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This story will focus mainly on Ensign Hoshi Sato and her heightened senses; exploring her background and heritage. I always give all my stories the rating of "R", because it allows me to the freedom to be creative and to express myself how I need to to write the stories that exist in my head. This story is not necessarily a cross over story; but since SkinWalkers are primary focus on Wolf Lake, however, there will be NO characters of Wolf Lake cross-over into Enterprise, nor will any character of Enterprise be crossing over into any of my Wolf Lake FanFic.

Part 1-

She walked onto the bridge and over to her station. Ensign Hoshi Sato, Chief Communications Officer of Enterprise-The first Warp 5 vessel in Starfleet. Hand picked by Captain Jonathon Archer himself, he even made a special trip out to Brazil to talk her into coming on the voyage. She was a hard sell, but even though she was technically on -indiffinte-leave from Starfleet-she was still bound by the rules and regulations. When she first boarded Enterprise, she knew she was in for one hell of a ride. So far, she was not proven wrong. A gifted Linguistic, she has been challenged beyond anything she could have ever hoped for. There were times she would've been board out of her skull, had not been for the incesent hum and the rocking vibrations of the ship. She was amazed that no one has could or would feel and hear the slight variations of the ships ever present motions, that she could hardly ignore. They seemed very obvious to her. She always mused that perhaps, it was the very significant DNA differences she had, that sat her apart from the rest of the crew and another humanoid they've encountered, so far.

The shift seemed to pass relatively incident free. Nothing of interest on the comm, nothing of interest from the rest of the crew. The ship even seemed more subdued then usual. Everything was too "everyday" to be just a run of the mill day. Perhaps, that's why Ensign Sato was little more on alert then usual. Something just was not quite right. Yet there was no tall-tale signs of any danger. Maybe it was precognition. Because what happened about an hour before Hoshi's shift was to end, she really wasn't surprised. Sure what happened was not predictable in the less, but the fact that it was life-threatening was not surprising at all. The entire crews' lives depended on her. If, she didn't react as quickly and assuredly as she did. The ship would've been destroyed within minutes, without anyone being the wiser.

Without even saying a word, she quickly spun around in her chair, jumped up, ran at a speed that no one would've thought was capable, and after knocking Trip 10-feet onto his back. Without missing a step, Hoshi right in front of the Chief Engineer leapt onto the cores main control panal's walk-way, and then up onto the core itself. Standing on top of the narrow, slippery, and steep top; she stood there facing a Sulibon. Apparently, she had surprised it out of it's invisibility. The Sulibon had been observing humans for awhile now and what this woman just performed was a feat that no other human has even displayed the capablity of, this human was not your run of the mill human. However, his surprise did not last long; instead of resuming invisiblity he simply launched an attack.

He swung at the ensign, missing her while she grabbed his arm and shoved him back. Keeping his balance, he resumed his attack. Instead of swing at her again, he dived toward her mid-section. However, she gracefully jumped over him in a diving position. Rolling onto the core's top and onto her feet. She quickly swung around, just in time to see his foot coming at her face. She blocked the kick and punched at her. This time she grabed his arm, and went down and kicked his feet from underneath him. He swept his legs at her's, but she jumped up and back to avoid it. When she was coming down, she saw him swing his legs up to give him the momentum he needed to jump back up onto his feet in one swift motion. However, by the time he landed onto the deck of the core's top. Hoshi just punched him in the stomach and as he clenched over in pain, she grabed his head shoved down into her knee. Sending him back onto the top of the core. However, he had managed to knock her off her feet to. In too much pain to pull the same stunt as he did a few seconds ago. He rolled over and wrenching in pain as he slowly got up. Hoshi simply did what he did earlier and used her legs for momentum to launch herself to her feet, too. By the time, the Sulibon turned around Hoshi's fist connected squarely with his chin. Sending him up and back onto a steep edge of the core and he slide off it, unconcious. With Lt. Reed and two other members of security waiting for him on the right side of the core.

Quickly, running and jumping back down onto the cat walk in front of the core. Hoshi spun around and begin typing without hesistation into the control pannel. She looked up into the monitor and after about 2 seconds of studying it, she realized what the problem was. Inputing information faster than anyother crew member could notice, the ensign espeediently wrapped out the computer virus that was encoded deep within the core's programming. It was programmed to cause the core to explode should Enterprise enter warp.

She operated on pure instinct since the second before she spun her chair around in the bridge. However, there was something that kept her from showing her true nature. Perhaps, there was not enough time to make the proper adjustments or maybe her human instincts were just below the surface, to protect her. Now that the danger was over with and she could relax because they were now out of danger. She turned around and headed down the stairs. She knew she'd have to explain this to the Captain and Sub-Commander Ta'Pol.