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"Logan, we need more Advil, not Tylenol." Storm laughed as she took the boxes from the black hared man.

"Whatever," he answered. "not much of a difference." The two continued to rifle through the boxes, Storm was laughing at Logan's complete stupidity on the matter of medicine.

"Maybe you should go pick up the drugs at the pharmacy." She said. "Their under the name Xavier." Logan nodded, putting back a couple of little boxes. How did he get stuck with Storm buying more supplies for the school? He didn't even work there.

He went up to the counter in the back of the store to get the prescription.

"May I help you?" The man asked.

"Yeah, I need an order for Xavier." Logan said. The man nodded and gave Logan a form to fill out. Then he went to the back room to get the medicine. Suddenly a blur shot past Logan, jumping over the counter and dodging a rack of medicine and vanishing. Logan growled and tensed, wondering what was going on. Suddenly he heard a yell from the back room.

Logan jumped over the counter and headed to the source of the yell. He turned a corner and saw the clerk pressed to a wall. In front of him was a teenager with long brown hair. She looked back and snarled at Logan, who was so surprised he took a step back. The teen looked at the shelf by her, grabbed a medicine container, and whipped around. Logan gasped. Out of both of the girl's knuckles were blades, three on each hand. They were around a foot long, identical to his own.

The girl hesitated one moment and then kicked Logan back into a rack of pills. She ran back the way she had come, leaping over Logan and the counter. Logan stumbled up and looked at the man, who had wet himself. Logan growled and chased after the girl.

'What the hell?' he thought. 'That girl has claws?' Suddenly he heard a crash up ahead. He turned a corner and saw the girl, still clutching the white bottle, sprawled on the floor. Storm was also on the floor, and a red slash ran across her arm and blood seeping out. Storm looked at the girl in shock, then started to get to her feet.

"Storm!" Logan bellowed. He shot his own claws out, and the girl saw them. Her eyes grew wide, but then she was back on her feet, running out of the store. Logan ran after her, pissed off. Outside he saw the teen run down the street, dodging cars and people as she ran. Storm caught up with him.

"You ok?" Logan asked. Storm nodded, she spotted the girl.

"We need to catch her." Storm replied. She and Logan ran after the girl. They approached a highway, where they saw the girl. She was in the middle of the eight lanes, standing on a strip of cement. The girl spotted them, and backed up slightly. Then she slipped and fell backwards. A large truck, full of logs, swerved, trying to avoid her. The girl cried out as the huge vehicle slowly tipped, and slowly fell. The logs came loose and fell on top of the girl below.

"Oh my god," Storm breathed. She and Logan raced across the road, dodging cars. Logan started to shift the logs from where he had last seen the girl. Storm helped, and after a couple minuets the saw a hand with claws laying, limp.


The girl opened her eyes and looked around. She was in a large white room, lying on a table. She turned her head and looked at a small table next to her. 'Needles?' she thought. Then her memory of what had happened came back. She sat up and looked down. She was in a small sleeveless shirt and the jeans she had been wearing when the truck fell on her.

She looked down at her claws, which were still out, which would always be out. Out in the open for people to see ad fear. If she hadn't been able to heal from all her wounds she would have been dead long ago, because people saw her claws and freaked. Or trucks would crush her.

She slipped off the table and looked around. Seeing nobody she crept towards what looked like a door. It was circular and had an X pattern on it. As she approached the door it opened. The teen jumped backwards is surprise. No one came through the door, so she walked forward and peered through it. A wide hall stretched in front of her, other doors like the one she was standing in here and there.

The girl stepped into the hall, and slowly walked a little further. Suddenly a door ahead opened, and a woman in a white lab coat and black pants stepped out. She had long white hair and a white bandage, partially red, was wrapped around her arm. 'The women I ran into at the market!' The girl thought. She froze, but then ran back into the room she had started in.

"Wait!" the woman called, running after her. The girl panicked, flinging herself behind the large table and hugging her knees to her.

Storm paused as she entered the room. The girl might be dangerous, she knew that and had a cut on her arm to remind her. It wasn't deep, an accident when the girl ran into her. Storm had also noted that the girl's claws, although identical to Logan's, would not shrink back into her hands the way Logan's did. Then she heard the teen muttering behind the table.

"Why? Why am I back in another lab? I'm sorry about the clerk, I didn't hurt him. And the woman to! Please, get me out of here!" the girl fell silent, and Storm walked up silently behind her.

"Hello," she said softly. The girl jumped and spun around, but lost her balance and fell on the table with the needles on it. Storm backed away slightly, hands in the air.

"I don't want to hurt you," she said, looking at the teen. The girl backed away, hit the wall, then scooted herself back into a corner. She crouched there, her claws pointed at Storm.

"Stay away from me!" she yelled. The last time she found herself in this position, her life had changed forever. It wasn't going to this time. The woman backed away.

"What is your name?" she asked. The teen stared at her. 'Last time they asked my mutant powers,' she thought. Then frowned. 'They must be using different tactics this time.'

Storm moved towards the frightened girl, who jumped backwards, forgetting the wall was right behind her she fell over. Storm felt a wave of pity for the girl, who clearly thought she was in danger. Storm backed away again, then bent over and picked up a few needles that had fallen near her feet. The girl tensed, but Storm only backed away and left the room.

"How did it go?" Logan asked. He was waiting outside when Storm came out, carrying the needles.

"I know two things," Storm replied. "She's almost as religious as Kurt, and she is terrified of me. She won't speak except to say 'stay away'. Her claws haven't retracted either." Logan nodded.

"Maybe I should talk to her. At least if she attacks me she can't hurt me very much." Storm shrugged. Logan opened the door and entered the room, but was knocked over by the girl, who fled down the hall. She ran, not knowing where she was or how to get out. A door was ahead, it was a little bigger than the others. It didn't open like the others, instead a blue light came out. The girl looked down at the light, curious. Suddenly a mechanical voice sounded.

"Welcome Professor." The girl looked around, and saw a man after her. The same man who had claws like her. She turned and jumped through the door, which had opened. It slammed shut behind her.

Logan gaped at the closed door. Storm caught up with him and looked at the door.

"What happened?" She asked. Logan looked at her.

"The girl's locked herself in Sereebo." He replied shakily,

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