Chapter One: Just Walking Along

(Bella POV)

It was clearly a set up, but I was oblivious. I should've looked at the ticket, but it didn't occur to me that things were off until I was staring at the departure list. My flight was headed for Seattle, and then there was a connecting flight to Port Angeles. That meant only one thing, I was headed for Forks. I was pissed because I had no say in the matter, and there was nothing I could do to stop it. I wish I had been a good sport about it, but they blindsided me. I gave Renee and Phil only terse hugs and irritated smiles. Then I turned and stomped off towards the gate.

The long flight was miserable. I got stuck between Ms. Talkative, and the kid traveling alone. Air travel was one of those things I would normally sleep through. This time however, I had to entertain strangers for three hours. Which was not one of my finely honed skills. So when the unbearably long flight finally landed, I rushed out of my seat and off the plane as quickly as I could. Still I had to race to catch the puddle jumper to Port Angeles. The brief flight was only thirty minutes up and down, and to me it felt like we were in the air for only a few seconds.

As I exited the plane, I could see Charlie standing stoically and grumpily with a dozen other people, huddled under an overhang by the main hanger. The soft drizzle made the tarmac glisten from the countless layers of rubber and motor oil. I stopped a few feet away and we both paused simultaneously, and took a deep breath. For me, it was so I could smooth out my feelings of awkwardness about showing public affection. I could only guess that Charlie felt the same. We gave each other a light hug, and exchanged generic pleasantries. Then we were in the squad car, traveling down the green tunnel of doom, towards the place I swore I would never return. At least Charlie was his usual self, which was far from verbose. It was such a welcome change from the plane that I sat in silence. So without many other options, I watched the endless green wall of wilderness blur across my window.

I was already missing Jacksonville, even though I hadn't been there for very long. The small house my Mom and Phil had gotten was really nice, and my room was about twice as big as the one in Phoenix. Although the drive was silent, and it wasn't an uncomfortable silence, I kept fighting with a strange need to be inquisitive. Several times I had to repress the urge to ask questions about why we weren't visiting California like normal. At least the drive flew by faster than I expected. Before I knew it we were in the middle of Forks, just as the last of bit of daylight was descending into twilight.

That was when I first saw her, she was illuminated by the broad bay window of the local dry cleaners and backlit by florescent lights. In that unnatural glow she seemed so unusual that I couldn't help but stare. Her long and glossy black hair framed her classically beautiful pixie face like she were a representation of a fairy or goddess. Her flawless porcelain skin only contributed to her remarkable appearance, like she were a living statue. For a second our eyes almost met, but I quickly looked elsewhere embarrassed by my unusual behavior.

Throughout the rest of the evening I tossed around the idea of staying in Forks. Mostly because it was something I had almost decided to do last year before we moved to Jacksonville. Then it was just a little too painful to commit too. But after watching Renee suffer while Phil was traveling around the country for away games, I had started to change my mind about the whole situation. It was simple here, we watched baseball and had pizza because he didn't have any groceries in the house. It felt normal, and maybe it wouldn't be too bad to live here for a year.

The hours flew by quickly, and then I was alone in my old room. It was a little musty from the four years I hadn't been there. My small bag was laying unevenly on my bed, untouched from when I threw it in here a few hours earlier. I felt a soft smile spread across my face as I noticed that Charlie had gotten new bedding's for me. I changed and slipped into the surprisingly soft bed. Then spent a while trying get comfortable enough to fall asleep. As unconsciousness began to pull at me, I conjured up the perfect face of the raven haired stranger.

I wondered dreamily what her name was, until I fell into a half sleep. I felt my mind turn back to my earlier frustration, and actually expressed my irritation to my father instead of repressing it. Then I felt like I was floating, it was an odd sensation because it wasn't entirely dream like. I heard an owl hoot softly in the distance and woke up with a start. But I couldn't fully understand where I was. I kept myself from moving, when I realized I was in her arms. My glorious stranger was running away with me. This had to be some kind of dream, because it was too good to be true.

We were moving so fast that I couldn't see the woods as they flashed by. She seemed to be intent on her destination and never once glanced down at me. Until we broke the tree line and stopped in the most breathtaking place I had never imagined. The moon was rising steadily and it gave everything an otherworldly glow. Her skin was practically shining with an ethereal iridescence, and her topaz eyes finally found mine as she laid me down on the soft grass.

(Alice POV)

I could smell the sun on her skin, as if I needed another reason to want her blood. The aroma hit me in waves as she drove past in Chief Swan's police cruiser. It took me a long time to catch up with my instincts as I moved after them through the shadows of the small town. The fading daylight was a reminder of the monster inside of me, since I could move far quicker in darkness. When I finally forced my feet to stop their car pulled into their driveway. It was as if fate was playing a cruel trick on me.

After decades of living without the taste of human blood, I was suddenly and inexplicably drawn to one. My carefully crafted life, the lengths I had gone to avoid the thirst, and now I was about to destroy everything I had worked for. I managed to keep myself from acting, by holding my breath. It was the only thing that kept me from taking her right then. They didn't really talk at first as he helped her with her single suitcase. I frowned and clenched my eyes shut as I realized this was obviously just a visit, because her luggage was so insubstantial.

"So, why exactly am I here instead of California?" I was startled by her voice, I had been so fixated on her scent that I hadn't really noticed her physical presence at all. Her voice was very pleasant, and that voice came from a perfectly average yet oddly attractive face. She seemed so familiar to me, it was as if I had known that face my entire life. She seemed irritated by something. Although she wasn't being openly hostile, I could tell she desperately want answers.

"Bella, this isn't exactly a visit." She frowned and looked at her father with an exasperated and confused expression.

"Run me over with that again?" I could see her resisting the urge to scream and yell, a temper tantrum would be perfectly appropriate in this situation... at least for a teenager still struggling with maturity.

"You're mom asked me to take you for the summer, and I couldn't refuse." At this point she did let out a huff of anger, and pouted for a moment with her arms crossed. Then her face softened and she smiled at him unexpectedly.

"Ok, that's fine. If you guys need me to, I'll stay here for my senior year too." Mr. Swan's eyebrows raised at the unexpected offer, and he almost coughed trying to regain his composure.

"Ok, we'll see about the rest of the year. But you're being way too cool about this, what's the catch?" She smiled at him brightly with the most innocent expression she could manage.

"No catch. I just think it's time that I spent some quality time with my father, is there a problem with that?" There was that smile again, the one that made my dead heart twitch. He just chuckled slightly and shook his head in minor confusion or frustration.

There was something about this girl that I couldn't pin down. That's when it dawned on me that I couldn't sense the threads of her life. I opened my mind up and tried to look into her future. But I was disappointed to see nothing there, it was as if she had no future. Was she an angel or a demon come to tempt me? I could see how she could be my own personal succubus, playing a part to get me to relent to my impulses. Her scent, her face, her absurdly restrained and abnormal behavior, and the fact that her fate was like a dead zone to me, made me overtly curious. I studied her face again in an attempt to get a read on her expressions, but her unusually deep chocolate brown eyes were even harder to gauge. The uncommon depth within those dark irises somehow made my instincts that much harder to rationalize.

Then they moved into the house, and I had to wait three long hours before they settled into sleep. Their simple conversations made me acutely aware of how innocent my intended victim was. My rational mind was reeling at the horrors I had in store for her. Even removed from her scent, I found that the temptation was impossible to resist. Less than a second later I felt my muscles give into instinct. Her bedroom window was open to the spring air, and I vaulted effortlessly into her room.

"No Charlie, I really hate it here!" Her sudden muffled words startled me for a moment, until I realized she was talking in her sleep. I smirked down at her, this curious stranger that was the end of my life. I knew I was going to do this, and there was nothing left to stop me. Gently I picked her up, making sure not to rouse her. Then I leapt from the second floor window making sure not to jostle her on impact with the ground.

I ran through the woods and was silently thankful for the wind buffeting us, it displaced her scent enough that I was able to think about my actions and their inevitable repercussions. This meant the end of my family's life here in Forks too. Carlisle and Esme would be upset and disappointed in me, but they would understand and help me recover. Still they wouldn't be happy about having to uproot the family and the lives they had forged for themselves so prematurely. Rose and Emmett wouldn't really care too much, but Edward and Angela would be deeply disappointed in me. Even now I could almost feel them staring at me with disappointment and anger at my pathetic self control.

Since Edward had found Angela, it had became painfully obvious that I was alone. Angela in particular would be the hardest to tell. Her endless patience, and devout compassion for life had instantly made her the emotional core of our family. In the three years since she had become a part of our lives, I had grown to love her as a sister. Now I wouldn't be able to look her eyes for at least a decade, if ever at all. All of this flashed through my mind in the short minutes before an abrupt updraft of wind brought Bella's intoxicating scent straight up into my face. Not that it mattered, since I had already come to the painful decision to end her life.

My waterfall was almost a magical place. I had kept it to myself as a kind of personal haven of peace and tranquility. Now as the only gift I could manage to give, I brought this mortal girl here. She was only other person I had ever shared this beauty with. I came to a slow stop, and then laid her gently on the soft spring grass surrounding the small pool under the cascading water. Finally, I worked up the courage to look down at her face for the first time since leaving her house.

I was startled to find her staring up at me. Her eyes glistened in the rising moonlight, and I felt a deep and painful connection to her in that moment. For reasons I couldn't fathom or even begin to understand my heart began to sink, just as my throat erupted in fire. I tried to hold my breath. But the pull was far too strong, and I felt myself give into my thirst.

My teeth found the soft skin of her neck, and I didn't hesitate to tear into her pale flesh. The warm release of her blood was like a flood of ambrosia. When the thick dark liquid touched my tongue, I was instantly lost in the bliss of her taste. She was so rich and so magical that I was satiated after only a few swallows. Still, I knew I couldn't stop. I had fully succumbed to my instincts, and the only thing that could pull me off of her was the cessation of her heart.

(Bella POV)

We stared at each other for a long moment, before she attacked. I wanted to scream, but there was no point. I felt completely constrained by her, as I felt her teeth sink into my neck. Seconds ticked by and I gradually began to feel dizzy. So I closed my eyes, and waited for the end. My gorgeous statue was a monster. It seemed bizarrely poetic to have my life end like this. This monster, this vampire, was everything I had ever looked for. She was embodiment of perfection, and I was willing to accept almost anything she would've asked of me.

But this wasn't enough, I wasn't ready to die. So I used the last of my fading strength to struggle. Either she relented, or a part of her didn't want me to die, because she released one of my arms. I was confused but had no other choice, so I brought a quivering hand up and tried to claw at her perfect face. It was the only defense I could think of. She reeled back, her expression was a frightening mix of shock, rage, and pain, even though I hadn't even caused so much as a scratch on her flawless white skin. Blood was dripping from her parted and beautifully sculpted lips, yet somehow her teeth were gleaming in the moonlight. Without explanation, her brow furrowed and an intense sorrow crossed over her face. She stared at me for a long second, with that pain clearly etched into her golden eyes. Then suddenly she propelled herself backwards towards the trees.

I laid under the full moon for a long time as blood seeped slowly out of my neck. Still I wasn't that concerned, because somehow I had caught on fire. Playfully, I imagined it was the moonlight that was igniting my skin, since I had no other explanation. But after awhile I realized the sensation was inside of me. The pain radiating down my neck into my heart was like liquid fire. I thought about it for a time, and my only other guess was that it was some kind of exotic venom meant to finish me off. Soon the fire spread to my extremities, and I realized that I could no longer movie. Giving into the sensations but refusing to scream, I spent a long time staring at the endless field of stars above me. Eventually I came to the conclusion that it was too late for me, so I closed my eyes to wait for my inevitable death.

Author's Notes:

This is a finished story that I wrote a very long time ago. It is just sitting collecting dust and I thought it would be fun to post it over the span of a month to get it out there again. I may go back after it is fully published and do some edits, but this is totally untouched as it was back in 2012. I hope you like it, it is very Bellice, so I hope that's your cup of tea.

This story will shift POV's within each chapter sometimes multiple times. Those shifts in point of view will always be separated by a header which will signal whose voice it is.

Next chapter will be up tomorrow.