*All characters belong to Stephanie Meyer and the Twilight Universe*


The smell of gasoline surrounded the shipping container my brothers and I were standing in. Jasper, due to his nuptials to my sister, is now an older brother. He's pragmatic and chooses to spill diesel around us before we kill. My younger brother, Emmett, is currently tying the bastard to a chair for me to speak to. Speak is a broad term, in reality, I'll end up putting a bullet through his head. My brothers and I are given direction from the leader of the Chicago Mafia, Carlisle Cullen, our Father. Now I'm staring at Laurent, the man tied to the chair, directly into his frit eyes.

Jasper pulls me to the side privately, "Edward, man, you sure you want to do this?"

"We don't have a choice, Carlisle's orders." My voice patent.

"No, we don't. But this.. Ed, this will start a war with the Irish." Jasper was still speaking secretively. I immediately pulled my Ruger-57, out of my waist band while unclipping the safety, aimed for in between Caius's eye sockets and pulled the trigger.

"WHAT THE FUCK, ED!?" How did both of my brothers manage to say the same thing in sinc?

"Carlisle wanted him dead. We already have the information- which is why we didn't think we should've killed him, but we had to, so I sped it up. Ready to go?" My patience has been wearing since this order was given.

"A little warning would've been nice, bro. I was directly next to him!" Emmett bellows.

"I never miss. Let's go."

We walked out of the shipping container a few minutes later. Jasper lit a match and threw it near the area, the whole thing immediately caught fire. We packed into Emmett's Escalade, laughing as Emmett stripped out of his blood covered suit.

"Rose bought me this suit. You both wouldn't be laughing if you knew what she threatened against my quarterbacks!"

"Emmett, you aren't twelve, stop calling your balls 'quarterbacks'" Always the child.

The drive back to Eclipse, the club Jasper owns, was quick. We parked in the private underground parking, and I went to my Aston Martin to grab extra clothes for Emmett. The nightly meeting would be in Jasper's office tonight.

The music was blaring and maddening as usual. The three of us headed through Eclipse, but stopped when we heard some shouting. My hand was promptly on my hip where my Ruger is, eyes sweeping the bar for signs of danger. Turns out the shouting was coming from an irate cocktail waitress, one I'd never seen before.

"Did you hire a new waitress, Jasper?" Leaning towards my brother's ear so he could hear me.

He swiftly turned to look where my eyes led, "Oh that's Isabella, she usually only works Monday through Wednesday.."

The man grabbed her by her thigh and pulled her close to him, quickly she kneed him with her free leg, looked him straight in the face, and slapped him across the face.

"PERVERT!" I heard her yell

The man also began to yell, "YOU FUCKING BITCH!"

He was about to lunge on her, I had to intervene. I tapped Jasper's shoulder and then sauntered towards the commotion. I reached them just as the inebriated man went to grab her wrist, I poked him on the shoulder and he turned towards me.

"Don't touch her."

"Who the fuck are you?" he asked

"I'm 'the fuck', partial owner of this club. Do you need someone to escort you out, or can you do that yourself?" Patience.

"The bar has my card man" the snake hissed

"Looks like you'll be ordering a new card in the mail then. Emmett!" Emmett puttered over and escorted the man towards the exit, until one of security could take over.

"You didn't have to stand up for me, I'm perfectly capable." Oh, she speaks. At once I'm drawn to her big, coffee colored eyes, so animated. Her hair is dark brown, reaching her ribs- pulled back with a silk headband.

"I did have to. He was touching you, that's frowned upon, especially given that I ow-" she cuts me off.

"Own part of the club!" Her tone is mocking, and I wonder who this woman is.

"Do you speak to all of your bosses this way Miss-"

"My name is Bella. Like I said, I was capable. Where's Mr. Whitlock? He is my boss." This girl had quarterbacks.

I narrowed my eyes, "You need to put ice on your leg, or it will be sore." Jasper chose this moment to join the conversation.

"Darlin', what the hell?" There's that good ole southern charm.

Bella looked at me and then to Jasper, "He came up to me, groped me for no reason, fucking asshole." Sheesh, what a foul mouth, with really beautiful heart shaped lips. Wait what?

"You should go to my office and sit for a while. I'll print out some work injury forms, too- love." Love? Is he flirting with her?

"Okay." She huffs, and walks up the iron stairs towards Jasper's office. Clearly I can't stop starring, because Jasper knocks me on the arm "ED! That's my employee, cut it out."

"ME? You're married to my sister and have pet names with multiple women." His face reddens, and he flees from me. Thought so!

I decided to get some ice for Bella, since there's no doubt she won't do it for herself. She seems stubborn, reminding me of.. me. Making my way to the bar I get some ice and a clean bar towel to wrap it in. Avoiding many carnal stares from women, I make my way to Jasper's office. Opening the door, I step inside to Isabella with her dress pulled down, staring at herself in a mirror. There are dark bruises around her left rib that look new, bruises on her chest, and down her back.

I knew I needed to find my voice, yet I had no idea what to say, "What.."