A/N: This is my first attempt at a Lizzie fanfiction, as it has been for many. I decided to make this one primarily a COMDEY/maybe more. I will rate this PG-13 though I think it can pass for PG (but the -13 part because it does deal with some stuff that I wouldn't necessarily deem simply PG material) L/G ** POVs change and will be noted with ~~ marks.

It happened to Lizzie and Matt...could it happen to a person TWICE in a lifetime?? See what happens when Lizzie and Gordo stumble upon an ancient book that sends the two into...each other's bodies!? Interesting events and insightful relationship realizations take place. PG-13 NOTE: Pay close attention to the switches. Even in one another's body, I keep their original names but try to make it clear as to who is who...you'll see. ( Have fun! Oh, and in this story, it makes no reference to the episode that featured a body switch with Matt and Lizzie.


Freaky Friends

Chapter 1: In the Library

Looking into the mirror, at the blond strands that framed my face, the pink lip-gloss precariously placed upon my lips, the orange crew neck shirt I was dressed in, and the dangling ornaments around my wrists, I can't help but think...Orange really IS the new pink. Shaking my head of such thoughts (what has gotten into me?), I look again in the mirror and sigh deeply. Turning toward the door, I walk out of the bathroom.


I just decided, if not for me, then for him, that I really need to start using conditioner. Well, HE does anyway. I use conditioner. Great conditioner. And for his sake (and mine) I hope he continues to use it...wait! That would require a shower....ohmigoodness! It was bad enough he was in the bathroom! I dashed out of the room and bumped right into me...I mean him...I mean....UGH.


I look down on what I will refer to as "me". Wait, you must be confused. I bet you are. WE are...and we're the ones IN the predicament. Just sit down...and let me take you back a few hours before to this very moment.


"Who assigns a report on famous people no one really recognizes? I mean...isn't that kind of pointless? If they were famous, don't you think people would recognize them?" I asked, letting out an annoyed breath and leaning my head in my hand, as I looked Gordo's way.

"Well, it's more like...famous people that no one really paid attention to, no one really saw their potential...until they were...dead." He furrowed his eyebrows at his own explanation, which I'm sure sounded better in his head. "Well, anyway I hope that isn't my problem."

"It won't be," I reassured with a smile. Looking back at my paper, I reread what I had spent the last hour working on.

'Lizzie McGuire

History - Period 4 January 10

A person that was famous who no one had really paid attention to was '

I sighed. So far. So good.


I looked over at Lizzie. She was really struggling with her paper. I looked down at my own five pages...a rough draft really, but it was still more than her ...well...almost complete sentence.

"Well, who have you picked?" I asked.

"I haven't yet," she replied with an embarrassed laugh.

"Lizzie! The paper is due in a week," I reminded her.

"Yeah. I'll have it done by then!" She said with her notorious air of independence. She turned back to her papers and began diligently...looking busy.

She was good at that. Looking busy. I was good at looking...at her. I smiled. She was always too oblivious to notice anyway, so I looked at her a lot. She's really cute and there's nothing wrong with thinking your best friend is attractive! (Right?) That's what I tell myself anyway. My dad would refer to it as healthy observation.

"Um, there's probably books upstairs we haven't looked at. Maybe you'll find something there."

"I don't know, Gordo. I think I'll just try getting online or something."

"Aw, come on. Where's your sense of history?" I teased.

"It got lost in my sense of speedy searching," she replied as she got up and headed for an open computer.


'Famous people who go unrecognized.' As I typed this into the search engine, I felt Gordo behind me.

"I don't think you're searching right. You'll never get anyone that way. You gotta look for someone who wasn't recognized when they were alive and after they died their works were discovered or at least made famous," he explained.

"Who'd you pick?"

He smirked. "I'm not tellin'. You gotta choose on your own, Lizzie."

I turned to him, slightly offended at his insinuation. "Gordo!"

He smiled and shook his head. "Come on. Let's go upstairs."