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I don't know if I need this but I'll put it up anyway.

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Hermione and Ron would have been Prefects. Harry would not have minded. Malfoy would have gotten prefect too and made fun of Harry for not getting it. Harry would have explained that he was glad Ron got it because for once Ron would get a chance in tle spotlight instead of him. Do you get what I mean? Cuz it's kinda hard to explain. Harry's tired of being idolized and Ron's tired of being overlooked so they get to switch places.

The defense teacher would have been a girl.

Harry and Ginny would have gone out and Ron and Hermione would have gone out (if you read the chapter before this then you know that last bit already).

Care of magical creatures would have gotten better. Have you ever noticed Hagrid has never docked points? Or given homework? Well, he would have taken points from Malfoy cuz he wouldn't have done his homework and all would be amazed.

No, Fawkes is not a big meany as some of you might have thought (a-hem ALLISON!). He was simply upset because a long time ago he had made a rule in the order that whoever suggested a person for "membership" of the order had to go get the person himself and Fawkes had forgotten and he was the one who suggested Harry and the other members had reminded him of the rule he had made. He was just upset with himself for forgetting. You understand don't you?

Harry's motorcycle was the same one Sirius and Hagrid had. You know, the flying one?

Ron would have gotten keeper in quidditch. No, I don't know who would have been captain.

Here are some people in the order: Dumbledore, Sirius, McGonagall (spelling?), James Potter, Lily Potter, Frank Longbottom, Alice Longbottom, the four founders of Hogwarts and… um… oh, Fawkes, and Harry (obviously) but not really cuz of the whole find out the year before you get to be in the order thing. And I don't know who else (alright, I can't THINK of anyone else).

You know the feather that Harry thought was Fawkes' that he found after Fawkes visited his house? Well, it wasn't Fawkes', it was Harry's (yes that's important!). Sometime in the year, Harry's wand would've been broken, most likely by Wormtail or another of Voldemort's henchmen (that's a funny word, henchmen). Hey, what happened to Wormtail in the fifth book? I don't recall him being mentioned ever except for Snape's worst memory and that doesn't count. ANYWAY, since Hermione was learning how to make wands she would've taken the feather and gotten 9 and ½ inches of Holly wood and made Harry a new one and since it was Harry's feather, that wand would've worked even better than his old one and then he would've been able to battle Voldemort cuz with his old wand he couldn't battle Voldemort cuz of the cores both being from Fawkes and everything. How cool is that?

Ok. You are about to find out some of the reason's why Voldemort wanted to kill Harry (at least in my story). Ok. This might confuse some of you. Actually, it might confuse a lot of you. Ok, it probably will confuse a lot of you. Ok. Ok. Ok... breathe… heeh, hoow… heeeeeh, hoooooow… OK, OK, DON'T RUSH ME!!! Geez. I'm a'gettin' I'm a'getting'. Ok. Buckle your seatbelts ladies and gentlemen, you're preparin' for a looooooooong ride.

"Get on with it!"

"Get on with it!"

"Get on with it!"

(that bit was for all you Monty Python fans out there – a-hem ALLISON)

Ok, I had written this down but then I came up with a new idea and wrote that down without deleting the first bit and it was really confusing so I decided to save you all a headache

and just write what I really mean.

Now, a loooooong time ago, Fawkes started the order of the Phoenix. He chose 4 people to be the first members: His "owner" Godric Gryffindor, Helga Hufflepuff, Rowena Ravenclaw, and Salazar Slytherin, who also happened to be the founders of Hogwarts. Fawkes also made a prediction or prophecy or whatever you want to call it that one of the heirs to the 4 original members would be the most powerful wizard in the world, but only by joining the order and with the order's help.

Ok I'm gonna skip to the part of how you get to be in the order then come back to that part before this. Read the paragraph before this and then skip to the paragraph after the one below if you've had a hard enough time following me already. The two paragraphs that I'm talking about are in bold for your convenience.

Now, when each person in the world is born (yes each and every one), Fawkes goes and tests the amount of power that they have. Well he doesn't go PHYSICALLY, just mentally. If they have a lot, then there's a "debate" sort of thing 5 or more years after. If someone in the Order likes how the "possibility" (person that might be in the order) is progressing, then that person (the person already in the order) nominates that person for membership and the Order decides if and when the person will get to be in the Order. Depending on what level of "a lot of power" the person has (oh come on, you know what I mean) – like if the minimum requirement is like 50 power and a guy has 55 power and another guy has 90 power, then the guy with 90 power gets to be accepted into the order at a younger age than the guy with 55 power (50 power would be A LOT of power because if it wasn't then everyone on the whole damn planet would be in the order). Well, Harry had a lot of power so he got in at a pretty young age. His dad got in at age 18 and his mum got in at age 19 and Sirius got in at age 21 right before Lily and James were killed.

Now, back to the thing about the prophecy that Fawkes made.

Well, the Hufflepuff line and Ravenclaw line had both died out a long time ago, so only Slytherin and Gryffindor were left in the running. Well, when Voldy was tested, he had A LOT of power. So obviously, 5 or so years later, Salazar Slytherin nominated Voldy (no, they did not know he would become evil). Well, the order was shocked when he got into Slytherin at Hogwarts even though he was the heir of Slytherin because they knew about the whole thing where you're really the one choosing what house you're in and the Hat just tells everyone else what you want and no one in the order had ever been in Slytherin (Slytherin himself doesn't count). But, despite their shock, they still kept him in line to be in the order. Well, he was told he was gonna be in the order at age 16 during his sixth year at Hogwarts. That's when he turned really evil, what with the basilisk and everything. So, the order told him he had been "kicked out" of the order (but not really cuz he wasn't in the order yet). Well, somehow he found out about the whole founder' descendents being the most powerful wizard of all time and everything (don't ask me how cuz I don't know) and he was really power-hungry and knew he was the heir of Salazar Slytherin (duh) so he got really mad about being "kicked out". So, he tracked down the heirs of Gryffindor. Now, before I continue I would like to remind you that just because someone was an heir to one of the founders that doesn't mean he or she was THE HEIR in the prophecy. So, Voldy tracked down the heirs to Gryffindor and waited to find out which one of them was the most powerful one. Well, he didn't think it was James, so he didn't kill him just yet. And he didn't think it was Frank Longbottom (yes I have made Neville and Harry distant cousins), so he didn't kill him either (BIG mistake on his part!). Well, he found out that Harry was the guy in the prophecy and went to kill him, and we all know what happens next. Why did he want to kill him just for being the guy in the prophecy? Well, first of all, he was jealous. He hated being outdone by anybody. Two, he still wanted to be the most powerful wizard in the world and of all time but only without the order's help ("Who needs the stupid order anyway? I can do it by myself!") and with Harry there being the most powerful wizard of all time WITH the order's help, well, the thought of that just made him FURIOUS. And also, Fawkes also said that if the guy in the prophecy was killed before he could reach his full potential or greatness or whatever, the order would be destroyed. So Voldy also wanted to destroy the order. So, reasons for killing Harry:

1) Jealous

2) Wanted to be most powerful wizard of all time and if Harry was there, then he wouldn't be the most powerful wizard of all time cuz Harry would be.

3) Wanted to detroy the order cuz he was angry at the order ("How dare they kick me out of the order! I'll show them!")

            Now! That wasn't too hard was it? Sorry about that. I'm sure that by writing this I've diminished the population of Advil, Tylenol, and all those other headache-relieving medicines out there by a considerable amount and I'm truly sorry about that.

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