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The NightWorld and The Secret Circle are owned by L.J. Smith.
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Summery- The Circle a group of witches living in New Salem where they are trying to better their life
with the humans We start out with Adam going over to Cassie's house to pick her up for school.
Her Mom lets him in on her way to work...
Night Warriors By Draco2

Adam came into the room stood watching Cassie The girl no Woman he loved sleep ~hard to believe that a year ago I didn't even know who this girl was~ he thought to himself. Cassie Flinched and Adam was
tempted to run to her But he didn't He just stood watching her. As he turned to leave afraid that he would
disturb her if he stayed he stepped out and started to close the door when he heard "No please come back
I won't hurt you." Startled he opened the door thinking he woke her up but she was still asleep ~she must
be dreaming~ he thought ~I'll have to ask he about it at school and he left.
Cassie couldn't understand it She hasn't had dream's like this in months in it she saw what looked like a war
between light and dark on both sides she saw people she knew Her circle and some of the Outsiders, Sally, the Crones, her Mother, some others from the town, and what looked like giant dogs or wolves and other animals on the light side on the dark she saw Portia and her Brothers she felt a surge of anger at them for what they did to her but then she felt Pity for them for letting their fear and hate rule their lives.

She felt power coming from them Cassie flinched from the amount of evil coming from the dark.

Then on the other side in the light she saw a little girl "Who are you"?
Cassie asked her but the girl turned and started to walk away "No wait please come back I won't hurt you" she yelled And the girl turned and Cassie saw her eyes I've seen eyes like that before~ she thought ~but where~ the little girl started to walk away and Cassie followed her Then the dream changed The little girl led her out of the nightmare and on to a beach Adam she yelled and ran to him is this a dream if it is don't wake me up

then she heard a ringing and saw her dream clock and ~ Great ~ she thought ~It's time to get up~
and the dream faded out she turned over and then sensed a presence in the kitchen ~Hello Adam~ she thought to
him ~Hello beautiful, how are you this morning?~he thought back Cassie got up and started to dress and said ~I'll be better when I see you ~ and she started to the kitchen she passed her grandma's room and felt a pang of
sorrow ~I Miss her~ Adam didn't have to be told who she was thinking about he knew I made you breakfast he
said as she came in and then he gave he a hug and Kiss how did you sleep he asked?

Oh I had the weirdest dream. What was it about Adam asked. It was really weird I want to talk to Diana about it first so I'll tell you about it later she told him As she eat her toast We better go or we'll be late OK he said as they walked out together.
End Part1
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