Thank You Chapter!!

Well at the end of every story that I do, I tend to want to thank each and every one of you for what you've said and for the inspiration you've given me to keep going in my stories even though sometimes I believe they totally suck ass. So now that I've had a few days off to think about what to say and to start work on my Zach Gowen fiction again, I've decided that now is the time to do the thank you to all of you before I end up going into fiction overload. So sit back and look for your name and see what I have to say to you, my loyal fan and reader. For those of you that review after the story is said and done, which has been happening to me a lot lately, for taking the time to read it and send me some thoughts, I thank you and that means a great deal to me. For further information, these aren't in order or anything, just as I pull the names from my review history at FanFiction. You all mean the world to me and I hope you're with me through all my stories.


HurricaneGurl41- She's the last review on the list here, so I'm taking her first. Jordy you are my best friend, my sister and so much more both online and offline and no matter what that will never change. Thank you so much for being the girl on the phone that lately I am bouncing ideas off of, and for being the girl that no matter how much I suck at updating and suck at the actual chapter work, keeps reviewing and just being awesome with me. I adore your writing on here, as well as who you are as a person and I hope that one day we will both reign on the top of the wrestling world as the best writers they could ever have. Keep on writing and don't ever give up, and you've always got one loyal fan in me. Remember that and I will never forget it.

Kandi- What can I say but that you've been with me on this fiction right from the start and even though we all have our busy lives and things get muddled and I didn't update for awhile and you didn't review right away, you were always there to send a review and make my day. You liked the concept from the start and right through to the end you liked what I did, even when I didn't. So thank you so much for just being there and reading this and for sticking with me when I didn't want to stick with myself or this fiction. It did come out pretty well, and I'm glad you liked the last minute pregnancy I threw in there. I have to keep you on your toes at all times don't I?

Iccess-America- You came into the fiction a little later then most of the people if I remember correctly, and that is when I'm most happy. I like the reviews where they aren't signed in usually because that means that someone actually took the time to read my stuff who wasn't here to post one of their own stories, and when people come in later in the story and go back and read everything and catch up and then follow it right to the end, that means just as much to me, because you did take that time and you did get into it and you did stick with me at my worst writing times and my good ones, and you even fell in love with my other fictions at the same time. So in the end thank you very much for that and for continuing over with the Zach fiction because that one is my baby and I love it, and I love you for reading it!

Xtremelybold- You are the girl of many few words, but what you do say comes through to me loud and clear. I thank you so much for reading this story and my others that you have reviewed on and I will continue to write fictions for people just like you who do take the time to read them. Thanks again for sticking with me, and for all the reviews it seems on most every chapter! You are one of a kind!

NoInkInMyPen- I'm sitting here using screen names when I know the real names of some of the people, you being one of them. My god since that first story with Sam and Shane I have been a huge fan of yours and I don't think that could change at this point. You even took a chance and came to my site and checked it out, and I even vowed to add your stories to it because I think overall you are such a strong talent and even if your life will not revolve around writing you are going to exceed at whatever it is that you choose because you have that balance between what's good and what works. So basically the same thing goes for you Lisa that goes for everyone else that reviewed. I thank you so much for all of the kind words and for the enthusiasm in getting into what was actually happening with these characters and what could happen in real life if this was real. When I write I write for people just like you in mind and I not only consider you a talented writer, I consider you a friend. It's been a pleasure knowing you, and for being able to steal some of your valuable time when you could have been writing your stories! I'm also glad that in your time away from fanfiction there for a bit you managed to catch up on all my stories I started since we talked before. Keep on being real girl and you've got a fan and a friend for life.

Princess-Muse- Another one of my devoted site followers who came in on another story and stuck with all my other ones. I put your fictions on my site before it crapped out and I had to make a new one, and the reason for me doing that was because you are another one of my talented girls that I think applies herself so well to her craft and creates a wonderful tale of love and angst as well. You've captivated me and countless others and I cant wait to see what you come up with next. It's been a pleasure knowing you as I have, and I thank you from the bottom of my heart for the reviews. They did mean so much to me.

Kathryn7- They stuck a horrid number at the end of your name and that makes me angry! LOL Just because you don't write your own tales yet does not mean you don't deserve to keep your name, let me tell you fanfiction is a silly horse sometimes, but one I wouldn't give up for anything because I got to know all of you so well. Thank you for sticking with all my stories as they come out and for reviewing every chapter and asking me for more with a cherry on top. I got used to those cherries let me tell you so keep them coming. One of these days I will steal them all and take over the world with them. LOL. You are truly a goddess and I will forever be grateful for all of the reviews that you have given me.

Shannon4Eva- The best line I think you ever wrote in a review to me was "Woah she has no idea whats coming to her" and you know what, that means more to me then anything because you really got into it. I enjoy hearing people review just like that because it means that people are really getting the words im putting out there and not just reading it and saying "wow awesome good job" not that I mind those either, but when a writer writes something like I do, I want people to really get into it and feel what the people in the story feel and you've managed to make me believe I can do that! So thank you so much on so many different levels and I only hope my other stories measure up to what this one did for you!

Yo Mary Sue Girl- This is my chance to respond to you on so many different levels. First of all, I'm not sure if you realize what a Mary Sue fiction really is in terms of Fanfiction people writing them. Me having Aurora win the title wasn't about people telling me to do it, it was about going where the storyline takes you, and that is what I did and I will defend that til death in actuality. Now what I do want to say here and I am not going to attack you because your review wasn't candy and roses, I am going to thank you for putting my numbers up higher for this story and how many reviews it actually receives because you know what, that doesn't matter to me, but hey it looks good on paper. So for actually sitting there and reading it and giving your own very valid opinion I thank you. Other then that, I think you should ready a Mary Sue fiction and then come back and review this chapter and tell me in detail what about my story looks like a Mary Sue. Then and only then will I completely get what your reviews before meant.

DareToBeDifferent- She left somewhere in the middle of this thing and I'm not sure why but because she was there for the first half of it and she reviewed it and kept me going, and because I like what she writes, I am thanking her here. So if you do read this sweetheart, thank you so much for taking the time out to read what you did read, and for keeping me going. It did mean ever so much to me.

VASHORTYGIRL- This is another one that gave me a few reviews and then vanished, which is totally cool with me again for the same reason as the others. People get busy and they just don't get the time to do what they had time to do before, and I think that for just taking a couple of minutes out of your day and writing even 3 words to me, was more then I expected and it did mean ever so much. So thank you again Shawn and keep on reading some of my others if and when you get the time again.

Cam- This one means a lot because it wasn't a signed review and because it actually was based around the title of the story and noticing it was a song that was current at the time as a hit. So thanks for pointing it out and well for liking the song apparently enough to comment on it. Most of my stories are song titles and lyrics so hey if you find another one you like, let me know then too!

Kelly- Back when I first started the story I had them fighting a lot, back and forth and Kelly you were the one person that caught on to how sick that really is, but you know whats funny? I have friends that sound just like Aurora and Matt did in the beginning and I used that to play off of. Granted by the end of it there was more conflict then fighting and that was the one thing I wasn't proud of, because the fighting made it funny, but I think I turned out alright. So thanks again for pointing out what a twisted love story this was, I'm glad you liked that part!

Dawn- This girl shares my name, LOL but other then that she was one of the first reviewers on the whole damn thing and since she didn't come back more then that and she was waiting for the finished product, now that it's finished I hope she comes back and takes a look for it again and then she will see my thank you to her. So thank you so much for the time you took to review that first lone chapter and I hope you come back for more!