Hey guys! It is me! Epifanio Therion! And here I am with a Total Drama SYOC story! Yeah! That's right! I will be writing my own SYOC story! I am really excited to start writing it and show everyone this new season of Total Drama... better said, a reboot of Total Drama! The reason why I say that will be explained when the story begins, so don't worry! I won't say much since I don't want to spoil you guys! But I will share this little fact! Chris won't be hosting this season as he is still arrested, and I will explain why! (most of you guys know, but I thought to make things a little more original!) And you may be wondering, will the original cast appear? Maybe, who knows? Time will tell!

You may be thinking, where will the new setting be for this new season of Total Drama? Since you guys know that many of the islands that appeared in the show were destroyed, but in my story, it will have a more realistic explanation than simply sunken down or other stupid jazz! Either way! This new season of Total Drama will be presented on a special island in the Caribbean that was brought by the host himself and few special connections! The host will admit that he isn't very original with the name, but it will be on Isla Paraiso! (which means Island Paradise!). The size and how it looks will appear later on, so you will have to wait!

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Chapter 0, Prologue 1: The Beginning of a New Era

After the finale of Total Drama Pahkitew Island, and Total Drama All-Stars, it was revealed that the show didn't do very well since it had received a really low rating, and the fans were mad at the bland cast of Pahkitew Island, which only a few were really popular, but not like the original cast and Revenge of the Island, and they were mad at the outrageous All-Stars season, the fans were mad that it didn't feel like an All-Stars, which caused the producers in charge of the show to finally cancel it, from there... Total Drama as a whole started to disappear in the shadow of the entertainment industry, despite the fact, there are many loyal fans, which the producers use to make a few specials edition DVDs and other merchandise for some quick bucks.

Chris Mclean was arrested at the end of Pahkitew Island, the many crimes he committed were actually legit and not faked in the recording of all of the season of Total Drama, the only reason he was free in those seasons was due to his popularity, connection, and bribery, but alas... that is where Chris's luck ends... Chris Mclean was getting too much for the producers to handle despite them telling Chris to tone it down, but he went and used all of the money for himself and the obstacles in all of the season, and he started to act too psychotic, cold-hearted, and sadistic, the producers realized that he was too gone in the fame, glory of Total Drama, and making the contestants suffer and they decided to fire him at the end of Pahkitew Island, with Chris Mclean arrested for many years, but... will he ever come back? maybe... maybe not, time will only tell in the end...

Norbert 'Chef' Hatchet wasn't charged for anything in the show, while not seen in the recordings, he had many testimonies from the interns and contestants who participated on the show... they know that Chef actually cares for their well being and that he was only in his persona for the show, and secretly when they aren't being recorded or Chris wasn't nearby, he actually makes great foods for the cast, but he told them to keep it as a secret... It was revealed that he actually was in a war since he was born in Canada, but moved to America when he was young... When the Vietnam War came, he quickly joined the Navy and reached the Corporal Rank when it was over... Chef retired from the military, and moved back to Canada, with a few connections of his friends, he managed to land a job in the studio that made Total Drama as the cook... during the times he was in the army and as a cook for the company, he took many hobbies, and skillset to prepare himself and try to experience his own life until he was offered the chance to joining Total Drama as Chris's sidekick, and was told to used his military persona when he was in the army, the only reason he didn't admit what war he was in to Gwen, was because that he didn't want to remember the sad and traumatizing memories...

But... that is the past, and that information that was mentioned wasn't important... or were they? Again, we will see in the future...

7 Years had passed...

Toronto, Canada
January 11, 2025, 3:26 PM...

We see a tall building in Toronto, Canada. It may look like any normal building, but the outside wasn't important... What was important was the inside, the view zoomed inside of the building, and we saw a big meeting... But what kind of meeting is it? we will see now...

The view zoom in, and we see a beautiful woman in front of the table... who is she, you might be wondering, well... that is the CEO of the company that made Total Drama and The Ridonculous Race, her name is Amaravati Parvana... the name is unusual, yes... but either way, the reason she was there, was that she brought the company when the show was canceled and the previous CEO of the company bailed on them, and she saw an opportunity to buy the company and saw potential in it, and fused it with her own... she is rich, and business savvy, she has two important roles, managing Fresh TV, and her own company Dagda Empire, which focuses on steel and metals production... She has finally finished a plan of hers, which had required multiple interrogations and blackmails, and... a special request from someone she knows, but that part isn't really important.

Amaravati Parvana is a really beautiful woman, she stands at 6'3 ft, and she bears long, wavy black hair with dark purple highlights, which covers her ears, and she has dark tan skin and a curvaceous body with a big bust. Her eyes are golden amber, matching the bracelets she is seen wearing, and she seems to be wearing modest formal attire. She wears a dark black suit, the back part of which extends past her knees. Inside, she wears a white dress shirt and a black necktie with a white butterfly design at the knot. She also wears a long maroon cape and white gloves. People can freely admit that her choice of clothing seems interesting, and even regal.

And beside her, is her assistant, Brenna Belladonna, who stands at 5'10 ft, and she has jet black hair, which is tied in a ponytail with side-swept bangs, pale skin, dark chocolate eyes, and an hourglass body with a big bust. Brenna seems to be wearing dark violet glasses and a white long sleeve shirt with a black blazer that is fully buttoned, and a black skirt. She was busy on her tablet, as she was writing everything important in the meeting for later, so she can review and organize Mrs. Parvana's schedule in the future.

Amaravati was sitting calmly in her seat, with her eyes closed while swirling a small wine glass with a smile on her face while she listened to the ramble of those in the meeting... but inside her head, it is very different... she is frustrated of the state the company it is in, most of the producers are only looking for a quick way to earn some bucks, and they are sharing terrible ideas that are stupid in so many ways! Like hosting a show competition on writing books, which she should remind them that writing books is very delicate, and it would take too long, talking about the stock market, or something that she doesn't even want to remember due how bad it is! So she decided to wait until the end where they stop sharing ridiculous ideas that are so illogical, so she can share an idea that actually works to the producers and those with a high position, but of course, they can't deny her ideas, but if it fails, well, she would handle the backslash...

As Amaravati was waiting for the idiots that she calls her good for nothing producers, she can easily see the greed that they have within them, it just makes her feel disgusted, she wants to fire all of them, but she isn't a fool... if she did, then it would cause many issues... so without them even realizing, she is slowly finding evidence of all of them of all illegal or terrible deeds that go against the company's policy, which she would use to fire or sue them...

While Amaravati was thinking, her assistant, Brenna, leaned over her ears to whisper something important "Mistress? Are you sure about this idea? I ain't doubting you, but... would this plan really help the future of the company?" Amaravati smirks at her assistant, ahh... it was a really good decision to hire her when she was an intern... her perception is quite good, "Oh, Don't worry about it, my dear. I know my plan will work very well in the end, and... can you do me a favor?" Amaravati asked Brenna in an ominous tone, and Brenna nodded at her mistress with a serious look "Good, can you call over here..." Amaravati was whispering the names to her assistant, who nodded and left the room, which the employees of the meeting didn't notice, due to focusing on money-making ideas...

When the meeting ended, and everyone was standing up, she quickly cleared her throat, which was the first thing she made to call their attention in the entire meeting "Before any of you leave, I have important news... I have noticed that the company isn't doing good... it is going badly... all of your ideas were foolish and idiotic, but I didn't have any choice, and to do it anyway, to please you all despite me knowing the failure it was going in" some of the employees were getting mad at the insult she threw at them but didn't say anything at all... "So! that is why I planned something very good..." She put her hand in a thinking motion but had a knowing look, and it started to worry some people "I decided to reboot Total Drama!" the room was silent... too silent, the employees were slack-jawed at the news, but slowly... they started laughing "AHAHAHA!" many of them laugh, which left Amaravati bewildered, wondering why they are laughing

"Oh God! that was a good one!" one of the employees laughed, who had gray hair due to his age, and a round belly "Rebooting Total Drama! Ha, I didn't expect the CEO to be a comedian!" another employee said and laughed again, but most of them started to get an ominous feeling and looked at Amaravati, who was glaring at them. One of them, who was brave enough, decided to ask a question... "You... you aren't joking, are you?" He said with a scared tone... "Nope, it is not a joke, I fail to understand why this is funny..." Amaravati said, one of them cleared their throats accidentally, but Amaravati looked at them, he felt sweaty at the attention "Umm... Mrs. Parvana? The reason is that Total Drama is now considered a failure... it was really popular in the first four seasons, but now it is time for something new..." the man who cleared his throat explained, which caused Amaravati to hum at what the man said...

While the man was speaking, others were chuckling or snickering at the idea of Total Drama, well... she expected this reaction, but it is kind of disheartening to know how badly their opinion of the show is... "I see now, so you don't wish to manage the show then?" Amaravati asked, but underneath, she is feeling smug as her plan is going according to how she planned, all of these producers have a show to manage, and if they are ignoring Total Drama, well... it was their faults for not seeing it... they fail to realize the popularity that Total Drama still has, she sadly can't find the host and all that since she is busy, but... she has two people who can manage it and find the host for the show, and... she didn't mention this but she will be giving unlimited budget for the show, oh how foolish of them...

As the producers were chuckling and snickering, there was a sudden knock on the door, and someone behind it spoke "Hello Mistress, I have brought the two subjects that you wanted me to bring here" the voice reveal to be Brenna, which caused many of the producers to be confused at what is happening, and allowed Amaravati to smirk "Oh let them in!" She said to her assistant, who opened the door, and she slowly enters, and the two people who Amaravati asked to come also entered the room, which caused the producers to get even more confused and wondering why two low position employees are here, and why they are wearing casual clothing.

The one on the right is a female, her name is Arabella Primrose, and the one on the left is a male, whose name is Ludger Isjbrand. Arabella stands at 5'8 ft, and Arabella has a slender, curvaceous, but fit body, creamy light skin. She has long, untamed wavy dark brown hair with light brown highlights and her hair reaches to her knees. The hair is pulled back into a messy ponytail with strands curling down the chin. Long bangs cover her left eye and also reach to her chin. She has upturned shaped Amethyst eyes that seem to shine brightly, and she seems to be wearing a black fur hoodie jacket and underneath is a purple and white long sleeve shirt with the middle saying "Dreaming is Wishing", a black casual loose baggy pants with purple streaks, a black boots, a pair of light purple crystal star earrings, light purple and dark pink bracelets on both arms and a purple traveling handbag. Arabella basically screams casual and sleepy from just her appearance alone, and she appears to be sleeping while standing up, which the person next to her, Ludger seems to be used to, who gave a glance at her and returned his sight back at the producers with a curious look on his face.

Ludger stands at 6'4 ft, and he has a slender, but buff and muscular body, and pale pinkish skin tone. He has long, messy pale blond hair as if he never used a hairbrush, which reaches to his back, with parted bangs, which partially cover his right eyes and a pale blond short beard. He has almond-shaped hazel eyes with dark circles under his eyes, which doesn't fit properly with his appearance, and his hands have many cuts and a small superficial cut scar on the right side of his mouth. Ludger is wearing a blue, and pale yellow dress shirt with rolled-up sleeves, and brown suspenders, a gray necktie with a black clock pattern in the center, and black trousers, with a pocket watch necklace and another pocket watch on the pocket of his pants.

One of the two who decided to speak was Ludger since Arabella was currently asleep. He pulled out the pocket watch from his pants and spoke with a formal tone, but it sounds like he is in a hurry "Greeting Mrs. Parvana, I don't know why you called us lowly employee here, but either way, we are here to serve you" Ludger was respectful in the way he spoke, but... "But I will admit that I am surprised that you call us on our free day, and in such a short time too, but the way Ms. Belladonna spoke to me was quite serious, so I knew I had to prepare myself quickly" Ludger was honestly curious why his boss called him and Arabella to this important meeting. When Ms. Belladonna knocked on the door of his house and told them to go to the meeting since they have something important to tell them, he quickly prepared himself and picked Arabella and carried her to the car since she was asleep for the moment.

Amaravati smirked as the two people of the hour finally came in, and... the news might surprise them and even the producers "Ah yes... Ludger Isjbrand? Arabella Primrose? Ludger, I know that you belong in the Repair Division, and Arabella is in the Dancer Division, but..." The producers and Ludger were getting nervous at what the CEO was going to say... while Brenna looked calm and stoic whatsoever, and... Arabella is still sleeping while standing up "I am going to move you two to the Entertainment Division, and put you two in charge of Total Drama as the new managers and producers of the show!" Amaravati smiled, but the rest didn't share the same feeling on the matter. The producers were shouting in shock and anger, Ludger almost let his pocket watch fall from his hand and hit the ground, but he luckily managed to react and catch it, Brenna was still the same, and she had knowing eyes since it was part of her mistress plan, and... Arabella woke up from the shouts and confused "Huh...? How did I get here..." She yawns and opens her bag to grab something to drink and wake up

Amaravati chuckles at everybody's reaction of the news, she has her reasons for picking those two, she has made Brenna do some research about those two since she has seen reports of them being really good at what they do, but... she wanted to see if they had the potential for her plan... Ludger Isjbrand was mentioned to be really efficient and no-nonsense, even consider one of the best in the Repair Division, but mainly within clocks, watches, and anything related to time, and in Brenna's report, he does a much better job than the Head of the Repair Division, and also it was mentioned that he also does all the paper works for the Head and others... he may be too nice and naive with others, but his works... she sees a lot of potential with him.

Arabella Primrose... when she saw the first report of her, and even when she had hired her, she was honestly impressed with her! In Arabella's resume in the medical section, it was mentioned that she has Type 2 Narcolepsy, Amaravati will admit that she was kind of worried since the disorder might distract her, and make her job harder, but... Arabella admitted that she is prepared and made specially brewed iced coffee that helps her stay awake, and it showed! the people that she taught in her choreography class has shown favorable result, the people she had trained have mentioned she is very optimistic, cheerful, exuberant, outspoken and wacky, but occasionally she nods off and quickly wake up, and continue the class, for Amaravati, this show something in Arabella, it demonstrates her being determined in her work and passion, and no matter what disorder she has, she will nonetheless accomplish her dream.

Amaravati watched as the producers were angry, but she put her wine down and sat properly, and glared at the producers, which they quietly said down and were silent "Are you finished having a tantrum like a child?" Nobody said anything "Good, because I have offered you all the chance to do it, but you didn't accept the offer, so the only ones you have to blame are yourselves" Amaravati calmly said, but with a hint of bark behind it, which caused some of the producers to wince, but suddenly a voice spoke, which sounded confused "Hey Amara? Why are we here?" the one who spoke was Arabella, who had finished drinking something and was wide awake while Ludger was still shocked at what he heard

Amaravati smiled at the girl, who was looking curious and confused at what was happening "Oh Bella, don't worry, I just announced that you two will be managing the show of Total Drama!" Amaravati cheerfully said to Arabella, who gasped in surprise and started jumping in happiness "Oh my god! was this what you were talking about previously?!" Arabella shouted excitedly, which caused Ludger to stare at her in surprise "W-what? What do you mean Bella? you... knew?" Ludger was honestly confused

Arabella stopped jumping and turned to Ludger with a smile "Well! I didn't know the details, but she did say that it will be something big, and will have us in it! I just didn't expect to be this big!" Arabella explained to Ludger "Oh..." was the only thing Ludger could say at the moment

"Anyway, you two are dismissed for the moment, I will call you again later, so we can talk about your duties as manager of Total Drama, what you need to do, and the benefits you get for managing, now move along, you two" Amaravati smiled at Ludger and Arabella, and Brenna returned to her side. Ludger nervously nodded, and Arabella jumped a little and responded with "yup yup!".

Ludger and Arabella walked to the door, and they left the room. After they left the room, the producers exploded in outrage at what they heard, one of the producers, who was once again the one with the round belly "Why did you pick those lowly employees?! they will ruin the show! and they don't have the experience to manage it!" Amaravati grinned as they fell in her trap "Oh? I know actually... that is why I got someone to train them as their mentor and advisor" The producers stayed quiet... unsure at what she said... They felt scared and nervous for some reason, and they realized that she had planned all this, the only producer who was brave enough to ask who will teach them "W-Who will be teaching them...?" Amaravati's grin got bigger, and... menacing, sending a chill down their backs, the producers never expected the CEO to scare them too much "Why thanks for asking! I am friend with this manager, one of the best in the world you might say, and you might know him by his nickname 'The Yaksha Businessman' " There were gasps in the room when they heard the nickname

"No... No! you don't mean him?!" One of the producers said, who was trembling in fear... no... more like almost everybody was shaking in fear at the name... the man has been known to be ruthless with his deals, and able to get the most benefit out of the offer, and with the reputation of being one of the most powerful businessmen in the world, but people are still curious what company he works in since it wasn't revealed where it was and what, but... they are also scared of knowing about it

"Yep! it is him, but I don't see why you all are so scared of him, he is quite the nice guy" Amaravati ignored the reaction of the producers and checked with her nails, and picked her wine glass and took a sip "Well... it time to end this meeting since I have to meet with him again in my office, so return to your post!" Another sharp gasp came from the producers, and they went to their posts in fear of meeting the Yaksha Businessman

Amaravati looked as all the producers ran away from the room as soon they heard of the Yaksha Businessman coming here... she only let out a sigh at the disappointment that is the producers " You can come out now Kouen..." A man named Kouen came out from under the table and he could only glare at the door, where the producers ran away

"Pathetic..." Kouen spoke with a rough and husky voice "Well, can you blame them for being scared of seeing "The Yaksha Businessman?" Amaravati said to Kouen, who could only cross his arms with a stoic expression "They are gutless for businessmen or producers, they don't have what it takes to be successful, at best... they are leeches" Kouen told Amaravati, who signed with disappointment "Yes... I plan to get rid of some them later, I am just gathering evidence and reason to fire them" Amaravati said to Kouen,

While Amaravati and Kouen were speaking about the producers, Brenna looked over Kouen, the Yaksha Businessman. Brenna was observing Kouen's looks... Kouen stands at 6'7ft. and has a bulky and well-built body and light skin tone. He shows the physical features of a Japanese and has short black messy spiky hair with three-strand in front of him, dark brown eyes that seem almost black, a stubble beard, a large cut scar on his right cheek, a black ear stud on his right ear, and the most eye-catching thing about his face is his black large eyepatch, which is covering his left eyes and some of the left side of his face. Kouen seems to be wearing a charcoal black suit with a gray dressing shirt, a dark gray tie, and black leather shoes. Over the suit, he is wearing a jet black unbuttoned overcoat and a silver necklace.

"So you want me to train these two? Are you sure if that was a wise choice? they have no clue about the very basics of managing a show" Kouen said to Amaravati, which caused Brenna to snap back to reality, and realized that she missed a part of the conversation, which she quickly cursed at herself in her head. Amaravati smiled at Kouen and stood up and walked toward Kouen, and she put her hand on his cheek, slowly rubbed his face, but his expression stayed stoic "Yes, after all... you are the only who could fulfill my favors, and I know you like teaching people... you are the only one who can turn them from novice to experts in just a few weeks" Kouen could only sigh at Amaravati "Fine... I will see what I can do since you know I tend to have my schedule filled with companies requesting for my help..." Kouen explained to Amaravati, who smiles at him

"Good then, are you still free on Tuesday for dinner? my dear?" Kouen rolls his eyes at her "Yes, and don't call me dear... you know we have a strict business relationship" Kouen frowned at her, which caused her to chuckle "Yes... strict business relationship, but either way! say hi to Shion when you have the time" Kouen just shakes his head at her and left the room, she chuckles at his reaction and signaled Brenna to follow her out of the room.

3 days later...

January 14, 2025, 9:45 AM...

Ludger was standing in front of Mrs. Parvana's office with an unsure and nervous look. He will admit that he wasn't expecting this at all, Arabella and him being promoted to manage the show of Total Drama is quite something alright.

Wait! That means they have to prepare everything for the show to be ready, and find the employees for each important role 'okay, calm down Ludger... you can do this... yeah, I am efficient in what I do, I can accomplish things if it requires me to do it...' Ludger talked to himself to calm down but didn't realize that he pulled out his pocket watch and started nervously tapping it. 'Where is Arabella? the time that we had to meet the CEO is in fifteen minutes' Ludger was wondering where Arabella was since he remembered that she woke up and took her daily morning coffee, so she must be awaken

But he felt someone tapping his shoulder, and he turned around, which revealed it was Arabella who was skipping around him with a smile on her face.

"Hey, Ludger! Are you excited to hear about what we are going to do?" Arabella said with a grin on her face, who wasn't worried one bit, Ludger could only shake his head at her, and when he was about to respond, suddenly someone opened the door, and it reveals Brenna to be standing there with a blank look "You are early, that is good... the mistress is waiting for you" Brenna walked back to Amaravati and left the door open so they can enter the office

Ludger nervously gulped at what was going to happen. He isn't normally like this, but this is life-changing, and he isn't sure how to react to this, him? Being in charge of a show? And the thing is... He never knew what a Reality TV show was until he was 18 years old!

Arabella stared at Ludger with a raised brow, and she just chuckled at him "Ah... Cat got your tongue? You must be excited then!" Excited? No, it was the opposite, he wasn't excited, but rather, he was worried about this! "Come on! I never expected to be able to do this, so we should make the best show ever!" Arabella said to Ludger and entered Amaravati's office while skipping with joy, Ludger could only stare as she enters the office, so he sighs and tightens his tie a bit before entering

Arabella was standing in front of Amaravati's desk while she was twirling and tilting her head innocently and excitedly, but Ludger noticed the third person standing on the left side of Amaravati, and he doesn't know why, but he feels alarmed about him? But they never met... Why is he alarmed by him?

Amaravati claps her hands with glee as she sees both of them in front of her "Oh good! You are here, and early too. I think you might have won some brownie points with mister grumpy over there" Amaravati pointed at Kouen, who only crossed his arms and grunted at her "Ah! don't be like that dear'' Amaravati chuckles at Kouen's reaction

But Amaravati stopped chuckling and turned to Arabella and Ludger "But that isn't the reason why we are here, despite what I wanted it to be..." Kouen just narrows his eye at her and grunts, but she ignores him.

Ludger went still as he heard what Ms. Parvana said, but tried to calm himself down, and Arabella was humming as she waited for the conversation to begin.

Amaravati took a deep breath "You might not believe me on this, but... what you are here for is very important" Amaravati calmly started "You saw the state of the company, even Kouen saw it despite this being his second time being here"

Ludger managed to calm down and started thinking about it, and he was going to say something, but Arabella spoke first "Ugh! I know what you mean! those producers constantly interrupt my class, that contains those who have a role in a show of theirs, and they order me to hurry up despite the actors and dancers not being ready and not having the steps down, and they tell me that it just some simple steps, then they complain that the dancing turned out mediocre!" Arabella ranted about the producers, and Amaravati calmly listened and sigh at what she heard

"Oh boy, another reason to get rid of them... but yes, the company is in a mess, and the producers don't care about that, they just want some quick change, so I previously explained my plan, which is why I appointed you two to manage the show along with the host of the show" Amaravati looked at Ludger and Arabella

Ludger looked unsure and decided to speak "I get your point, but... I don't see the point of us being managers like... you saw our position, we don't have any knowledge when it comes to hosting or even managing a show!"

Amaravati smirks at Ludger "You got a point there, Mr. Isjbrand!" and Ludger nervously utters "I sense a 'but' in there..." Amaravati smiled at him "Yep! That is why I got Kouen here! You might not hear of him due to your field of profession, but he is one of the best businessmen in the world, and he has significant knowledge in managing. If there is one person who can teach the proper way of managing, it is this guy!" Amaravati casually pointed to Kouen, who just grunted in annoyance "I brought him in, so he can teach you guys the basic of managing, and possibly advance level of managing too"

Arabella jumps in surprise "Oh Golly! That is an amazing opportunity! I feel like that would help me very well!" Arabella was excited at the chance of managing a show, but... Ludger was not yet sold "Ok... my apology Ms. Parvana, but... Are we unquestionably the best alternative for this? Because I believe there might be others with a better skill set than us..." Ludger looked at Amaravati with a calm look and the CEO hummed "Yes, there are people with better skill sets, but... they are either too greedy or they don't fit for my plan, so you guys are my options, and I mean it nicely"

Kouen looked at Amaravati with a raised brow "That is an unwise choice no matter how you put it..." Amaravati shrugs at him and returns her focus on the two

"Either way, let's just focus on the main situation of what you two are going to face..." Amaravati was serious once again "You two don't need to search for the staff that will help the show, like the cameramen, make-up artist, advertisers, etc. But you two will focus on finding the host for the show, from there you will plan the show properly with them" Amaravati sighs "It isn't because I don't trust you two, but... look at what happened to Chris McLean, who had all the power of managing the show, at the first three seasons, it was fine! They had a high rating, and the challenges while dangerous, it was usual for the show, but... he started breaking down at season 4, and started increasing the risk, AND! remember that girl Dakota had mutated by the radiation, which wasn't allowed in the first place?! I saw the records, it wasn't good at all, her father sued the company really badly" She didn't say that was the main reason why the previous CEO bailed on the company

Amaravati clutches her head "All those lawsuits weren't really good at all... and affected the company really badly, luckily they decided to put the company up for sale, and I brought it, but I couldn't simply change the staff fast, and... Welp... they aren't really good at all! Even Kouen's son can do it better despite not being a businessman!" Amaravati started ranting out of nowhere and Brenna put her hand on her mistress's shoulder, which calmed her down "Oh Brenna dear, can you get some red wine for me?" Brenna nodded and walked away from the office

Arabella was still gushing at the news "We will do it! Kya! I am really excited to do this" Ludger, who was still unsure, just shook his head at her and smiled "Well... I am not sure about this, but... if it makes Bella happy, I will do it" Ludger accepted the offer from the CEO, but was still worried about it

Amaravati claps in delight "Oh! That is great! Okay, I will be covering the entire expenses of this show, so you don't need to worry about money, and Kouen will help you at first and give you a list of potential hosts, but you would be the one finding and recruiting them, okay?" Amaravati turns to Kouen who nods and walks outside, where Brenna immediately enters the room with Amaravati's red wine and gives it to Amaravati, who takes a sip from it. She smiles at Brenna and looks at the two in front of her "Well, you guys are dismissed, Kouen will be waiting for you outside with the list"

Ludger and Arabella nodded at Amaravati and left her office. They saw Kouen standing beside the door with a folder on his hands, both of them wonder where it came from, but they decided not to ask about it "Okay, I will start teaching you two when I have free time, and the schedule is once per week if I am feeling the mood, twice per week" Kouen said seriously and didn't look their way, but he suddenly gave them the folder, who Ludger grabbed it "That folder contain information about potential hosts that I recommend for the show, but let see if you can find the proper host because I want to see you two potentials, and here is my phone number, so you can update me on your search" Kouen gave his phone number to the two and left without them being able to respond back to him

Ludger and Arabella just looked at each other with an unsure look, they were uncertain what just happened, but Arabella spoke "Well that just happened... He is really serious" Arabella was confused at the so-called 'conversation'

"Y-Yeah... I wasn't able to say anything at all" Ludger didn't notice him picking his pocket watch and start opening and closing it

Arabella shrugs "Oh well, I think this will be easy to do! I mean! How hard could it be!"

3 Month and 6 Days Later...

April 20, 2025, 4:46 PM...
Paris, France...

A door harshly slammed on Ludger and Arabella's faces. Ludger turned to Arabella... despite his ability to have the patience of a saint, he is capable of getting mad or annoyed... like now since Ludger is giving Arabella a deadpan look "You just had to say that, didn't you Arabella" Arabella gave him a sheepish look since she knows she just jinxed them

Ludger clutches his head in pain. Ugh... he doesn't know how, but they managed to make the potential hosts uninterested and didn't even want to hear a pep from them, everybody! He didn't know it was possible! He knows they have a deadline until August, but this is ridiculous...

Arabella felt bad since it is her fault for making the potential hosts lose interest in the offer, and she just felt bad for Ludger, who is normally calm and really kind, but now... he is stressed out, so she is thinking of a way to cheer him up, but not sure how... wait! Since they are in Paris, she saw a poster that a fashion show might be happening soon, maybe that will cheer him up!

"Hey, Ludgy! I think we should go to a Fashion Show, so we can relax for a bit!" Arabella gave Ludger the puppy dog's eyes, which works every time against Ludger, and has a hard time denying her

Ludger stopped clutching his head and turned to Arabella "What...?" Ludger said and heard her request, which wasn't good at all... He was going to send his daily update to Kouen about their failed attempt at gaining someone's interest in hosting the show, but... it might be best for him to take a break from all this Reality TV Show mumbo jumbo... "Yeah... sure..." Ludger relented...

Arabella jumped with joy at the confirmation "Oh Golly! That is great! We should try to get the tickets before it gets sold out!" Arabella grabbed Ludger's arms and pulled him toward where the show is being, but she didn't notice Ludger softly smiling at her.

2 Hours Later...
April 20, 2025, 6:47 PM

Ludger and Arabella clap as the fashion show finally ended, Arabella will admit that it was very fun and she had a great time! Ludger will admit that it was an interesting experience, but... he felt that most of them are amateurs except for one guy, who seems to be a professional when it comes to modeling, but he didn't notice anything special about him...

So when they stood up, they jumped in surprise and stopped as the light went off and no spoke... until a light flickered on stage and a man was standing there, he stood at 6'2 ft. and he seems to be wearing a boxer alone since his previous run had him go out in a brand new boxer design by someone extraordinarily famous. The man has an athletic toned well-built body, trimmed chest hair, and olive skin tone, shoulder-length dark brown messy Half-Up style hair. The man's face is diamond-shaped, he has a chiseled face feature that makes him look handsome, and a bit rugged looking, Almond-shaped meadow green eyes, a V-shaped stubble beard, and lastly black ear studs on both sides of his ears.

Arabella blushes at seeing him, and for some reason... Ludger saw Arabella's reaction and didn't like it one bit, but he felt confused why...

"Thanks so much, everybody! for attending the Primrose Model Agency's Up and Coming Fashion Show! Where we present some of the new and talented recruits of Primrose Model Agency! Some of you might have recognized me, and yes, it is I! Gladiolus Alastair! The King of Models!" The man now named Gladiolus spoke in the mic, then there were cheers coming from everywhere

But Ludger didn't pay attention to that, he is more focused on that little detail Gladiolus mentioned and looked at Arabella, who was also surprised "Arabella? I didn't know you had someone related to you here in France"

Arabella hummed as she tries to think who could be the CEO of agency and she had to smack her forehead as she realized "How stupid of me! I forgot that my Aunt Helena lives here as the CEO of her own Model Agency!" Ludger was surprised at that, well... not really since it looks like the Primrose family seems to focus on entertainment and fashion...

"So... you know him then? Because for some reason, he looks familiar..." Ludger was previously invited to the Primrose Family Reunion, but he didn't meet a lot of the members since he was spending time with Arabella's Grandfather, who is a clock and watches aficionado

Arabella's face scrunches up in disgust and realization "Yeah... I believe that is my cousin, Gladiolus Primrose Alastair... Ugh... I can't believe I was blushing at my cousin..." Arabella had a look of being defeated and pure disgust at that fact.

Ludger just looked between Gladiolus and Arabella, to which he noticed something "Wait... but you two don't resemble each other, only the hair..." Arabella turned to Ludger and sigh "Well... we aren't blood-related since he was adopted by Aunt Helena... So that is the reason why you didn't notice him back in my family reunion, but wow... he changed a lot, to be honest..."

While Ludger and Arabella were talking about Arabella's family. Gladiolus noticed them and he decided to wait until he finishes his speech about the agency

After some time had passed, he finally finished, and returned backstage and gave the mic to one of the stagehands, and silently went outside where he noticed his cousin Arabella and the mongrel that he doesn't care to remember, but since he is in public, he can't show his usual behavior... So he throws his arms over his cousin and the mongrel's shoulders "Cousin Bella, nice to see you again! I didn't expect you to be here in Paris!" Allen, which he rather be called by family members and 'friends'

"Allen! It is nice seeing you again, but why are you here?" Arabella cheerfully responded and asked a question since she is quite curious about his reasoning "Oh that, nothing serious. Just that mother wanted to show off the recruits since there might be people interested in the rookies" Allen sighs disappointed "I was sent here just in case the show went bad, and all that... but I will be honest, they made a lot of errors which I didn't like, but alas... I can't do anything about that since they are rookies, so I can't do much except giving them more punishment in the form of training"

Ludger doesn't know why, but he felt he was being ignored by Arabella and Gladiolus... " Sorry for disrupting this, Alle-" Ludger was suddenly silent by the finger-pointing at his face "Silence Mongrel! You can't call me Allen since that is reserved for those who are part of the Primrose family or my friends, which you are neither, you buffoon! so you can only call me Gladiolus or Mr. Alastair, got it" Ludger could only gulp as if it was truly sudden...

Arabella smacks on Allen's back while chuckling "Aw, come on Allen! He is my best friend, you don't have to be rude about it! He just wanted to ask a question, right Ludgy?"

Allen's right eyes twitched at the nickname for the mongrel "Ludgy...?" Allen slowly said while glaring at Ludger, who felt cold shivers down in his spine... Allen doesn't like that "U-Um... sorry to disturb your family time Mr. Alastair, but... I'm just wondering about this deal we would like to offer you..."

Allen raised his brow at the sudden mention of an offer, and let go of his glare on Ludger, who sighs in relief of pressure being taken away. Allen hummed and looked at his cousin Bella, who looked very excited "Very well, follow me... I think we should go someplace private since it looks to be certainly important to this offer of yours..." Allen walked to the entrance of Backstage, and turned to his cousin and the Mongrel and gestured to them to follow him, they ran after him like chickens.

April 20, 2025, 7:32 PM...

Ludger and Arabella sit down on one of the couches in Allen's backstage room while Allen closes the door while making sure nobody is listening around...

After locking the door, Allen pours himself a glass of white wine and turns to his cousin and begrudgingly to the Mongrel "Cousin Bella, and... Mongrel" Ludger sighs at that... "Do you want some white wine?" Allen asked

Arabella giggles "Oh Golly! I do want some! It has been a long time since I drank white wine!" But Ludger shakes his head at the offer "Oh, Thank you Mr. Alastair, but I will have to den-" Ludger had to stop as Allen glared at him, daring him to deny his generosity "I mean... accept the wine, thanks..." Ludger nervously accept the offer due to Allen's unsaid threat

"Hmm, Very good Mongrel, at least you can recognize my generosity" Allen smirks while Arabella giggles again... 'Are the Primrose family messed up or what...?' Ludger thought with a deadpan look

Allen stopped smirking and took a sip from the white wine "Now Mongrel, explain your deal that you are presenting to me, I will judge if it's worthy of my attention" Allen seriously spoke...

Ludger had the gulp of the intense behavior Allen is now presenting "Mr. Alastair, I am coming here with the deal of offering you the opportunity of hosting a show..." Allen raised his brow in interest "Oh? Hosting a show? What type of show are we talking about here, Mongrel? You have my attention, now speak!" Allen loudly shouted at Ludger, who had managed to stay calm. Arabella turned to her cousin with a worried look and realized what he was doing... he was giving a test to Ludger

Ludger moved his hair out of his face and calmly spoke to Allen "Very well Mr. Alastair" Ludger bow to Allen, who smirked "We are responsible of managing the show, and we are in charge of finding the proper host for the show, you might have heard the series, which is called Total Drama" Allen's eyes suddenly got wide "A Reality TV Show? Interesting..." Ludger continued "I have seen your popularity and your charisma can easily call the fans and people to your side, and we believe you will be the perfect host for the show..." Ludger finished explaining and bowed once again while hiding the sweats in his forehead

Allen hummed "Impressive, Mongrel... you passed my test" "Test?" Allen ignored what Ludger said "I wanted to see if you can handle the pressure of simply dealing with me, and I can see that you were disciplined very well" Ludger frowned 'why is he still treating me like a dog...?'

"But!" Allen suddenly said and Ludger and Arabella started to sweat at the possibility of being denied "I will have to reject the offer, I am sorry, but I feel like it is beneath me of hosting such disgusting show despite it popularity" Ludger and Arabella got disappointed at that, but suddenly "BUAHAHA! Cousin Bella! Mongrel! Why the beaten look! I have truly the perfect host for your show!" Allen laugh out of nowhere

Ludger and Arabella looked at each other and back to Allen "Um... Allen? What do you mean you have the perfect host?" Allen stopped laughing and just focused on chuckling "Ah dear Cousin Bella, the host I am talking about is someone I know, who has the skill set of hosting a show, but he will also be difficult to deal with" Ludger didn't like the sound of that "But don't worry Mongrel, I will send word toward him, so you don't have to panic"

Allen turned to his cousin "And Cousin Arabella? Here is the direction and where he lives" Allen gave Arabella a small piece of paper that doesn't have much written on it, only where the possible host lives and the host last name... "Suarez?" Arabella asked herself loudly "Mr. Suarez is a... friend of mine... if I can consider that..." Allen mumbled the last few words...

Ludger sighs at the fact that they haven't found a host yet, but... maybe this one will be the gold mine... "Thank you, Allen! We are sorry for taking your time, right Ludgy?" Arabella smiled at Ludger, who was receiving the full glare of Allen "Of course, Cousin Bella! We are family, and family cares for each other... right, Ludgy?!" Allen stressed Ludger's nickname with a menacing tone, promising pain...

Ludger started to internally panic but didn't show it "Why yes, Mr. Alastair, Family need to care for each other" Oh god, Ludger just want to get away from here

Arabella waved goodbye to Allen and kissed his cheek "Thanks for your help and we should be having that family reunion next year, right Allen?" Arabella asked as if unsure "Yes, Cousin Bella, we will meet again at the family reunion"

"Oh ok! Bye!" Arabella grabbed Ludger's arm and unlocked the door and closing the door while pulling Ludger, who was used to it at this point

After the sounds of a click that came from the door were heard, Allen puts his glass of white wine to the table beside him and chuckles "Ah Cousin Bella, energetic as always... despite the fact I hate that mongrel, I will have to admit he has the skills..." Allen started chuckling at the thought of the person he recommended hosting a show, yeah right! This is vengeance from High School, you bastard!

16 Days Later...

May 6, 2025, 11:19 AM...
Cabo Rojo, Puerto Rico...

"Arabella... Did we really have to spend all that time yesterday at the beach and nighttime at 'El Pueblo'?" [1] Ludger asked Arabella since she knows that he hates wasting time, and prefers being productive, sure it is an unhealthy habit, but it at least gives him a sense of order…

Arabella turns to Ludger "Huh?! But Ludgy! Didn't you have fun at least? You know that just working isn't going to make you happy, you need a break once in a while and why not here? Puerto Rico is a great spot to enjoy nature and party! Don't tell me you didn't enjoy seeing all those amazing monuments?" Arabella smiled at Ludger, sure... they might busy finding their hosts for the show, but that doesn't mean they need to be serious all the time, and she thought it was a good chance to try to get rid of his workaholic behavior

Ludger sighs "Yes, I will admit... I did have fun..." Ludger smile while playing with his unbrushed hair as it was tied in a ponytail due to the high heat

Arabella chuckles "See! You feel relaxed now since you aren't focusing on many things at the same time, you keep forgetting the body is the temple of the mind, if you don't take care of it, it will cause difficulty to your mind!" Arabella didn't realize that she said something wise, but... that is usual for her, not realizing that she says important things

Ludger chuckles at Arabella and shakes his head with a smile 'Just keep being yourself, Arabella...' Ludger suddenly frowns as he forgot an important question "Wait... ugh... I can't believe I forgot to ask this to Mr. Alastair" Ludger felt frustrated with himself for forgetting this...

Arabella did multiple spins on her feet and turned to Ludger with a confused look on her face at what Ludger said, but suddenly a light bulb went up to her head at the realization of what he meant "Oh! Do you mean where the potential host that Allen mentions lives? I got you covered! I decided to call Allen to explain how the place of the person he mentioned looks like, and I know it will be easy to spot it! I think..." Arabella said at the end nervously since she notices that a lot of the houses look remarkably weird and exotic...

Ludger hummed and Arabella started explaining to him how the place that the potential host lives looks like, and Ludger was honestly baffled at the description "Really? He lives in a place like that...? Well... each people has their taste, I guess" Ludger told Arabella, who nodded at what he said

Ludger and Arabella spent a long time looking at the place, which they had to ask people where the place was, but luckily, they found someone who knows who they are looking for and where they live. The person decided to take them to the place, and alas! There it was! The house of the potential host!

Ludger could only say one thing... "Huh...?" Ludger turns to Arabella "I guess you weren't exaggerating what Allen said" Arabella frowned at him "What do you mean by that! I never exaggerate!"

Ludger looked at her unimpressed "Uh-huh? Then explain of that time when you told one of the members of the Repair Division about something I did, which caused me to get a black eye because they were offended, or maybe about that time when we were visiting your family back in Spain, then you told your Uncle Maxwell about my hobbies, which caused him to try to get me into something dangerous... and which caused me to run away from a horde of animals chasing after me..." Ludger explained with a deadpan look at her, who blushed as she remembered that

Ludger turned to the house and saw how it looks like it is a cream-colored converted barn with two additional rooms, which can be seen from the front and the entrance has a stone exterior, and the house has a tropical theme around it.

Arabella runs to the entrance while leaving Ludger behind, who could only sigh tiredly at her, Ludger walks toward her and sees her knocking on the door. For some reason, he can hear Spanish music coming from inside.

They waited and waited, and Arabella turned to Ludger "Do you think they are in?" Ludger spoke "Well, I believe s-" Before Ludger could finish what he was going to say, behind the door, there was the sound of multiple shouts coming from inside, and then slowly there were footsteps coming closer and then the person behind the door was unlocking the locks and from there...

A man was standing in front of them, who has very long messy bed hair as if he didn't know what a brush is, and he appears to be shirtless, which reveals he was quite fit while wearing sweatpants, it makes him look like a hobo, especially his hair, then the man spoke with a low guttural voice as if he just woke up from his sleep "Si...? Puedo ayudarte con algo? Si no tiene ningún negocio conmigo, pueden irse de mi propiedad" [2] The man spoke in Spanish as he scratched his chest with an annoyed look on his face and acted as if this was the usual...

Arabella smiled at the man, but if anyone focuses on her, they can notice her smile looks strained, so Ludger decided to intervene... He knows that Arabella doesn't get mad or anything, but... when someone talks to her in a rude way at the get-go, her mood goes 180...

"Apologies for interrupting you on this grand day, mister, but we are looking for someone through the recommendation of a person we talked with, and we want to offer them a deal" Ludger explained to the irritated man

The man casually raises his brow in interest at what they are talking about. "Fine" The man started talking English, and it looked like he was fluent at it. "Who are you looking for and who told you about this person?" The man asked with a bored look on his face

Ludger nods at the man's demand "We are looking for Mr. Suarez, and we were told about this person by Mr. Alastair, better known as Gladiolus Alastair" Ludger answered the man

The man looked narrows his eyes at Ludger and got closer to Ludger's face as if he wasn't able to properly look at him, then he stood back "Hold up" The man closes the door on Ludger, which caused Ludger to turn to Arabella with a confused look, and Arabella just shrugs at him

They waited for some time... until he finally opened the door again, which reveals he is wearing a red t-shirt, black large rimmed glasses, and he is using a hairbrush to fix his hair despite the difficulty he is having in getting rid off of the tangle, but because of this, we can properly see his face, which reveals his three beauty marks found on his face, and his body build is hard to determine due to his clothing that looks a bit big for him, but it is easy to notice he is 5'10 foot tall and has dark chocolate brown eyes with serious dark circles as if he didn't sleep the past week or something, but the thing that made him look like a mess is the beard he is growing, and it's like he doesn't bother to shave or something.

"Follow me" The man spoke to Ludger and Arabella, and gestured to them to follow him somewhere else inside his house, so Ludger and Arabella looked at each other with a confused look, but they just shrugged it off and followed him inside.

The three of them walk slowly while the sounds of people speaking in Spanish are heard in the background, Ludger and Arabella look calm, but the man is looking tired and annoyed at the sudden business visit.

They walked and walked until they reached the back of the yard, where there was a patio and Ludger and Arabella stood there in surprise of the design… it has a mixture of modern and traditional, but it was as if a master did it… and there was even a pool with a long slide attached to it, and they realized this is where the music and shouting came from…

The man stopped and turned with a disappointed look "I apologize for the state of things, today was meant to be a day where I spent time with my family…" Now that the man said it, they noticed two three people working around with some food in the barbecue and seemed to be speaking in Spanish and there were various people swimming in the pool, some looking young while others looked similar to the man's age and even older than him.

The man led them to the couch and waited for them to sit. "Do you want something to drink or eat?" the man offered them something. Ludger shakes his head "Don't worry Mr. Suarez, we can wait until the end of the discussion" Ludger told the man, who simply stared at them… as if it was the stare of someone who doesn't trust… "Fine…" The man sat on the opposite couch, which caused them to face each other… "Speak…"

Arabella looked unsure… this man had a similar presence to Kouen… Ludger didn't notice it as he was talking business to the man "Before I can speak to Mr. Suarez, is it better if we introduce ourselves?" the man narrows his eyes, but stays quiet… he just slowly nods… "That is great, I will go first, I am Ludger Isjbrand and this is Arabella Primrose" The man frowned as Ludger said Primrose… he knew whose family it was from… "I… see… Well, I guess it is my turn… I am Therion Suarez…"

Ludger nods as he finally has the name of the man… Therion… hmm… Wolf or Wild Beast in Greek… he sure does have that aura that fits with his name, but he has the feeling Therion isn't in the mood for the introduction as he wanted this to be finished.

"Good! With that out of the way with our pleasant introduction, you might be curious as to why we are here and desire speaking with you, Mr. Suarez, right?" Therion looks wary, but slowly nods… he isn't someone who doesn't like sudden meetings… "Yes… and get to the point, this is supposed to be one of my days off…" Ludger saw that Therion was getting more annoyed… "Uh… okay, we are to present you with a job… or rather an offer that is hard to reject" That was… somewhat true, the only reason the others rejected both of them is because they didn't bother listening to what he needed to say…

Therion narrows his eyes on Ludger and almost scowls "Ugh… Another game…? I am taking a hiatus now… and I don't take commissions from others, I make the ones that I desire…" Therion assumed that is why they are here, he is a professional game designer and game director, of course if people know where he is, they would straight up run toward him to get something out of him…

Ludger blinks in surprise, but soon shakes his head and focused back "Oh no, you are getting confused there, Mr. Suarez, it is not a commission for a game or anything like that… but… it is a game per say~" Ludger spoke in a calm and confident manner.

Therion simply hums and leans forward, paying close attention to what Ludger was going to say to him since those word choices must have a specific reason being mentioned "Keep going…" Therion spoke in a calm manner, as if his previous behavior was gone…

Ludger nodded at Therion's words and kept going "What we are offering you… is the chance to be the host for the up-coming reboot of Total Drama! That is right! Total Drama is coming back with a brand new season with new faces!" Ludger tried to sound positive, but Arabella just cringed… It is nice for Ludger to be motivated, but his wide smile isn't… motivating for others...

They suddenly hear a groan coming from Therion as if hearing terrible news and they see him clutching his head… "Why does it keep coming back to bite me…" He mumbled, but Ludger and Arabella didn't hear him due to the shouts and laughter of the childrens in the pool…

Therion just put his open hand in front of him as if asking him to give him something… Ludger realized what he was asking, and brought out the contract to pass it over to Therion. Therion grabbed it and began to read it, and he was quite fast as Therion finished reading each page in one minute while making sure there wasn't any fine print at all… hmm… "Okay… It seems that most of it is covered by the network and I don't have much to do except host, design the challenges, pick the cast, and other additional stuff as well… Hmm..:" Ludger and Arabella are tense as Therion reads the contract… Due to their constant failure, they are quite tense and nervous about the conclusion that Therion could give..

Therion tilts his head as he thinks it over, Therion still had his almost blank expression, as if he got used to it for a long time… "Okay, I thought it over, but I have a few conditions if I am planning to be the host of Total Drama, but I don't think you two are in charge of these types of conditions… Do you have the number of your CEO of the network? Since I believe this type of show getting rebooted isn't something a producer can simply decide to do…" Ludger and Arabella turn to each other with a worried glance, and soon return to Therion. Ludger searched for his phone and found the business card of Amaravati, and gave it to Therion "Thank you… You can leave the contract, so I can review it, and I will give a call to your CEO… you will soon hear my answer…" Therion told them "Now can you leave my home, please?" Therion is dismissing them… They both nodded and grabbed what they brought except what Therion asked for and soon left…

Therion sat there… staring at the stack of paper that is the contracts for him, and the business card of the CEO of the network who is rebooting… the show… Therion knows it is a bad idea, but… he doesn't know why, but he feels something urging him to accept it despite the logical conclusion it could have on him… Therion sighs, well… it is time to get it over with. Therion calls the phone number that appears in the card and speaks… "Well, your two minions came over and offered me a job… I have a couple of conditions before accepting… who is this?..." Therion smugly smirks for the first time… "The name's Therion Suarez, Professional Game Designer, Game Director, and many more… at your service, and I think you will like these conditions…" Therion told them with a small grin as he looked over the papers… he might need to prepare some stuff and pull a couple of favors...

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