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Chapter 8: Yui's first attack, and last?

Yui creped down the hall, the thirst for human blood eating away at her, she wanted it, she

needed it. He eyes flashed red, she would attack a male, their blood was usually the thickest. Ag

yes, she could practically taste it now. She smiled and walked into the guys first room closiing

the door behind her. She was careful not to wake any of the guys as she made her way over to

Yugi, who, for some reason wasn't asleep. Yugi turned and saw her.

" Oh! Yui, what are y-" He was suddenly cut off by something that her didn't expect.

Yui had kissed him! And right in the middle of their kiss, Yugi had transformed into Yami as

he pulled away from her.

" Yui...what are you doing..?" Yami said whipping his lips of the sweet taste. Yui smiled and

stood up.

" Follow me.." And with that she walked out of the room. Yami rose one eyebrow and stood up

walking to the door so that he wouldn't walk on anyone. As soon as he was out he looked to his

left to where Yui was leaning up against the wall. She turned in a sexy longing kind of way and

went down the next hall. Yami gradually followed, not realizing what he was getting into. He

followed her to a secluded area to where no one was she turned towards him and smiled..." one

moment please...." She told him as she walked around the corner again. When she returned she

was holding some kind of key, she then put the key into the wall, which weirded Yami out, and a

secret path opened. She gracefully walked down the path and signaled for Yami to follow.

Which, in this case, he did.

They soon came upon, a kind of..old, musky, candle light room, that looked like an abandoned

apartment. Yui sat down on silky patterned couch and patted it telling Yami to come, come and

sit. Yami knew something was up, but the way she lured him, he couldn't resist, he sat down and

looked her in the eyes, trying not to give in, and take her as his. She partially closed her eyes and

glided her hand across his face, making him close his eyes in return. She smiled sweetly and got

closer, so that their faces were only about 2 inches apart.

" yami..." the way she said it, it seemed as if she was singing it. The glided her lips across his,

not quite a kiss, but only to make him more enticed. He closed his eyes again, and Yui pressed

her lips against his. He kissed her back and pulled closer towards her. She parted from him, and

laid her head on his shoulder, he took the hint and started to kiss her neck gently. She giggled

sexily and smiled again, she shifted her eyes towards his neck then back at him, he seemed to be

busy, as he moved his hands up and down her body, now was the perfect time. She slid over his

neck and licked it. He moaned at the feel. She smiled yet again, and opened her mouth revealing

her fangs she rose her head and went in for the bite.


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