Kagome walked slowly into the dark woods, heading ultimately towards the well. She couldn't help feeling something was going to go wrong. There was this deep feeling within her that something wasn't right.

Turning her head to glance back, her eyes fell upon the god tree. The tree Inuyasha was fastened to when she first met him. She reached out and touched the bark with a small hand when her mind exploded.


"Inuyasha...." It was Kikyo's voice "Inuyasha.... I thought you loved me...."

"Kikyo...." This time it was Inuyasha's voice. "What happened.... I do love you.... Wh- why are you pointing your bow at me..."

Inuyasha's voice faded and a soft thump could be heard.


Eyes fluttering open, her eyes filled with understanding. 'Naraku did this. They did love each other...." With tear-filled eyes she turned and continued to head for the well. When it came into view, she glanced around for Inuyasha.

When her eyes came to rest on his approaching form she sighed. 'He should go and find Kikyo, and explain this. Why is he even bothering with me? He loves Kikyo.... It is clear to me now.'

"Kagome! You ARE NOT going home." Inuyasha broke the silence with his arrogant remark.

"It's all clear to me now Inuyasha. I understand. Now please just let me go." Kagome whispered with her head bowed.

"Wha.... What's clear?" Inuyasha said innocently.

Kagome looked up at him with sadness in her eyes. That memory that she saw when she touched the tree had been enough.

"You don't need me here, just let me go home."

"And WHY, may I ask, would I do THAT!"

"Because... you love Kikyo, and you should go tell her the truth, how you were deceived by Naraku. She would believe you, now go to her." Kagome whispered, almost too softly for Inuyasha's ears.

The hanyou heard though... and her words stung his heart. He didn't love Kikyo anymore... That was over, in the past. He had Kagome now, but how was she supposed to know that?

'Say something.... Don't let me go.' Kagome pleaded to herself. 'Don't let me live in loneliness.'

The urge to cry was stronger now, and soon a tear slipped down her cheek, followed by several others.

"Kagome.... Don't cry, we need you here!" Inuyasha said desperately.

"Kikyo can sense the shards too you know." Kagome said dejectedly.

She turned and she ran towards the well, she ran with all her might. Just when she was about to jump in, when she was ready to leave this world forever, Inuyasha's words froze her.

"Aishiteru!" Inuyasha half yelled, pleading with her not to leave him.

'Nani?! What is he saying... he loves me?' Kagome swiveled on her foot to look at the hanyou. A look of despair played across his handsome face.

"Aishiteru, always have." Kagome said.

"Mou ichido onegai shimasu?!" Inuyasha asked incredulously.

"I said, Aishiteru.... But do you really love me?" Kagome said, looking deep into the hanyou's eyes. "What about Kikyo?"

"I.... She's the past now, she's dead. Now please.... Don't leave me." Inuyasha implored.

A slight tingle went all over Kagome's skin. Her stomach was doing cartwheels inside of her. 'He loves me....'

Inuyasha waited for a response- any response, but Kagome just sat and stared. He could sense a change in her scent, which was having an interesting effect on him. Suddenly, his hands started to shake.

'Kamis.... Not now!' he exclaimed to himself. 'What am I supposed to do?! She's right there.... Chikuso! Sometimes I wish my youkai blood wasn't there just because of the instincts that come with it.'

"Inuyasha?" Kagome questioned, unsure of why Inuyasha was now shaking uncontrollably. "Are you ok?"

"Y- y- eah." He stuttered, hoping his instincts would give it a rest already.

Kagome walked closer to him, close enough that he could feel her breath on his face.

"You don't look ok...." Kagome said.

'Ok.... Now she is pushing it.' Inuyasha thought, trying to ignore the presence in front of him. 'She'd never forgive me.... She would never let me for that matter.'

"I think you need to go back to the hut Kagome...." Inuyasha mumbled.

"Why?! There IS something wrong with isn't there! What did I do wrong...." Kagome voice turned to a whisper. "I really do love you Inuyasha.... I would never leave you."

That nearly did it. Inuyasha shivered with temptation.

'Chikuso.... I am 17 years old and I haven't found a mate yet... but why do my instincts have to strike at all the wrong times?!'

"Kagome..." 'Might has well tell her, she isn't going to go away.' "Um.... Let's just say that my demon blood is telling me to do something right now that probably wouldn't fly with you."

"Like what?! Kiss me? That's what you usually do in a situation like this right?" Kagome said, getting annoyed.

"Well.... Something a little more then that." Inuyasha said uncomfortably.

"Like- oh......" Kagome blushed and turned away.

"And I am gonna lose it any minute now....." Inuyasha's voice began to shake and he looked away from the miko who still hadn't moved. Her scent was overpowering him. That jasmine, soothing, caressing.....

"Gahhh! Inuyasha?!" Kagome screeched.

Inuyasha had gotten up and was advancing on her with a dreamy look on his face. She backed away slowly, turned and ran back to the hut. Seeing Shippo outside the door, she yelled out to him.

"SHIPPO!! HELP!" She cried, glancing behind her to see Inuyasha jogging after her happily.

'What's Kagome yelling about, are they playing tag? FUN, I wanna play too!' Shippo thought.

Before Shippo had a chance to ask Kagome if he could play too, she was inside of the hut, followed by a very weird looking Inuyasha.

"Eh?" Shippo questioned before following Inuyasha into the hut.

"INUYASHA!!! WAKE UP!!!!" Kagome screamed at him, alarming Shippo with having fear in her voice.

'Fear? Oh boy, what did he do this time....' Shippo pondered.

"Shippo.... I think you had better leave." Kagome said, trying to fake calmness.

Shippo complied, but not without an argument. He set out on a forest path, grumbling about 'stupid hanyous.'

Inside the hut, Kagome was having an interesting ordeal.

"INUYASHA SNAP OUT OF IT!" She yelled in his ear, hoping that he would hear her and break out of this trance.

"Mmmmm.... Not so loud." Inuyasha mumbled as he grabbed Kagome's waist and began.... Biting Kagome's neck?

"Are you biting me?" Kagome asked.

"Mmmm." Was the muffled reply.

Kagome could hear voices outside, but she couldn't free herself from Inuyasha's powerful grasp.... Though she could admit it was quite nice having him right there....

Just as Kagome was relaxing into Inuyasha's hold three weary travelers walked in. Sango was first, followed by Miroku and Kirara. As each one walked in the door, their jaw dropped in shock.

"Think you guys better leave...." Kagome mumbled, blushing.

"Bu- wh.... Whoa." Sango stuttered.

Miroku's reaction was quite expected; he had a wide grin playing across his lecherous face.

"I see you finally got friendly with her Inuyasha." He commented. Normally, Inuyasha would have attacked Miroku for such a comment, but shocked Miroku by not even acknowledging his remark.

"Inuyasha?" Miroku probed.

"Mmmmm.... Go away, busy." Inuyasha continued to work his way around and down Kagome's neck.

Sango and Miroku were both quite confused. Inuyasha wasn't responding to Miroku's lecherous comments? Was the world ending? That's when it struck Miroku.... 'His instincts.... Oh god, Kagome....'

"F***." Miroku said. "Kagome, do you want him to do this?"

"I'm... not quite sure...." Kagome was a little occupied with the hanyou that was now heading back up to her lips.

"We'll leave if you want us to, if not we can get him off of you."

"I just wanted this moment to be when he's in his right mind.... And he's certainly not in his right mffh." Kagome was cut off by Inuyasha's kiss, it seemed he had worked his way around her entire body, and finally reached the lips.

Suddenly Kagome slapped Inuyasha hard in the cheek.

"Ow! What was that for, wench?" The old Inuyasha was back, just in time to see a teary eyed Kagome in front of him.

"How.... How dare you!" Kagome cried.

"What'd I do!?" Inuyasha asked innocently.

"You.... You ruined everything!" Kagome exclaimed, exiting the hut and running into the forest, pursued by a very confused Inuyasha.

Kagome finally stopped running and sat down next to a tree. There was an eerie glow all about her from the sunlight shining through the trees high above.

"What did I do?" Inuyasha asked.

"I wanted it to be special.... That was my dream, I wanted it to be pleasant and quiet. Everything was supposed to be perfect." Kagome explained through sobs.

"What are you talking about?!" Inuyasha said. "You wanted what to be special."

"My..... my first kiss." Kagome stopped shaking and held her knees silently.

"Nani? You let me do everything else, why is the lips different?" Inuyasha pondered.

Kagome sighed, 'What am I going to do.... Everything is ruined....' She hugged her knees tighter, wishing they were Inuyasha.

"What happened back there?...." Kagome broke the uncomfortable silence.

Inuyasha was sitting cross-legged before her now, and jumped at her sudden words.

"Oh..... my blood is half youkai.... And so whenever I am presented with a potential mate, it seems to go wild. I can control it most of the time.... And it only happens around you."

Kagome looked up at him as he finished, his eyes were sad as he spoke of it.

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