Chapter 12: A Knock on the Table

A/N: I certainly hope I portrayed this correctly. This is the chapter I was bit worried at but it's what I was leading up to since Chapter 9 (so far anyway. It gets wilder in the later chapters, you know how these switch- body stories go). Anyhow, enjoy!


I noticed Lizzie hadn't come over yet so I called my house.

"Where are you?"

"Oh...I just got done sort of...I mean. Gordo, what if we never change back? What if I'm stuck as you and you as me? What if I never meet my soul mate in a coffee house?"

I raised an eyebrow. "Dad told you the 'how I met Mom' story, huh?"

"YES! And then I thought...will I be someone's father some day?"

"Lizzie-" I began, but realized she was right. What if I was someone's mother some day? Oh, no...PIGS WILL FLY, HELL WILL FREEZE OVER, AND MISS DOO WILL BE SANE AGAIN BEFORE I EVER BECOME SOMEONE'S MAMA!

"Uh uh, no way. No babies for me. No being a girl. None of this...being you," I thought out loud.

"Tell me about it!"

"Come over!"

"I'm on my way," she stated and hung up.


I knocked furiously at the door until Gordo finally answered it.

"Okay," I started as I walked into my own house. "First things first. Where are the jeans?"

He rolled my eyes and led me upstairs. Handing me the bag I snatched the jeans out and observed them front and back.

"Hm. Not bad. Totally something my mom would pick out but it's doable. Thanks, Gordo."

"Wanna try 'em on?" I muttered, sitting on Lizzie's bed, as I watched my own body holding up the jeans.


"Your mom asked today why I-Gordo-was wearing YOUR clothes."

"She did?"

"I just know she thinks I'm a total freak now."

"No she doesn't. What did you tell her?" Lizzie sat down, putting the jeans on the side.

I smirked. "Basically that I, Lizzie, FORCED Gordo and he was kicking and screaming."

"Make me out to be the freak, why don't you Gordo."

"Nah. Anyway," I continued, flipping Lizzie's hair, "Do you want to see what I wrote for your paper?"

"No. I'm sure whatever you do will be great. Wait...I don't have to do YOUR work do I?"

"I don't plan on finishing this, Lizzie. You will be YOU by tomorrow."

She put a hand on my curly head and flopped back on the bed. "But how?"

I reached over and grabbed the mysterious book, which I hated now. I grabbed a pencil and was about to write something in it.


"What are you doing?" I asked as I sat straight up.

"I'm gonna see what happens when I write on the pages. It's gotta be better than nothing. Maybe it's like a...magic book, or something."

"Magic? Come on Gordo. Now you're sounding like Matt."

"Lizzie," he huffed. "Look at yourself in the mirror, then come back and tell me THIS idea isn't possible."

After a moment of pondering that statement, I grabbed a pen off my desk and dashed to where Gordo sat.

He sighed and lifted the pen to my chin, thinking of something good to write. "How about...'what is going on here?' Hm? Sound good?"

I shrugged. "Better than nothing."

Gordo began to scribble the statement down. "Gees. It's even hard to write as another person."

We looked at the words. Nothing.

"Let me try," I said. He handed me the book and I thought of something even better to write. I had the urge to put 'You rock. Don't ever change. -Lizzie.'

"How about, um...'Gordo and Lizzie want to change back'." I wrote it down.

"But that's not a question," Gordo said, pushing my bangs out of the way. Oh, I really hope he doesn't get a hair cut while in my body.

"Maybe it doesn't have to be. MAYBE it will listen to our request and we'll be changed back."

My face lit up before me and Gordo said, "Good idea!"

I smiled and looked at my own words. "I know."

"You're thinking up better ideas than me. I guess you really are stuck as me now."

I gasped and gave Gordo a playful shove. "I don't think so. Girls are smarter. I read it in one of your dad's books. Girls are smarter, especially ones named Lizzie!"

I jumped up and giggled, tossing the book down as Gordo chased me around my own room.


Lizzie was quick in my body as she ran from me. I wasn't planning on chasing her but since she ran I just had to now! She opened her bedroom door and dashed down the stairs. She knew her house better than I did and swiftly made her way through it as I bumped into every possible corner.

"Liz-Ah, I mean GORDO!" I called, almost bumping into a gnome.

"HAHA! Girls are smarter, girls are smarter!" Lizzie cried out AS ME-a guy- through the house.

"Gordo," Mrs. McGuire laughed as Lizzie ran through the kitchen. That made her finally STOP.

"Huh? Oh, hi Mrs. McGuire."

"You think girls are smarter?" She smiled as she put some dishes away.

Lizzie smiled and ran her fingers through my hair as I finally caught up with her. "Oh, yeah. Especially Lizzie. She is SO SMART. You should really raise her allowance."

Oh, goodness. Did she really think THAT was going to work? (...and if it does, we're trying this back at MY house).

"OH! Is that what this is about? Did Lizzie put you up to this?" Mrs. McGuire smiled and shook her head as she handed me (her daughter) some towels. "Here, 'smart girl', put these away."

She turned back but not before turning to Lizzie and saying, "Gordo, you're just as smart as any girl."

I rolled my eyes and shook my head, holding the towels in my hand. Once out of Mrs. McGuire's sight, Lizzie turned to me and stuck out my tongue. "Girls are smarter," she sang in a whisper.

"You just love hearing me say that, don't you?" I asked, as I put the towels in the closet, stuffing them in roughly when they didn't fit perfectly. I looked at the disorder of the towels and Lizzie reached over and fixed them really quick.

"Yes, I do," she finally responded after several moments.

"Thanks for tuning back into the conversation," I sarcastically remarked. She slowly turned around and I held back totally laughing at her. It was amazing how even in each other's bodies we could be as goofy as ever.

Sensing she was about to do something to me, I ran.


Here we went again, running in the house. Gordo's body wasn't too hard to maneuver around the house and I almost caught up to Gordo.

He ran outside, my blond hair flying behind. I darted outside, bumped into my dad's stupid lawn gnome (that wasn't even on the LAWN) and rammed into the corner of the picnic table on the deck.

My breath caught in my throat and my eyes bugged out. I felt an intense sensation, an intense pain in my groin. "AHHH!" I cried, doubling over and falling to the ground, grabbing GORDO's crotch.

Within a moment, Gordo was over me, placing my blonde hair behind my ears, and giving me a frantic look. "Are you okay! OMIGOD!"

"Gordo," I pushed out, his voice sounding just a little higher than usual. "I rammed into the table. This...hurts so bad...OH!"

I was taking off at top speed and THIS happens. This had to be some of the worst pain of my LIFE. This is what guys feel when they get hit down there?? This is...horrible!! I grabbed at Gordo hard and twisted in pain.

Gordo placed my hand over his and whimpered. "OW!" He stated in my voice his own sympathy pain. "I'm so sorry. That is the worst, Lizzie. It's the worst."

I squinted up at him, my eyes beginning to tear. "Does the pain go away?"

"It will, yeah."

Just then Matt walked out. "Whoa. Gordo. Didja hit your ba--?"

"MATT!" Mrs. McGuire called, cutting Matt off. She came up right behind him and stopped as she was about to say something.

"GORDO! What happened?"

"He knocked his-"

"RUNNING!" Gordo shouted as me, really not wanting Matt to say something crude and embarrass him with the situation any more than he already was (even though he was in my body). Both of our faces were beet red.

"He was running! Now I knew you kids would hurt yourselves. Gordo, sweetie, do you need some ice?"

I sniffed and shook my head. "The pain's going away...very, very tiny bit." That was partially true. It was less mind numbing pain and more just eye bugging pain. I was running pretty fast.

"Let me get some ice-"


"NO!" I said.

Mrs. McGuire gave me a funny look. "Lizzie, why not?"

"You don't need to do that. Gordo will be okay."

Mrs. McGuire looked at Lizzie who nodded pathetically.

"Fine. Why don't you go sit on the couch inside then."

"Been there, done that. I feel for ya, man," Matt said, once Lizzie was finally somewhat standing. She just gave him a 'get lost loser' look and stumbled into the house and onto the couch.

"Hope you...feel better, Gordo," Mrs. McGuire stated, a little unsure of what to say.

Once she left, I looked at Lizzie. She still had once hand in that area, and the other resting next to my body.

"Okay, you can stop grabbing me now," I whispered.

"No. I can't. I still hurt," she pouted. She gave me a cross look. "That was horrible. Why didn't you tell me about that?"

I tilted my (Lizzie's) head and slumped my shoulders. "It didn't come to mind. How was I supposed to know you'd knock my balls into the table?" Wait, this WAS Lizzie we were talking about.

She gasped loudly--appalled. "GORDO!" she hissed so her mom wouldn't hear. "Keep your voice down. My mom's gonna think * I * said that. It's so....ugh, crude!"

"Yeah, well. It's guy talk and you aren't a guy. Well...usually."

She looked down. "They don't bruise do they?"

"I don't think so," I reassured, sitting back and sighing. Even though I feel REALLY bad Lizzie had to go through that, I am SO GLAD I didn't. I felt a little guilty thinking this but shrugged it off because we couldn't help the situation after all, right?

After a long pause, Lizzie turned to me and asked


"Why didn't you tell me about this girl, Kelly?"

Gordo looked at me and shrugged, putting some of my hair behind my ear.

"It's not a big deal."

"Oh, you like her?"

"Sure. I think so."

Still smarting from the knock against the table, I didn't press the conversation on. Gordo, however, did.

"I mean, why is it that the girls I like either don't like me or live miles away. But I guess it's better that way. Middle school is hard enough without the added pressure of who you're dating. Ya know?"

"But you've had a girlfriend before," I respond in Gordo's voice.

"I know. It wasn't all it was cracked up to be."

"So you don't think you'll ever have a girlfriend middle school?" I held my breath, but then scolded myself. Come on, this was Gordo. Whether he has a girlfriend or not, we're still best friends.

He just shrugged my shoulders. "If the opportunity presents itself..."


Just then Mrs. McGuire came in to check on us. "You okay, Gordo?"

Lizzie looked up at her (as me) and nodded sadly. "Am I going to bruise?" she asked in a pouty, pathetic tone that is so Lizzie and so NOT me. I blushed. Did Lizzie just make me ask HER MOM about my...* area *??!!

She smiled and shook her head. "You don't know how many times Matt has done that. And Sam...oh, that man is as clumsy as they come."

"Except for me. It must run in the family-clumsiness I mean," I stated in Lizzie's voice with a small laugh. It was a petty vengeful statement but the focus seriously needed to be off me and my privates.

"That IS true," Mrs. McGuire murmured and walked away.

Lizzie gave me an offended look. "What was that all about?"

"Asking your mom that question. Lizzie! Don't forget who you are!"

She sighed. "Sorry."