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Ch.1: Welcome to Kuoh

Kuoh Airport

"We the flight crew of flight 260 would like to thank you for choosing to fly with us today and we hope you have a good stay or vacation here in the town of kuoh and to please take our flight company into consideration should you choose another airline. The temperature outside is a nice seventy-five degrees, just as a head up there's a 50 percent chance of rain. Flight attendances may begin to move around the cabin and help passengers unload their luggage" came the voice of the pilot through the intercom after the plane had landed and successfully docked.

Standing up from his seat in first class was a tall and lean young man with jet black hair and grey eyes, the left side being partially covered, exiting out into the aisle of the airplane before reaching up into the overhead bin that's currently holding his duffel bag. After grabbing his luggage he proceeds to leave the plane but not before flashing a sexy smirk/smile at the blonde flight attendant he'd been flirting with a majority of his flight.

Arriving at the customs gate and ready to present his passport. Approaching the teller who smiles ate him "Hello, what brings you to kuoh today?" she asks and taking a moment to think about his answer he responds with "Well it's a bit of both business and pleasure" he flashes her a flirtatious smile which causes her to blush before looking at his passport for a couple of second then looks at the computer seeing that the passport has been cleared, she stamps it and smile at him then say "That's good hope you find that pleasure and welcome to kuoh."

Later Outside Airport

Feeling a buzzing in his pocket he pulls out his phone and looks to see who is calling considering he just got off the plane, Looking at the id he sees its the employer for his current contract even though the man himself gives off a vibe that says he's not to be trusted. Answering the call he puts it up to his ear "Thank you for calling iron pizza home of the arc pizza what would you like?" he says into the phone in a comedic voice. "This is no time for jokes or your careless attitude. I'm paying you for a very important job and I need you to be serious, what I have you doing if found out could be disastrous to not only you but me. Tell me, have you arrived in Kuoh yet?" asks a very agitated sounding voice.

"Only just arrived fifteen minutes ago bossman, you gotta learn to relax a little otherwise your heart might just stop you old geezer" he says into the phone with a snarky look on his face.

"Keep it up with the snarky and sarcastic remarks and I'll cut your pay, you ingrate. I don't even know why I'd have to pay you when you should be doing this for free considering you're doing the lord's work." the voice on the other end replied in an even more aggravated tone.

"Fine fine what do you gotta tell me? Has the objective changed at all or am I still assassinating the target.?" was whispered into the phone in case anyone happened to be listening in on the conversation.

"The contract is still up. I've already wired the payment into the account using the number you gave me. Just remember if things go south then this conversation never happened. I've got you a one ticket into the underworld but for exiting the underworld you're on your own good luck and godspeed." the voice on the other end replied before the call was disconnected.

Looking at his phone after the call disconnected he sighs to himself "well might as well hail a taxi and go looking for a hotel for the night then i'll go look for dinner."

Next Day(Majority of the Day has Passed)

Spending a majority of the day in his hotel room until the time when his contract could be completed and his contact would open the portal to the underworld the sad thing about this contract is the odds of completing it and getting out of the underworld is slim to none but he's been bored recently so this is for a bit of challenge and fun.

Going down to the front desk of the hotel he's staying in to check out, seeing as the time is drawing nearer to meet his contact that will get him into the underworld. After finishing his checkout process in the hotel lobby he exits out the front door and, not paying attention, walks into a beautiful young woman with a voluptuous figure, very long black hair and violet eyes.

"I'm so sorry I should've been paying better attention to where i was going, but now i'm gonna call this a happy coincidence considering I get to meet such a beautiful young woman." he says to her with a lady killer smile.

"Ara I'm the one who should be apologizing it's just that i'm currently in a rush and have a lot of my mind, i'd love to stay and chat but I must be on my way "she said with a small smile

Watching her walk away with a sway of her hips, his eyes really focusing on her ass which was shapely and peach shaped 'That ass should be a sin, and I'll be the sinner' he thinks before shaking his head and continuing on his way.

After a 15min walk to a the park

Arriving at the location he waits for a while until a man approaches him and asks "How's the weather this evening" he gets asked only for him to reply "A little bit hot but that's how I like it" after confirmation the contact says a chant then a red magic circle appears and he tells him "This portal will bring to right outside the targets house and with that I bid you goodbye" he says before walking away.

Looking at the magic circle for a minute before walking forward and through it only for a flash of light to blind him. After reopening his eyes he's astounded but the appearance of the underworld continuing to observe his surroundings he looks for the target's mansion only to realize it's right behind him. Stopping to collect himself, with a snap of his fingers he changes into his mission attire checks his pouch for his arrows, then throwing up his before saying to himself "Virtuous Mission Beginning Now"


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