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Night Warriors
A NW/SC Crossover
Summery: Poppy North sent with her team to find a coven of lost witches rumored to be on an island community called New Salem.

Last time...

Cassie was asking Sally for help locating the NightWorld agents "Sally, Cassie said we need your help we need you and some of your friends to keep an eye out for any strangers wearing Jewelry with Black Flowers on them. If you or any of the others find see any let one of us know don't try to be heroes you could get hurt Tell only the people you trust with your life."
"Cassie What's ... Sally asked Being cut off by a scream ~ CASSIE we got Trouble ~ Adam sent
through the Link "Stay Here Sally" Cassie yelled ~Meet me in the Front of the Building Cassie sent to
the Coven~ When she got there She saw something that she Never thought she would see On the East
Coast. A California Brown Bear, Some Wolves, A pair of Lions and a Tiger and strangers coming toward the school they must be Shape-shifters" She felt the Surprise behind her From her
friends "I think we need Help here Chris Go call the Hotel Tell them What's going on and to get here
as soon as Possible, The rest of us Will try to hold them Off as long as we can...

Chapter 10

Poppy answered the phone at her hotel "hello oh hi Chris What Lions, Tigers, and Bears, Oh my sorry bad joke Yeah Cassie is right that doesn't sound normal we will be there as soon as we can. What Cassie is getting witch fire thrown at her that is not good."

Ok as soon as we can try to hold on Poppy hung up ~Shit James get up we got problems~ Poppy dialed Thea and Keller's numbers "girls we got to go the coven is being attacked in New Salem yeah Shifter Vamps and witches. I agree get your boys up we will have to book they might not last long without the experience of fighting our kind right 10 min.

"James, James are you in the Bathroom" Poppy yelled as she knocked on the door "I'll be out in a Minute dear ~That's not James~ Poppy thought ~JAMIE~ ~Poppy what's wrong~ ~Where are you~ ~just coming up the stairs you were asleep so I went to get us some coffee~ ~Why, What's wrong~ ~There is someone in the bathroom~ ~WHAT I will be right thereThen the door burst open "Where is he" James asked with glowing silver eyes For the first time Poppy looked at him she was afraid and she pointed to the bathroom James walked over to the door shaking poppy could see he was holding in his rage James raised his hand to knock on the door and he felt a familiar presence Poppy watched the tension drain out of him and he shook his head "Come out now Ash" "What Poppy yelled ASH" and the door opened "Hello Cousin, Hello Little Dreamer" "Ash What are you doing here?" James asked "Well Thierry sent me to help out" Ash said "Ok but why are you here, in my bathroom Scaring my Soulmate" James said angry creeping out in his voice Let's just say I had a need to take care of and leave it at that" Ash said with a smirk "I am going to rip that smirk off your face" James said "I'm really sacred Cousin you could never beat me" "Oh yeah let's just see" James said his eyes going silver Oh bring it on Ash Replied "James, Poppy said we don't have time for this but the two were not paying attention she could see the rage taking them both ~JAMIE, ASH STOP RIGHT NOW~ the pain of Poppy's mental blast made both of them wince and drove the rage out of them

"Yes Jamie Ash said we should stop we wouldn't want to hurt you would we" Ash said smugly "You should shut up now Ash before I beat the crap out of you myself Poppy said Oh really and how would you do that you aren't any bigger then a …... "No Ash don't say it" James yelled knowing what was coming next "...a PIXIE" Ash said smirking "Dude you had to say the P word Poppy honey he didn't mean it James said Ash say you're sorry now or you will regret it" "What are you talking about James How ...could...she... Ash said looking at Poppy and saw fire in her eyes "oh crap she learned witch fire didn't she" "Yes Ash I did" Poppy said Calmly Uh Oh James thought this is not good then Thea and Keller came in "Poppy are we ready to go Galen and Eric are getting the Car umm are we interrupting" "Yes You are Poppy said I was just about to shove a ball of witch fire Up Ash's Arse to see what would happen wanna watch" "Sure Keller said getting a look from Thea Well it would be interesting to see Thea" Ok I will agree with that but Poppy we have to get to the school remember the attack... "What attack" James said Well the coven called a few min ago vamps, shifters, and witches are attacking the school Thea said didn't Poppy tell you" "No she didn't James said looking at Poppy Well Poppy" "Jamie thing got a bit confusing before I could tell you what with the Future moving target that was in my bathroom." "ok I agree but know we have to move James said otherwise the people in New Salem won't survive" "Well lets go guys we won't get any younger will we" Poppy said "Am I invited to this party" Ash asked I have a few toys that Thierry sent along with me that might help." Sure ash you can come along" Poppy said sweetly and she walked out the door Ash looked at James and said When this is over I should run Right" "Far and fast cousin because she will be on you like a bulldog and I am sure there will be lots of people standing in line to watch or help" James said as he walked out the door.

End of chapter 10

Ok I am going to end this chapter here that way I can think up some good fight scenes for the next one maybe think of some good toys that ash brought with him from Vegas.

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