Logan had vanished, even Kurt wasn't able to follow him. After a bit of exploring the vast underground labs the X Men and the children they rescued were forced to leave, Sarah was still unconscious and bleeding. As they bordered the jet Angel stopped.

"Angel?" Scott called. "Come on! Everyone is ready to go!"

"No, I'm gonna stay. Look for Logan some more." She called back, her wings flexing. Scott sighed and nodded.

"But don't take more than two days, tops, you hear?" he called as she walked away. She nodded and walked back into the building, knowing Sarah would have wanted to find her 'uncle', and if she got better, no, when she got better. Angel swore at herself for even thinking for a second that Sarah might not make it. Of course she would, she had to.

Behind her she heard the jet lift off and then leave.

Three days later showed little improvement for Sarah, she laid in the med- bay under close watch. The new doctor, Hank McCoy, was troubled by what was happening. The girl wasn't giving up; she was still alive when her injuries would have killed anyone else.

Angel had returned after two days as promised, complaining that she hadn't been able to find Logan and then shot at by a drunk when she was flying back to the mansion. She hadn't been hurt, but her feathers were ruffled and bent from a small hole in her left wing where a bullet had narrowly missed her.

On the fourth day since the mission the professor had found Logan, and before anyone could say or do anything Angel had said goodbye to everyone and flown off.

Scott let her go, though he wasn't sure if the teen would be a good messenger to Logan. His mind changed when the professor had told him a close friend of Sarah's who forgave Logan would probably be better than a team-member who wasn't as close, and Angel was possibly closer to Sarah than Logan was.

On the fifth day Angel returned with Logan, who was so drunk even he was having a hard time getting sober. Angel had found him in Maryland, and everyone was wondering how he had gotten so far in that short amount of time.

On the eighth day Logan was dragged down to the med-bay by Glow and Angel, who despite her heavenly name was making life hell for Logan until he went to see Sarah, trying to convince him that Sarah understood what happened down there and might possibly need her adoptive uncle to get better anyway.

Logan was able to stay five minuets before he walked quickly away, unable to look at what he'd done anymore. Angel was about to drag him back, but Hank stopped her. Logan went to another bar.

A day later the X Men finally got a bit of good news from Hank. Sarah's wounds on the back of her head, where Logan's claws had gotten through a bit of skull unprotected by metal, were closed completely. She also seemed to be breathing a little easier, though nothing else had changed.

Angel and Glow spent the whole night in the med-bay, instead of trading shifts like they had before.

Finally, on the twelfth day since the mission, Sarah slowly opened her eyes. Glow, who had been sitting by her, immediately leapt up and ran to the door, screaming out it.

"She woke up! Angel! Doctor McCoy! Logan! SARAH WOKE UP!!!" Then she ran back in, almost falling over trying to stop. Sarah mumbled something, then smiled weakly.

"Glow? That you?"

"Yeah! Oh god Sarah, I was so worried about you!" Glow gushed. Just then the door opened and Hank, followed by Angel and Logan, rushed in, all looking excited except Logan, saw Sarah was awake and then hung back.

Hank immediately started running tests to check on her condition while Glow bounced up and Angel hugged Sarah, not letting go for a long time. After a few moments Sarah was sick of the tests, and she got up.

"Easy!" Hank said worriedly, but Angel silenced him.

"If'n she's good enough ta stand, she should." Sarah laughed quietly, then stood up and slowly walked around, stretching her legs.

"I feel like I've been asleep for months." She said. Glow laughed.

"Eleven days, actually. Not counting the day of the mission."

"Eleven days?" Sarah repeated, looking thoughtful. "Ah well, at least I'm rested up. And hyper," she added, grinning. Then she caught sight of Logan, who was fast making for an exit until he knew she was looking at him.

He hesitated, and Sarah ran over, hugging him tightly. Logan was surprised, thinking she wouldn't forgive him for what he'd done, but as they hugged each other tightly both knew that everything would be alright.


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