This Land

It's a cruel, challenging, dangerous and tough place. If you turn your back at the wrong moment, it kills you. One wrong decision, one bad move can cause a chain reaction making your life a living catastrophe. It's truly where the quickest, smartest, strongest or largest survive. It's also host to several thousand forms and species of life. From the endless green bush sticking out the hard brown earth along with other flora and fauna, to the almighty Baobab trees towering over the lands. From the tiny helpless African wild pups poking their heads out from their burrow to the lions patrolling and wildebeests that sweep across the land. Which also makes this one of the most beautiful and diverse places in the world. This is the wilds of Africa.

Imagine yourself a buzzard, flying high above and looking down below for your next scrap of meat. You watch the land go by throughout the day. You like to keep track of the lions, after all they are king of predators and one of the main reasons of your food. Scraps of meat.

You see a lioness with an abnormal swaying with her walk, falling behind the group. She is carrying cubs inside her, ready to give new life to the land. You watch as she is unknowingly being stalked by a rouge male lion, he jumps and pounces towards her with his claws bared, you assume her fate.

In other instances you could see a lionesses in the very same situation of carrying life, but instead reaching and disappearing into the safety of her birth den as the other lions and lionesses lay elsewhere.

You track a little lost young lion cub wandering alone defenceless, soon being laid upon by a hyena, killing and soon eating it. You hope something gets left behind. Then yet you may see another lion cub another time again lost and alone, but being found and protected by one of its own, then being reunited by its mother.

Sometimes lions themselves are your food, you see one laying on ground, motionless and covered in scars, blood and battle wounds. This lion had lost a fight, and now its body is at the bottom of the food chain, ready for you to feast upon.

All these happenings has a story behind it, and all these happenings share one crucial thing., this is how nature works. However, something is being laid across this land. Its starting to live in fear.

Fear cannot be touched. It doesn't posses a body of its own, it cannot be physically seen or heard. It lives inside and controls you. It's a thing that can be spread, shared and absorbed. It's the most powerful weapon to wield for an animal that seeks that very same thing, more power. The only thing you need to do to bare it, is for the fear to be felt. You don't need to have a continuous presence over all the animals you want to control. As long as they fear you across this land, you are untouchable.

'Legacy' is that fear. A Lion of mass proportion. Nature giving him the gift of everything that makes a lion a king predator even more effective. His claws are twice as long as they are sharp, His jaws bare teeth that can sink deeper then any other of his kind. His mane twice as thick, giving twice the amount of protection on vulnerable areas such as his neck and chest. In his twisted mind, his extra gifts were given to him for a reason. Not only to be the dominant lion of his pride, but to make sure every other pride in these lands answer to him.

The more lions and lionesses tried to overthrow him and suffering a terrible fate, the more others feared him. Legacy's pride and influence spread across the land. If he came into your territory and you gave what he needed, be it food or a worthy lioness, then he would leave you alone. If you refused you would be an made example of.

Legacy took great pleasure in rounding up 'wanderers'. Lions or lionesses that had no pride, no territory, no future. He seen them as lowlifes with nothing to contribute. So he used a spy, his own son, for his twisted idea to cleanse this 'problem'.

His son had the opposite demeanor of his father, he looked extremely friendly yet could hold his ground. He had inherited partially the gift of his dad's claws. Legacy in his own dark mind did wonder if his son's claws would be the only ones ever to be able to kill him! His son would travel far across the lands, finding and gaining the trust of these wanderers by posing as one himself.

He would form a group of them over time and when there were enough they would by 'coincidence' come across a perfect place to live. Strong shelter, good vantage point and abundant water source nearby. This infact was his own personal den but to them was 'their home'.

He would make the promise of comfort and defence in numbers. When the time was right he would convince them he 'sighted' Legacy and they needed all to flee. Instead he led them on a long journey to a predetermined location to meet Legacy, whom would then give them an ultimatum, work for his pride and contribute or be killed.

Sukari to this day were a wanderer, along with a group of others and her long time partner Sheek. Unfortunately their fate 2 months prior almost sealed by the cunning of Legacy's son. Sheek lay defeated and motionless trying to protect them, giving enough of his life for them to escape Legacy's trap.

Sukari now without Sheek, Legacy's son now not in sight, she travelled with the only company she could trust, the group. She had the comfort of protection in numbers for herself and her unborn cub, but deep down she knew it could not last.

A lioness close to give birth has the instinct to be alone and far way from the others. If anything she should now be alone already for a good few days, but she was fighting hard to delay it. She was also concerned about many more instincts that could endanger her cub, not of her own but the instincts of others. She needed to make choices, she asked herself many questions about her past, present and her future.

She needed to search this land for the answer, knowing all too well this dangerous yet breathtaking place has every ability to fight back