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"Is it not just so pretty?"

He wasn't sure why those words of hers echoed in his mind as the cold rushed into him like an injection straight into his veins. Gotta keep going though. She was right there... if only 'there' wasn't so much farther away then he meant for it to be.

It had been a quiet evening, if not cold. It was unusual weather for Jumpe City. Sure, it was winter, but... the bay was freezing over. That rarely happened. Still, the weather man had stated that the overcast sky would be just that, overcast. Nothing more, nothing less. A continuation of the weather for the past week and a half. It was a phenomenon that made sure that the already fallen snow would only melt a tiny bit, then freeze again each night, over and over again, until it was more like blocks of ice than fluffy snow drifts. A harsh cold.

Pushing his shoulder blades back towards his spine, Robin stretched from his position over his desk. Time for a break probably... Getting up, he walked towards the main room where he expected to find the others. Inside, Cyborg was working on rewiring… something in the walls, while Beast Boy was busy flipping channels. Robin looked between the two before directing his inquiry to Cyborg.

"Where are the girls?"

Instead of Cyborg though, Beast Boy answered, "Raven's busy meditating in her room. Been at it for three hours."

Robin considered the length of time for a moment. He'd been at his desk for five... not that it was a competition, but it wasn't like it was anything to scoff at.

"Ignore 'im," Cyborg said, cutting a wire, "He's just mad 'cause she yelled at him for trying to get her come out after hour number two."

"It's not healthy!" Beast Boy yelled, not looking away from the screen, "I mean, I get she's got to meditate and clear her head and whatever, but... she can do it out here."

"You know she can't do that! You'll distract her one way or another," Cyborg told him.

Beast Boy's eyes narrowed and his pointed ears lowered slightly. He knew Cyborg was right. If she was outside, she'd say the TV he was watching was too loud and if he put it on mute with subtitles, he'd inevitably get bored, see her levitating alone and get some idea in his head that would prompt him to surprise her for the 'lolz'. But Robin also knew - he knew that Beast Boy was concerned about Raven, didn't like it when she shut herself off from everyone like she was some kind of disease. That's why he didn't think it was healthy. He shrugged it off though. Not much he could do about it if he was being honest with himself anyway.

"And Star?" He asked Cyborg, who appeared to be finishing up.

"On the roof," Cyborg told him, shutting the grate and standing up before walking over to the kitchen to wash his hands off from the dust and grime.

Robin said nothing and moved towards the door.

"You don't need any help, do you?" He called over his shoulder.

"Naw, I'm good, that was the last one," Cyborg called back.

"Alright, thanks, Cy!" Robin told him, exiting as if to go back to his room, though that wasn't really his destination.

Wandering the halls towards the rooftop entrance, his metal rimmed shoes echoed in the empty halls as he didn't bother to dull the impact. Finally, he made it to the door, climbed up the steps, and grabbed the doorknob at the top to reveal the roof of Titans Tower.

And there she was.

There was Starfire, sitting right on the ledge, looking out at the horizon, a blank expression on her face as the wind gently stroked her hair back and up with it every now and then.

It was his break. He could use it, spend it, with anyone.

But he couldn't deny the warmth he immediately felt upon seeing her there, nor could he deny that he knew the best way to spend his break time would be to spend it with her.

"Hey," He called to her, and Starfire turned to see him, when a bright warm smile came to her face.

"Friend Robin!" She said, smiling as he walked over to sit down next to her, "What brings you up here?"

"Cyborg said you were up here," He told her, "May I join you?"

"Ah, yes, please," She said, smiling and looking back over the horizon, though he noticed her usual cheeriness was somewhat diminished.

"You okay?" He asked.

"Hm?" She looked over at him, "Oh, yes, I am fine. The days, they have been peaceful... which is a fortune."

He listened, but eyed her closely, not completely convinced her heart was truly in her words. After all, while it was true that the lack of crime in the city was a reason to call the peace a 'fortune', it didn't necessarily correlate with her pronouncement that she was 'fine'. There was something missing in the statement for it to be true; it wasn't really how she spoke. Or rather, it wasn't how she spoke when she was being honest. Her voice just now had been in a monotone as she spoke, but when she truly believed something, her words always had fervor.

It was about sunset, but neither of them could really tell. The clouds stretched on for miles, enveloping the view in a coat of grey cotton stuffing which blocked out the sun. It had snowed again the other night when they were all asleep, so they hadn't had the chance to see it fall. But as a result, a fresh coat of snow had covered most of the island.

For the two of them, the only saving grace for keeping their rooftop perch relatively dry and free from the snow was the warmth from the tower's landing pads, which had kept any snow from piling up in their immediate vicinity. To be honest though, the landing pads might be 'slightly' warm, but that heat did not really extend much to the ledge where they sat. It only kept the snow at bay. He glanced over at his friend, looking at her brilliant green eyes, which had... no real light reflecting out from them. That's when it hit him.

"You know," He said, "You could go up to space without our permission to get a recharge if you want. I won't stop you."

Starfire looked back at him. How had he... but she smiled. Of course he'd notice. He was Robin. Her best friend.

"Oh, I know…" She said and this time, he heard more of that heart in her words, that honesty, "But I am fine. I have enough energy in me to last for months."

And it was in all likelihood true. She was plenty fine. Her alien physiology allowed her body to store the energy from any source of light, be it the sun or a small light bulb. She didn't need to be hit directly by the sun...

"But it's different, right?" Robin prodded, "It's more rejuvenating, isn't it? To get it directly from the sun?"

Surprised, Starfire blinked, before her smile widened and she warmly nodded back, "Yes... it is... it is very different... like being surrounded by a warm... like a... an invisible warmth of some kind. Like a blanket but note even that solid... "

"Like water?"

"No, I would not say… not even like air. It is difficult to explain, but most wonderful..." She said trailing off.

Robin nodded, bringing one of his knees up to his chin and resting on it. He had sensed that it was... something like that in the past, when he'd seen her wake up early and greet the day. She'd fly up into the sky and let the newly birthed sun bathe her in its light. She'd shut her eyes and smile, as though all over she was surrounded in a feeling of peace and warmth, a kind of safety... like she was right where she was meant to be.

He'd never say it outloud, he thought, but she looked like some kind of golden angel whenever she did that. An angel without wings.

But she didn't need wings.

She was perfect just the way she was.

But that's why she was up here. She was hoping there'd be a break in the clouds so that she could just take in an ounce of that feeling... even though they both knew that wasn't going to happen on a day like today as they sat there in the cold.

"Seriously. You can go up. Not like dinner is any time soon," He told her. With weather like this, it would be the only way for her to access the sun's rays...

Starfire smiled, but shook her head and scooted closer to him as a chill blew through the air, bringing goosebumps to them both, "No, it is fine..."

And that's when she placed her head on his shoulder. Scooting closer, that he knew was likely because of the cold, but this... she was tired. They were friends. That's all this was. All it could be... And yet the action completely threw him off. He shut his eyes to focus and bring himself back to their conversation. After a moment of getting himself together, Robin opened his eyes, which he rolled under the mask, not that she could tell.

"You're bad at lying," He said with a hint of amusement in his tone.

Starfire picked up her head and looked at him in surprise, "I am not the liar."

Robin looked back over at her as though suspicious of the statement, a sly grin on his face, but the fact that her face was so close to his threw him off again rather quickly and his mind became a bit... foggy... as he tried to argue with her, "Then what makes it... better for you to stay?"

He found his mouth drying as he attempted to call her bluff... which he was quickly realizing was astonishingly non-existent. Starfire shook her head, grabbed his hand and laced her fingers between his and once again scooted over and rested her head back on his shoulder.

"There are some things that elicit that feeling in a far more substantial measure than any star can provide," she said quietly.

In the moment that there was, Robin felt like he had somehow grasped the exact feeling that Starfire was referring to. The feeling of the little pumps of blood he felt through his fingertips and her own as they held one another's hand, the sensation of her hair weighing down his cape onto his back, and the realization that she had shut her eyes and completely trusted him with her safety, letting herself be fully reliant on him for protection... There was indeed a warmth to it and though not the origin of the feeling, he felt it grow in his chest. A connection that spread from his center and flushed his cheeks. This kind of feeling... as though he'd finally found exactly where he was meant to be...

But as he had moved to lean his cheek onto her head, he noticed something. A soft white flake of snow passing by him. Then another and another. Starfire lifted her head up from his shoulder to look as well as they watched as, despite the weather man's predictions, it began to snow. Starfire picked up a hand and held it out for the snow to fall onto. She beamed and her smile continued to perpetuate the feeling in his chest.

And despite the chill the snowflakes brought, her words warmed him, "Oh! Is it not just so pretty?"

Only she, in moments of drought for herself, could find beauty all around her. It was one of the reasons why... His own thoughts slowed to a halt and he smiled. But in an instant, the moment ended. A whooping sound of a massive helicopter like contraption escalating became apparent and then, there it was just below them. Glancing down over the edge, they both quickly leapt into a battle ready position upon catching sight of Gizmo, Jinx, and Mammoth of the HIVE flying up and just above Titans Tower's rooftops.

"Hey bird brain," Ginzo yelled, "Think we might be able to interrupt your break time?"

The peace in the city was apparently over. Leaping into action, Robin was unsurprised to find a portal open from the rooftop's flooring to allow the dark demoness join the fray immediately, nor the bang of the door opening from Cyborg or Beast Boy bursting through the air vents, transforming from a snake to an eagle shrieking in the air.

"Titans, Go!" He yelled.

And the fight began. He wasn't sure why the HIVE would be here now of all times. But that would be part of the goal, to get one of them to talk. While he and Cyborg dealt with the pipsqueek robotics genius, Raven took on Jinx to throw her curses right back at her, while Beast Boy and Starfire immediately aimed to rival Mammoth's massive strength with her strength and his tricks. As a result, he wasn't sure when it happened, when he heard it, but at some point, Mammoth's taunts reached his ears.

"Girls shouldn't try to match the big boys!"

The scene unfolded at breakneck speed, but for all he could tell, it was like time had slowed. Starfire turned and whipped around only to feel Mammoth bring his two fists together down right into her stomach, catching her off guard. She gasped, the impact paralyzing her for a moment and she rocketed down to the bay.

"Starfire!" He yelled.

But that didn't stop her from facing the full on impact of the ice, which cracked beneath her and she was sent straight into the now artic-like waters of the bay.

He dodged away from Gizmo's attack and Cyborg diverted the little short stack off and away from the Titans' leader. Robin eyed the waters below. She had entered with her hand glowing... so as long as that light remained, she was conscious and would surfa... the green light went out and a panic grasped and scratched at his stomach.

"Cyborg!" He yelled and Cyborg nodded.

"Go! Go!" His teammate yelled back.

He didn't need a telling twice. Diving off the rooftop, it felt like gravity wasn't doing its job fast enough. Faster, faster... He hated the fact that he'd have to slow his descent. Hated the fact that he was only human. Hated the fact that he seemed to slow even as time moved too fast.

Beneath the waves, Starfire could hear the ice crashing against itself above her. She could deal with the cold. The outer reaches of space were no match for her skin... but the double impact... and she was pretty sure due to the reeling feeling in her head that she had hit the icy glacier head first... And she was alone... Her eyes...

She tried to focus them, keep them open, as the water around her gracefully held her suspended into the depths of the old seaman's burial ground, as down, down, she floated. Her eyes opened briefly and she saw something above her. A person. Coming closer. Even in the dark, with little light around her... she recognized that shape, that figure... She felt the air bubbles escape her mouth as his name passed through her lips. With her last ounce of strength she reached out for him before losing all feeling...

"Ro... bin..."

Robin grabbed her hand, pulled her up and kicked, swimming up. He could feel his body going into shock, in spite of his suit's ability to deal with extreme temperatures. It didn't stop everything and the sudden exposure was less than ideal. He could only hope it wouldn't stop him. But he felt his lungs dealing terribly with the need for air... He felt water rush in through his nose.

And then he surfaced, holding Starfire's form close, pulling her above the water's waves. His hand shaking, he pulled out a birdarang and shot it towards the shore. It thankfully caught hold of one of the rocks near the coast and he retracted it, letting the taught cord reel them both in from the ocean's grasp. Making it to the shores' snow and ice covered turf as the white flakes continued to fall around them was both relieving, yet also... he knew, they weren't out of it yet. He glanced over to Starfire, who was limp... but then he noticed her chest moving up and down, slowly, but surely. It's all he needed before he felt himself pass out, the cold seeming to overwhelm him.

All was quiet for a few moments at the base of the tower below, when Starfire's eyes fluttered open. She looked up to see snow falling gently above her. What had... and then it hit her and she gasped, sitting up and looking over to see Robin next to her, "Robin? Robin!"

She quickly looked him over, bringing a hand to his face and noticing he was as cold as ice. She had to get him warm. Immediately, her hands began to glow as she lifted him up and held him in a hug as she intentionally allowed her own body to exert heat outwards. She hadn't been lying. The solar power running through her veins quickly warmed both herself and, to her relief, him, while the whole time, she felt herself restraining her capabilities so as to not warm him too quickly. That was no good either. But still, the entire process felt agonizingly slow, even if it was barely a few minutes…

And then she felt him shift a bit in her arms.

At the motion, she pulled back and leaned him back down onto the ground, bringing a hand to his face. His breath was slow... cold. She knew little about first aid for humans, at least compared to Tamaranians, but perhaps... Leaning over, she gave him mouth to mouth... Maybe the warm air would... Despite herself, the memory of when they first met came to her... when they had fought, when he had freed her, and when for the first time their lips had met and his felt so... nice... Just like now, where theirs just seemed to fit together so well... but his were cold.

And then she felt his chest heave. She moved back and he coughed hoarsely. He was awake though... And she was relieved.

"Robin? Robin?" She asked in a panic, her wet hair falling down around her as she looked down over him.

The leader of the Titans blinked and coughed a bit, before looking up and taking in his surroundings. Above him, he could see her and he could only think... she really was... a golden, red haired… sunkissed angel. All despite the fact that she was clearly drenched, clearly in a panic and worried. But... she was here. He was here... and an odd recollection, a sensation revisited him... of warm lips against his own. Ones which at the time, although he had been so completely confused and bewildered by the circumstances, still somehow had incited the thought from him that it...

It felt right, perfect… as though meant to be...

"Friend Robin, are you okay?" She asked him again, clear worry making her voice high and urgent with that same fervor that gave all her words the sincerity that was so natural to her.

As she leaned over him from above, Robin watched as the snow fell around her.

"Is it not just so pretty?"

"P.. pretty..." He said, as the cogs in his mind began to turn slowly once more.

"Pretty?" Starfire repeated, confused.

Robin felt the sensation of the cold returning to him, the feelings in his arms and legs returning, and suddenly he realized what he just said. He coughed again and turned to his side, and Starfire moved to give him space. He sat up and pulled his cape around him for warmth, even though it was soaked too.

"Pretty uh... good. I'm pretty good," He said, covering up for his momentary lapse of thought. Starfire watched him in surprise, before her eyes narrowed in a kind of annoyance.

"You are the liar," She said flatly, gently smacking his shoulder to get her point across, but there was a softness in her tone in which Robin could hear relief. He smiled at her and from above, they heard a yell and within seconds, twenty feet from them, Gizmo came crashing into the snow, along with Jinx and Mammoth not far behind. Cyborg flew down on a pedestal provided by Raven, while the other two flew down to the ground level, triumphant.

"Yeah, that's what you get for ruining my afternoon!" Cyborg yelled at the unconscious trio.

"Please, it's not like they can hear you," Raven said, shaking her head at the unnecessary yelling.

"Well, they did do one thing for us," Beast Boy said smugly.

"And what pray tell would that be?" Raven asked in deadpanned annoyance.

"They got you out of your room," Beast Boy said with a smile, earning himself a glare from the sorceress and a smack on the head from Cyborg.

"Yeah, at the cost of all my latest improvements to the Tower's exterior systems!" Cyborg yelled at him.

Raven rolled her eyes as the two boys bickered, before glancing over and floating towards the other two Titans, "Are you both okay? Do you need to go to the infirmary?"

Robin and Starfire's eyes met before both of them found themselves smiling in relief at one another as the snow continued to fall. Robin grabbed Starfire's hand and they shakily stood up together. Together... not even the snowfall it seemed, could douse the warmth that one another's company provided.

"Yeah," Robin said, slowly, looking back at their friend, "That might be a pretty good idea."


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