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Chapter 2: The Owl Lady & Her Human Apprentice

Looking at the landscape before them, Yuji was surprised at the things he was seeing. The citizens made up of what look like monsters, elves, and other sort of mystical creatures. He would be more surprised if it wasn't for the fact that a few days ago he fought against curses. This wasn't Fushiguro's first time here, so he had gotten used to it. For Kugisaki, she wasn't too shocked, but that didn't mean she wasn't taking in her new environment. After all, this will be a total change from growing up with humans.

Gojo: Take it all in, because this will be your home while you're studying at Jujutsu Tech.

Itadori: Is this seriously real?

Gojo: Yep. This land is inhabited by witches, demons and every mythological creature you can think of.

Kugisaki: Seriously? Every creature from mythology?

Gojo: (Nods) All those stories told in the human realm is because those creatures made their way there from here.

Itadori: You mean, just like how curses can make their way to the human realm?

Gojo: Right.

Itadori was surprised to learn that, but he had a new question to ask.

Itadori: But now that I think about it, some of the people here kinda look like the curses? How will I know what's a curse and what's just an ordinary citizen?

Fushiguro: You'll know when you feel cursed energy.

Itadori: Wait, "cursed energy"? What's that?

Kugisaki: Hold up. You don't even know that yet? How much of a newbie are you?

Fushiguro decided to explain to their female classmate how Itadori got to know about curses anyway.

Kugisaki: HE SWALLOWED A SPECIAL GRADE CURSED OBJECT?! Gross! That's so unsanitary that I want to hurl! No way, no way, no way!

Itadori: That's not nice!

Fushiguro: I agree with her. But to answer your question Itadori, cursed energy is what cursed spirits are made up entirely. It's also what jujutsu sorcerers use to exorcise curses.

Itadori: Hold on, I thought curses were made up of negative emotions?

Fushiguro: Negative emotions is what makes cursed energy. All humans can feel grief or anger, therefore, everyone possesses cursed energy. And curses are manifested from cursed energy.

Although Itadori still seemed confused, he did have a better understanding on cursed energy and nodded. When he did, Gojo decided that it's best for them to get moving.

Gojo: Alright, we better get going if we want to get you all settled in.

The three newcomers nodded in agreement and began their journey to the actual jujutsu campus.

As they began descending down the hill they appeared on and began walking through the forest, there was one feature of these lands that Itadori was curious about.

Itadori: Hey, what's up with these spikes on the outside of the town. I swear they look like bones.

Gojo: That's because they are.

The new boy & girl both turned at their teachers direction wondering if they heard right.

Itadori & Kugisaki: Huh?

Gojo: Have you two heard of "The Titan"?

Itadori: You mean like those giants from "Attack on Titan" that eat people?

Gojo: Sort of. You see the Boiling Isles is basically the remains of that titan.

After hearing all of that, both Itadori & Kugisaki's face grew pale as they realized what he meant.

Kugisaki: Wait, are you saying… that this island is basically a giant dead body? And we're going to be living on it?! Ew! That is so disgusting! Forget what I said about swallowing a cursed object, this one takes the cake!

Gojo couldn't help but give a small laugh at Kugisaki's reaction and noticing Yuji looking a little grossed out. Fushiguro just ignore it.

Gojo: Relax, you'll get used to it. Now, we better keep moving. We gotta get you settled in and Itadori here has to have an interview with the principal.

Itadori: The principal? Wait, why just me? What about Fushiguro & Kugisaki here?

Fushiguro: Because we're already admitted.

Kugisaki: Yeah. And that's why you're the only one of us here not wearing a school uniform.

Itadori looked at himself and remembered that he's still wearing his casual clothes. Him not being admitted explained why he wasn't wearing the same outfit as the other students.

Gojo: Yep. Screw it up and he could turn you down for admission just like that.

Itadori: Huh?!

Itadori was surprised to hear that. He just entered a new realm so he could study and fight curses and it could all be denied just like that? The teen soon had a follow-up question.

Itadori: And what happens then?! Immediate execution?!

?: What's this? So you're not the boss?

Everyone turned around to where that voice came from and realized it came from Itadori. But to be more specific, a mouth on his cheek. And the voice, belonging to Sukuna.

Sukuna: Any hierarchy other than strength is worthless.

Yuji then slaps his cheek in an attempt to silence the second mouth.

Itadori: I'm sorry about that. Sometimes he just does that.

Gojo: What an amusing body you have now.

Kugisaki: That's so damn creepy.

Itadori: That's just mean.

Sukuna would not be silenced however as the same mouth appeared on the hand that covered Itadori's cheek. And he had something to say to Gojo.

Itadori: Ah, not again.

Sukuna: I do owe you a big favor though. Once I make this punk's body my own, you'll be the first one I kill.

Gojo: It's my honor to be targeted by Sukuna himself.

The vessel soon slapped his own hand quiet. Of course, he was curious about why Gojo would be grateful to be targeted by such a monster.

Itadori: This guy is really that famous?

Gojo: Ryomen Sukuna is an imaginary fierce god with four arms and two faces. But, he once existed as an actual human being. Although, it was over 1,000 years ago. In the golden age of jujutsu, sorcerers gathered all their might to challenge him and failed. Crowned with the title of "Sukuna", we couldn't even destroy his grave wax as he traversed the ages after death as a cursed object. Without a doubt, he is "The King of Curses".

Itadori: Who's stronger? Him or you?

Gojo: Well, if Sukuna regained all his power, he might cause me a little trouble.

Itadori: But would you lose?

Gojo: I would win.

Kugisaki: He's got a lot of confidence doesn't he?

Gojo: But hey, before I forget, and because I don't want the principal to chew me out too much, I should tell you that you ought to keep the fact that your Sukuna's vessel a secret. (Holds a finger in front of his smiling mouth).

Itadori: I mean I figured I would have to, but is there a reason I would have to?

Gojo: It's because before Sukuna began terrorizing the human realm, he started his quest for power here in the demon realm.

Itadori: Woah, really? He's been here?

Gojo: Yep. It's rumored that before Sukuna began his reign over the Jujutsu world, he fought against many powerful curses here on the Boiling isles as a way of training. And during that time, he fought, terrorized and even killed the witches and demons here just to test out his strength. And for fun.

The first-years couldn't help but feel disgusted with that last part. Especially Itadori since he's harboring that very psychopath in his body.

Gojo: But now a days here on the isles, the citizens just see Sukuna as nothing but an old legend. A fairy tail even.

?: What was that about fairies?

Everyone looked above them to see where the voice came from, a small, pink-skinned & haired fairy. As it floated it's way down in front of Gojo, he casually responded.

Gojo: Sorry, I wasn't referring to actual fairies, just the stories.

Fairy: Oh, well, in that case…. GIVE ME YOUR SKINS!

Despite the small creature showing it's newly revealed, ghastly teeth, not only were none of the sorcerers intimidated, but Gojo easily flicked it miles away from them.

Itadori: Hmmm, I thought fairies would be more elegant & graceful.

Gojo: Yeah, you'll learn a lot of things about mythological creatures that you don't see in books. Fun Fact, Giraffes actually originate from here too.

The new two were surprised to hear that.

Itadori: Wait what?! Seriosuly?!

Kugisaki: You gotta be kidding me! There's no way!

While Fushiguro decided to stay out of the conversation, as he wasn't interested in stuff he already learned.

Fusiguro: If we really want Itadori to meet the principal on time, we better get moving.

The teacher smiled and nodded in agreement.

Itadori: But why are we moving through the woods? Wouldn't it be faster if we just cut through the town?

Gojo: It's better if we keep a low profile.

Itadori: Why?

Gojo: Lets just say that the people on the isles don't exactly view humans as anything special. And, curses aren't exactly viewed in a positive manner either. So, if they see humans study curses and curse techniques, which are frowned upon around here, then you and Kugisaki won't exactly receive the warmest welcome.

Itadori: Really?

Kugisaki: I don't care. Besides, I already know what prejudice looks like.

Gojo: Yep. So until the time is right, we just gotta lay low until a curse shows up. For now, why don't you take the lead Megumi. (Turns to Itadori & Kugisaki) And you two stay close.

Kugisaki nodded without a care, while Itadori nodded with a slight smile, ready to get into Jujutsu Tech.

As the four made their way through the forest, Kugisaki couldn't help herself from observing the landscape. The trees having completely different colored leaves, strange & unusual creatures and who knows what else.

Fushiguro: Kugisaki, Itadori, make sure you two stay close to Gojo. Getting through the forest isn't easy if you don't know your way around.

Kugisaki: Shut up. I know already ok. I'm not dumb enough to go wandering off in a place I know nothing about.

Fushiguro: Good. Itadori, make sure you stay close too.

Everyone slowed down however when Yuji didn't answer right away.

Fushiguro: Itadori?

Everyone turned around and realized Itadori was nowhere to be found.

Fushiguro & Kugisaki: He's gone already!?

Even though he tried to be calm, The emo teen was clearly annoyed. He directed his glare at Kugisaki.

Kugisaki: Don't look at me! I was just following you!

Then both the students turned to Gojo, who didn't seem all too worried about Sukuna's vessel disappearing.

Gojo: Oh, was I supposed to watch him? Sorry, my bad.

Fushiguro: I seriously need to punch you when we get back.

Itadori: Hello? Gojo? Fushiguro? Kugisaki? Where are you guys?

The teenager soon realized that he was all on his own as he got separated from the group.

Itadori: Well, first day here and I wind up lost.

Soon enough though, Yuji sees a path through an opening between two trees. Once he gets out of the forest, he finds himself on that path. When he turns to his right, he sees that he's in front of an entrance to the town. More specifically, some sort of farmers market or bazar.

Although he doubted that Gojo and the others would be around there, he figured he could at least make his way through the town faster and maybe even get to Jujutsu high before the others could.

In order to keep a low profile and not draw attention to himself, he pulled up his hood, so no one could see that he's human.

As he made his way through the street market, he wondered if any of these people were actually curses instead of demons or witches.

Itadori: Fushiguro said curses are made up of cursed energy. If they're anything like the one I fought at school, I should feel it. But why can't I? I don't feel anything!

As he was slightly frustrated with his thoughts, he didn't pay attention to where he was going and ended up tripping over someone shorter than him and falling on his side and his hood falling off his head. And although the being he bumped into was shorter, their nose was another story.

Tiny Nose: Woah, watch whewe you'we going!

Itadori quickly bolted upwards and bowed to apologize.

Itadori: Sorry, my bad. I wasn't paying attention to where I was going.

As she got up and was about to accept his apology, she noticed the ears he was hiding under his hood.

Tiny Nose: Oh, youwe a human.

Itadori: Uh oh.

Itadori thought the worse would happen now that his cover was blown, but it turns out, he thought wrong.

Tiny Nose: Awe you fwiends with that Wuz human?

He was relieved when she seemed interested in him instead of troubled. But that was immediately replaced with a tilted head of confusion when the little demon mentioned another human name.

Itadori: Wuz? Who's that?

As the two new acquaintances were talking, they were unaware that their conversation caught the attention of two big guys in bird-like masks.

Emperor Guard #1: Hey, isn't that demon one of the escapees from the conformatorium?

The other guard looked at his buddy's direction. then turned around in the direction his buddy was pointing and he too soon noticed the pink haired boy walking around as if it's the first time he's been in the bazar.

Emperor Guard #2: I think so. But forget that shorty. Is that a human she's talking to?

Emperor Guard #1: I don't know anything else with round ears like that. I haven't seen him around here before and he's not wearing the uniforms those humans at that curse school wear. You think the Owl Lady brought him here like that other one?

Emperor's Guard #2: Maybe. I say we take him down to the station and find out for ourselves.

The guards both nodded in agreement and made their way towards the teen human, who was unaware of the guards coming as he was caught up in his new demon friends….. theories.

Itadori: Huh? I'm not….. totally following what you're saying.

Tiny Nose: I'm tewwing you that we awe nothing mowe than pway things for some highew powuh. Destined to do whatevah they conjuwe up. You and Wuz being in this wowd shouwdn't be possibwe!

Itadori: I can barely understand what she's saying.

Tiny Nose wanted to explain more clearly, but she soon noticed the two guards making their way towards her and her new human "fwiend".

Tiny Nose: Bye Bye! Hope we meet again!

The demon soon bolted away from Itadori, confusing him. But he learned why she did when he noticed a shadow over him.

?: Hey kid!

Yuji turned around and noticed two big looking guys wearing plague doctor masks standing right behind him.

Itadori: Oh, hi. Can I help you?

Emperor's Guard #1: You can by telling us how you got here?

Itadori: Oh, well, I was just walking with some… friends and I got separated from them.

The boy's response automatically triggered some skepticism from the guards.

Emperor's Guard #1: Riiiiight. And would one of those friends happen to be, the Owl Lady?

Itadori: The Owl Lady? Who's that?

One of the guards then rolled out a wanted poster with an illustration of said lady. Yuji looked at the picture closely and hasn't recognized anyone with that look while he was walking through.

Itadori: I've haven't seen anyone like that.

Emperor's Guard #2: Don't play dumb! There's no way another human would wind up here unless the Owl Lady was involved.

Itadori: Woah, there are witch criminals here huh? Wait, "Another human"?

Soon enough, the guards were quick to break Yuji out of his thoughts.

Emperor's Guard #1: Listen, if you're really lost, why don't you come with us and we'll figure all of this out.

Itadori quickly remembered what Fushiguro & Gojo told him to keep a low profile since humans are incredibly rare in this realm. He knew that if he caught more attention besides the one he already has by, which he can assume are this realm's versions of cops, then he would be in a lot of trouble.

Without a second thought, Yuji could only do one thing…


(Yuji runs away)

Emperor Guard #1: Hey! Get back here!

As soon as the teenager bolted, the two guards were going to chase him, but they quickly realized that he was far enough to be on the other side of the bazar in just a couple seconds. Witches and creatures walking by could barely catch a glimpse at the young person that just zoomed past them. As for the guards, they weren't sure if what they just saw what real.

Emperor's Guard #2: Uh, are humans usually that fast?

Emperor's Guard #1: Don't ask me! I'm not some human expert.

As Itadori lost sight of the guards chasing him. He decided to see if he could find his way back to the woods so he can catch up with Gojo and the others. During his trek out of the bazar, there was a tent with a particular sign that caught his attention, "Human Collectibles".

The fact that it had the word "human" in a world of witches & demons was enough for the teenager to walk towards the tent. As he got closer, he noticed someone walking out of the tent with tan skin, short brown hair in a pixie cut and wearing a half-white, half-indigo short sleeved hoodie, jean shorts and dark leggings. He quickly identified it as a girl, a bit younger than him, and not only that, she's human.

As he walked closer to the tent, the human girl noticed him and was ready to welcome him.

Human Girl: Oh, hey there! Welcome to-

As he got closer, the girl noticed his ears were just as round as hers.

Human Girl: Human. You're human! Just like me! You're human!

Yuji was about to introduce himself, but then a new older female voice from inside the tent interrupted him from doing so.

?: Luz, what's got you shouting as loud as King squeaks?

After that, another voice followed.

?: Yeah. Hey! I don't squeak!

Luz: Sorry Eda, it's just that we have a customer.

The next person to walk out of the tent was a tall slender woman, appearing to be in her forties, with ivory skin, a golden fang and golden eyes along with thick, long, gray hair as she wore an oval amber gem on her sternum. This woman was wearing a maroon colored dress with no sleeves, grey leggings and maroon high heeled boots.

Yuji immediately recognized this woman as she looked exactly like the illustration on the wanted poster those big men showed him. He figured out that this woman, this "Eda", must be "The Owl Lady".

Just as he saw her, the gray-haired witch noticed him, what he is, and what to do next.

Eda: Woah, another human? Welcome to my tent of human collectibles!

As Yuji looked around the tent to see what this witch woman had, he wasn't sure if the things she was selling were really valuable.

Itadori: Collectibles? This mostly looks like garbage & hand-me-downs.

Eda: I see your eyes browsing around. Lets see if they'll settle for… A human foot with holes in it?

Itadori: A croc shoe? And just one?

Eda: Or how about a bar of green human candy?

Itadori: Deodorant? She thinks that's candy?

Eda: Oh, I know something that'll get you hooked. How about a little box covered in tiny colorful squares that you can change anytime you want?

Itadori: A puzzle cube? I guess she doesn't know a lot about human stuff

Suddenly, the pink-haired teen realized something.

Itadori: Wait, how did she even get all this stuff. It may be junk, but it's definitely from the human realm. (Looks at Luz) And on top of that, how did this girl get here too?

Eda: Hey kid.

Itadori: Huh?

Eda: Are you going to keep spacing out or are you gonna buy something?

Itadori: Uh, no thanks. Um, I thought I heard another voice in there.

?: You must mean me!

Itadori looked down and saw what the voice he heard earlier belonged to, a strange furry creature. The older teen recognized the creature from the same wanted poster as the Owl Lady. The animal was wearing what looked like a dog-like skull with two horns on its head. One of those horns being broken. It also appeared to be wearing a red dog collar around its neck. Yuji also noticed it had dark grey fur and yellow eyes with pink iris. He noticed that the creature looked similar to those shadow dogs Fushiguro summoned back in the human realm and couldn't help but think out loud.

Itadori: Woah, are you a…. demon….

King: Yes I am!

Itadori: Puppy?

Once that left Itadori's mouth, an awkward silence covered the small area. Eda couldn't help but chuckle, despite covering her mouth. Luz smiled and nodded as she agreed with his observation on what King looked like. The small bone-head however, thought differently.


The little demon then began throwing an angry, but cute little tantrum by stomping and spinning around.

Itadori: Oh, sorry. You just look like-

Before he could finish the thought, he remembered what Gojo told him about laying low and not mentioning themselves or Jujutsu high. He decided to finish his sentence by improvising.

Itadori: A pup born from a very dangerous animal.

When he finished, the angry demon stopped his tantrum and turned into hopeful curiosity. So hopeful, his big yellow eyes sparkled.

?: Really? What kind of dangerous animal?

The new human looked at King closely in order to figure out what to say that the demon would be happy to be compared to.

Itadori: Uh, a Wolf. Very scary predator.

?: Yes! I'm scary! But just so you know, I'm a demon. The King of Demons! But you can just call me King for short.

After the demon, now known as King calmed down, the Latina girl decided to step forward and introduced herself.

Luz: Sorry about all that. I'm Luz Noceda. (Sticks her hand out) Nice to meet you.

Itadori: Thanks (Accepts Luz's handshake). I'm Yuji. Yuji Itadori. Nice to meet you.

When he was done with shaking Luz's hand. He was curious to ask a question to his fellow human.

Itadori: So, how long have you been here?

Luz: Only a couple days. I'm staying here to learn how to be a witch.

Itadori: A witch?

Luz: Yep. See, I was chasing Eda's little owl buddy to some old house and the next thing I know, I'm seeing demons, griffins and this boss lady right here.

Eda couldn't help but feel prideful being called a "boss"

Eda: Thanks kid.

Luz: Then, after I met her and this little cutie right here (Picks up King).

King: Put me down!

Luz: I decided to stay here in order to learn magic.

Itadori was getting intrigued with Luz's story. Also, he was wondering how the Owl Lady had a door to the human realm just like Jujutsu Tech does. As Itadori looked up and saw griffins and other winged creatures flying around, he couldn't help but think out loud.

Itadori: You know it's weird, before I came here, I was a part of my schools Occult Research club. And now, I'm surrounded by creatures my friends back home would only dream of seeing.

Luz: Hold up! You had an "Occult Research Club" at your school?

(Yuji nods)

Luz: What school do you go to?

Itadori: Oh, Sugisawa Municipal High School. It's in Sendai.

Luz: Sendai? Wait, as in Japan?

Itadori: Yep.

(Luz gasps)

As soon as he said that, The Owl Lady stared at the boy and started putting pieces together about the boy.

Luz: Japan! The birthplace of manga and a lot of my favorite anime!

Itadori: Really? (Yuji smiles) I read a lot of manga. What's your favorite?

Luz: Oh my gosh, I can't get enough of-

Eda: Sorry to butt in, but I gotta ask ya kid, where's Gojo?

When he heard her say his new teacher's name, his heart stopped. He was just getting to know a potential new friend, but now he was beginning to sweat with nervousness. How did she know Gojo's name? Did he blow his opportunity at "laying low"?

To make matters worse for him, his cover would be blown in just a few seconds

?: Itadori!

Itadori froze while everyone else at the tent turned around to the direction of the voice that just called the boys name. The witch, demon and young Latina saw two teenagers, a boy and girl who appeared to be the same age as Yuji, a dog with white fur and three dots on its head, and a young adult male with white hair and wearing a blindfold. They also saw the three of them wearing a very similar uniform. Luz and King were interested in who these people were, but Eda wore a small smile. As if she knew who these people were, or at least one of them.

Itadori: Oh hey guys! I'm glad you foun-

(Kugisaki throws a hammer fist on top of Yuji's head)

Itadori: Ow! What the hell was that for?!

Kugisaki: That's for getting lost on us after you were told to stay close!

Itadori: Give me a break huh! It's my first day here! You can't expect me to know my way around a place I know nothing about!

Kugisaki: This is my first time here too and you don't see me wandering around aimlessly!

As their argument died down, Itadori was curious on how they managed to locate him.

Itadori: How did you guys find me?

Fushiguro: I had the demon dog follow your scent.

When the dark teen said that, King was intrigued.

King: Demon dog? (King makes his way towards the demon dog) Hmmm, intimidating, fierce & gives me the chills just looking at its eyes. A Perfect Minion! You will now obey me!

(Demon Dog sniffs King and walks back to Fushiguro)

King: Hey! I said you would serve me! Not gloomy over there (Points at Fushiguro)!

Fushiguro: Yeah, that's not how it works. (Releases the technique and the dog melts into Fushiguro's shadow)

Luz was shocked at what she was seeing. From what she can tell, these three that know Yuji are human based on their ears, but the gloomy looking teen somehow "de-summoned" the dog that was with them. Almost like magic.

Luz: (Stares at Fushiguro) Ok, am I seeing things, or did you just make that dog sink into your shadow?

Fushiguro was surprised that this human girl he doesn't know could both see his shikigami and his technique.

Fushiguro: You could actually see the demon dog?

Luz: Uh, it was pretty clear as day. Why wouldn't I?

Fushiguro: Because most humans can't see curses.

Luz: Curse? That cute thing? What?

The emo was getting annoyed by the Latina's curiosity and interest in his technique and knew that he shouldn't say anymore since curses are dangerous to humans and its bette if some humans don't know about them. Even if they're living in the demon realm for some reason.

Eda noticed the despondent teens attempt at staying silent about curses to her new apprentice and decided to poke some fun at him.

Eda: Ah, Megumi, still sporting the "serious" act huh?

The serious teen was annoyed that she called him by his first name.

Fushiguro: I already told you before, just call me Fushiguro.

When Eda grinned about getting under Fushiguro's skin, she decided to direct her attention to Gojo and his connection with the new friend she, Luz & King made, Yuji.

Eda: Should've figured this new kid was with you Gojo. As soon as he said he was from Japan, I knew you were involved.

Gojo: What can I say, I know how to pick them.

Luz looked back and forth between Eda and the group of people that came to pick up Yuji.

Luz: Eda, you know these guys?

Eda: Well, (Points at Itadori & Kugisaki) Yuji and little Mrs. Hothead there are new to me.

Kugisaki: Huh?! I have a name ya know! It's Nobara Kugisaki!

Eda: Yeah yeah sure. I probably won't remember. (Kugisaki gets annoyed) I've seen Megumi Fushiguro here once or twice (Points at Fushiguro) once or twice before, but as for the tall string bean with the blindfold, Kid, you already know that I'm the most powerful witch in the Boiling Isles right?

(Luz nods)

Luz: Yeah?

Eda: Well, that guy right there (points at Gojo), that's Satoru Gojo, the most powerful sorcerer I know.

Luz: Sorcerer? You mean like a wizard? Like that weirdo Adegast?

Eda: No, no. Nothing like that slimy bottom feeder. Although Gojo there can be a pain in the ass sometimes.

Gojo: (Pouts) Aw, that's hurtful. And after such a good introduction too.

Eda: Gojo there and other sorcerers specialize in Jujutsu.

Luz: Ju-chew-wa?

Gojo: Jujutsu. It's the art of using cursed energy.

Luz: Cursed energy? What's that?

Fushiguro: We don't have time to explain, again. We really have to get going. Itadori has to be interviewed by the principal.

The last word sparked even more curiosity in Luz.

Luz: Principal? As in the one at Hexside?

Gojo: Nope, the one for Jujutsu Technical High School.

Luz: There's another magic school on the Boiling Isles? And they let humans study there? You know, I kinda got…. Banned from the first magic school I visited and I'm learning to be a witch, and if there's one that teaches magic for humans-

Eda: Forget it Luz. Don't even think about it.

Luz: Wha? Eda? Why not? I know school isn't exactly your favorite things to talk about but-

Eda: It's got nothing to do with schools. It's what Jujutsu Tech studies. Magic is one thing. Curses are another matter. They're more dangerous than you think. Plus, they're not too fond of humans.

Luz: How would you know?

(Eda looks away)

Eda: Just trust me on this one kid. You're better off staying away from curses and let the pros like Gojo here handle 'em.

While Luz was disappointed that her wanting to check out a "Curse school" was rejected, Itadori and Kugisaki were curious as to how quick the owl lady was to shoot it down. Fushiguro just had his usual hard-to read face on and Gojo gave a slight frown. However, the first-year instructor, wanting to give the young human, Luz, a little hope, he decided to lighten up the mood.

Gojo: Well, now hold on a sec. if you really are interested, I could maybe pull some strings. I mean, not a lot of humans can see curses. So the fact that you can see Megumi's demon dogs, is a good sign.

Eda gives the curse teacher a death glare as a way of saying "Don't even think about it."

Gojo: She really cares about this girl huh? It's not often she shows care for other witches, let alone a teenage human girl.

Luz was getting excited

Gojo: But first, I gotta know, how old are you?

Luz: Uh, I'm 14. Why?

Gojo: Tsssskk, sorry. You have to at least be 15 in order to enroll at Jujutsu Tech.

Just like that, Luz dropped her head in disappointment and Gojo rubbed the back of his head as he wanted to give her some hope, but had to shut it down.

Luz: Dang it.

Eda: If you ask me kid, you dodged a fire spell right there.

Itadori: Fire spell?

Fushiguro: People around have their own versions of metaphors said in the human realm. "Dodging a Bullet" is one of them.

Itadori: Ah, gotcha.

Fushiguro: I can tell it'll take a while for him to get use to living here.

Gojo then decided to put his hand on the pink-headed teens shoulder and remind him and the other students what their supposed to be doing (Ironic isn't it).

Gojo: Well Eda, it was great catching up. King, stay cute.

King: I'm not cute!

Gojo: And Luz, it was great to meet you, but I'm afraid we're going to have to wrap this up. See, we have an interview to get to and we don't want to keep the principal waiting. So…. BYEEE!

And just like that, Gojo pulled Itadori back on route to Jujutsu Tech with Fushiguro and Kugisaki following close behind. Yuji decided to give a proper farewell before he went to far away.

Itadori: See ya later Luz! Hope we see each other again. (Waves goodbye)

Luz: Same here (Waves back).

For the first time since she's been here, Luz not only met another human, but it was actually someone she could see herself being friends with. Luz didn't want to let this be the only time she sees him. Heck, she wanted to get to know those other humans too. Including that Gojo person if Eda acknowledges his skills, for a human.

(Luz turns back to Eda)

Luz: If I promise not to enroll, can I at least see them again at that "Ju Ju" school? Yuji seems like a nice guy. Well, that Fushiguro guy seems hard to read and that Nobara girl seemed….. fierce, but still. Plus, if there are other humans here, I HAVE to meet them.

Although Eda wanted to reject Luz's request, she knew it would just be cold to deny Luz's attempt to make human friends in addition to the witch friends she made at Hexside, Willow & Gus.

Plus, Eda had to admit, there was something about Yuji that Eda found interesting. In a way, he kinda reminded her of Luz. Energetic, goofy, but an overall good kid. However, she could tell Yuji, Gojo and the other two students were hiding something. She could somehow feel it off of Yuji. Something…. Dark.

Eda: Alright, kid. I can ask Gojo to see if he'll let us see the campus and students. But I don't want you getting any bright ideas on curses okay. Deal?

Luz: Deal!

Eda was relieved that Luz accepted her conditions. The older witch then changed her gaze towards the furry demon.

Eda: You too King. I don't want you to take curses as your own "personal army" or whatever.

King: Whaaaat? I- I would… never do that.

(King chuckles nervously)

Eda: Tell ya what. We'll let Yuji have his interview and him and the others get settled in for today and we'll swing by tomorrow so you can check out the place.

(Luz screeches in excitement and turns in the direction Yuji and the others left to)

Luz: Can't wait!

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Next Chapter, Itadori has his interview with the principal of Jujutsu Tech and everyone settles in and gets to meet their upper classmen.