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At number 4 Privet Drive, all was as it should've been at three in the morning. The Dursleys were all asleep, snoring peacefully with the occasional mutter from Vernon Dursley. And in the smallest bedroom in the house, a thin boy with unruly black hair and glasses lay on the bed, scribbling away at a piece of parchment with his lucky quill, the color matching that of his eyes: a bright bottle green. A large, leather bound book lay open beside him. This boy, as you know, was no ordinary boy. Well, considering the facts of:

1) being a wizard

2) surviving a curse that had never been survived before by anyone in the history of that curse

3) surviving said curse at the age of one

4) almost completely destroying the most powerful dark wizard in the world by reflecting said curse back onto him and receiving a lightning shaped scar on your forehead in the process

5) thwarting said dark wizard's further attempts to kill you three times and counting

6) being able to talk to snakes

7) attending Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry

8) being able to fly on a broomstick which happens to be a Firebolt, the best model there is

9) becoming the youngest seeker in a century to be chosen to play on one of said school's four house teams


10) having an escaped convict for a godfather and an innocent one at that.

If you call all of these things ordinary, then Harry Potter was an ordinary boy. HOWEVER, I seriously doubt that there is a single person living on this planet that would consider all of these things ordinary. Not even Harry considered all of these things, if any, ordinary. And so, Harry James Potter was not an ordinary boy.

The snowy owl sitting inside the cage on the desk by the window screeched softly, causing Harry to jump slightly, resulting on a long scribble in the middle of the word 'goblin.' Harry looked at the parchment, his essay on the goblin kings of Transylvania, and read the sentence he had been writing.

"'King Octar the Ominous was brutally murdered in the year 1493, by an assassin who had been hired by the infamous gobl-ooghablugahgoo.' Hmm… no, Hedwig, I don't think Professor Binns will appreciate that very much, seeing as there never was any infamous gobl-ooghablugahgoo. Oh!" Harry had just looked up and seen what had caused Hedwig's outburst. Six owls, sitting in order from largest to smallest, were settled on the branch outside Harry's window, waiting patiently to be let inside to unload their burdens. Well, five of them were sitting patiently – the smallest was jumping up and down hooting hysterically and receiving glares of annoyance from the other five. Harry opened the window, and with reflexes toned from years of Quidditch, had his arm up by his head, catching Pidgewidgeon as the tiny owl zoomed (or tried to – it's package was HUGE) inside. He relieved Pig of his letter and package, the owl hooting happily the whole time. Harry released Pidgewidgeon, and he flew straight into the ceiling and was rendered unconscious. Harry let the other five owls into the room. Errol, the Weasley's owl, was looking much the worse for wear from the journey – Harry was afraid he was going to pass out. A screech owl Sirius had been sending him recently, Hagrid's barn owl, a calm version of Pidgewidgeon, all marched through the window after  Errol did indeed pass out in Harry's hands Harry had no idea whose it was, and the great horned owl sent from school with the list of supplies Harry would be needing for that school year. Harry took each owl's letter and package, the school owl leaving the moment Harry took it's letter. The more placid version of Pig fluttered to Hedwig's cage which Harry had opened, and made friends with Hedwig right away much unlike the relationship between Pig and Hedwig. After a drink from Hedwig's water bowl, it fluttered onto the floor wear Pig was lying, pecked him on the head and watched him try unsuccessfully to fly around the room, hooting drunkenly. The owl flew back to Hedwig's cage and began to preen. Hagrid's and Sirius' owls flew to the cage and did the same, both being old friends of Hedwig's. Harry settled back on the bed and began to read the letters from his friends.


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