can't tell by looking at me?"

"Answer the questions," Bruce said firmly. "If you do, I'll let you down."

She sighed. "My name is Felina and I'm a catwoman."

"Any relation to Selina Kyle?"

"Met her once, that was it," Felina answered irritably. "I really think we need to get back to that break out and round them all up."

"Getting ahead of yourself there," Terry said, leading himself and Dana back over to Bruce.

"She has a bad attitude," Dana whispered to Terry.

"Yeah, I noticed," Terry whispered back.

"I heard that," Felina snarled at them. "Get let me down!"

At that, Bruce pressed the button again and the arm released her and retracted. Felina yelped and freefell for a second, then took a perfect landing on all four. She stood up and planted her hands on her hips.

She said, "Let's get one thing straight. She may need your help, but I don't."

Dana shook her head slightly. "I never said I needed help."

"Not you," Felina snapped. "The other 'me'."

"You have a split personality?" Terry asked.

"In a sense," she replied. "If you count the fact that we're two in one. Our bodies change when the other one takes over."

Terry glanced at Bruce, more than a little confused, as Dana openly stared at Felina.

Bruce said, "How is it that you are how you are?"

"Early splicing experiments. About fifty years ago, I forget the exact year."

"And you are now. . ?"

"Two in one," Felina replied harshly. "Two bodies in one. Two minds in one. She came first."

Right about then, a beeping sounded and Bruce turned around in his chair and looked through a camera. "Max is here."

"Max is part of this?" Dana asked, giving Terry a hard look.

Terry grinned sheepishly. "She found out on her own."

"Terry, Max, Dana," Felina said. "I told you I recognized your scent."

Terry stared at Felina a moment. Then he said, "That makes you Adrian, doesn't it?"

"Adrian?" Dana snapped. She looked sharply at Felina. "You're Adrian?"

"She is the other me," Felina said reluctantly. "She was first. I was second."

Dana looked over at the cameras again, watching as Max passed one camera after another, coming towards the room which led to this cave. "Does Max know about this?"

"She is a sleuth," Felina told her. "She learned of Adrian and I on her own."

"See?" Terry said, gesturing at Felina. "Max just figures this stuff out on her own."

"Wait for Max," Bruce said, leaning back in his chair.

They waited then as Bruce had ordered, Felina taking a seat on the operating table-slash-work bench in the room, always close by. Once Max had joined the party, the night started up again.

Felina began it with, "What are we going to do about that prison?"

"Formulate a plan," Bruce told her, irritably. "With small numbers, we can't go in by ourselves."

"Contact the Justice League?" Terry suggested, having finally pulled his mask off for the time being.

"We don't have enough time to round them up," Bruce said, shaking his head. "We need to think of something quick and get in there."

"Flurry," Felina said. As everyone looked at her, she explained, "One attack after another, never giving them a chance to retaliate."

"Possible," was all Bruce said then.

Max nodded, though. "If you sent in both Terry and Felina at specific times, and programmed the bat jet to move around and let off attacks in specific places. . ."

"Maybe, but they would still need help," Bruce told her.

"Why can't Max and I help?" Dana asked.

"Neither of you are prepared for fighting Jokerz," he replied.

"Get some police to come by," Max suggested.

"Terry," Felina said suddenly, "you saw all those fallen Jokerz in there, didn't you?"

He nodded. "Why bring that up?"

"I'm revitalized from sitting here. I took down all those while tired from my run all the way there. How much damage do you think I could do at my limit?"

"A lot," Terry acknowledged. "But do you really think the both of us, working together could take down all of them?"

"Won't know for sure until we try," she said, standing, "but I'd give it about ninety percent."

Terry shook his head, but Max nodded. "It would work."

Bruce rubbed his forehead. "Alright. I'll contact the police and work out a plan with the commissioner. You two get going."

Felina hissed, grinning, as Terry got up and put his mask back on. Dana grabbed his arm before he'd gotten a step, though.

She said, "You'd better be careful."

He smiled and kissed her. "No problem."

"Aww, you two are cute," Max added.

"We don't need your two cents," Dana threw at Max.

Terry laughed softly and pulled his arm from Dana's. "We have to hurry, so bye for now."

Dana managed a smile and nodded, but as soon as Terry and Felina were gone, she sat on the floor and stared at her knees.

Max worked on comforting her for about a minute, before Bruce finished talking with Barbara and turned in his chair. "Now, the two of you. . ."

They both looked up.

-- Prison --

As Terry fought alongside Felina, he found that she hadn't been kidding when she described her strengths. She was kicking ass almost faster than he could see. Every time he managed to glance at her, she'd taken down another two Jokerz. He was doing just as well, really, with the aid of the Batjet flying around and shooting down inmates every ten seconds or so.

Their numbers, despite being overwhelming, were cut in half with five minutes, but in five minutes, Terry's muscles were starting to feel the strain. Most of his battles were won or lost within three, really. And in the event they lasted longer, that 'longer' usually involved some sort of break where the villain chatted on about their scheme.

As he glanced at Felina again, he noticed that she was slowing down, too. About another minute passed and he was struck, having missed the arm coming at him. Considering he didn't hear a scream in his earphone, Dana hadn't been watching. Which was good, really.

Then he heard a clear yelp and Felina landed on top of him. This was taking too much time. He had to round them up, and soon. It had taken fifteen minutes just to fly over here, and another five to scout everything out before beginning the fight.

He got up after Felina did, once more surrounded on all sides by Jokerz who were just aching to hurt them. The 'flurry' idea was working for a while, at least.


Great, the police.

But when Terry glanced up, he saw these weren't run-of-the-mill rent-a-cops. These were full out SWAT members. Laserguns, stun bombs, shields, body armor, the whole bit. Nice work, there, Bruce.

Terry grabbed ahold of Felina and flew up, clinging to the ceiling with claws and magnets, as Felina held half to him and have to the ceiling. Cops threw stun bombs as soon as they were out of the way, and Jokerz began falling left and right as they scrambled over themselves to get out of the way.

Then retaliation began, and even with all the cops, Batman, and Felina, they were losing pretty bad after another ten minutes. Terry's entire body was aching by the time he got away from the group and managed to cling to the rafters, which is where Felina had retreated to just a few seconds before. Not as many of the police were so lucky, most of them knocked out, bruised, some even bleeding and broken.

"You getting this?" he said heavily, catching his breath. When he heard no response, he tapped his ear and added, "Bruce, you getting this?"

Not getting a response, he found himself worried, tired, bruised, and facing near-impossible odds. Beneath him, the rafter beam exploded and he jumped back, but didn't make it too far. A chain whipped around his ankle, wrapped tightly, and then he was being pulled down.

"Shit!" he cursed, swiping at the chains with one set of claws, and not doing much damage. He was yanked harder, and then he was being wrapped in chains from every direction. His feet were knocked from under him, and then Felina was once more dropped on top of him, also wrapped in chains, even her tail. She hissed at everyone around them, then snarled.

One of the Jokerz stepped closer and laughed. "A cat and a bat. What should we do with them?"

An inmate stepped forward and cracked his knuckles. "It was the cat who put me here. I'd like a few shots at her."

"Leave some for me," another one chuckled. "She didn't put me here, but there's a little something I'd like to do with her."

Most of the men oooh'd and cheered, adding lude comments about what they would like to do with her. And Felina snarled again, then roared, making quite a few jump and glance around as though they were trying to spot a tiger. She writhed on his stomach as he worked on getting his hands free, her chains loosening slightly as they began migrating lower.

"Hold up, hold up!" one of the inmates snapped, a huge brute of a man. He grabbed Felina by the chains on her back and hoisted her up. "This little patch of fur is going to me first," he drawled.

Felina roared again and writhed more, sharply this time, managing a kick to the man's jaw. Hardly fazed by the hit, he threw her down on top of Terry, both of them grunting from the collision.

"Dammit, if you've got any plans, now would be the time," he growled out, half to Felina and half to the missing-in-action Bruce.

Not a response from anyone this time. He could have growled, but found he couldn't make a sound when the burly inmate from earlier stomped heavily on his chest. He gasped painfully out of reflex, as everyone around laughed at them. Felina wriggled out of her chains as they were distracted and clawed at the burly man, her nails making ribbons of his face and sending him reeling back, holding his face and shrieking.

She reached for Terry but never managed a grasp, because at that moment, two things happened. First, a Joker swung a long metal bar at her back. And second, a woman in black came flying into the prison, riding on the Batjet. It sent out electrified nets in every direction, catching many Jokerz and sending the rest running back.

Felina clawed right through Terry's chains and helped him up. He flew up to the Batjet and inside as Felina leapt up and grasped hands with the female on the hood, and the moment he grabbed the jet's handles, it sped off. For a moment Terry wondered what would happen to the rest of the police who were still at the mercy of the inmates and Jokerz, but as he looked in a screen that showed behind him, he saw quite a few heroes from the Justice League begin rounding up everyone and get the officers out of there.

He leaned back in the seat and pulled up a screen that showed the hood, as the woman in black and Felina moved back, taking up surfing positions. They would be fine there, so he let the Batjet return the cave. He had a few questions for Bruce about the disappearance.

Once there, he stalked right over to Bruce, forgetting momentarily about the woman in black. "Where were you?" he snapped.

"Getting her," Bruce replied, nodding behind him.

Terry turned around and took another look at the woman. As he looked carefully, he noticed that not only was she in black, but she had a bat symbol on her chest – but it was dark blue. Feeling oddly cold at seeing that, and exactly how much like his own outfit hers was, he turned back to Bruce.

"Who is she?" he said, carefully.

"Dana," Bruce said softly.

"You let her out there?" Terry exploded. "What is wrong with you?"

"Terry," Dana said, catching his arm and pulling the mask off. "It's not like he had to force me –"

"It was way too dangerous!" Terry swept on. "You could have gotten hurt, or worse!"

"We had a plan, Terry," Dana snapped. "And it was just a one-time thing. You're too uptight."

"Upt – uptight?" he choked out, pulling his mask off. "Plan or not, you could have gotten hurt! I won't let you just wander out there whenever you want and. . ." He shook his head.

"Are you done now?" Dana asked, impatiently.

He glared at Bruce, who said, "The plan was to wait for the Justice League to reply and come to help. She was to help you and Felina get out of there. Nothing else." He stood up with some difficulty and added, "And this is the last time she will wear that suit."

Terry took a deep breath and sighed it out. "Fine, but don't ever do something that dangerous again."

Dana rolled her eyes. "Like you took a desk job."

He stuttered for a second, then snapped, "I've never gotten that badly hurt!"

"And you never will, I suppose," she replied, not looking at him.

This was going to be a problem, he just knew it. So he let it drop for now, looking over at Felina, and finding that Max was still here and talking to her. He went over to them and grabbed Max by the arm.

She jumped, then smiled sheepishly at him. "Hi, Terry?"

"Did you help Bruce at all with getting that costume ready?" he demanded.

"A little bit?" Max tried.

Terry grumbled and let go of Max. "How much did you help?"

"Just getting it right for Dana. It took like ten minutes."

"It was way schway," Dana threw in.

Terry had a reply on the tip of his tongue when Felina broke in, hunching over and holding her stomach.

She cursed. "I've been out too long, I have to get back."

"Get back to your apartment?" Bruce asked, coming over.

She nodded, then fell to her knees. Max knelt and put an arm around her, saying, "Are you okay?"

"Peachy," Felina snapped. "Don't worry, it happens twice every day." She broke off on a groan, slumping over until her forehead hit the ground.

Then her fur began rippling and Max jumped back, letting go. Everyone present stared in fascination, even Ace. She panted heavily on the floor, and her began growing out more, but the hair that grew out was white. And as it grew, her tail retracted, her fur thinned and changed colors, spots and stripes fading until she was pale-skinned. The red hair fell off where the white hair began, and finally she stopped shuddering and merely sat.

Max said, tentatively, "Adrian?"

She lifted her head and instantly Terry recognized her as Adrian, down to the eyeshadow – or what he once thought was eyeshadow. She said, "Ow."

Max half-smiled. "Back to yourself?"

"Doing fine, never better," Adrian groaned as she stood up. Then she glanced around in total surprise, spotted Terry and Dana, and yelped. "You're Batman?" she said in disbelief.

Terry glanced at Dana, who shrugged. Then Bruce said, "You don't remember what you experience as Felina?"

She shook her head. "Not a second of it – ow!" She grabbed her arm, then stared at the dark bruise. "And usually wounds heal entirely when we change back and forth. What was she doing all night?"

"Fighting Jokerz who broke into a prison and freed all the inmates," Terry said nonchalantly.

Adrian stared at him for a long moment, then looked over at Bruce, long and hard. Finally, she announced, "You were the first Batman. Man, what a scent," she added quietly, and scratched her nose.

Terry snickered reflexively, then cleared his throat and patted his chest innocently. Bruce glared at him, but Terry just snickered again, and beside him, Dana giggled quietly as well.

"Oh, you two have it all wrong," Adrian stated. "Batman's always had a very unique scent – and you're no exception, Terry," she sneered.

He didn't know what to say anymore, but Bruce chuckled lightly and moved to sit on the nearest stool. Dana asked, "Is that unique scent. . . good, at all?"

"Always has been, probably always will be," Adrian replied easily, scratching at the bruise on her arm. "Every superhero I've smelled has been a unique scent. I think it has something to do with strength, smarts, and resolve."

"Wait, resolve can change scents?" Terry asked in disbelief.

"Must be. Every person with a weak will has a weak scent. As willpower increases, so do their scents." She looked around. "I have to get back home and sleep."

Terry looked over at Bruce, who shrugged and gestured the stairs. Terry looked back over at Adrian and said, "Looks like I'm driving everyone home."

:End Chapter:

By doing some research, I've learned quite a bit about Batman Beyond. Check out and search for Batman Beyond to learn about it. For instance, Barabara actually takes in another Batgirl, which cancels out any Batgirls any of you might take an interest in. And Batwoman is off the list of available names, too; there's been quite a few of them.

Wikipedia is the perfect place to go for info, really. You learn so much there. I may bring back Dana and her outfit, but with modifications and a new name. Also, as it turns out, if any of you cancel out Dana and give Terry and new girlfriend. . . you break the entire storyline, because in the future, Terry and Dana actually get married.

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