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Chapter 0, Prologue 2; The Lion, Who Raises Thy Fist In Pride!

June 2, 2025, 8:47 PM...
Up to within the sky of the United States, Airplane…

Within the sky of the United States, more specifically between Michigan and Ohio, there is an airplane soaring within the calm and silent night, but what is the importance of this plane isn't what matters or important… It is who is inside the plane that truly matters…

In one of the seats within the business class, there is a man, who seems to be quite busy. In his right hand, he is writing something on his computer, and with his left hand, he is quickly sliding around, which on closer attention, it appears he is holding a mouse and he is also wearing headphones, listening to some music. He appears to be muttering to himself about something… He looks quite… busy and serious, but… if one looks into his eyes, they can see a glance of… excitement?

So much has passed in May, after the fateful meeting of the lackeys' of Fresh TV, Ludger Isjbrand, and Allen's cousin, Arabella Primrose… He had to make a couple of agreements, discuss conditions for him and with the CEO of Fresh TV, Amaravati Parvana, and so many more… even presented the chance of selecting the location that he wanted and requesting numerous conditions that would benefit him, it was a bit difficult in getting her approval, but he managed to convince her. And luckily, he had his eyes on the island that would be used for the season. He needed the help of someone he knows, who is very talented in real estate, to the point they have islands on sale on their list. He has already sent a couple of staff to begin the construction with the blueprint of one of his best friends who had prepared along with his best friends' building partner… He had met them before, and they are quite weird, but they fit with a tee with his best friend.

But still… He can still feel the shiver when he was presented with the chance to announce the new reboot of Total Drama, and he did it in his own way. He didn't like that he had to do it on such short notice since barely the month had passed when he got hired, but… adaptation is an important skill, but he is baffled at how prepared that CEO was since it would usually take a long time… she is lucky he got some form of luck in the form of his friends. But again, he still remembers like it was yesterday… Well, it was rather last week, but the feeling is there.

May 26, 2025
New York, United States (Madison Square Garden)

Therion nervously sat in front of the stage… He isn't used to any form of Awards Show, he isn't used to any social events after living like a hermit for several years… but he got the invitation last month, and wasn't sure what to do with it since this award show isn't big like the The Game Award that occurs yearly, this seems to be a… award that constantly happens in May, as a way to give info and promo for games that has been recently released, but he wasn't sure to accept the invitation until the CEO told him he can use the awards as a way to announce his hiatus properly and the reboot of Total Drama, but that felt… quite bold to be honest. Oh? It seems the genre that he was nominated for is gonna begin…

On the podium, one of the hosts of the awards stepped up and began speaking "The Nominees for the Best Action/Adventure Game of the Month is… Resident Evil 10, Assassin's Creed: Aztec, Just Cause 5, Deux Ex: Accelerator, and lastly, Crossblaze: Bullet Blood Reign!" The host mentioned each of the titles while above him, it shows the image with the studio of who made it, and the creator of the game…

"Each of these games has shown amazing stuff, music, levels design, and everything! But only one of them will win the award of the best action/adventure game of May! The winner is…" The host put the card he was holding in front of him, and slowly opened it, the room felt tense… as if awaiting for the result… even Therion felt it… He didn't care if his game ended up winning or not, but the thought of one of his games being recognized as the best is making his heart swell up in excitement and total fear… I mean, he once won several awards for his game, Borderphobia… which is still winning a couple of awards through special DLCs and the help of the community… but this is different, this isn't his masterpiece work, but rather… something he has recently made with a couple of help from others…

The host finally managed to unfold the card and thus read it, which made everyone even more tense… some who weren't nominated are calm, but those? You can feel the intense heat of the possible winner… it might not matter in the short run since this is like… a mock version of the Game Award, but it is still equally important… "The winner is…." Jeez… This host really loves to be dramat- "Crossblaze: Bullet Blood Reign!" -ic… wait… what? Did… Did I mishear that?

There was an explosion of cheer and excitent claps that surrounded me, well… I… I didn't expect this, but okay… I stood up and gave a hug to the person beside me, and accepted a hand shake from the person behind me and began walking toward the stage… Again, I didn't expect to win against some of the best franchises there is… but… yeah, that is… great… I am happy, but I am not sure how to show it…

I managed to get up on the stage and reach next to the host, who was holding the award that is… mine… The host gave me a big smile and gave the trophy to me "Congrats for the big accomplishment! You deserve it! Do you have something to say to everyone?" The host told me, which left me a bit nervous since I am unsure what to say, speech isn't… something I dabble greatly, but I can try… I mean, I constantly hang around with charismatic people, so maybe something rubs off on me… "Uh… sure thing…" I stood in front of the podium that the host used, and I spoke into the microphone while I held my award with my hands.

"I… I never expected this, to be honest… I know I got nominated and everything, but I truly never expected this, having my game compete with some of the best series out there, like Resident Evil, Assassin's Creed, Just Cause, and Deux Ex… they are considered some of the best known video games ever made, which is a big honor for someone like me, so imagine my surprise when my game got nominated. I was shocked, and baffled, but here I am, standing within Madison Square Garden! I am eternally grateful and honored for your support! Helping my game win the award! I don't deserve it, but I am grateful, and I wouldn't have done it without my team's effort to complete it! Thanks!" I finished my small speech. I tried to make it look like I am grateful, which I am, but… internally I am extremely unsure how to show it or word it, so this is the next best thing that I could do.

Everyone in front of him cheers and claps for his speech, Therion smiled at the sight… He… He never expected he would reach this level of fame… He didn't expect much of himself, but this is nice… Suddenly the host spoke next to him "I believe you have an announcement to make, right?" He blinked in surprise, how did he know about it? The host whispered next to him "Your boss told me about it, don't worry~ I won't say anything about it" Ugh… I really have to do this… I don't know why I have to make a public announcement, but whatever…

The host stood in front of the podium and said "But wait everyone! That isn't all! Our dear award winner has an important announcement to make now!" The host moved away from the podium and… I… I stood in front of it, unsure what to do exactly, they were staring at me with expectation on their face, excitent to see what I have to say… I took a deep breath and prepared myself, knowing the disappointment I might cause…

"Many of you may not like this… at all, and I am very sad to say this, but… I am taking a temporary hiatus in the gaming industry" There were many gasps of shocks and several whispers and mumbles that could be heard… it is an expected reaction… "Again, I said temporary, which is why I am making this an important announcement… because I will be taking the role of a host for a new reality tv show" There was another gasp of surprise, but with no negative tie, it was mostly confusion at what I said, and they were turning to each other, wondering why I needed to say this… "Well… There is a reason why this is important… the show I will be hosting, it is considered legendary within the entertainment industry, some of the best work that has existed… with the focus of… drama…" He noticed that some people had wide eyes, as if realizing what he was talking about… "I see some of you realized what show I am talking about, that is right! I am hosting the new reboot of TOTAL DRAMA!" There were many yells, screaming, and silence… all mixed together as the news of my announcement, fully hit them in their mind… despite their love or dislike of the show, they know that a new generation of reality tv shows is about to enter the scene and it is with a well known show from many.

"I hope you enjoy it, and while I am sorry about the news, I hope you can check out the show and everything! I hope you support my decision, and don't worry, when it is over, I will return to the gaming industry" Therion smiled at the people, with a relaxed manner, keeping them under control… There is a reason why he is considered a person many can relax with and stay calm.

Back in the present
June 2, 2025, 9:11 PM
Michigan, Detroit

Therion just smiled at the memory… While he constantly faced questions about himself and the world, that was one of those moments that made him forget about the negative and face it with a fond smile. Therion looks outside of the window and notices that he is getting closer to land, almost exactly on schedule… good, he doesn't usually travel around, but since this is a business matter, rather than personal, so he makes an exception. And besides, he is going to meet with one of the co-hosts of the show… well, he means rather a host since they would equally show importance to the show, but whatever… He isn't here to discuss about technicalility.

Therion began to store everything into his duffel bag and made sure that everything was properly organized. Sure, a duffel bag of this size usually would leave him unbalanced, but thanks to a friend, he managed to gain enough strength to not lose his balance due to the shift of weight.

Therion looks outside once again, and smiles… He is excited, which is… in some way weird for him since the only things that usually make him excited are either video games, making new games, listening to his favorite music, eating his favorite foods, and even hanging out with his best friends… But this is… special… he is given a project that he could have a lot of… fun…

Therion turned in front of him, and realized he forgot to finish his meal, a pasta with tomato-eggplant sauce and Bread, roll and butter, and drink, a can of Sprite. Oh well… He is used to eating cold foods… He begins to quickly eat his meal while making sure he doesn't get sick from eating too fast.

June 2, 2025, 9:33 PM
Michigan, Detroit (Detroit Metropolitan Wayne County Airport)

Therion stepped off of the airport and took a deep breath of the air of Detroit… It tends to feel interesting how the air of each location feels so… different, some… refreshing… and other? Not so much… But either way, it is nice to step into a new location that he never appears in. He really enjoys traveling, even if… airplanes tend to cause him to be anxious.

Therion frowned as he realized he had forgotten something… damn it… He didn't ask for anyone to drive him toward his destination… It seems he doesn't have any choice other than he needs to rent a car, even if he is… iffy with it. Therion walks into a certain section within the parking lot and located the Hertz car rental spot… He quickly dealt with the paperworks and paid for the car he wants, a 2021 Hyundai Elantra, he doesn't care what color, he just wants something that is comfortable… and you are wondering how he knows about cars, right? Simple, video games as per usual.

Therion entered the car and powered the car on, and took off. Therion took a peek toward the clock of the car. Which reveals it is '9:42 PM' Hmm… The meeting is supposed to be around 11:00 PM in Little Caesar Arena (which to his knowledge, is the main area of the Detroit Pistons from the NBA) since his partner is currently working as a temporary wrestler/instructor for some wrestling company that he used to work with in Spain, but suddenly gain traction in a worldwide level… He believes it is called the SWE for short... so maybe he should grab some fast food. He is still hungry, while the airplane's food filled him a bit, it wasn't enough for him, and… he likes to indulge himself with food once in a while since he isn't working on his games, like writing, making music, art, etc.

Therion searched around for a fast food restaurant, and soon spotted a McDonald… good. Therion noticed that the line of the drive-thru is almost empty, which means he doesn't have to wait long enough… just two cars. Therion got into the line, but as he waited, he decided to take peek into his phone and re-read some of the information he got from the building plans within the island, he is impressed at how well his partner was able to come up with a proper organization of many buildings for the island, despite not even being there personally. A couple of photos was enough to help them decide how to build each area.

Therion noticed that the two cars were gone, so they must have ordered already, so it must be his turn now. Therion was in front of the menu board and waited for the employee to speak. "Hello, Welcome to McDonald's. What do you wish to order?" Hmm, they spoke in quite the respectful manner, that is good to hear… "Oh, Uh… I want a combo of a double chicken bacon cheddar extravaganza, along with three pieces of mozzarella sticks and cinnamon roll." He gave his order in a calm manner… and yes, he is hungry. He heard the… was it a cashier? Yeah, it is the cashier… he heard them typing his order "Hmm… What do you wish to drink?" Oh right, the beverage… "I will say a large cup of Sprite" He tends to get easily thirsty. He once again heard the typing… "Okay, so you ordered a combo of…" They mentioned everything I have told them, good to hear they didn't make any mistake "Yes, you got it right" He imagined they nodded themselves "Okay, your grand total is 14.79$, also question, will you donate one dollar for the cancer charity" Hmm… "Sure thing" "Okay, thanks! Just come in to the next window to pay your order"

The speaker turned off, and he slowly moved to the window while pulling his credit card to pay his order. "Here it is" Therion passed the card to the cashier, who quickly passed the pad to him, with which he input the code of the credit card. "Okay, you just need to go to the next window to grab your order" the cashier told him, to which he simply nodded.

Therion just went to the next window and grabbed his order "Thanks for coming to McDonald's, hope you come again" He nodded at them, and soon drove away, he won't begin eating until he reaches the arena. If he remembers right, there is some… special wrestling event going on? He isn't sure…

Therion is gonna take some time to get there from what he can see from the GPS, but luckily, it won't take long to get there. Which is good for him since he is a bit impatient due to his current hunger at the moment.

June 2, 2025, 10:34 PM…
Michigan, Detroit (Little Caesar Arena)

"Here we are folks! We are in the main event of the SWG! We have gone through numerous exciting and heart pumping matches that left us tense and ready to jump in excitement, each of these wrestlers has put everything together, but… we have finally reached the match that everyone was waiting for! One of its kind! I AM SHAKING IN MY PANTS PEOPLE! ARE YOU ALL EXCITED?!" The crowds within Little Caesar Arena jumped in excitement, who are really pumped up, after all those fights, they are more excited for the main fight.

SWG, or better known as the Spain Wrestling Generation has gotten a rise in fame due to a certain figure, who was their first fighter and gained the attention of many wrestling fans due to their charisma and everything, but soon quit around three month, but it was enough for the wrestling company to get a following through seven years and getting famous around Europe, rivaling ESW (European Star Wrestling) and even the NXT: UK in just short times, which is really impressive. Many have wanted SWG to come into the states and give a show or two… After some talk, they have decided to promote in the state as a way to test the waters… and they are currently thinking of changing the name of the company to better fit what they are doing now… This is their fifth show as the previous four were given with high success, but this one is a bit special…

"Folks! I hope you are ready for the main event! This is a special match up! A legendary match up! Something that would shatter your mind! I am excited folks, and I know you are! Isn't that right, Manuel?!" The announcer who was speaking turned to his partner announcer, Manuel Villanueva.

"You are right, Javier! This will be one of the matches of the century! After the big talk that the SWG Tag Team Champion, Los Belicistas or better known for our english viewers, The Warmongers made about the first fighter of the SWG, there has been certain occurrences happening around! To the point that the general manager of SWG decided to close the lid on the issue by having a tag team match!" Manuel told Javier Gonzalez

"But how is that gonna work, Manuel?! Even if he does come back, how will he fight in a tag team match?! He is one person after all!" Javier shouted in shock at the words

"I don't know my partner… I don't know…" Manuel sounded so sad at not knowing what was going to happen…

Suddenly, music started blaring within the arena, which caused the audience to jump in excitement about the now arriving wrestlers. "Well look at that! Here come the champions who are challenging the legend themselves! The Warmongers!"

Two people appeared from the stage, jumping erratically while fireworks went off behind them. Both of them seem to be wearing gas masks while wearing black non-sleeve t-shirt and dark green cargo pants. The entire arena has a red light while they slowly get to the ring. "Making their way to the ring! From Spain, Seville! Standing at 6'1 and 6'0 ft, weighing around 239 and 229 pounds! The beginners of wars! The embodiment of chaos themselves! The current SWG Tag Team Champions! TTTTHHHHHEEEEE… WWWWWAAAARRRRRMMMMOOOOONNNNNGGGGEEEERRRRSSSSS!" The Warmongers enter the ring while jumping erratically, while the audience boo at them, revealing that they are a heel team.

"Well, looks like they are the first people to get here, but there is no sight of the challengers… Javier, you think they will be no show?" Manuel spoke to Javier, who responded back "I don't know Manuel, but if they aren't no show, this main event would be pointles- WAIT?! DO YOU HEAR THAT?!" Javier shouted in shock as a familiar music that only those who were there for the first three month knew about.

The arena has darkened while a figure appears in the middle, with a thick red mantle with a fluffy white fur collar covering them… meaning that no one can see them at all… the music has tone down, and a spotlight fell on them… but nothing happened at all… there was silence… "From Spain, Barcelona… Standing at 7'1 ft and weighs around 219 pounds... The warrior with a heart of gold! The one who has to stand in front of danger and face it directly! The First SWG Champion! The Legend! The Myth! THE LIONHEART WARRIOR!" The man who was standing in the middle with a cape, suddenly threw it away while fireworks went off, revealing the wrestler. The thing that calls attention is the jacket they are wearing, which is a dark orange and red fur-laced unbuttoned jacket coat bearing several belts on it. But The Lionheart Warrior easily takes it off, and reveals everything else… He is wearing bronze armor, with cuffs and greaves with white furred fringes, and brown leather straps sandals, which gives the feeling of a warrior. Underneath the armor, he wears a black skin tight suit which stops at his thigh.

The Lionheart Warrior stared at The Warmongers with a serious look on his face, which The Warmongers returned. Then he soon proceeded to roar with fireworks going off once again, making the audience and the veteran audiences to cheer.

"Oh man, Manuel! Are you feeling the intensity between these three wrestlers?! Because it is unbelievable! And I am so excited to see one of the most legendary wrestlers with the SWG despite their short time!" Javier excitedly told Manuel, excited to see a legend like The Lionheart Warrior, who was responsible for the rise within the SWG

"I am excited like you, Javier, but.. Doesn't it feel weird that his partner didn't come out? Where are they?" Manuel asked to Javier, who simply shrugs, but he was about to speak… until he was interrupted by a music coming from the stage

A figure in a wrestling costume appeared with a smug grin on his face and took a pose with fireworks going off on both sides, and the audience were confused at the appearance of this person. "From Jackson, Mississippi! From the Wrestling Company of EWP, Elite Wrestling Pro! Standing at 6'4 ft. and weighs around 240 pound! God's Gift! The Pinnacle of Perfection! The Current EWP World Heavyweight Champion! The Chosen Tag Team Partner of The Lionheart Warrior! DEON BLADE!" Now named figure, Deon Blade did another pose and a barrage of fireworks went off, with a bigger grin on his face, and went next to The Lionheart Warrior, they glanced at each other with a smirk on their faces, as if excited to show off. The Lionheart Warrior had a mic on his hand and passed it to Deon Blade and soon spoke.

"I see everyone is confused by my presence, right? You are wondering who this handsome beast is, right? Well, you heard it right people! I am the Legend, The Myth! Himself in the flesh! You see everyone, I am the living embodiment of perfection! I am everything that a wrestler should have! I am seen with envy! I am known as the sexiest man on Earth! But here I come, I heard two jabronis talking smack about my man, Lion here! And I thought! 'Damn these jabronis are talking smack of someone who isn't there!' We decided to show these B-Team, Green jabronis how it is truly done!" Deon Blade dropped the mic without hesitation. There was much gasp at the sheer gall of this Deon Blade hurling at The Warmongers, but extremely excited by the pure confidence of his, and wondering why The Lionheart Warrior picked him in the first place.

They suddenly start running toward the ring, The Lionheart jumped over the rope with ease, done as if it was nothing while Deon Blade slid under the ropes with ease, looking smooth and winked at the crowds. The audience cheers for both of them while The Warmongers stare at them in anger.

The Lionheart Warrior and Deon Blade stood face to face with The Warmongers while the referee explained the rules of the fight and the do and don't of the match. Each of them didn't move one inch despite the cheering of the fans, the commentary that the announcers were doing, they focused on each other… The answer is set in stone, but that doesn't mean they will relax… because this is where everything will truly begin. The bell rang, and one of The Warmongers jumped outside of the ring, giving the one in the ring the lead of the fight.

The Lionheart Warrior gave a glance at Deon Blade and nodded at him, who responded back by nodding, which then The Lionheart Warrior jumped outside of the ring and stood behind the rope in the corner.

15 minutes later;

After some intense back and forth, and the constant switching while keeping the audience excited by flashing some crazy techniques and really exciting movement. The Lionheart Warrior was pinning one of The Warmongers, and the referee threw himself into the ground, smacking his hand into the ground three times, and he quickly stood up, signalling that the match was over.

The referee pulled The Lionheart Warrior and Deon Blade's arm, signalling they are the winner of the match. They both celebrate at the victory while the audience goes crazy at their victory, it was one of the best they have seen so far within SWG.

They walked back into the stage and made sure they were in the camera. The Lionheart Warrior turned to Deon Blade with a smug grin "Hmm, you did an excellent job as my partner, I knew I choose quite well"

Deon Blade just huffed at him "Pff, I don't know what else you expected, I am the pinnacle of perfection, I am the best thing since sliced bread, I was of course going to do well, in fact! I could have done it alone in dealing with those B-Team jabronis" Deon Blade arrogantly told Lion "And either way, this is going to be a one time thing, I am going back to EWP since they would be nothing without me and I have to show everyone why I am one of their main stars, so see ya later" Deon Blade waved at Lion and walked away from the camera.

The Lionheart Warrior stood there in silence, with the camera paying attention… Many of the audience were curious about what was going on, and… felt a bit weirded out by the wrestler's behavior. The Lionheart Warrior simply cheerfully grinned "Heh, he is quite fun to be with, but I believe it is time for the interview" The Lionheart Warrior said and soon walked away from the camera.

June 2, 2025, 11:03 PM...
Michigan, Detroit (Little Caesar Arena, Backstage)

He is now standing within a room, next to a woman who seems to be ready to interview him while she shuffles numerous cards on her hands as she is memorizing her questions, but it looks like they aren't on camera yet, which soon shows the man who looked calm throughout his appearance, was now looking nervous and taking deep breaths… no matter how many acting classes he takes, the nerve tends to take him… He doesn't know how he got roped into this… like, he didn't know he was that popular within the company, and people want information regarding him. So he had to make a deal with them since officially he wasn't with the company when he had quit back in Spain.

The crew members were moving around, organizing everything to fit with the quality of the interview. The cameramen, who were standing behind the camera, began to slowly countdown the recording… they have only one shot since this is happening live…

"Camera is…. Now… rolling!" The cameramen shouted, which took their places and he and the interviewer got ready.

"Greeting SWG fans, Liliana Alatorre here, joined by one of the legendary superstars from the first era of SWG, The Lionheart Warrior!" The interviewer began, introducing herself as Liliana, and then him.

"Those who are veterans within the company and audience have heard from The Lionheart Warrior in short time within the company Now usually, the time he had doesn't present many chances to get the fame and popularity that is needed to reach far, but this man alone has helped the company to raise to a new level, brought many fans to the sight of SWG and inspired many future wrestlers in Spain. A great achievement that can't be easily replicated... and alas, he soon quit around the time his contract was finished, which was a three month contract… But today, we have gotten the perfect opportunity to have an interview with him, as many fans were curious about him, and we hoped he could reveal some details about him, so let us begin right now'' Liliana turned to Lion, who was calmly smiling at her.

"I am quite excited, my friend. I never had much chance to get interviewed, so this is going to be an enjoyable experience, so please, throw as many questions as possible" He told her in a calm, but excited manner.

Liliana nodded at his words, and began the process "Okay, the first question is quite simple, what is your name?" Many of the audience held their breath as they were curious about the identity of the wrestler "Oh, I am Leon Salvatore, but you may call me Leo if you so wish!" Leon answered the question without hesitation, and many of the audience were surprised at how easily he did it since most wrestlers don't do that kind of thing.

"I see now, so you don't mind if I call you Leon or Leo for the rest of the interview, right?" Liliana asked him, just to be sure "Of course! I don't mind one bit at all, my friend! Ahahaha!" Leon cheerfully laughed, and Liliana smiled due to Leon's contagious cheerfulness.

"Hmm… Oh, here is a question that many fans were quite curious to ask about you, how old were you when you first began wrestling ?" Liliana asked him, to which Leon proceeded to hum in thought "Oh my… that has been quite time since I ever thought about it… I believe I was between 19 and 20 years old, after moving back to Spain and helping my… parents with some things" Leon explained while slightly pausing at the mention of his parents, but many thought he was thinking how to phrase it properly.

"I was wandering around, helping the people of Spain with their issues and dealing with criminal issues until I spotted the founder of the company in problem of some sort, after offering my assistance to help them, they offered me the contract and I accepted and that is when I began wrestling under the name of The Lionheart Warrior and temporarily made me the face of the company" Leon happily explained to Liliana.

"Oh, that is quite an interesting story right there, but another question… Do you enjoy wrestling?" Liliana asked him… that is quite a serious question… asking such a question in a wrestling interview.

"Why of course I enjoy wrestling! I used to watch a lot of wrestling when I was young, but I didn't have the necessary muscles or energy to properly be a wrestler, but after some time in my life, I have gotten the chance to get better, so I focus on training and training all the day and time until I have gotten the chance, thanks to the owner of the company, but alas… I had to leave when the contract was finished since I also had other important stuff and promises to do, like my education and all that, my friend"

After that, it was the usual, Liliana asked Leon a question regarding him, who proceeded to answer it with a smile on his face. The questions range from what is his common training schedule/base, how much has he trained, which he mentioned he had even gotten the chance to learn several martial arts, what he does in his free time, etc, but nothing too personal.

"Okay, I believe we and the fans are satisfied with the answers we have gotten, I am really sure that many fans are really excited to know more about you" Liliana smiles at Leon "Do you have anything else to share with us, Leon?"

Leon tilts his head while having his eyes closed, looking once again as if he is thinking in the moment, but snaps his finger in realization and smiles at Liliana as he remembered what he needed to do since he got distracted with the interview.

"Why yes! I have a very important announcement to make, and I believe everyone will get excited about it~" Leon grins while speaking into the microphone that Liliana was using.

Liliana looks surprised at Leon's words. She was told that she would be interviewing Leon and have him answer some questions, but nothing else since it would keep things fresh, but she is surprised about his words and wonder what he is planning to announce.

Leon clears his throat and turns to the camera with a grin on his face "Greeting everyone, many of you have previously known me as The Lionheart Warrior, but my real name is Leon Salvatore! And this announcement might call your attention since it involves me and several famous figures~" Leon smiled at the camera while Liliana glanced at Leon with a curious look.

Leon suddenly pointed at the camera while laughing "Hahaha! The announcement is that I will be one of the hosts within the reality tv show that many have known for a long time, but soon disappear… I WILL BE HOSTING THE REBOOT SHOW OF TOTAL DRAMA!" Leon without realizing it, but he got so excited that he began yelling, but… there was silence in the room, it was so quiet to the point one could hear a pin drop into the ground… Most of the staff stared at Leon in surprise and shock.

Leon stopped pointing at the camera, and began softly scratching his beard with his right hand while still grinning as if he didn't notice the shock of everyone within the room and outside of the room, with the audience watching him.

"I understand that it is shocking to hear about the show returning once again due to its… past, but I am sure there was already talk about it since the first host of the show has revealed the news about it, my friend!" Leon clenches his left fist in front of him while opening his right palm and thrusting it forward. Keeping a confident look on his face, and he is really getting into it.

"We have already begun the process of picking the contestants for the show, and we have received a lot of potential contestants! But that doesn't mean we have stopped! In fact… WE ARE BARELY BEGINNING, MY FRIEND!" Leon shouted while clenching both of his hands and leaning forward while keeping his excitement going.

Leon soon stood straight, kept his left hand clenched and then pointed again at the camera "You can keep sending the audition to us! Since the due date is never closed until further notice, so keep on sending and sending! We will be picking 24 contestants that will share the spotlight within this season of Total Drama! With my buddy Therion, me and two other hosts! That is what I wanted to announce, so anyone who wants to see more of me, you can see me in the new season of Total Drama!" Leon finished speaking regarding the announcement, he is very happy since his grin didn't disappear during the entire announcement.

"Cut!" The cameramen shouted to everyone, meaning the live recording of the interview was over, which everyone let go of their tenseness, and soon began organizing everything back to order.

Leon just smiled, he just couldn't hold himself back! Like… this is his very first time hosting a show, especially one he had watched from his high school years! At first, he believed that Therion was joking, not because Therion is a liar or anything like that! But… his best buddy isn't the most social person in the world… It was something rather shocking since he has gotten worse in socializing due to his hermit lifestyle.

Leon walked into a corner that contained some of his stuff that could be carried by hand, and grabbed his phone, then checked the hour… oh shoot! He is going to be late to the meeting. Leon turns to Liliana "Thanks for the interview, I should be going now!" Leon gave a smile to Liliana, who blush at the smile, but covered it up by coughing into her hands.

"Oh, you don't have to thank me at all! I am simply just doing my job, that is all! Ehehe…" Liliana said that in a nervous manner for some reason, but Leon didn't notice it

"Oh okay! See you later! If you require something of me, just speak with the general manager or the founder of the company!" Leon waved at Liliana and soon left the room and went to the locker room, so he could clean himself up since he was sweating under his costume, and needed to fix himself up.

June 2, 2025, 11:21 PM
Michigan, Detroit (Little Caesar Arena, Private Parking Lot)

Leon quickly stepped out of the arena after he was finished cleaning up and changing back into his casual clothes. Leon began walking toward his RV as he needed to put his stuff there, and then meet with his buddy Therion for the meeting… which he was about 21 mi- wait, no… 23 minutes late! Jeez... Therion is going to get mad…

As he ran toward the RV, he suddenly stopped as he glanced toward his right and spotted someone in the front of the hood of a car, sitting there… eating something. But they look quite familiar…

Leon walked closer to the car, and soon recognized it was Therion! "Oh Therion! There you are!" Leon cheerfully shouted at Therion as he ran toward him.

Therion stared at Leon in a relaxed manner and swallowed the food he was munching. "Hey Leon, I heard the announcement for the show, I believe you did very well, much better than how I did it" Therion calmly stated, but chuckled at the end

Leon just shakes his head while smiling at Therion "Okay okay, my friend. Let's just go to my RV, so you can finish with your food, and then we can begin our meeting. Just follow me" Leon implores Therion to follow him, who nods and grabs his stuff that he will need for the meeting.

As both of them got closer to the RV, Therion narrowed his eyes on Leon's RV, and it felt… familiar, like he has seen it before… Leon soon noticed that Therion had stopped and seemed to be staring at the… RV… Oh… oh no… Leon felt like breaking into sweats…

"Oh! Uh… What is the matter, Therion?" Leon tried playing dumb, which usually works since he is dumb, not stupid, and he can see that Therion noticed something with the RV due to his vast library of knowledge within his head.

Therion stayed quiet and soon walked next to the RV, and his eyes got even more narrow than before "Leon… Can you answer me this question…" Leon gulped… that didn't sound like a question… it was more of a demand… He knows that tone rather well…

"Uh… Sure thing Therion…" Leon sounded quite… nervous, which is quite weird for many to see him like that since he is usually behaving like the embodiment of cheerfulness.

"Good then, then answer me this then… Why do you own a Foretravel IH-45 Luxury Motor Coach…" Therion seriously asked him and turned to Leon, staring at him in the eyes…

Ahaha… you know what…? Leon is currently having a computer restart cause… how the heck did Therion manage to get the answer of what RV this is since they aren't… exactly common "I… How did you know that it was that…?" He was more shocked by how Therion determined the answer of the RV.

Therion rolled his eyes at the question "Ugh, obviously! Video games and research! You know this already Leon!" Therion is tired of this question, he doesn't understand why people react with shock by his knowledge, he requires research when it comes to his games, so he knows many things, even mythology, medicine, etc. but that isn't important!

Leon clears his throat as he hears Therion's voice turning to annoyance, he forgot that Therion dislikes this type of question due to how constant he is asked about it.

"I… I see now… but very well… I know you may be mad at the sight of it and might have… overanalyzed it…" He felt Therion's gaze slam into him, but kept going "But it wasn't my decision to buy this RV at all…"

Therion tilts his head at the answer, what the heck does that mean? "You didn't decide to buy it…?" Therion snorts "Then who did it? Your parents?" Therion rolled his eyes, but… then frowned as he didn't hear a answer coming from Leon.

He took a glance toward Leon and blinked in surprise… He was… glaring at the ground while clenching his fists… it was a sign of anger… "Oh…" The issue is still going on…

"Yeah… those fucking morons that I call my parents decided it… even I rejected the offer since I could have saved my own money and could have done it in my way, but they didn't allow me… especially that bitch of a mother…" Leon snarled as he spit the last words, as if it was extremely toxic…

Therion felt a bit… guilty, he didn't mean to bring this kind of issue back to Leon… He had… met Leon' parents, and while Leon's father got a sort of pass… his mother was something just… terrible…

"I see now, uh… let us move then!" Therion coughed at first then shouted out of nowhere, which spooks Leon as he was stuck in his mind for moments… Therion pushed Leon into the RV's door as it was locked with a keypad and codepad.

Leon looked at Therion in an unsure manner, and just… sighs… putting the codes, and pulling out a key in his pocket. He inserted the key and soon, a click could be heard from the door. He calmly enters the RV while Therion follows inside.

June 2, 2025, 11:34 PM...
Michigan, Detroit (Leon's Bus RV)

Leon walked toward the coach while throwing his bag to the ground, and then he just let himself fall into the coach, releasing a deep breath he was holding… His blonde thick mane of hair covering his face, he looks tired out of nowhere.

Therion walked toward the dining table, he didn't feel like describing the RV or anything like that, so he took a glance toward Leon, who was just laying there… Therion felt a bit guilty, and he just, looking at his hand… his… his life hasn't gotten easy, and he has gotten in fact worse, but he has to deal with the dice he rolled...

"Hey Leon, are you ready to begin the meeting? You know? The one to pick the first six cast for the show?" Therion asked Leon in a worried manner since he looks… so tired, but suddenly Leon jumped in excitement, as if his tiredness was non-existing…

"Uh… Okay…?" Therion was just… confused, but nonetheless accepted it… This is just one of Leon's quirk… which is his spontaneous burst of energy and jumping out of his funk.

"It is going to take a bit since we have gotten a lot of… applications from my announcement, it is going to take a while, and it is possible we won't see some of them until later on, just wanted to warn you, Leon" Therion told Leon while crossing his arms, staring at the duffel bag he was carrying.

Leon nodded at Therion's words and patiently waited for him.

"Okay, listen up here… This is how the process will be, we take each of the possible contestants' files to read it over, and then look over their audition tape to see how they behave in general. This is very important Leon. We can't overlook simple things like this since they hide mistakes or things that aren't allowed to be in the show… you know how people go on canceling others for the simplest things, no matter how idiotic it might cause them to look like, you got everything down?" Leon nods at his words "Good, let us begin, we will one by one until we have the six contestants…"

Therion grabs his duffel bag and pulls out a huge stack of files, and a DVD was taped to the files the participants have sent. Therion searched around for random files and pulled it out… "Okay, here we have… Fleur Isabelle Poésy… huh, that is quite the interesting name… let us check out their file" Therion said that, but Leon grabbed and lifted Therion up and dragged him to the coach with ease, and sat next to him and checked over his shoulder. Therion stared at him, but shook his head and kept going.

As they both read the file… they stared at it in confusion… wondering what is even saying… huh? They glanced at each other and returned to the paper, and they stayed there in silence… until Leon broke it "Was the app supposed to look like this…? If it did… I will admit that this person didn't write it properly… it looks like… squibbles… and it looks like it lacks information in certain areas..." Leon unsurely asked Therion, who shakes his head in response

"No… Not at all, in fact… this isn't even the official application that was supposed to be used! The only interesting thing about her backstory is that it talks about her mother being black widower or something! Like… her mom married when she was 18 years old? Married seven times? What the H-... uh… is this app basically saying her mom is a criminal…" They just sat in silence again…

Leon clears his throat, to break the silence again "Well… Uh… that was… interesting, what about their audition tape?" Leon asked for the audition tape

Therion looks for it on the file, but… there wasn't any of it, which pissed him off "Oh my fucking hell! What is this half-baked shit! This can't even be called an application at all! Lack of details, missing audition tape? This is just fucking horrible!" Therion stood up in anger, and Leon quickly grabbed Therion's drink and gave it to him "Therion, calm down, drink this… we are just beginning, I am sure the next one would be one that you appreciate at least…" Therion just sighs… his anger issue isn't… good at the moment. These kinds of mistakes are something that annoys him completely.

"Okay… Okay… I am calm… yes… calm…" Therion was taking a deep breath and gave the file to Leon "Can you… dispose of this…?" Therion asked him "Oh! Sure thing, let me bring the shredder" Leon went in the back, and after a minute or two, he brought out the shredder "I am sad that we have to reject them, but… their files are quite… lacking…" Leon sadly frowns, and soon shreds the file…

Therion finished taking deep breaths and began focusing again "Okay… Let us keep going… I hope the next one isn't a train wreck… because this is a low standard…" Therion walked toward the dining table and searched for another file… it took him a while, but he pulled one out…

"Okay… Second's chance I guess, Let us see what her names are… Oh, Anna-Jane Rosenberg or rather how she prefers to be known, AJ… Hmm… I hope she isn't a disappointment unlike the previous one..." Therion said, and soon began skimming over AJ's files… Hmm… He sees something in AJ's app that intrigues him, so Therion walks back to the coach where Leon was sitting, waiting for Therion.

They began reading the file, and a hum of approval came out of Leon "Now this is what I consider an application, it is really well-written and there is this form of… professionalism to it, it is quite nice, isn't that right, my friend?" Leon asked Therion, but noticed that Therion was silent…

"Therion…?" Leon was worried, but Therion quickly responded "Sorry… I was distracted… but yeah, I can see potential in her… the hidden drive within the words… yes, she will do… let us go watch the audition tape for formality" Therion grabbed the DVD and both of them began watching the audition of AJ

Audition Tape: Anna-Jane 'AJ' Rosenberg

The camera turns on, facing towards a large bookcase filled with books. The only living thing in sight was an black and white little Ragdoll cat sleeping on one of the top shelves of the case. Soon, a young 18 year old girl with wavy pale blonde hair and large hazel eyes steps into the frame. The young female smiled widely at the camera and gave a nervous wave. "Hello, producers of Total Drama. I'm Anna-Jane Rosenberg, but please call me AJ." AJ introduced herself in her usual soft tone, keeping a nervous smile on her face as she continued on. "And...I-I like to be on the new season of Total Drama please!" She practically yelled the sentence out, nearly causing her cat to jump off the self in fear. "I'm sorry Lovegood! I didn't mean to disturb your nap!" AJ cried out, petting her now annoyed cat softly before turning back to the camera nervously.

Her already prominent rosy cheeks begin to gain a new deep shade. "Sorry about that...I'm not sure if you can tell, but I have a communication issue. Although it seems like I'm doing pretty well with discussing my reasons to why I'm interested on joining right now in camera …But trust me, I'm a complete disaster when I'm in front of a whole group of people I don't know..." AJ let out a soft sigh as she continued on. "To the point where I can barely let a single word out without stuttering too harshly!" She chuckled softly to herself at the sentence before she continued on. "I know what you're p-probably thinking...Why would you let someone like this girl into this competition? She just going to end up being vote it off at the first episode...W-Well, I don't think I'll make through the first few episode either..."

She chuckled to herself softly, before turning away from the camera and began stroking the fur of her cat. "...But I believe that I-I do have a chance of surviving. I may not be the most strongest, or the smartest...or even the most noticeable. But I do have the determination and hard work ethic that's helping me through this." She turned to the camera, the nervous smile once printed on her face was now replaced with one filled with determination. "So I hope you'll at least consider me! I appreciate the time you took to watch this audition tape and wish you all a pleasant day!" She gives a small smile to the camera before stepping out of the frame. The camera remained on, now just filming the cat as it glanced at the camera in predator-like fashion for a few moments before it just jumped at it. You can hear AJ yelling out "Lovegood, Don't-!" before the camera cuts to black.

Leon laughs at the small misfortune of AJ and her cat, and he doesn't mean anything bad about it, just a simple mistake on her part, but… "Hmm… the lack of confidence in herself is quite sad to see… and I am worried how she will do if what she said is true…" Leon spoke in a worried manner…

Therion just sighs "You don't need to worry about that one bit, she knows what she is getting into, and I can see she has the determination to improve herself, I respect that drive of hers, but now… the question is… how well will she do…?" Therion smirked… excited to see how well AJ will do in the show "But either way, our first accepted contestant is AJ~ Let us keep going then"

Leon nods at Therion's words, he is happy they are making progress after… the first one… "Oh! Therion! Can I be the next one in accepting the contestant?" Therion raise a brow at Leon, but closed his eyes and nods at Leon "Just look for the files in the table, and pick the one that calls your attention or whatever" Therion sounded dismissive, but Leon put it with Therion being Therion

Leon didn't exactly look, but rather grabbed one at random. Leon took a peak at the person's name, and it was revealed to be… Kendall Marshall, Hmm! Let's see what he go- Oh wait, are those some coconut brownies? Leon shrugs and grabs one for himself "Hey Therion! I found one, let us read it!" Leon cheerfully said that and sat next to Therion.

They began reading it, but… their disappointment was shown once again… much better than the first one, but it still lacks details. "Oh… I thought that they had potential…" Therion just sighs…

"Really, all we know about him is that he is a cheerleader, his parents hate him or don't love him for whatever reason, I think… and gets into everyone's business as if nothing… Now usually I want someone like that for the show, but… they lack the spices that make it better since they are just too one dimensional and too stereotypical..., they feel… too lacking in my opinion… whatever, let just take a view with the audition tape…"

But before they could watch it, Leon took a bite of the brownie, but quickly spit it out… "There is something wrong with those brownies…" it felt like… things that make one… drunk… like, he felt the distinct taste of an unknown ingredient that isn't usually made for brownies... wait… did they… did they send drugged brownies? Like the ones those people make pranks of weeds?!

Leon turned to Therion with a serious expression "Reject him, he won't fit with the show properly…" Leon told Therion in a serious manner, which surprised Therion since it is rare for him to sound like that, but simply nodded and soon shredded the file, and tossed the DVD in the dining table's seat.

"You can try to search for another if you wish" Therion told Leon in a calm, but tired manner as he yawned… Jeez, they just checked three files, and he is already tired… not impressive for him… his terrible sleep schedule came back with a vengeance...

Leon went back and searched for another file… He managed to grab one, but before he could even mention the name of the participant, it was someone familiar… it was… Deon Blade! Huh… He didn't expect this at all… This feels quite coincidental and everything, but… to be honest? He is excited to see what he has to present.

Leon sat on the couch and told Therion a bit of Deon Blade, as if he knew him… Therion raised a brow at that, so Therion decided to take a peek at his file, and read it… Hmm… "Oh~ I like him, I see a lot of potential for him within the show, but…" Therion turns to Leon with a narrow look…

"You won't act biased with him, right? I know the show is supposed to make drama, but we have to be fair about this, so I don't want you to manipulate anything behind the scenes just because Deon Blade is a friend of yours or anything like that and thus you feel guilty if he suffered..." Therion spoke in a serious manner, like there is no exception. Leon slowly nods in response to Therion's words

"Good, since you have my words in mind, let us watch his audition tape…" Therion told Leon, who nods and put the DVD in.

Audition Tape: Deon Blade

The video feed starts off showing a large African American man in a gym. He's at the squat rack about to attempt 600 pounds with a couple other guys around him to make sure the weight doesn't fall. He unracks the weight and steps out. Once he has his feet and base set, he quickly does 5 perfect reps with the weight before racking it. He just laughs at it before turning to the camera.

"Hey, I didn't notice you there. But, greetings to you all. I am Deon Blade. The man, the myth, the legend, himself is in the flesh and here to tell you that I should be on the newest season of Total Drama." He flexes his chiseled arms a bit. "Ya see, I am the living embodiment of perfection. Matter of fact, I am the Pinnacle of Perfection."

He chuckles a bit before continuing. "I am quite stunning, as you can see. I am the most physically gifted athlete that could possibly grace the television screens of millions and millions of happy viewers because I am the next face of professional wrestling. Just look at me." He delivers a cocky smile before flexing again. "Every woman will be tuning in to see the sexiest man alive today. And then all the little kids will be clamoring for my action figures. Just think of that. I'll be bringing in viewers in droves while also being a merch selling machine." He delivers one last hearty laugh before finishing. "Besides, why deal with any more loser competitors when you could be the Pinnacle of Perfection, himself? It doesn't make sense, so do the smart thing and get me on your show."

Therion hums as Leon and him watch the audition tape… now this is something he can easily accept… he sees a potential villain in his eyes… He doesn't act like a traditional villain, the ones that are behind the scenes and all that, but rather… arrogance, strength… everything! If he were able to compare Deon Blade to someone, it would be Lightning… but Deon Blade is so much more… Yes, he is liking this…

"Well well… Good news Leon~ Deon Blade is accepted within the cast, I bet you must be happy" Therion smugly told Leon, who gave a smile to Therion "I am really grateful Therion, and I know he will do great!"

"Yeah yeah… whatever, let's just keep going, we still need to pick four more contestants for now… From what I know so far, we have gotten over 48 apps, but we rejected two apps and accepted two apps… Ugh! This is going to take a long time to do, if only we can be so lucky…" Therion complained, but still kept going in searching through the documents.

Therion looks around the mountain of files, trying to see if one name catches his eyes or not.. Oh? Hmm… Elliot Boomingham. Therion narrows his eyes on the files… He has a feeling it would be useless to check it, but whatever… "Okay, let us check this girl out…"

Therion and Leon look over the document, and soon Therion sighs in complete disappointment… of course he was right. Therion felt disappointed once again by the lacking details of the app…

Therion turns to Leon "Leon, we are going to reject this one as well… This… 'Chick'... is too lacking, she doesn't have any unique coding for the show, the spice that makes a dish really amazing… Just a party girl, nothing more, nothing less…" Leon frowns, but slowly nods at Therion's words.

Therion threw the file as Leon catches and disposed of it. Therion searched for a file that had potential in his eyes, and soon spotted his eyes on it. Their name is… Zerine Vivachka Pavlova. Hmm… Intriguing "Well~ Looks like we have a potential contestant, Leon"

Therion moved the file in front of Leon as both of them began reading Zerine's file, and… Leon slowly frowned the more he read the file, while Therion slowly smirked the more he read… "Well… well… I quite like this girl, she has what it takes to handle this show"

"Well, I don't like her…" Leon told Therion, who sighs… "Leon, you have to understand, I know that you dislike these types of people, but sadly, we are dealing with a reality tv show, especially one known as Total Drama, we need people like her to increase the rating of the show. Because if we put every friendly person in, it would be too boring watching them singing 'Kumbaya' and all that stuff, we need… drama… even if she ends up being despised by everyone in the end… This is a game after all"

Leon narrows his eyes on Therion, who returns it back… they sit there quiet for a few minutes, until… Leon broke the silence "Fine… just fine… Let's just watch her audition video, I know there is no convincing you…" Leon mumbles as he puts the tape on the TV.

Audition Tape: Zerine Vivachka Pavlova

"From the serene looks of the beautiful waters and the serene sounds of trees rustling is where my parents have named me, Zerine Pavlova." A girl with silver white hair spoke in a Russian accent that sounded as if she was reciting a poem. "I hereby extend my most warmest greetings and advanced words of thanks to whoever manages to view my audition."

The silver haired gave off a smirk to the camera. "My passion has always been leaning towards the vast knowledge of the world; math, science, and most of all, art." She adjusted the camera to where we can see her first painting; The Backstabber. "Here is my most prized painting. Painters in general, most especially Pablo Picasso, a fellow painter whom I have admired the most, has caught my inspiration of working in such marvelous art. This is my first time however, as things are a bit out of place."

She reverts the camera back to its original position. "And now you have seen one plus side of me; I can be creative. Everything here is art. The challenges in store for the show are art. The friendships and relationships of future contestants are art. There is also another work of art in a reality show that could happen;" her eyes became dark, making sure that no one was around to hear her. "The art of backstabbing."

As she says this, the last word was more emphasized than the others. "If I were to be able to compete in this show of yours, I will guarantee that you will be able to be invested into the beauty of lies, the art of manipulation, the intensity of toxicity... I have it all. You may all see me as a silver haired nerd with no purpose in life but, you have not seen what I am made of."

Her dark eyes calmed down as she let out a genuine smile off to the camera.

"With that being said, I do hope you have enjoyed my tape, do have me for consideration, and should I get in the competition, I will promise you to bring your ratings to the highest peak. Mark my words." She let out a slight giggle. "With that being said, I now bid you goodbye."

Therion chuckles as Leon and him have finished watching the audition tapes, but Therion's hair covering his eyes, which Leon couldn't see properly. "I know when there is a challenge when I see it… very well Zerine Pavlova… Challenge accepted, let's hope you can handle this… as things are quite unpredictable~"

Leon sat there, frowning as Therion spoke to himself… He doesn't understand why Therion is acting like this, in fact… he didn't used to act like this at all before. He… changed… He needs more time to understand what he went through and why.

Leon just went to search in the files to see if any grabs his attention… oh? Aphrodite Jones? Hmm… They already have two girls, but… eh, why not! Leon showed Aphrodite's app to Therion.

They just sat there, Leon's expression was turning to pure confusion, but Therion's expression was a look of complete disgust and shock, shock of the audacity of this b-... "Leon… Can you leave the room for a bit… I need to watch this audition tape alone…"

Leon was confused at the request since both of them were watching all the audition tapes, but he shrugs, Leon walks to the mini-fridge he had, and pulls out a protein shake, and soon walks out of the RV.

5 minutes later

Leon was finishing drinking his protein shake, but he was wondering what is taking Therion so much, it is just a simple audition tape.

He soon heard the door of the RV being opened, and turned to Therion, but… he looked… really mad, like… beyond the usual. "Where. Is. The. Goddamn. Gasoline!" Leon was just there, surprised at the sudden outburst of anger.

"Uh… In the trunk of the RV…?" Leon hesintanginly answers, and Therion nods "Good… Bring it out here…" Leon just slowly did what he was told to do, still confused about what was happening.

Therion nods as he grabs the gasoline can, and soon throws two things, a file and a DVD. And soon began pouring gasoline on it, after finishing pouring on it. He closed the cap properly and pulled out a lighter and a box of cigarettes. He lit one of the cigarettes and threw it at the file and DVD, which soon set on fire.

Leon just stood there in pure confusion, wondering what triggered Therion to do… all this… "Uh… What happened…?" He asked Therion, who just shakes his head "Nothing much, I just watched something disgusting, just pure disgust, wondering why they are so stupid… They are going to be so BANNED!" Therion shouted in anger.

"Uh… Do you want to take a break from this…?" Leon asked him, and Therion nodded. Leon lets out a sigh of relief "I will be taking my foods again, I need to re-warm them… I think I saw a microwave" Leon just watched as Therion walked toward the RV and soon entered, while Leon stood back, watching as the fire Therion made slowly died… and soon noticed a paper being wedged between the door of the RV.

Leon tilts his head in curiosity. He slowly walked toward it and opened the door. As he was about to grab it, a gust of wind came out of nowhere and sent the paper flying within the air, and heard a shout coming from the RV "Leon! Grab that paper! It is one of the contestant's files!"

Leon nods and starts chasing after it. He was worried something bad will happen to the paper since there is a possibility that it could be good or bad…

3 minutes later

Leon was lucky enough that the paper wasn't sent in a sudden direction as the wind that blew it was moving like a straight line; he had to occasionally jump over trash cans, wooden planks, fences, etc. But it is quite easy for him to evade all those junks.

And soon, the paper was slowly descending, which is very good for him! Leon kept running without breaking a sweat, and soon it landed, but it landed in front of someone, who was leaning on the edge of an abandoned building. Leon noticed that they are quite tall, not tall like him, but tall, like… if he got his calculation right, around 6'2 ft.

Leon couldn't see the person properly as it is too dark, but he can catch the sight of a dark red hoodie over a sleeveless white tank top. "Thanks so much for grabbing that paper, it accidentally flew out of my room"

Leon waited for a moment, he heard some mumble from the person, but soon gave the paper to Leon and spoke "Whatever, just pay better attention to the paper" The person sternly said while narrowing his eyes and sneering at Leon

Leon looks unsure about their reaction, but simply shrugs it off and soon begins to run back toward the RV with the paper that has flown away.

The person kept standing there with an annoyed expression on his face, and someone came out of the building "Hey Nat! I'm done with our business here, let's go home! Anything interesting happened?" the new voice asked and then let out a laugh as the person, now named Nat rolled his eyes "Nothing happened…" Nat sternly said

"Hmm" the voice didn't sound convinced, but simply shrugs "Oh well~"

3 minutes later

Leon finally reached the RV and just sighs… It was too late to start running all over Detroit for some paper, but it is job-related, so there isn;t much he can do…

Leon opened the door of the RV, and entered. He glanced to the right and noticed that Therion was finishing eating his foods, and it looks like Therion noticed his presence "Oh, that was fast Leon, and from the look of it, you managed to catch the paper, that is good to know" Therion grabbed the mess of his foods, and threw it in the trash,

"By the way, who does that file belong to? I didn't get the chance to get a proper look at it" Therion asked as he was organizing the files into a proper order, but slowly since he was quite tired.

Leon blinks, and nods then takes a peek at the contestant's file "Oh! The contestant's name is Nathan Verity! That is quite the name!" Leon cheerfully said, he quite likes that name, he knows a bit of Latin and all that, and the name basically means 'God has given Truth' "I think they might be interesting!"

After Therion had finished disposing of the trash, he sat on the couch again while he waited for Leon. Leon sat down and showed the file to Therion, who hummed in interest as he kept reading the document "Hmm… What do you think, Leon?" He asked

Leon didn't hear what Therion said and was more focused on the file… While he doesn't like these types of people, he… he can understand… the feeling of ab-... Leon shakes his head, to get his head in gear… this isn't time to be emotional, and from what he read, it wouldn't be right for him to think like that…

"I believe it is time to see what their audition tape is like…" Leon spoke, but without his usual enthusiasm, he sounded quite...serious and glanced at the DVD, and soon put it in the DVD player, which the audition tape began playing.

Audition Tape: Nathan Verity

The camera opened up on an abandoned alley, where cars could be heard honking and driving around surrounding the entire nearby area. Nathan was leaning on the edge of a building, flipping a bottle of water in his hands. "I don't live out here," he said sternly, "and I'm nowhere near. You won't find me around unless I'm exactly the kind of person I'm looking for." He let out a scoff. "But, I need money for a...project of sorts, so I'm here to join your show."

Nathan rolled up his sleeves, revealing the multiple scars on his arms. "This is my experience," he pointed out, "and my talent. None of those scars are less than two years old. I haven't lost a fight since then." He chuckled. "If you have people worth my time, give me a call, and even if you don't, you'll watch the biggest steamroll in the history of your show."

A voice from behind the camera called out. "Aren't you cocky today, Nat? Save some of that thickness in your head for when you get beaten to a pulp on the show, yeah?" The girl, probably Micah, let out a laugh. "Alright, wrap this dumb video up. I have to bring this back by noon."

Nathan narrowed his eyes and sneered right into the camera. "You want a tough competitor? You got it right here. Get ready for the pain of someone who's grown up on nothing but blood and experience." He picked up a rock and beamed it at the camera, causing static to end the recording.

Therion nods at the audition tape, he quite likes what he is seeing.

They already have a shy journalist… or was it a writer? Hmm… He will decide later. They also have a Heel Wrestler, an artistic mastermind, and now, they have an… hmm, what is the proper word… they act quite insolent, but what else would describe them… Hmm~ For a simpler term, let's say delinquent~ They don't want to reveal too much about it~ "What do you think of the audition tape, Leon? I will say that I quite enjoyed it and I see them fitting with the cast quite well" Therion asked, but looked confused as he gave a glance at Leon and saw something off.

Leon sat there, with his eyes wide as he noticed the person who was in the audition tape as he recognized who it was… it was… them, the person who gave him the paper… He… He honestly didn't expect that ever happening, even the fact that the paper belonged to them.

"Uh… Sorry there, my friend. I was just surprised about their audition tape, that is all" Leon clears his throat and tries to get his focus back "But yes, I can see him competing in the show, so he is accepted" Therion smirks as Leon made the decision himself, but didn't say anything else.

"Very well... So we have a total of four contestants out of six, that is good, we are getting closer to finishing this…" Therion rubs his eyes and yawns. He usually is awake due to his work, but this week, he has been feeling quite tired since he began working with the show. Therion soon stood up.

Leon glanced at Therion with a worried look, he really looks like he is about to fall to the ground like a zombie. Most wouldn't notice the bags and dark circles due to his hair and thick glasses hiding it.

Leon stayed quiet as he watched Therion yawns and soon went to the kitchen and prepared the coffee that Leon has just in case one of them visits. Leon decided to focus on the files as Therion was busy doing a cup of coffee…

Leon spotted a name, and it says Cricket Dowe. Leon tilts his head as he reads the file… No, it is automatically rejected since it didn't use the show official's app, and most of the details are quite vague in his eyes. He doesn't like doing this, but she is rejected.

Leon sighs… Oh well, let's see who else he can find in the moment until Therion returns from getting his coffee. Hmm, he has been rather hungry and thirsty recently. He hopes that Therion is getting the proper diet needed for his health, but it must be very unlikely knowing him.

Leon searches around the small mountain of files that contain many possible contestants that he could see possibly joining the cast, but… He isn't sure… but soon Leon spotted a name that for some reason made him feel like he recognized it from somewhere. Leon grabbed the file and took closer attention to it, Arnold Devlar. That name really sounds familiar to him…

Due to paying more attention to the paper, Leon didn't notice Therion sitting beside him with his cup of coffee, taking a sip or not… waiting for him to finally notice him in general "So… Did you find someone that you find interesting in your eyes?" Therion asked Leon, who slightly jumped in surprise.

"Oh!" Leon finally noticed Therion's presence "Uh, I think so?" Leon sounds unsure about it "Have you ever heard of Arnold Devlar?" Leon asked Therion since Therion has more knowledge regarding many industries due to his position and research that he dabbles in.

Therion hums as he thinks it over… He has heard the name, not Arnold, but rather Devlar, it sounds so… familiar. Like that name is right in the front of his head, but it feels so… vague… "Hmm, It feels familiar, but I can't recognize it, maybe I can remember if we read their files. It might clue us at least" Therion told Leon in a calm manner as he drank his coffee. Leon can see Therion shivering when sipping his coffee.

They began reading the file of Arnold Devlar. Therion didn't recognize it yet, but Leon did recognize it. "Oh! I heard of the Devlar family!" Leon accidentally shouted without realizing it, and Therion glances and tilts his head at Leon "You do?" Therion didn't sound surprised, but he was curious how.

"Oh yeah yeah! My… parents… have an account within the Devlar Industry! I heard that they focus on offshore banking, but I am still surprised that one of the members of the Devlar family wants to participate in Total Drama" Leon sounded surprised at the information since Total Drama is… a bit special than other reality tv shows.

Therion glanced at the file once again… "Well, I like him… in fact, I can see many potential for him in many important roles, but we will see if he can handle it" Therion said "Let's see his audition tape right now, I am interested to see how his behavior is like properly"

Audition Tape: Arnold Devlar

The camera turned on to reveal a very fancy, elitist looking room, one that had a golden chandelier dangling from the ceiling, a massive window that took up an entire wall and revealed that the room itself was many stories above the ground, with an immaculate ocean view. The bed was massive, surely king sized at least, if not larger, with the frame made of solid, pink ivory, quite expensive wood. The sheets were silk, of course, and red in color, while the many pillows and the blanket adorning the bed were gold. There was a polar bear pelt on the ground, running like a rug underneath a desk made of ebony, yet another expensive wood, with a fancy looking leather chair that had the boy sitting in it, his arms crossed.

"I suppose I will have to conduct myself rather formally if I hope to get anywhere with you...television types, won't I?" he spoke in a mumbled tone at first, as if he had been carrying on a conversation with himself before the recording began, "Very well! My name is Arnold Devlar, you've heard of me before, I'm sure. I hear you're accepting another batch of...'interesting' teenagers for a new season of your show, Total Drama...color me interested."

He stood from his desk, pushing the chair in behind him and stepping a few paces towards the camera, still keeping his arms crossed as he stood. His gaze was almost intimidating, based on the confidence he carried alone.

"I know, it surely shocks you that someone as successful as I would want anything to do with your show, more or less than miniscule amount of money you are providing to the winner, but I assure you, my interest is quite genuine. Why would I want to be a part of this to begin with, though? It's quite simple, really. You tend to pull in as many strange contestants who are each useful in one way or another...well, I seek to show that, anything they can do, I can simply do much better than them."

He turned away from the camera, using his arms to gesture to the impressive, and expensive looking decor of the room, as well as the window with the ocean view.

"They and I are simply cut from a different cloth, you understand that, right? I've got the ambition to outrank a million, no, a trillion others! Anything I want to achieve, I will...I will work through any trial that comes my way and come out on top simply because I can."

He let out a slight chuckle before turning to face the camera once again, walking even closer than before and leaning towards it so that his face was incredibly close to the lens.

"I know you'll agree...having someone as talented as I on board would surely prove beneficial to the both of us, yes? I do hope to hear back from you soon, I know that you'll have good news for me."

And with that, the camera turned off.

Therion hums as Leon and him have finished watching the audition tape, and Leon was frowning and wasn't impressed at all… the arrogance… that was just too much, it really reminded him of one of his friends, Ashton's since they are rich as well, but they have… a sort of arrogance, even if they mean well. Leon glanced at Therion and soon sighs in a tired manner as he noticed Therion was… smirking…

"I see now, I don't like him, but… I see that he fits with what we need really well… in fact, he is perfect enough in my opinion" Therion told Leon, who looks unsure about the decision, but at the end, he sighs and shrugs… accepting Therion's decision since it is true that their apps fits really well with the show.

Leon began speaking while leaning back on the couch "So we are missing one more contestant and everything is done for now, right? I just want to be sure, my friend" Leon yawns as he asked Therion, my… it must be getting late if he started yawning

Therion takes a sip of his coffee and turns to Leon with a neutral expression "Yeah… Just missing one more contestant, but seeing how you are getting tired, maybe you should have the honor of grabbing the last one for tonight" Therion told in a calm, but tired manner

Leon didn't say anything, but he yawned since he did a lot of things today, so it wasn't surprising for him, it just… He isn't used to staying late awake unlike Therion, he prefers to sleep early and be at the top of his game in the morning. "Sure thing, my friend" Leon began searching within the files.

Leon saw some files that grabbed his attention, but quickly left it alone since he had a feeling it wouldn't be him picking them or not… Leon kept searching and searching, he had found some that grabbed his attention, Leon grabbed one of them, and took a peak of the file's name, which revealed to be Katherine Wheeler who seems to be preferred to be called Kathy. Leon hums and tilts his head at the name, he just shrugs and shows it to Therion.

Leon and Therion began reading the file of Kathy… Therion hums at the information he just read, but didn't say anything about it… He will admit that it reminded him of someone… But Leon? He was frowning, but not out of any form of negative feelings regarding Kathy, but rather… out of worry, she sounds like someone who enjoys doing physical activity, but… Some of the things he had read reminded him of when he was younger.

Therion turns to Leon while taking another sip… He sees potential with this contestant, but it isn't his decision to make since that decision goes to Leon. "So Leon? What do you think about this Kathy person? Do you believe she will be a good choice for the show or is it a bad one? It is your decision after all…" Therion asked Leon, but he had a tone that felt… weird…

Leon slowly glanced at Therion due to the tone he just used, it felt weird coming from Therion… "I will accept her, she has potential…" But he soon heard Therion scoff… "Potential for what? The show? Or is it because of your habit of helping others, and you see something that troubles her?" Leon was… Leon was taken aback and his eyes got wide at what Therion just said, where did this hostility come from "Therion! Where is this coming from?!"

Therion realized what he just said and slowly moved his hand over his mouth while holding his coffee with his other hand, and glanced away from Leon… "Sorry… I am just tired… You know how I tend to be quite… grumpy when I am tired and need sleep… I… Let just get this over with"

Leon stared at Therion with worry once again, he has really changed, but the thing is… He doesn't know if it is for the better or for the worse… but he hasn't seen everything, so he isn't sure… "Sure… yeah, let us do that" Leon glanced away from Therion and inserted the audition tape in the DVD player and waited for it to begin.

Audition Tape: Katherine 'Kathy' Wheeler

Kathy is slowly climbing a ladder. It may seem a bit weird that she's showing the producers this. "Hello producers! I'm Katherine, though you can call me Kathy! You may ask me why I am on a ladder, but I'm here to show you one of my special skills!" She exclaims, extremely loudly.

She takes a breath, before putting her hands on the ladder. She's trying to do a handstand on the rickety ladder. "If...you...don't...already...know...I'm a...daredevil. A proud one." She says, taking deep breaths between each word. Her tongue is sticking out. All of a sudden, a strong gust of wind comes and she loses balance. Kathy falls down the ladder, making a loud crash off camera, which sounds very painful.

"Oww...I'm ok! Maybe that was a better plan in my head..." Kathy says off camera. "Err, continuing my tape! I should be accepted as I would like...more friends?" She settles on. But all of a sudden the camera starts flashing. It turns off, running out of battery. "Oh no..."

Therion and Leon wince at the impact of Kathy hitting the ground. It didn't sound anything pretty at all "I won't be surprised if she broke a bone or two in that fall of hers…" Therion said to Leon without looking at him, but… in Therion's mind, he knows he isn't a reality tv expert, but he does know what brings ratings or not, and this gal would bring it with her constant stunt failure.

Leon looks quite worried about Kathy since she looks a bit fragile in his eyes, not saying she is weak, but rather… Her body isn't durable and capable of handling blows and hits like that, but he likes how determined she is in her stunts. "Well, I can say that she is accepted, she looks fitting for the cast" Leon gave the answer that Therion asked him regarding whether to accept Kathy or not.

Therion just started gulping his coffee out of nowhere and threw it at the trash can with practical ease without looking and just laid on the couch while releasing a deep sigh "Finally… Next time, we shouldn't do this really late…"

Leon didn't complain about that since he felt tired and really needed to rest properly, so he can keep up with his schedule for the month. He is someone who can have a lot of energy, but he has wasted most of it in his training and the wrestling match of today.

Leon yawns and soon stood up "Hey Therion, I apologize about this, but I don't have any additional beds since I haven't prepared it due to being so busy, so sorry my friend, but it is possible you can sleep in the same bed as mine" Leon said it without hesitation, but it looks like he didn't think it through due to how tired he was, but he doesn't care…

Therion raises a brow at what Leon said, but he just simply shrugs, this isn't exactly anything surprising. Leon, Therion and a few of his friends usually stay over and occasionally sleep in the same bed, it was like… a sleepover or something.

As Therion was about to accept the offer and request to see if he has a shower. He suddenly felt a vibration within the pockets of his coat, which was kind of surprising since it was quite late, like 2 AM or 3 AM late or something…

Therion pulled out his phone out of his pocket and looked at the name tag, and soon froze as the name was a weird, but familiar name… that he never expected to receive at all. Therion's sleepiness is gone, and was soon replaced with a blank, but awakened Therion.

"Excuse me Leon, I have to accept this phone call, it is serious, but in the meantime. You can prepare the bed" Therion told Leon, who looked confused at the sudden change in Therion's behavior… It must have been the coffee he drank or something. Normally he would have noticed something wrong with Therion, but he is too tired to think properly. He nodded.

Therion, taking the nodding of Leon as approval, he slowly stood up and walked outside, and then closed the door of the RV.

He took several quick, but deep breaths and then slowly pressed the accept call button. He put the phone to his ear and spoke. "Greetings, this is Therion Suarez speaking. What do you require of me… Jessica"

Yes… Jessica Survival, the sister to Rival Survival and… and… Ally Survival. He personally knew them rather well in high school along with the others of his friends, but after a couple of accidents, Jessica stopped speaking with the people around her and even put a restraining order on Rival for some really short distances. He heard what was going on with Rival, but he didn't expect to cause so much damage. Many of his ex-classmates had a happy ending, but… Rival and Jessica weren't the ones to receive it. So imagine his surprise in getting a call from Jessica.

"Hey Therion… It… It has been some time, huh?" Jessica spoke softly, Therion won't admit it, but… it felt a bit nostalgic speaking with her, but right now it isn't the time for that since nobody just calls him for some small talk except for Leon and his best friends.

"Yes yes, it has been sometimes, which I can truly say since seven years has passed without us talking to each other, but let's cut the talk short, and go straight to business since I am pretty sure you have something in mind…" Therion bluntly told Jessica without hesitation, he might be acting awake, but inside? He is tired as hell, and he would want to get this mess over with.

"..." Behind the phone of his, Jessica was completely silent, as if Therion's words had silenced her. All he could hear was the slow and soft breathing of hers. "I… I guess this would be better for me since I would have lost my resolve sooner than before… I have a serious request, Therion…" Jessica sounded really… off, like something isn't going right…

Therion tried to ignore the tone she used and focused more on her words "A request? If it is internet related, I can do that, but other than that. I don't know how much I can't help you…" Therion closed his eyes as he spoke with Jessica while leaning beside the RV.

"No, it isn't internet related… I know you are in Detroit, and I really need your help" Jessica revealed that she knows he is here, but… that baffles him. "How did you know I was here!?" Therion was pretty sure he made himself silent, not even his studio didn't reveal he was traveling.

"Well… I have heard the talk of the new season of Total Drama, and the reveal of you being a host for the show… knowing you, it would be possible that you would have picked Leon and others… and since I was watching Leon in his wrestling show… I knew you would be here" Jessica explained to him, which he was baffled… he wasn't that easy to read, but… he forgot that he was dealing with Jessica, someone he had hung around a lot due to being related to Rival.

"Ugh… Fine, I am in Detroit. Now what do you even want if you were willing to search around for information where I could be? This request should be important…" Therion just clutches his head in annoyance… He didn't expect to get problems with just accepting the role of a host.

"..." Jessica was quiet again. Therion believed that it must be quite heavy the request since from what he remembered of Jessica, she wasn't someone to hesitate on something she wants. Thus far… it kind of paints a picture in his head, and it ain't pretty at all, then he decides to hurry it up "Are you hesitating again? I hope you didn't call me so you can waste time"

"OKAY! FINE! I WANT YOU TO HELP RIVAL!" Jessica suddenly shouted on the phone, that Therion had to pull it away from his ears, unless he wanted to spend half an hour with his sensitive ear and giving him a massive headache. "Ugh… Okay… You didn't had to shout or anything, I just asking you to tell me what it was" Therion told Jessica in a very annoyed manner

"So… Let me get this straight… I am wondering if I am hearing this right. So your request for me is… to help Rival…? Why…? Like you gave him a restraining order and everything, thus why would you even care? I know I was his friend and everything, but why me?" Therion asked Jessica, suspicious of her intention since he knows this ain't going to be any simple kumbaya thing or whatever.

"I know what I am asking is a lot, but please… I am getting tired… from this. Rival never left Detroit, and in fact… he is living nearby despite the restraining order since he is officially fulfilling the official requirement. But… he has turned into a complete drunk and having a self-pity party! All because he fears that I would die… heh… I would prefer if he never appears within my sight after everything he has done to me… I know violence runs in our family, but Rival… isn't something I can't forgive… because of him… I lost many who I care for…" Jessica emotionally told Therion without taking a breath… It really shows how tired she is.

Therion stayed quiet and didn't say anything as he focused on thinking over Jessisca's words, and… was unsure what to do since while it is true that Rival is one of his closest friends, close to even best friend! But… the things that Rival has done… following those morons, and letting it affect him, and then… ugh… hard to forget, after everything they have gone through… that was the reward he got… "Look… I'm unsure on what to do… if you want me to accept the request, I need more information than just that. Just send me the directions toward your house, I will get there and we will talk…" Therion told Jessica, and behind the phone. He could hear a very long sigh of relief coming through it.

"Oh.. thank you so much, Therion. I know I am asking you a lot despite having just met again after seven years, but I really need this, so I can clear my mind to do my things properly" Jessica told Therion in a happy manner "I will send you the GPS of my location" Jessica sounded a bit more… happy, basically in relief due to having Therion nearby, having found the resolve to ask him about her favor. "I will send you the location of my place" And then Jessica cut the call… and then after a quick minute, Therion received the directions to Jessica's home.

Therion just sighs… Why can't he just get a freaking break… He isn't a social butterfly like his friends, he gets really tired with conversation. But hey… a favor is a favor, and he isn't someone who likes breaking it unless it goes against something he believes or would not benefit him.

Therion quickly entered the RV and went to check with Leon, to tell him that he will be leaving for a brief moment, but will be back. He found him finishing putting a white shirt with orange sweatpants while semi-dry from his shower "Hey Leon, my apology, but something came up, and I will be leaving in a moment, I will be back soon" Therion told Leon without taking a break of what he was doing. He was searching for his key to the car.

"My friend…? Why are you leaving this late… It's…" Leon yawns and looks at the digital clock beside his bed, and it says 2:34 AM "2:34 AM, why do you need to do this late.." Leon rubs his eyes, he looks like a wet dog combined with the tired cat face… that is how bad he looks…

Therion shrugs "Eh, not much… I am simply going to do something important for tomorrow, it's just that… I got distracted" Technically, that isn't a lie per say. "And don't worry, I would be back soon either way, like… minimum of 30 minutes and 1 hour at best" Therion explained, but it seems it wasn't necessary since Leon's head was bobbing and he wasn't paying attention at all

"Well, good night Leon, I will be back soon" Leon nodded at Therion's words, and he just fell flat on his bed. Therion shakes his head while chuckling… ehehe… Leon never changes at all.

Therion grabbed his keys, left the RV, and soon got in his car (that is currently rental), while putting the GPS toward Jessica's house that Jessica had sent him.

June 3, 2025, 2:44 PM...
Michigan, Detroit (Unknown Neighborhood, Jessica's House)

After driving around for some time, luckily the street where Jessica lived was in low activity, thus he wasn't going to suffer any form of traffic or crazy people. Therion calmly sat while driving… unsure on how to feel about the situation, like should he panic? Or something…? He isn't sure… which is something he severely dislikes as he is someone who prefers to have the answer for any problems.

Therion parked in front of the house Jessica is living at. He couldn't get a proper sight of it since it was a bit dark, but he noticed it was a two-story in a modern style house. Therion stepped off of the car and started walking toward the door, he then harshly knocked on it and waited for Jessica to open it.

A minute has passed, and he could hear the fast pace of Jessica running inside of the house as if she was doing a 100 meter dash, and soon the door was opened. It soon reveals her, standing in front of the door while taking deep breath as if she had ran out of nowhere.

He… didn't expect to meet with Jessica after what happened in Sunset Monarch High School [1] since the incident… She hasn't changed much, but she has really grown up. Her black hair is still long, long enough to reach to her back, pale skin being the same as usual, and her red eyes still shine brightly as before, but… she has really deep bags and dark circles under her eyes. And it seems she had an update in her wardrobe. She is wearing a black suit with a loose white dress shirt and black pants, and even red shoes.

Jessica grinned "Hey Therion, long time no see, it has been sometimes since we have personally talked. Come in" Jessica cheerfully told Therion as she pulled the door wide, inviting Therion entrance to her home.

Therion didn't say anything to Jessica as he entered the house, and waited for Jessica to close the door and lead him toward the living room or somewhere, so they could begin talking regarding her weird request.

Jessica stayed quiet as she closed the door… It seems that Therion isn't ready for a pleasant small talk, but she can't say it is his fault. It is hers since she came up with such a ridiculous request for him out of nowhere, and basically left him without choice… well, in a mental manner.

Jessica led Therion to the dining room, where she had prepared some tea for them, but it was pure silence, and it was quite uncomfortable for Jessica since she is more of a social butterfly, but she wasn't comfortable to speak with Therion since he feels so… different than before. His face says it all for her…

They finally reach the dining room, and Therion quickly sits down without hesitation, and he is staring at Jessica with a serious look, as if waiting for her to sit down and begin talking. Thus Jessica took her seat, but with a lot of hesitation as she felt Therion's eyes looking at her soul.

"So, why did you personally call me? I already know what it is, but I want to hear it coming from your own mouth. Just to be sure I am hearing right" Therion bluntly asked Jessica, narrowing his eyes on her… not caring if he is being rude or not, and Jessica began nervously shaking on her seat. She isn't used to this type of personality at all, not even where she works at.

"I…" Jessica felt a lot of hesitation, her resolve is slowly crumbling apart… "I… I…" She kept hesitating, and it is annoying Therion "Look… I am not in the mood to act nice, so you better say it or I will leave. Thus I leave Rival entirely with you. Making you suffer even more… so… SPEAK" Therion puts a lot of force into the last word, as if giving Jessica the last opportunity to speak unless she wants him to leave her dry.

Jessica felt something shatter at Therion's words "Fine! I want you to get Rival out of my sight! I am tired of this! Constantly seeing his drunk stupid ass outside of my house, constantly having people go straight to me to complain about him! I couldn't even think of forgiving when I see his face all the time!" Jessica soon began heavily crying while Therion watched with a… indifferent expression on his face "He constantly spout this stupid shit of protecting me… FROM WHAT?! THE ONLY THING I NEED TO BE PROTECTED OF IS FROM HIM! AFTER EVERYTHING HE HAS DONE TO OUR FAMILY! I AM TIRED, THERION! TIRED! I don't care how you do it! Beat his ass, kidnap him, take him to your show! or something! Just… get rid of him…" Jessica was heavily sobbing on the table as she shouted her desperation, leaving her tea cold… and unable to see a certain shine to Therion's eyes as he listened to Jessica's desperate request.

Jessica didn't look she was going to stop sobbing at all, as if Therion's words broke a dam in her… a dam that was being hold for years, and it has finally broken. Therion closed his eyes and hummed… 'Jeez Rival… Why do you keep making others suffer from your mistakes… even trying to help, you are just making your only family member that is alive in hating you…'

Therion just sighs "Fine… Fine, I will deal with Rival… Ugh, I don't know if you expect me to do it, but fine… I will do it in the end…" Therion has a feeling he is going to regret this choice in the future quite badly…

Jessica was still sobbing, but… she slowly lifted her head and stared at Therion in shock at what she was hearing. She was sure that Therion wasn't going to accept her request… She knew what she was asking was selfish, but… she wants one day to be able to relax properly while having the knowledge of Rival isn't close to her… She knows one day she would forgive Rival as he is her brother, but… for now, she can't at all as his face keeps reopening her wound and reminding her of what he has done to the family.

Jessica kept sobbing, but… she tried to smile at him, like he was doing a miracle or something… it made him feel… disgusted with himself for some unknown reason. "Look… I have a feeling you are just going to explode, telling me thanks and everything, so don't… I am already taking a lot of risk with this since I have a lot of responsibility as a host, so having a liability will be difficult to explain to the producers" Therion quickly shut down Jessica's gratitude. He isn't in the mood for it.

"I…" Jessica tried to speak, but then stayed quiet, nodding at Therion. Understanding that she was already making this difficult for him, and she caught him in a bad mood and everything… He must be tired unlike her since she is more used to being awake at night "Very well, I will lead you toward Rival, but… be careful. From what I have heard so far, Rival is extremely violent when drunk, and you already know how he tends to fight"

Therion internally groans… great! Time to deal with a drunk angry baby… How fun! "Fine… Just do it…" Therion sounded defeated at this point, like he just wanted to get this over with.

Jessica and Therion stood up, and soon got out of Jessica's house, and began walking through the neighborhood "Okay… As I have mentioned, Rival is a drunk… and he is usually hanging around the bar. It is amazing that he hasn't been banned from it since he is responsible for countless bar fights, but it seems that the owner is willing to hold it since Rival is one of his main forms of entertainment and until Rival gets into a better place or something… I honestly don't care at this point…" Jessica explained in a way of where they are going to find Rival as they walked toward the location.

After walking around for 5 minutes, they stopped in front of an open bar "Hmm… It appears to be open, and it appears that Rival wasn't kicked out… yet…" Jessica cringes at watching Rival once again being kicked out of the bar and having the complaints of the people within the neighborhood…

"I believe we should wait, I believe it… it will take around…" Jessica moved her right sleeve, which reveals a modern watch and began counting down "5… 4… 3… 2… 1…"

As she finished counting, it struck 3 AM, and suddenly three people came out. One was Rival, who looked clearly drunk out of his mind while the other two were staff of the bar and were carrying toward the alleyway beside the building, and put him next to a…

"Uh… is… is that a small shack…?" Therion had to be sure if he was seeing things right… it can't be… like really? Doesn't one usually find a shack in the forest or anything like that? Because the shack looks like one of those places where the homeless live in, and it is really run down…

Jessica sighs out of understanding what Therion is thinking "Yes… You are correct, Rival is currently living in a shack. I don't know why the bar owner keeps up with Rival… Ugh… I feel immense embarrassment of seeing Rival like this" Jessica bluntly told Therion as she soon began cleaning herself up.

They watched as the staff went inside the bar and watched as Rival just lay beside his shack, and looked to be murmuring to himself "Anyway… I shall leave you here, I am already getting sick of being so close to him. And please… help me with this. I will find some way to repay you for asking you this" Jessica told Therion, and he noticed that her voice was filled with regrets, but also… pure relief.

Jessica walks away from Therion, who looks clearly uncomfortable in what he is going to deal in… He hasn't spoken to Rival for a long time, like around the seven years due to something that happened in Sunset Monarch… Despite Rival being one of his closest friends… what he did felt like betrayal… and he doesn't deal with betrayal well…

Therion shakes his head, taking away the thought that was approaching him, it isn't important to him right now, even if it hurts him. He has to deal with this quickly and efficiently. Therion walked toward Rival, but at the time he was speaking with Jessica… Rival was staring straight at him, and he was quiet… too quiet…

Appearance-wise… He is a bit… different now. Therion remembered that Rival had red hair with a black streak, but now…? It is pure white… Well, I am sure he didn't turn old, but he has a habit of dyeing his hair in different colors, but this one feels… familiar. And it isn't good at all… he is wearing a white hoodie with a red stripe in the center, light blue jeans, and black shoes. But his clothes have smudges due to his lifestyle, but something feels of-

Clink… WOOSH!

Therion's eyes suddenly got wide and jumped backward as quickly heard the sounds of a glass being moved against the rocks, and then a sound that is usually heard when something fast is being thrown!

Therion was shocked that something came at him, and it was revealed to be a… bottle of beer…? Wait… Therion snaps his head toward Rival, who is now standing there ominously… what the fuck…? "Hey now… What was that for? Don't you know that is quite rude?" Therion tried to play it off, but… he knew that look on Rival's face isn't good at all.

Rival was murmuring something so quietly, that Therion couldn't pick it up… "Excuse me? What are you saying? Can you speak louder" Therion was internally panicking… He knew that talking isn't going to work now, but he should see what he should do.

"You… You hurt her…" Rival spoke a bit louder, but it didn't help that it was a bit confusing and Therion was puzzled "I hurt her…? Who?" Therion didn't know he had hurt someone

"You hurt her… You hurt… Jessica!" Rival shouted at Therion, and it soon clicked in his head! Rival must have seen Jessica's face when they were busy talking to each other! But why is Rival so quick to accuse him of hurting he-... Ah… He is drunk.. And knowing him, extremely emotional to eleven.

"Oi! I don't know what you think of me since it has been sometimes, but at least I don't purposely hurt others… especially family, Rival… You killer" Therion knew what he was doing was a bit ballsy of him and especially cruel in using Rival's source of trauma but he ain't in a good mood, and if Rival isn't going to listen to reason… and he will be honest, he isn't someone who uses violence as the answer, but this is Rival, at the slightest hint of hurting someone, emotionally or physically, you are guilty in his eyes… the very thing that caused him to be like this. Thus he is simply responding to his laws.

Rival froze at hearing Therion's cruel words. He just stood there in pure shock as everything he had done began surging within his mind, and while that happens Therion took a stance he hasn't done for sometimes, but it feels quite familiar. Therion began gently jumping on his feet and raised his fist, clenched tightly.

"shut… shut up… SHUT… SHUT UP! I DIDN'T DO ANYTHING WRONG! YOU HURT JESSICA! YOU HURT HER! YOU HURT JESSICA! I AM GOING TO KILL YOU!" Rival quickly picks up another bottle and throws it at Therion, which he easily dodged, and soon they stand still until…


[Music Playing - The Battle of Ordeal from Bravely Second]

The sounds of the bottle being shattered is heard among Therion and Rival, and the very second it was heard, Rival began dashing toward Therion, throwing an extremely heavy punch toward Therion.

But Therion, being a quick thinking person, picked up a metal trash lid beside him, and used it to block Rival's punch. With it, he was baffled at the sudden impact, and Therion used it to his advantage.

Rival realized what Therion was doing, but he was too late, and Therion delivered an axe kick toward Rival's head. He wasn't able to dodge it, and took it full on. But Rival isn't known as a person to lose by the first hit.

He was slightly disoriented, but still standing strong. Therion was slightly annoyed that it wasn't enough to knock Rival out of his frenzy state "Shit… I thought your drunk ass wasn't able to handle that… I must have miscalculated"

While Therion spoke to himself, Rival dashed inside of Therion's unguard zone, and Therion soon got surprised at how quickly Rival ran inside of his zone, thus unable to attack except defend and ran away, but… he was too late for that as well.

Rival soon began delivering a barrage of predictable heavy punches toward Therion's upper body, from all directions, but just because it was predictable, it was impossible for Therion to dodge it. Rival kept punching out of anger and delivered one last punch to Therion's face…

One could hear the shattering of Therion's glasses… and from the looks of it. He was bleeding as little pieces had cut him a bit and the bruises from Rival's punches were obvious to the eyes of many as he was bleeding from his lips and nose… if there were people except them.

"Hmm… I see now… You are acting like a wild beast as always…" Which is ironic since that is one of the meanings of Therion's name "Why is it so hard for you to act calm Rival… Did you know that I always hated that part of you? Even from High School…? I bet you didn't… You constantly see someone you care about, who is hurting, and then you go running in without thinking, without realizing the full information of what is going on... And now look at you, an idiot who isn't capable of acting rational at all… You have truly lost yourself Rival…" Therion began laughing out of nowhere "But luckily for you, I am here… to fix the mess you have caused, I can't fix your trauma, but I can at least try, if not… Cynthia would be mad at me if I didn't"

Rival just stood there, muttering 'You hurt her', 'Jessica…' 'I would kill you…' but then froze as Therion muttered the name of Cynthia in front of him. Suddenly Rival roars in anger "DON'T MENTION HER NAME!" Rival began running toward Therion, but it was…

"Predictable" Therion stated and he jumped in the air, and as Rival was already in front of Therion, he had no way to dodge Therion's kick, and received it full on once again. Rival was thrown backward from the force of the kill and rolled around… but he quickly stood up as he was growling.

"Jeez… Look at you… Acting like a berserker… fine, if one kick isn't enough… IT IS TIME TO GO ON THE OFFENSIVE!" Therion… was actually really angry, he hates getting hurt, and Rival… has hurt him severely, not just from the fight, but the memory of him together with Therion… He is pissed off!

Therion quickly dashed him, but Rival believed that Therion was predictable, but that was Therion's plan. Therion threw himself to the ground, and slid beneath Rival.

Rival, who was off-guard of Therion's sliding, didn't turn back on time, and received the full impact of Therion's kicks toward his calf, knees, and back of his head. And Therion began delivering multiple rounds of kicks all over Rival, no holding back or anything…

But that was enough! Rival keeps standing up! "Fuck… I knew you were durable as hell, but now this is just getting stupid!" Therion shouted and jumped toward Rival with a Fly Kick.

Rival received the kick directly, but… he did something, he caught it when struck, and now Therion was at Rival's mercy… "Heh… You thought that was enough to stop me?" Therion said, and quickly spun the opposite direction and delivered another kick with his free leg to Rival's head.

Hey, Therion knows that constant kicks or punches to the head could lead to brain damage, but the thing is… he doesn't care. If they want a fight, a fight they get…

Rival quickly picked up the trash lid that Therion abandoned in the fight and threw it at him. Therion slightly panicked and dodge it by throwing his back in as if he was in the matrix, but unlike in the movie, time was still moving fast.

Rival jumped in the air, and used the force of dropping. He used an elbow strike to Therion's chest, which caused Therion to flinch in extreme pain and hit the ground harshly. Causing Therion to cough since he isn't used to it, and his asthma started to act up due to the demanding movement he was doing…

Rival quickly straps on Therion and begins delivering harsh punches while Therion uses his arms to block it, even if it is putting a strain to his body… "S…Stop…" Therion began grunting in pain "stop… stop… stop… stop… I SAID STOP!" The constant feeling of punches on his skin is making Therion angry as well… and… well… Therion's anger was quite something back in high school…

Therion delivered a harsh direct punch to Rival's throat, which caused Rival to choke and cough harshly as he tried to breath back, and thus caused Rival to stop punching Therion. Not wanting to miss his advantage, Therion threw himself at Rival, and began punching him in the ribs, making sure that Rival would have a hard time to breath, and Therion delivered a hard punch to Rival's face and then did a sweep kick under Rival. Knocking him to the ground, and Therion quickly did the same thing Rival did to him, but something else…

Therion knew that he couldn't beat Rival's amount of punishment he could take and his stamina, and thus did the only thing he believed would be enough to weaken him. He began straggling him… No, he isn't trying to kill him! He is simply weakening, and he knows when it is enough…

Therion didn't let go as Rival struggled against him, as Therion carefully watched Rival's eyes, to make sure he wasn't going unconscious and everything… and luckily Rival was still really drunk to free himself from this as he wasn't using his hands very well… Ugh… if it was Leon here, he would have finished this in second unlike him.

Therion kept going… and he watched the anger in Rival's eyes slowly disappear only to be replaced with a confused look. Rival was still struggling, but then he spoke with difficulty… "T…T-therion…?" Rival lost as hell, which is weird…

[Music Stopped]

Therion simply huffed as he let go of Rival's neck and stood up as he pulled a small bag of paper wipes to clean up his injury and the blood all over his face and chest as Rival slowly sat up from where he was laying.

"I see that your stupid ass finally decided to wake up and think properly" Therion snarl in anger at Rival, who flinches at the harsh tone that came from Therion… "Ugh… You made my job ridiculously hard because you were drunk…" Rival looks guilty as he realized he caused all those injury on Therion

Rival sighs and looks away… "So, It has been sometimes… Therion" Rival tried to act friendly, but Therion wasn't having it "Shut your ass up in trying to act all friendly after the stupidity you put me through! I haven't forgotten you know… What I said wasn't a lie" Therion growls at Rival

Rival nods, understanding what Therion meant, and doesn't try to defend himself. "But really… Why are you here…? I thought you would have forgotten about me…" Rival was rightfully so that Therion had forgotten about him, and in some way… he did, but…

Therion laughs with a dark tone to it… "Oh ho… You are asking that…? Are you for real…? Fine! Your sister that you tried to protect so… so… much! Has desperately asked me to get you out of her sight because the sight of you keeps reopening her trauma, happy? Happy to know that you just keep hurting others as always because of your selfishness?!" Therion just snapped at Rival "You keep spouting that you care for others and will protect them! But your selfishness and way of thinking keep hurting others! Like how you have hurt Erin, Kay, and even Cynthia! YOU JUST KEEP HURTING OTHERS!" Therion harshly shouted at Rival, who had no way of protecting himself

Rival just… stared at the ground in extreme guilt and self-hatred of himself "I know… I know Therion… I know I deserve it, that is why I tried to separate myself from the others… to free them from me…" Therion snapback "And how did that go for you, huh?" Rival ignored the comment… "And I thought that I should at least protect my only remaining family member…"

Therion just chuckles "Oh yes, like that was very successful! Keep going, keep telling me how you protected when you were simply a nuisance to her"

Rival once again couldn't defend himself… but… Therion sighs "But… I will admit that I am being extremely harsh with you… Cynthia would be disappointed in me if she saw how I was treating you, and out of your sister's wish… I came to take you away as part of my staff…"

Rival at first blinks in confusion and slowly lifts his head at Therion in surprise at what he was hearing from him. "Wh… what…? Therion, what are you talking about? Take me as part of your staff…? What are you even doing?"

Therion shakes his head in disappointment at Rival "Oh wow… You literally made sure that you didn't know what we're doing, that you don't have knowledge of what we are doing these days? Some of us are famous, Rival." Therion told Rival, whose eyes slowly got wide "Leon has turned into a professional architect while taking professional MMA as a side gig, I have turned into a professional Game Designer with my own studio! And the others like Adrian, who I actually heard he was dating someone famous, and everyone! You really kept yourself out from everyone, even the minimum mention because of pure self-hatred…? Rival… despite my dislike over your actions in the years we have met… You really went too far with it…"

Rival scoff at "I deserve it…" Therion rolls his eyes "Oh, I see now, then why did you turn into drinking then? If you like being too much of a masochist, then why are you drinking alcohol numbing it?" Rival glared at Therion, who just shakes his head "I don't know why you are angry at me for simply stating the truth! Rival! Your so-called belief in justice and lack of control in your emotion has led you here!" Therion bluntly stated "What you need to learn is self-control… and that is why i am taking you with me, AND you won't be allowed to have alcohol at all, because you are simply running away from your problems, in forgetting what you did. I am not doing this out of hatred, but it is sad to see you like this…"

Rival looks unsure "Okay… I get what you are saying, but I am not sure… for what are you recruiting me for, Therion?" Therion slowly smirks as he tries to fidget his glasses, but forgets that Rival broke it and thus the blurriness is giving him a headache… "Ugh… Oh right, I was recruited to host a show" Rival was about to speak, but Therion quickly interrupted by shouting "I KNOW I DON'T LOOK LIKE IT! DON'T INTERRUPT ME!" Rival was quiet again. "Anyway… I am hosting a show… a show that all of us used to watch a lot, and I am sure that some of us wanted to audition for it…"

Rival's eyes got wide in shock "No…" Therion grinned at Rival "Yes! I am hosting Total Drama! You hear it, Rival! Total Drama! You finally get the chance to appear~" Therion was trying his best in acting like a smug, but… he is drained dry… like he is so tired, so he just gave up… "And it appears that you aren't convinced at all…"

As Therion said that, it appears to be true. Rival doesn't look sure about it, insecure about it "I… I am not sure… I don't think I deserve i-" "Nope" Therion interjected with a simple no… and it threw Rival off since this response isn't a response that is like Therion, it is more like… Erin… "There are 'no' answers for this Rival, you have to face it… you aren't going to get better… imagine what Cynthia would say if she said you now? What would you think she would do?"

Rival sighs at the question "She would panic at my state and would try to patch me up and check how I am currently at… and if she sees that something is wrong with me, she won't stop until she manages to get me to feel better…" Therion smiles "See?"

"But… I am not yet sur-" Therion stops Rival speaking by throwing a small business card directly at Rival's face… How disrespectful "I am going to stop you there, I have a feeling you wouldn't be sure with my words, so I was walking toward here, I wrote a small card with the location of where we would be and what time we would be leaving… P.S. Leon and I are going to leave tomorrow, so you better make your mind about it… and don't think as Rival Survival, The Self-Hating Drunk Man, but rather… Rival Survival, The Confident Guitarist! You better not disappoint me in the end…"

After finishing speaking… Therion left Rival without saying a goodbye, since Therion has a feeling there isn't going to be a goodbye, but man… he is tired. Therion didn't notice Rival looking at him and the card in deep concentration, thinking very deeply about it.

Therion walks back to his car, but didn't bother to knock on Jessica's door as he didn't feel disappointed in her or making her hopeful of a choice that could go wrong in the end. He simply got in his car, text her a message stating that he spoke with Rival and brought him back to sense, but the answer for her request is unknown until tomorrow, and he got back a confirmation of seeing the message, and admitting that she knew that what she ask was a lot, but she is still grateful that he tried in the end.

After driving back to Leon's RV, he just entered and locked the door, and fell head first into the couch in pain and soreness of being awake for a long time…

End of Prologue 2

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