Part 3-

They must've sat there for like 10 minutes. The Captain and Hoshi keeping constant eye contact, Hoshi was waiting for a response and Archer was trying to decide what to say next. Trip sat there looking between them and occasionally over to T'Pol to see what (if, anything) was playing through her mind. Finally, T'Pol broke the silence.

"That still doesn't explain how you knew where to look and what to look for, Ensign!" The Vulcan woman calmly and logically explained.

Breaking eye contact with Archer, Hoshi turned to address The Sub- Commander, "Well, like I said I had seen the shifting right in front of the Engine's Core main control panel. After I jumped down, I didn't know what exactly I was looking for. I just started to quickly scan the database. I finally noticed something that did not belong and then I took actions to purge it from the system. It was just a second before it was completely wiped from the computer that I realized it was a virus set to blow up the Enterprise as soon as we went into warp. If, that answers your questions, T'Pol!" She finished and a little bit irritable from being interrogated by such a cool, calm, collected green-blooded female Vulcan. The Sub- Commander just tilted her head in acknowledgement of her satisfaction at having the answers she was searching for.

Archer never stopped looking at Hoshi, his face of expressionless, cold furry. However, his eyes spoke volumes-if, you knew what you were looking for. "T'Pol, Trip you are dismissed. I need some one-on-one time with the Ensign. Dismissed." Archer finished, allowing no discussion. Both Trip and T'Pol looked at each other with arched, curious eyebrows, Trip waited as T'Pol made her way around the corner and ushering her out into the main dining hall with the doors sliding shut behind them.

Archer stared Hoshi down for a couple more minutes before standing up and making his way over to stare out the center viewing portal. Hoshi joined him and waited for him to speak, again. Another few minutes of silence passed. With arms remaining crossed in front of his chest, the Captain turned his head towards Ensign Sato with his face remaining expressionless.

"What's it been? 10 years since we've known each other and you haven't ever told me about it. Hoshi I know more intimately then anyone else on this ship. We are really good friends and you couldn't trust me enough to tell me. We've spent an entire week in bed together. We had fucked, we had made love, and we barely slept or eat. And, you couldn't tell me about your Wolven status?" Jonathon started calmly enough and finished by turning to fully face Hoshi.

"As I remember we barely spoke during that first week. I wasn't even 18, yet. Don't get me wrong, that week was the best week of my life. Afterwards, you took off to work on (she swept her hand around the room) Enterprise-as you put it, the fast ship in the fleet-the very first Warp 5 vessel. And I was off to training. We parted on good terms."

"Yeah, an hour after I found you were only 17 and we agreed to remain in contact and on friendly terms. I came to see you every chance I got. And eventually we both became busy and saw less and less of each other. That's why we agreed to remain friends but to see other people. It even came to a point that you took an indefinite leave of absence to teach at Amazon University. Then, you were the only Linguist/Communications Officer that I'd dare trust on this mission. You're the best of the best. But, that's not the only reason I came and convinced you to come with me and the rest of the crew, I wanted you to be near me/to be close. There's no one I wanted to be with me more. Even Prothos and Trip come after you on my list. Hell, even my own father would come 2nd to you. God I really hate those damnable "unspoken" rules. This ship is to damn small. Everybody knows everything on this damn ship." Archer finished turning back towards the star field, angrily.

"Jonathon, I didn't realize......" Hoshi started. However, before she could finish, Archer swiftly turned and grabbed her with both his hands underneath her jaw with his thumbs coming up over cheekbones in front of her ears. He stared down into her eyes, searching for the words that seemed to be escaping his quick mind.

As, his thumbs started to caress her cheeks, his face softened. "Well, you do now. I want, no I need, and you to know that if I have to choose-I choose you. I choose you over Starfleet, I choose you over Trip, I choose you over Prothos, and I choose you over my father's dreams and mine. I choose you because my heart won't let me any other choice, because you are my heart and I've already lost you once. I know how you spent your shore leave on Risa, I tried to distract myself but did not work. The whole time, I wanted to find you. On the trip back, I knew about your mystery man and even though I had no claim or right to be. I was jealous and I wanted to beat the living shit of him. I've never loved anyone the way I love you. You're the one and only person who will ever have my heart. You've always had my heart and you always will. I fell in-love with you the first time I saw you. You are the only one that I'd sacrifice everything for. You are my soul. And now, even after you told me all about you being a Skinwalker, I don't care. I just need you and I need to love you." As he revealed his heart, looking deep into her eyes, Archer pressed his body tightly into Hoshi's. His left arm drifted down and around her back, holding her into him, his mouth grew closer as he exposed himself so completely. His voice lowered and spoke his desperation and love.

Hoshi was speechless and with a single tear staining her cheek. Her mouth willingly accepted his tongue as it plunged into her mouth, almost as hungrily as his lips crushed her's. His hand swept up and over her face and hair, to her clip and undoing it. Running his fingers through her hair, he maneuvered her against the wall nearest to them up against a portal. He pulled her right leg up and undid her boot and tugged off and one swift motion and then proceeded to do the same with the left leg and boot. He removed his boots quickly and deftly.

They both worked on their uniforms, Jonathon put his hungry mouth on Hoshi's long silky neck. Pressing his body tightly against her's. The only thing separating their sex organs from being able to copulate was their blue skivvies. His hands ran ravenously under her skivvy top but he quickly dispatched of it and their naked torsos pressed hotly against each other. His erection was throbbing with desperation that it's never known before, pressed against her. The quickly removed the last of their barriers and they joined in mutual need to become one. The knowledge of bulk heads that were not built for keeping the crew from knowing when heated passionate verbal battles were taking place in the Captain's Private Dining area, was not of their concern. Their fucking was not private in the sense, that anyone could walk into either of the unlocked doors, and had there been any crew members out in the mess or in the kitchen they would've diffintly heard the boisterous screwing. The fact that it was so desperate amazed them both that it lasted a few 20 minutes of passionate, ravenous fucking.

TBC: (more Captain's Dinning room-Hoshi/Archer love making to come in next part)