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Chapter 1

"You should totally do it, Bellibouh!" shot Emmett with a booming laughter.

I rolled my eyes. Our father would throw a fit if he knew Emmett was trying to get me tattooed. I had entertained the idea for a while, but I hadn't made the jump still.

"I'm not sure, Em. You know how I am with needles. Plus, I know it fucking hurts. Who in his right state of mind choose to get hurt for something he might or might not regret?"

I sighed as my brother laughed again. Of course he would laugh. He had a couple of tattoos of his own and I really liked them too, especially his big bear on his back.

"You know what, little sis? We should get matching tattoos, you know, a brother/sister kind of thing! And I know just the right guy for them too!"

It wasn't a bad idea. Charlie would flip but it would be worth it to see his face. Anyway, if I ever got a tattoo, it would be for myself first. Fuck what other people thought. It isn't as if I was still a kid.

"Ok, Em. I'm game."

I would try with a small one first to see if I was able to stay conscious (hello needles) and then, if it was a success, I'd get a bigger one, the one that was dancing in my head for a while.

"Yes! I knew you would do it! I'm going to call my guy to ask when he's free. You're the best, little sis!" He was gone within seconds.

"Yeah, yeah" I mumbled.

I smiled. I loved Emmett and our relationship. He was four years older than me. He wasn't an asshole of a big brother. He was fiercely protective of the ones he loved and his smile was contagious.

Our mother had left when I was five. Something about not tolerating the boring life here in Forks, Washington. She was somewhat of a free spirit. Em and I, we got over her departure a while ago, but my dad hadn't dated anyone since then. Emmett decided to take things into his own hands and find our father a lady. It was really funny actually. He had opened a profile on a dating website. Charlie didn't find it amusing but went along Emmett's scrolling on his profile.

We weren't living with him anymore. Emmett and I shared an apartment in Seattle but we visited Forks every weekend. Emmett was going steady with his girlfriend Rosalie and I knew it was only a matter of time before I had to find myself a new apartment or someone to live with me to help with rent.

I was a proud English graduate and working at the library while taking some classes in teaching. Emmett was a fitness trainer on the way of getting his very own gym. I loved taking boxing classes with Em. He was such a serious and professional trainer.

"Come on, Bellibouh!" Emmett's voice startled me.

"What? Where are we going?" I asked, a little afraid.

"Getting inked, silly!" he said, taking me on his shoulders.

"What? Already! But we haven't even decided what we want!"

"Don't worry, Bellibouh. Edward will help us find something or he'll just draw it for us. Did I tell you he studied at a school Des Beaux-Arts?"

Well that was inspiring. A tattoo artist from art school. Nice. I was impressed.

"And where did you meet him? Is he a friend I never heard of?"

Emmett smiled. "He comes to the gym three times a week." He had a wicked look in his eyes and a twitch of his smile. He was up to something. I knew him.

"Oooo-k. Do you even have an idea of what you want, Em? In fact, forget it. I'm choosing. I'm not getting a Bart and Lisa Simpson tattoo" I added laughing.

"Why the hell not?!" my oaf of a big brother asked. I knew he was joking so I just punched his arm as he let me slide off his shoulders.

I took my purse and got in Em's Jeep. I was a little afraid on the way to the tattoo shop, but Emmett talked non stop and made me laugh. I knew he was doing it to try to ease my fear. Nevertheless, I was set on my decision to do it. I hoped I wouldn't make a fool of myself.

"Here we are, Bells! Ready?" Emmett wondered seriously.

I took a deep breath and nodded slowly.

"Bella, if at any moment you want to stop, you have to tell me or Edward. We won't get mad. I promise."

"Ok" I whispered. "I'm ready, big brother."

When we entered the shop, I was a little overwhelmed by the heavy metal music and the piercer at the front desk with his eyes tattooed in black. It gave me the creeps but to each his own, I guess. Em took my hand reassuringly. He spotted someone at the end of the shop and we made our way over there. My hair was blocking my eyes, but I looked up when I heard the most beautiful velvety voice I had ever heard.

"Hey man! How are you doing?"

"Good, man, good!" Emmett replied.

"Is that the Rosalie you talked to me about? I have to say she's as beautiful you said she was!"

Oh. My. God. Kill me now! That man is so fucking hot!

"Nah, man. This is my sister, Bella" Emmett said laughing.

"Oh. I thought you were getting matching tattoos with your girl. Siblings tattoos are cool too. Hi Bella!"

Ok Bella, now is the time to say something intelligible. I wanted to slap myself. The Greek Godlike was waiting for a greeting and I was gawking at him. His bronze hair was a perfect mess of out of bed look. When I looked into his eyes, I saw a sea of emeraude green.

"Hi…" I smiled shyly.

Edward had a crooked smile. He was so damn sexy. How would I be able to stay still so close to him, with him touching me? We were both staring.

Emmett cleared his throat. His eyes were sparkling. He had noticed my attraction to the man. No doubt I'd hear about it at the end of the day.

"Right, so, do you know what you want to get? Or maybe look in my book?" Edward asked, suddenly professional.

"I'd rather get something unique, designed by you only for the two of us. You know, I trust you, man!"

Edward smiled.

"Then, it is only normal I get to know your sister first."

My heart skipped a beat. Was he flirting?

So we talked for about an hour. As time passed, I found myself even more at ease with Edward. He was truly a fascinating man. He was interested in my work, my hobbies, my field of study at University. I learnt he went to medical school to be a doctor like his father, but didn't do his residency and decided to pursue arts instead. I wondered how he came to be a tattoo artist and learnt he liked to paint as well. He showed us some pencil sketches and I was flabbergasted by his talent. Could he be anymore perfect?

Finally, Edward told us he had a fairly good idea of what we would like. Emmett thought it was a good idea to get the surprise until the drawing was completed. Normally, I'd never agree to something like that, but I found that I trusted Edward so he told us to give him thirty minutes. I was surprised but followed Emmett out anyway.

"So, what do you think of Edward?" He questioned with a wiggle of his eyebrows.

"Shut up Emmybear!" I said snorting.

"Why? I could feel the connection between the two of you. I can't wait to tell Rose. She'll grill you!"

"Damn, Em! There's nothing to tell! He probably has a model of a girlfriend, you know, one with strawberry blonde hair and long legs. Everything I'm not."

I sighed.

"Ha! So you like him! I knew it!" I rolled my eyes at him.

"It's not the point! And I don't even really know him."

Emmett stared at me for a few seconds, suddenly stopping his teasing.

"You know, last year was pretty rough on him. I can't say much, it's not my place to tell, but I think you and him, it could work. I can't believe I didn't think about it before. I've know Edward for a while. He's a pretty good guy. Well, nobody will ever be good enough for my little sis, but Edward, I could tolerate.

"Thanks, Em, though you shouldn't get over yourself. I don't think Edward would date a plain girl like me."

That seemed to anger Emmett. He despised when I lacked self-confidence and was trying hard to help me gain more confidence while working out. It worked for the most parts, but sometimes, I got a little carried away. That's why I added : "Don't say anything, I know. I'm sorry, Emmett."

He sighed and hugged me.

"Love you, Bellibouh."

"Love you too, Emmybear."

"Come on, it's time. Let's see what the artist's magic!"

As me made our way to the back, I wasn't as nervous as before. Thinking of Edward calmed me. I was even smiling a small smile.

Edward was sitting on his rolling chair, making the final touches on his iPad, his brow furrowed in concentration. Then, as if sensing someone was staring at him, he looked up into my eyes and broke into a magnificent smile. He was taking my breath away. I felt like a lovesick puppy. Damn, get a grip, girl!

Suddenly, Edward seemed shy.

"Take a look" he proposed.

Emmett and I looked and I gasped. It was beautiful. It was a tree of life with an arrow in the middle. Emmett would get the one saying 'No matter what' and I would get the 'No matter where' one. I was impressed. Edward got me. I wanted something meaningful, simple but not too simple and definitely not too cheesy. I loved the design of the tree so much.

"You're perfect…" I whispered.

I caught myself and blushed profusely. Emmett caught me too because he smiled.

"What?" Edward asked, confused.

"It's perfect!" I said more clearly.

Edward smiled and nodded. I thought I heard "You're perfect" but I couldn't be sure. He wouldn't have, right?

"So, who's first?" he asked, and Emmett called dibs on going first with his booming voice. I agreed and sat down next to him, watching Edward prepare the ink and his needle machine. It was all fascinating. When he asked Emmett if he was ready and my brother nodded, and the machine started, I found the noise coming from it rather comforting as it was a steady noise. Emmett was talking about the gym while Edward tattooed him and replied with interest. I remained silent as I observed Edward work until I heard Emmett say my name. He wasn't talking to me, but about me. It caught my attention.

"You should have seen her, man! She kicked him in the balls and punched his nose. The little fucker got out of there crying."

Edward seemed angry and impressed as Em recalled proudly how I had punched Michael Newton last week when he grabbed my ass as I was working out. I had my boxing gloves on too, so…

"Damn, Bella! Remind me to never be on the other side."

I laughed. I doubt he'd ever do anything to get me to punch his pretty face. In fact, if he grabbed my ass now, I'd let him, if you know what I mean. I was insanely attracted to the man. Oooook. It's been too long since I got laid. Stop thinking about him naked, Bella!

"Don't worry, Edward. I don't bite except when asked."

Oh. My. God. Did I really say that out loud?

"Ahhhh man, Bella! Too much information!" Emmett yelled.

Yep, definitely said that out loud. No doubt my face was as red as a tomato now. And I traumatized Edward. He just sat there, his mouth hanging opened, his hand in the air, a dazzled look on his face, then he laughed heartily and resumed to his work. It took less than an hour.

"All done!" He told my brother and turned to me, motioning me to sit in the now vacant place.

"Don't worry, Bella. If it hurts too much, we can take a break. We can stop anytime you need." He said softly as he gently caressed my hand. His touch was so sensual, it shot right to my core. We stared at each other and I couldn't deny the electricity flying between us. I was sure Edward could feel it too. I tore my gaze from Edward to glance at Emmett. He was speaking with the owner of the place, admiring Edward's work.

I affirmed to Edward that I was ready so he smiled at me and began. At first, I felt the sting and it brought tears to my eyes. Edward told me the shoulder blade was not the worst place to get a first tattoo. It hurt less than the ribs or the wrist. I thought it would look nice on the shoulder blade so I went with his idea. I was on my belly so I couldn't see Edward anymore. Maybe it was better this way. I wouldn't want him to catch me staring at him anymore than he already had.

The music made me tense.

"Relax, Bella. It'll hurt less. Are you ok?" His voice was so calm that I could only nod.

"I'm ok. It's just the music… It stresses me. It's so loud and…"

"Not your better choice while getting inked?" Edward replied, a little amused.

"Yeah, something like that."

"So, beautiful Bella, tell me more about yourself."

And we talked again until he was finished. I knew he had to do it to get my thoughts off the pain my body was enduring. He really was a great person. I ached knowing our time together was coming to an end, but I didn't want to look like a fool so I said nothing.

Edward told us how to take care of our new tattoos and I knew for a fact that I would contact him for the other one I had on my mind for a while. Yes, I would forever have Edward's art on my body. I smiled knowingly. I took his card while Emmett was paying him. There, now I had his cell phone number too.

I was still smiling when I felt someone definitely too close to me. I turned around, ready to punch the person when my mouth almost fell on Edward's as he was trying to whisper something in my ear. I blushed and Edward readjusted himself.

"If you ever want another tattoo, call me directly. I'll do it at my place if you prefer. There's better music and we'll be alone…" he said, giving me his card. I couldn't bring myself to tell him I had already taken it, so I accepted it and nodded, a small smile on my rose cheeks. He smiled brightly and my heart skipped a beat.

"With pleasure, Edward…" my voice startled me. I almost moaned his name.

"Ready to go, Bellibouh? I can't wait to show Dad our tats!"

I had forgotten we were supposed to drive to Forks today.

"Damn, Em! He's going to kill me!"

Emmett shook his head. "I'll protect you, little sis, remember? No matter what, no matter where."

I smiled. I loved my big brother.

I waved at Edward and said goodbye as Em guided me towards the exit.